Nevelle Longbottom and the Sneaking Spell


Nevelle Longbottom and the Sneaking SpellTwo days before Harry’s discovery of the Sleeping Spell, he had suggested making certain members of Dumbledore’s Army privy to the power of the Sneaking Spell. His friends had agreeed, but advised keeping the number low to prevent their weapon falling in the wrong hands, In the end, two members were chosen: Ginny Weasley and Nevelle Longbottom. Ginny wondered aloud whether Harry had used the spell to spy on her. In fact, he frequently had, as had Ron and Hermione. Harry and company wisely chose to lie about that, but Nevelle was quiet and contemplative. The boy was certain Harry had little idea what he had just done for him.Among Nevelle’s many secrets was that he preferred boys to girls, a fact that many at Hogwarts would have taken no note of. But Hogwarts, much like any school, had its assholes, and contrary to popular belief, not all of them were in Slytherin. So he’d always resolved to keep his preference to himself, reasoning that he had enough problems as it was. But with the Sneaking Spell in hand, he could explore it without fear. Full of ecitement, Nevelle did just that. As Hermione had before him, he dearly wished for a Time Turner as he counted down the hours until most Hogwarts students prepared for bed. When the hour arrived at last he slipped into an alcove his friend Lee Jordan had showed him some time ago. Lee had worked closely with Ron’s brothers Fred and George, but once they left, he and Nevelle had grown closer. Lately, Lee had taken to sharing what he knew of the wily ways of the Weasley twins. Thanks to their friendship, Nevelle had a place to vanish in that nearly no one else in the school could find.”Akobabae lumaho,” Nevelle said confidently, tracing a spiral with his wand as he said the first word, and an X as he said the second. The boy vanished instantly, and his footfalls made no sound as he eagerly sprinted toward Slytherin’s common room. He had heard a certain rumor fly about the school for several years, but there’d been no way of verifying it until now. When he arrived, he made a beeline for the boys showers, where among the rabble, he spotted Vincent Crabbe. Crabbe looked exactly like what one would get if a mad scientist crossed a pig with a gorilla. He had beady, black, eyes, short, black, hair, a pudgy face, and long, thick, arms. He had just pulled off a pair of heavily stained briefs when Nevelle wandered into the room. As he looked at Crabbe now, he could see a huge, sweaty, belly that sported multiple rolls of fat. Above that was a pair of boy boobs that Nevelle was certain were about a B cup in size. “He’s gonna need a bra soon,” Nevelle said with a laugh, though his cock twitched in the drawstring shorts he had chosen bahis firmaları to wear for this adventure. Then, remembering the rumors, he glanced between Crabbe’s ham-sized thighs. What he saw there made his cock stiffen at once. The Slytherin might have have stolen his cock from a horse. It was easily a foot long, and nearly thick as Nevelle’s wrist. More than anything else, it resembled a salami. The attached nutsack seemed to be holding two tennis balls. There was a thick bush of sweaty, black, hair at the base, and the stench that Crabbe gave off was overpowering. He kicked the briefs beside a pile of carelessly discarded clothes, and headed for a shower stall, revealing an enormous ass. Like most humans, Nevelle hated Crabbe, who was a sadistic troll that enjoyed torturing people. In fact, on more than one occasion, he’d suggested Transfiguring the boy into a donkey turd. But Nevelle couldn’t deny how horny the troll’s huge, jiggling, ass was making him, or what he wanted to do to that massive cock. Several other Slytherin boys looked as if the same thought crossed their mind, but they all kept their peace. All, that is, but one. A lanky, mousy-haired, fourth year named Walter came stumbling after Crabbe carrying shower gel, shampoo, and a towel. He shot right through Nevelle to arrive beside the Slytherin just as he reached an unoccupied stall. Seven of the boys in the room flocked to their own shower stalls. The remaining eight watched Walter as though they expected a show. Nevelle noted with growing lust that none of them were wearing anything at all, and more than half seemed to be gripping their cocks in anticipation. “Put that shit down, and get on yer fucking knees!” Crabbe growled, playing to his audience. There was jeering laughter as Walter placed his burdens on a nearby bench, got on his knees, and quickly crawled over to Crabbe. “Suck the tip!” the Slytherin ordered, offering his bulbous cockhead. Walter complied at once, slurping and licking Crabbe’s helmet with obvious hunger. The fourth year greedily spit polished Crabbe’s tool, and Nevelle hurriedly pulled up the right leg of his shorts. He hadn’t worn underwear, so his cock came into his hand easily. The boy spat in his hand for lube, and began rhythmically pumping his engorged dick. He moaned softly, inhaling the smell of sex and sweat around him as the slapping sounds of eight other cocks being jerked rang in his ears. As he watched, Walter took firm hold of Crabbe’s ass, kneading and pinching the buttcheeks as he began to suck deeper. The troll was groaning loudly now, cupping his tits and rolling the nipples in his fingers. Nevelle grabbed himself harder, rubbing his thumb over his leaking prickhead, as a delicious wave tipobet of raw lust began to consume him. “Suck that fucking dick, you slut!” one of the boys suddenly shouted at Walter. “Get that motherfucking horse cock down your throat!””Fuck his throat like Pansy’s pussy!” shouted another. “Choke that greedy little cock-hungry bitch!” yelled a third. “Fuck, Crabbe! Ram it in that worthless bastard. Lazy bitch’s only got it halfway in,” From a fourth. “Oh fuck, you pea-brained troll, throatfuck that little cock slut!” Nevile shoved of his shorts and started squeezing his ever-tightening balls. Crabbe took hold of Walter’s head and tried to shove even more of his massive dong inside. He wasn’t the least bit gentle, and the fourth year made desperate choking sounds as huge globs of spit drooled out of his mouth. He tried to breathe through his dripping nose as the Slytherin savaged his throat, using his weight and strong arms to lever his prick into his victim’s windpipe. When that strategy failed, Walter started caressing Crabbe’s oversized balls, squeezing them gently. The troll roared his approval. “Yes, bitch! Rub those balls, you dirty fucking piece of shit! Squeeze those cumbuckets while I **** your throat! If your ass needs air you better make me cum! Jerk’em you fuckers! Maul those dicks! Savage those cocks while I ram this pig’s throat! You fuckers in the showers are all getting it next! Fuck, I love hatefucking a freshly-cleaned boy cunt!””Shit! Where in the fuck is Malfoy when you need him?” Nevelle grunted lewdly. “I’d give every Galleon I have to see that worthless, snivelling, pile of hippogriff shit butt-****d by this fucking asshole! Oh, fuck! Destroy his throat, you damn gorilla! Ram that thick ass horse meat into his tonsils! Oh fucking hell yes!”The room had erupted with perverted grunts and cheers because Crabbe had just shoved the long-suffering fourth year off his cock. Seeming to know what was coming, he attempted to back away, but Neville solidified his foot enough to trip him up. Deep down, he felt guilty about handing the boy over to Crabbe, even if he was a toady of the troll’s who could be just as unpleasant. But the lust roaring in him, and the precum-soaked cock throbbing in his hand absolutely refused to be denied. Surrending to his fate, Walter at once made an appeal for lube. Crabbe had little patience for such things, but one of the boys eventually talked him round. The boy put Walter on all fours and generously lubed his asshole, squeezing his ass, jerking his dick, and fingering his butthole the entire time. Having just been saved from an unspeakable horror, Walter offered up no word of protest. A moment later, the large tip of Crabbe’s cock pressed against tipobet güvenilir mi his butthole. “Oh yeah! Fuck the slut!” several of the boys shouted as the troll savagely jammed his huge prick home. Walter groaned loudly with pain and pleasure, and Crabbe began sawing his dick in and out. “Goddamn!” Nevelle cried, on fire with lust. His hand was a blur on his slippery, swollen cock. The middle finger of his left hand was being feverishly stuck up his asshole as he watched a foot of thick cock get swallowed by the fourth year’s ass. Within three minutes, Walter was loudly begging to be pounded, and the boys were raining down filth upon him, but Nevelle was fixated on Crabbe’s veiny fuckmeat as Walter sluttily humped his ass back on it, taking the tool balls deep. Boys began pouring out of the showers now, dripping wet and rock hard. One plopped down in front of Walter and started passionately kissing him, stroking his hair, and rubbing his cock. Three more took up positions behind Crabbe. Two boys licked and sucked his buttcheeks while a third rammed his tongue up the hole. The troll yelled obsceneties as Walter’s ass squeezed his monster. The Slytherin was getting close, and so was Nevelle.All at once, Crabbe gave a cry like a jungle ape and began blasting a fountain of cum up Walter’s rectum. The flow persisted until the boy’s stomach was slightly distended, and Crabbe finally pulled out, hosing down the boy’s ass. Crabbe stepped out of the way, and the three boys fell on Walter, greedily sucking up the baby batter that now covered his ass. Walter pushed, and sent a stream of cum out of his ass and directly into the face of one of the boys. Nevelle roared and felt his legs buckle as his orgasm tore through him. He had never seen anything so perverted in his life. Rope after rope of cum spewed from his dick. He kept jerking his spurting dick and added a second finger to his asshole as Crabbe and the other boys circled around Walter. They came one after the other, plastering the boy’s hair, chest, and face with several thick loads of cum. Nevelle cried out as a second orgasm hit him and the boys began rubbing their asses in Walter’s face. The boy finally fell on his back from sheer exhaustion, and at long last, many of the boys seemed to be sated. All of them headed straight for the showers. Walter was covered in so much cum he had to be led. When Nevelle got back to Gryffndor’s common room, deadly tired, but satisfied, he was surprised to find a very sleepy Lee keeping watch for him in the empty common area.”Where the hell have you been?” he asked with a yawn. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something for hours. See I wanted to tell you…”At that point he was silenced as Nevelle drew him into a deep, tender kiss. “I see we’re somehow on the same page here,” Lee gasped when his mouth was free again. “That’s just what I wanted to talk to you about.””I’m all ears,” Nevelle replied softly, and the two of them perched in front of the fire.

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