Nephews Girlfriend

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The door Rang and I thought to myself, Who the hell is it. My wife was out of town visiting her parents. I had the house all to myself and now I was being disturbed. I opened the door and there stood my nephews girlfriend.

“Hi Leticia, I said, Sandy’s not home.”

“I know, she replied, I wanted to talk to you, is it ok if I come in.”

“Sure, I was just sitting on the couch being lazy” I replied, “What’s up?” I moved to the side to let Leticia walk in and caught myself admiring the short black miniskirt she was wearing.

Leticia is a 21-year-old Hispanic girl, whom my nephew on my wife’s side started dating his senior year of high school. During the last 2 years, we had gotten considerably comfortable with each other and talked about any subject without embarrassment, or so I thought.

Let me start by saying Leticia was a looker. She was 5’7″, with shoulder length brown hair, dark skin, and a great figure. For her size Leticia had breasts that were just enormous or so they looked, at least a 34DD. On many occasions Leticia would wear half tops with plunging necklines, showing her assets to their full potential. I wasn’t sure if she dressed that way for attention, or she just couldn’t hide them.

Anyway on this occasion Leticia was wearing a short cropped t-shirt with a black miniskirt which barely covered her crotch and ass.

“What’s on your mind? I asked, you look a little upset.” No sooner had I asked the question when she began sobbing uncontrollably.

“Hey, I said as I sat down beside her putting my arm around her shoulder, what’s wrong, are you OK!” (Oh Oh! I thought to myself, beginning to fear the worst, she’s pregnant and doesn’t know how to tell the family). “Come on, what’s going on, you can tell me.”

“I think Michael is seeing someone else,” she sobbed.

“What!” I responded in mild surprise, “all this crying for that, What makes you think so,” I asked?

“Well, she said half to herself, He doesn’t try anything with me.”

“What do you mean, he doesn’t try anything on you?” I asked.

“Well, she continued, we’ve been going out for almost 2 ½ years and I Lay on his bed with him when his parents aren’t home and he doesn’t try anything. So I think maybe he is doing it with someone else, and he Doesn’t like me anymore. Maybe I’m ugly or fat or something, I don’t know” she started to cry again.

“Leticia” I said, “I’m sure he is not cheating on you, you’re a beautiful girl, he would be crazy to cheat on you. “My god I said, you’re a knock-out he would be crazy not to want you, if I were in high school or college I would be all over you. Trying to reassure her I gave her a little squeeze on the shoulder, noticing when I was looking down the squeeze caused her breasts to swell under her blouse, exposing the beautiful white skin just below her tan line.

She looked up at the same moment I was glancing down her cleavage, and she caught my stare on her fleshy pillows. I tried to regain my composure with my arm still draped around her shoulders, she sat up placing her hand on my thigh as she adjusted herself, looking up at me, her face just inches from my own face.

“Do you really think so” she asked.

“Of course I do, he would be crazy not to try something with you, actually we were wondering if you two were doing that kind of stuff anyways. I’m actually disappointed in my nephew for not trying, but I seriously don’t think he is messing around on you, so don’t worry. Ok!

Well he would probably tell you if he was wouldn’t he.

Yes! Of course he would, I replied.

“Has he told you anything about us, she asked.”

No! Not much, “he tells me that you guys grope each other and stuff, but nothing private.”

Would I be the kind of girl, you would have gone for in high school, she asked.

Oh yeah, in a heartbeat, I told her I would’ve been all over you .

Well she said, it’s just that I’ve been waiting for him to do something, and he never does, I have needs too! with that comment I felt her hands slide up a little to the tip of my increasingly excited cock, her fingers istanbul escort were stimulating the tip of my penis head, with the slightest brushes of her fingers. I nervously shifted my position on the couch, and tried to hide the increasingly growing bulge in my pants. Her questions continued, and so did the grip on my thigh.

“What did you used to do to your girlfriends when you were alone with them, she asked.

“Well I stammered, “I would do everything and anything that they wanted me to do.”

“Like what” she continued, did you use to go down on them and stuff”.

“Yes, if that’s what brought them pleasure, yes I would.” The conversation was starting to get to me. My head (the one on my shoulders) was starting to get a little light and as I looked down at Leticia’s face, my eyes glancing from her gorgeous face down to the cleft of her breasts my other head began to get a little restless. My cock was now pretty hard to hide and was swelling under my shorts. I tried to cut the conversation off.

“You don’t want to hear stories about an old guys high school conquests.”

“First of all she said your only 32, and second of all, I don’t want to hear about them, I want to be one.” “What! I said as I scooted away a little further back on the couch, trying to get the situation back in control.

“Leticia I said, your only 19 and my nephews girlfriend, I don’t think it would be a good idea,” with that she smiled and slid her hands over the top of my now almost completely stiff member.

“you don’t think it’s a good Idea, but this big guy does, as she gave my dick a little squeeze with her hand. As she turned on the couch to face me, her hand never lost its grip on my dick.

“You said you would fuck me in a heartbeat, we’ll now’s your chance, because Michael sure isn’t taking care of his business and Sandy’s told me that you two aren’t doing it that much anymore either, so we’ll be helping each other out unless you aren’t attracted to me like you said and you were just being nice.”

“No Leticia, that’s not it, it’s just that you are so young and …uuummp”.

I never got to finish my sentence. Leticia had leaned forward and pressed her mouth to mine. Darting her tongue in and searching for mine. Sucking it into her mouth she then darted her tongue into mine allowing me to suck on it which I had not hesitated to do. My mind was racing with Ideas, none of which were to pull free from this gorgeous Latino girl. By this time Leticia was stroking my cock up and down through my shorts. I didn’t resist when she took her free hand placed it on mine and brought it up to one of her full hard melons pressing it to the outside fabric of her blouse. My hand gently squeezed and kneaded the outside of her tit, feeling the heftiness. Feeling the nipple start to stiffen I focused my attention to tweaking it, my hand moved from one breast to the other and gave that nipple equal attention.

Our mouths still pressed together, our tongues still dancing in a passionate embrace with each other, tasting each others saliva as our hands explored each other’s body’s. By this time Leticia had completely turned around to face me and was straddling me with one leg on either side of my thighs, her legs spread wide open, her ass in my lap and her pelvis against my stomach, not once did she let up on the stroking of my cock with her hand. I ran my hands down her waist to the crack of her ass and felt the string on her g-string panties, and I had to feel that cute little ass in my hands, I ran my hands over her ass cheeks squeezing them and feeling their roundness, I took a cheek in each hand and lifted her, almost effortlessly, noticing how light she really was, my hands found the seam of her skirt, slowly unzipped it and pulled the minuscule skirt out from between us and tossed it to the side, my cock was now firmly pressed between her legs and the only thing between us was her blood red g-string and my shorts, letting my hands admire the velvety feel of her ass I let them drift over each cheek, running avcılar escort my finger up and down her crack, grabbing a cheek in each hand feeling the firmness that a young female body has.

Leticia was also exploring my body with her hands, reaching between us to my zipper, tugging at my shorts to release my friend from his prison , “I want to play with this” she said as her fingers fumbled on the zipper, so I reached down between us and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock free, which she immediately took a hold of, stroking the shaft with one hand and rubbing the head with the thumb of her other hand. With my cock now free, I reached my hand up inside of her blouse and was feeling her tits through her bra, trailing kisses over her face and neck, my hands fumbling for the front hook to release her friends, like she had done mine.

Finally my fumbling had driven her crazy because she sat up pulled her shirt over her head and reached to the front of her bra, between the mountains of her tits, with two short snaps and her breasts were in plain view, inches away from my face, and they were magnificent, with nipples larger than my pinky finger jutting straight out of her dark puffy areola, the white creamy breast outlined by her tanned torso, was definitely a site to behold, and my mouth went strait to them to do some beholding. My hunger was uncontainable, I was devouring her breasts, sucking on them like a baby breast-feeding, first sprinkling both of them with kisses, then licking between the valleys and then taking each nipple into my mouth . I could tell she liked this because her breathing became very heavy, (later on she told me having her tits sucked on drove her crazy).

Meanwhile her stroking on my cock was increasing with each nibble, I could tell that she was enjoying getting her breasts sucked, because she started to squirm her hips against me, bucking her hips up and down, rubbing her pussy over my stiff prick, meanwhile I was also enjoying the stroking and was feeling myself getting ready to come, not wanting to spoil my treat, I removed her hands, laid her back, so she would be on the couch, and lowered myself between her legs, “do you want me to lick your pussy” Leticia, I asked, “YESSS OH! PLEASE LICK MY PUSSY! She moaned, with that I started kissing her breasts again, and trailed my kisses down to the flat of her stomach, taking a minute to dart my tongue into her belly button, licking around, trailing my kisses down to the area above her panty line, I reached down and spread her legs a little wider, which she did with no hesitation, I was now on my knees between her legs and kissed her pussy through the material of her panties, with each kiss, she wriggled her hips, head thrown back, eyes closed, she was enjoying the attention her body was getting. I flicked my tongue up and down her mound, panties deeply buried into her cunt lips. I pulled them to the side and exposed an almost bald pussy except for a small fury patch of dark brown hair in the shape of a triangle, almost as if a sign post pointing the directions to this sweet treasure, that I was about to take.

I trailed kisses on the outside lips for a few minutes, and took my fingers and pulled the outer lips apart to get to the wet juicy nectar of this beautiful flower. I took long slow licks, starting from her small puckered anus hole to her clit, sucking her little penis into my mouth with each lick, and proceeding to do the same thing over and over again. Her wet pussy juice now covering my face, from my nostrils to my chin, I wallowed in the taste and aroma of sweet young cunt. The memory of the high school girls I had banged still fresh in my mind. I was sucking and licking her red swollen clit, for minutes before I felt her body start to go rigid, then she started trembling slowly and then her body became frantic, as she pushed my face further, burying my nose deep between the lips of her slit. I increased the tempo of my manipulations on her clit, and she started to cry out, “OH GOD! YES! THAT’S IT RIGHT THERE, OH PLEASE DON’T STOP, I’M COOOOMMMINNNG! şirinevler escort With that she drenched my face with her wetness.

She grabbed the back of my head and held it still between her thighs, her legs clamped firmly around my head. As her climax subsided, she said she wanted to do the same for me; she reached down and pulled me to my feet, reached for the buttons to my shorts, unsnapped them and let them fall to the floor. My cock was pointing toward the ceiling dancing and bobbing up and down, as she pushed me back onto the couch, she reached down and took my meat into her hand and leaned forward and gave it a kiss on the crown, slowly she got down to her knees and started to lick the shaft with long slow strokes, her finger gently rubbing the tip, sending chills down my spine as she did so. I could only stare in amazement as this beautiful young girl placed the tip of my stiff cock against her lips, allowing some spit to form on her lips, as she swirled her tongue around on my now red, engorged member, rubbing the spit and allowing the tip of my penis to slip slowly between her lips, then pull it out again and brush her white teeth on the head as she withdrew it, only to do it again. Each time allowing my cock to penetrate her mouth a little further each time, soon her mouth was completely around my cock, buried deep into her mouth, sucking and slurping sounds coming from her mouth on the decent down to my balls, she was cupping my balls into the palm of her other hand and was giving them a gentle squeeze as she would bring her lips down the shaft, taking almost my full 7 inches down her throat.

I could take this pleasure, no more, I did not want to come in her mouth, I wanted to come in that sweet 19-year-old pussy that my idiot nephew was neglecting to fuck. I began to wonder if he was aware of what he was missing out on, and wondered if I should tell him somehow how great his girlfriend was at sucking dick. I relegated the idea to the back of my mind, hell I thought if I tell him and he starts to bang her, I’ll never get a chance to do this to her again, and I want to do this to her again, as much as possible. I grabbed her hair, and slowed down her sucking, I needed to last, so I could enjoy her wet pink hole.

Leticia I said would you like me to fuck you now. She looked up at me, cock still buried deep into her mouth and her eyes told me all I needed to know, I pulled her up to her feet, I slid to the edge of the couch and grabbed one of her tits in my hand and brought the nipple to my mouth and sucked it. I grabbed her hips and turned her around, reaching for her panties I pulled them down, admiring the soft peach shaped ass with my hands she leaned forward spreading her ass cheeks just for my meat to slide in.

Slowly she lowered herself taking all 7 inches deep into her vagina, her perfect ass coming to rest against my pelvis, her pussy lips kissing my balls, I placed my hands around her smooth ass cheeks, she placed her hands against her knees, slowly she started to rise, almost to the point of my cock falling out, then she would lower herself, slowly she started to pick up the tempo, the site of my cock going deep between the crack in her ass cheeks were unbelievable, never had I dreamed of ever banging this chick and to be honest she was probably better than I could have gotten in High School or College. We continued with her bobbing up and down on my pole for a few minutes when I sensed I was ready to discharge my load. I grabbed her from around the waist and eased her back down onto the couch. maneuvering myself between her legs. Placing the tip of my purple helmet to her twat I pushed as Letitia yelped at the full length of my manhood being shoved inside her. She wanted to be fucked and now I was aiming to do just that. I held her legs up around my shoulders as I proceeded to assault her nubile young pussy with hard quick thrusts that barely allowed her to catch her breath. Letitia eeked and aahed as she climaxed minutes later letting a loud groan as the big O came over her. We languished on the couch for a few minutes cradling each other. Letitia thanked me immensely for making her feel like a woman, which seemed kind of funny because it should have been me thanking her for the chance to remember what young pussy felt like. I would soon get another chance to fuck her pussy as things were going to unfold as they did? Story to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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