Neighbour Fantasy…Part 2


Neighbour Fantasy…Part 2The next morning I walked out of the house to my car to go to my job, and was surprised to see Mrs. Gayle doing the same. Our cars were parked next to each other in our respective driveways. “Oh, good morning,” she cheerily said, “Heading to work?” “Good morning, Mrs. Gayle…yes, another day at the salt mine,” I replied. “Where are you off to this early in the day,” I asked. She told me she worked part time at the business develpoment council, and had an all-day budget meeting. She looked absolutely gorgeous…hair and makeup all done, wearing a white pleated summer skirt which stopped just above her knees, a low cut yellow summer sleeveless knit top iskenderun escort which accentuated her full breasts, matching high heels, and what looked to be light tan hosiery. As we chatted, I couldn’t help looking at her breasts, and noticing the top was quite sheer. “How do I look TODAY,” she asked. I told her she looked very nice, and she said, “See, I told you yesterday that I can look better…at least I’m not wearing that shabby old dress.” Before I could say anything else, she said, “I meant what I said about being flattered by the fact you think I am still attractive…that means a great deal to an old hag of 66! ” I was stunned when she told me her age, escort iskenderun because she didn’t look it. She spun around, and asked, “Do I pass your discerning inspection, Trev?” She certainly did, and when she moved, I got a good look at her breasts, her ass, and her legs covered by her hosiery. “Yes ma’am, you look great,” was my reply. She told me she would be gone until mid-evening, so I should feel free to get into her house to start my work. “I’ll help you when I get home…there are some boxes of my daughter’s things in her old room which I need help hauling out, too,” she said. I told her I had to get going, and opened her car door for her. “”My goodness…young, iskenderun escort bayan good looking, and a gentleman,” she said. As she got into her car, her skirt rode up a bit, and I saw a nice bit of her curvy legs and thighs, and she pulled it up a bit higher, saying she hoped the air conditioning would cool the interior down quickly. I got into my car with a stiffening erection, a bit ashamed, but deciding I was going to leave work early that day. There was a sort of sexual excitement this much older woman created in me, and which I needed to explore. On a whim, I got out of the car, let myself into her house, and went up to her room. Yhe silky nightgown I had seen in there the day before was on her bed, and I couldn’t resist touching it. Soon, I was pleasuring myself with it, and inhaling the scent of her on it. I stopped short of finishing, replaced it as it was, locked the house, and went to work.My work day did not last long.

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