Neighborly Relations Pt. 15

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PART FIFTEEN: Neighbors at Play

CHAPTER ONE, Good Morning Sunshine

Elaine and Danny woke Laurel up carefully and took her out of their parent’s bedroom without waking their mother. It was eight a.m., and time go get rocking. The three youths tip-toed through Elaine’s room, where Robert was asleep sprawled nude across the bed, and into the bathroom.

“Rise and shine, honey,” Danny said as he leaned to kiss her breasts. Elaine moved in from behind, cupping the girl’s soft butt in both hands and kissing the back of her neck briefly before going to the linen closet and bringing out a new toothbrush still in the case.

“Here,” she said, she said as she opened it. “We’ll put your name on the case so you’ll have one for emergencies.” She winked at her and reached across to swat her brother on the back of the head. “Let her brush her teeth,” she said. “Make yourself useless and turn on the shower.”

Danny got the water running while Laurel brushed her teeth and Elaine sat to urinate quickly. It was no time at all before the three of them were in the shower and washing each other with deliberate care. It wasn’t much longer before both Laurel and Elaine were nearing small orgasms as Danny stood between them with a hand each at work on their not so private parts.

The shower curtain waved in a brief breeze as Robert entered, saying, “Don’t mind me.”

Laurel could hear him peeing, and she moved impulsively to open the curtain just far enough to peek through at him. His morning erection was hampering his ability to urinate, so she had a fairly lengthy show before Danny pulled her back, saying, “Pay attention, honey. It’s time to wash your butt.”

“Don’t let that boy near your butt, girl,” Robert said from outside the shower. He laughed, and said, “Or do let him, I guess. It’s up to you.”

The water was briefly warmer when the toilet flushed, and then Robert was gone.

It was Elaine who soaped Laurel’s backside, moving her slick fingers between her buttocks and over her anus. She slipped one, then two fingers into Laurel’s bottom and kissed the back of her neck. Laurel sighed, leaning against the wall like a suspect braced for a cavity search.

The next event was pretty straight forward. Danny lubed his cock, and then he parted Laurel’s buttocks and slipped himself into her with one quick thrust. She gasped, more in surprise than pain, and then she rested the top of her head against the shower wall and looked down along her own body. She watched her large breasts swaying, water running over them and flicking from the nipples. Beyond her tits, she saw a hand slip around and disappear below her belly. Though she couldn’t see it, she could certainly feel it as Danny rubbed her clit in time with his cock sliding in and out of her ass.

Danny came quickly, filling her bottom, and then he pulled out and turned her around so that he could hold her close and kiss her. As he did, Elaine moved in again. She soaped her bottom again and worked three fingers into her stretched anus. Laurel could imagine Danny’s cum slithering out of her butt at the prompting of Elaine’s probing fingers. She didn’t have to imagine the orgasm that Danny’s fingers brought to her through her hard little clit. No, that was a proven event.

When the three of them came downstairs, the scrambled eggs and bacon were nearly done. Emily was at work in the kitchen wearing nothing but her apron as she cooked, and she responded to her children’s laughter by shaking her ass at them and saying, “Sit and eat. You’re going to need your strength.”

“Where’s Dad?” Elaine asked as she sat.

“Sleeping.” Emily brought the eggs and bacon to the table. “Must be getting old. One little quickie in the morning and he got all worn out.” Bringing the toast now, Emily sat and joined them at breakfast. “So, Laurel, are you still worried about the party tonight?”

“No.” Laurel blushed, though she wasn’t sure why. “I guess I’m not worried any more.”

Emily laughed in response and patted her hand. “That’s good, dear. Relax. Have fun.”

Laurel ate breakfast thinking that it was probably the strangest Saturday morning she’d ever experienced. It was certainly the best.

After breakfast, Elaine walked Laurel home. She wanted to “say hi to your folks,” she told her. When Albert came to greet them in the living room, Elaine walked brazenly up to the silver haired man and kissed him while grasping his crotch with softly massaging fingers. “Hi, Mr. Cassidy,” she said, and then she kissed him again.

“What are you doing to my husband?” Sharon asked brightly as she entered.

“Hi, Mrs. Cassidy.” Elaine turned to the woman and kissed her as well. She held Sharon Cassidy’s butt with both hands, pulling their hips together, as she probed her mouth with her tongue.

Then Elaine broke the kiss and stepped back, saying, “Thanks for letting Laurel stay overnight. She and my mom really had fun. See you at the party.”

“Bye, Elaine,” Laurel said. When the door closed behind her friend, she turned to her parents istanbul rus escort and said, “God, I’m tired. Nobody ever stops at that house. I have to get some sleep.”

With that announcement, she staggered down the hall to the solitude of her own bed.


Robert Mosswell Jr. woke with his face pressed firmly between his mother’s breasts where they lay facing each other. He took a moment to decide where he was and why, and then he remembered and his cock grew stiff against his mother’s leg and then moved in between them as it firmed further. His hand was over her hip, and he curled his fingers against her buttock, slipping the tips into the warm crevasse of flesh and gripped her.

Tania’s eyes flickered open and she yawned. Then she reached down and grasped Robert’s penis, saying, “Oh, you sweet boy. You brought Mama a nice hard cock to play with.”

“I hope you like it,” he said, kissing one nipple.

“I know I will, darling. I absolutely know that I will.”


Karen Jenkins received a call from Bill Chambers at about nine o’clock Saturday morning. “Sorry I called so late,” he said. “I didn’t know if you would want to go to the party or not. You know, and if your husband, well, you know. Anyway, I figured I’d just call and see.”

“I’m sure Ray would love to come. Where is the party?” She was intrigued by his description of it as being a neighborhood fuck party. A whole neighborhood? She wanted to see that.

“You know the Porter’s place? Where we went to the last one? It’s across the street at my grandparents house. Straight across the street. Bring your husband if you wanna.”

“Of course. Thank you for inviting us, Bill.” His grandparents house? Had she heard that right? “Are you bringing anyone to the party?”

“My mom.”

“Your mother? What the hell are you . . .”

“Long story, but I suppose you’ll figure it out at the party,” he laughed somewhat sheepishly. “My whole family is going to be there, so I guess I’ll bring her. About six, okay?”


Karen hung up the phone and laid back in bed beside her husband. “We’ve been invited to a party,” she said. “Do you want to go to a real life, honest to goodness swingers party?”

“Yeah, of course,” he said, sleepily. “Not right not, though, right?”

“No, tonight. Six o’clock.”

“Good. So let’s just sleep right now.”


“You didn’t invite her, did you?”

Bill was startled by the sound of his mother’s voice and turned quickly to find her standing behind him sleepily in her sheer nightgown and fuzzy white slippers. She looked at him with confused concern on her face. It always surprised him how his mother’s breasts seemed to sag more in the morning than at night. Muscle tone maybe? Or was it because of his mood when he saw them?

“That woman? Jenkins? Why invite her?”

“Man, you scared me,” he said, laughing. “I didn’t figure you’d be up so soon after last night.”

“Why invite her?” She wasn’t going to be moved off topic, and the concern was beginning to be replaced by petulance.

“She’s a friend, and they’ll have fun,” Bill said. He walked over to kiss his mother on the cheek and then pass her to go to the kitchen, but she stopped him with an arm across his chest.

“I thought it would just be us,” she said. “Not some old girlfriend of yours.”

“Just us?” Bill laughed. “Mom, there’ll be like forty people there. And she’s bringing her husband. What’s up with you?” He stroked the side of her face tenderly thinking, not for the first time, that sex certainly confused a boy’s natural feelings for his mother with those for a lover.

“I don’t want to lose you, Billy,” she said, leaning her face against his hand and sliding one hand over his chest and down to cup his balls through his jeans. “That’s all.”

“It’s not like we’re married, Mom,” Bill said. He kissed her cheek and stroked one finger lightly over one nipple. “And I’m going to college in the fall, you know.”

“Yes, but . . .”

He walked past her now, entering the kitchen. “You’re not old, Mom,” he said, lightly. “Only thirty six. Why don’t you hook up with someone?”

“I, well, your father just passed on.”

“Two years now. There must be some guy out there who’d like putting clothespins on your nipples and stuff. Find one.”

He was teasing, trying to get off the strange subject with a joke, but Doris was hurt by the implication nonetheless.

“Oh, Billy, do you think that’s all it takes for a relationship?”

“No, of course not, but you’ve got to start somewhere.”

“Start by fucking your old mom real nice this morning, okay?” She moved up behind him and hugged herself against his back. “Give me a little loving, honey.”

“Sure, Mom,” he said brightly as he turned to return the hug. “But I don’t want to cum, you know. Wanna save it for Elaine Porter at the party.”

“There’s not much point then, is there?” She broke away and walked toward the refrigerator with a dismissive tone. “What’s in kadıköy escort it for you if you don’t cum?” She got the pitcher of orange juice out,

“I’d make my mother happy,” Bill said. “That’s what’s in it for me.”

Suddenly, Doris burst into tears and turned to hold herself against her son’s broad chest. “Oh, Billy, you’re such a good boy,” she said. “I love you so much.”

Bill stroked his mother’s hair as he held her and wondered if he was going to have to delay breakfast this morning. He sure was hungry.


“I shouldn’t have let you do that,” Tania said as she lay beneath Robert Jr. and felt his cock pumping out the last of his cream into her hot cunt.

“What? You mean . . .”

“No, silly.” She smiled and kissed the concern away from her son’s face. “I mean I shouldn’t have made you cum. I want my little boy to have a full load for Elaine tonight.”

“She’s that freckled girl from down the street, right? I still don’t get it.”

“Her father wants to give her a treat,” Tania said. “Something she really likes. Here, pull out now. I’m going to go remind your father and brother not to waste any of their juice this morning.”

Robert rolled over and watched his mother jump out of bed, her breasts swaying and buttocks quivering. As long as he didn’t think about it too closely, life was perfect. If he did think about it, life was like a dream somewhere beyond perfect, and he was afraid he might wake up.

He hadn’t known what to think when his mother began unbuttoning his shirt the night before. Sherona had already done pretty much the same thing the last weekend, saying, “I’m going to fuck you, bro. Gonna fuck your big dick.” He’d been surprised, but was never one to turn down sex even if it was from his sister. Maybe especially from his sister.

His mother had spoken with similar urgency. “I bet you’ve got a big cock,” she said. “Bigger than Tillman or Dad. Big enough to bust me.” Her words, and the movement of her fingers on his newly exposed chest brought him to action, and he struggled out of his clothing frantically so that he could tear at his mother’s clothes. “Hey, baby,” she laughed. “Slow down. Mama’s pussy ain’t going anywhere.”

He didn’t slow down, but pulled her slacks and underwear off and pulled her to him, kissing her with the passion of a long separated lover. She grasped his penis, pulling him to her, into her, and he lay between her legs feeling the hot majesty of her pussy holding his penis. He thought he might cum just from this. No. Not from just this. He wanted to fuck his mama into an explosive orgasm. He wanted to do his mama proud.

She’d looked up at him with pure carnality as he began pumping himself between her legs. Harder, harder still, he thrust himself up inside his place of origin, and she began a purring kind of whine as her face twisted into a look of sexual concentration.

“I’m cumming, baby!” she shouted, her body shuddering below him. “Jesus, Bobby, I’m cumming! Cum for me! Fill your mama’s cunt with hot cum! Fill me, baby!”

He did just that, squirting into his mother’s hot pussy and losing control of his movements until all he could do was lay against her as his cock finished twitching out the rest of his ejaculate inside of this fine woman’s body. Then he rolled to his back, spent.

Tania had moved her mouth to his cock then. She’d sucked his balls and cock until he was hard again, and then she mounted him. He felt his semen making her even more slippery inside, but the exercised muscles of her vagina overcame the lack of friction. She fucked him, her huge breasts swaying above him, until he felt himself ready to burst.

That was when she did something very unmotherly. She got off and grasped his raging cock, stroking it and sucking gently at the head. When his orgasm hit, she pumped it out onto his stomach, laughing, saying, “Look at all that cream for Mama.” When he was finished spurting, she licked at his cum and sucked it all away and swallowed it. Only then did she lay beside him, saying, “My big boy. Big beautiful boy.”

Thinking back on it now, Robert was still amazed at what a sexual animal his mother was. If she weren’t his mother, he’d be thinking happily of her as a slut, a true cock hound. He meant slut in the contented, awe-struck sense men reserve the word for any woman who likes to fuck as much as a man, not the pejorative meaning women reserved for the word. Still, she was his mother, and slut just didn’t seem right somehow.

Cock hound, sure, he felt saying that to describe his mother.

“Too late,” she said as she reentered the bedroom. “I guess we all woke up with the same idea, except that it appears that the girls switched partners at some point in the night. They weren’t sleeping where I saw them last.”

Robert had barely remembered the scene when his brother came home last night. Sherona had been adamant about having him, saying, “He ain’t had my pussy yet. We’ve got some catching up to do.” Then she added, taunting her sister, “You kartal escort can have him later. Maybe. But only if I want to let him go.” She had led Tillman off without another word, leaving the four remaining Mosswells to enjoy a glass of wine and increasingly dirty conversation.

“Mama, can I just go fuck Daddy?” Cherie finally asked, after her second glass of wine. “I’ve been home a whole two hours now.”

“You don’t have to ask, dear,” Tania said. “I was hoping you’d leave so I could suck Bobby’s cock, anyway. Unless you two wanted to stay and watch.”

“Okay, dear, I’ll watch,” her husband said.

“No you won’t, Daddy.” Cherie stood, reaching for his hand. “You’ll be with me. Let her suck Bobby’s skanky old cock. I want the original.”

Bobby drifted off to sleep that morning feeling blissfully warm wrapped in his mother’s arms and the carnal memories of their night together. Just as he dropped off to sleep, he wondered about Cherie. She seemed so changed. Happier. Would she let him put his skanky old dick into her if he asked nicely?

His cock twitched at the thought, but he was too tired to be aroused just then. He wanted to sleep here with his mother forever.


Tillman woke briefly when his mother opened the door to his bedroom, but he drifted back to sleep quickly. The previous night’s events had worn him out completely and he wasn’t quite up to the task of sorting them out just yet.

“Give me that big thing, bro,” Sherona said, pulling him into his bedroom by the belt. “You’ve got a long ride on my pussy coming, don’t you? A nice long ride.”

“Oh, yeah,” he agreed, kicking his door shut and getting out of his clothing in record time.

There was no further preamble to their coupling. They stripped and rushed at each other, uniting cock and cunt almost immediately in a thrusting, moaning dance. Tillman fucked his sister against the wall, his desk, bed, and finally the floor before shooting his semen into her body in long, hard bursts that brought a keening moan to her lips.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed, atop him then. “Keep it up and keep it cumming,” she demanded, humping herself on his rigid prick as fast as she could manage. “Sister’s gonna have a nice time on her little brother’s cock. She’s needed another shot of cream filling.”

And they copulated heroically for nearly an hour, and Tillman finally released another spurt of cum into his sister’s cunt and also onto the skin of her broad, beautiful butt. They lay nearly unconscious together, recovering on his bed for another hour before Cherie burst in, naked and jiggling with carnal excitement.

“Daddy wants you,” she shouted at Sherona.


“Well, I want Tillman, so get the fuck out of here.”

“Good luck,” Sherona said as she rose to leave the room. She stood briefly beside her sister, and Tillman was afforded a wonderful view of the two naked women, one tall and statuesque, and the other short and round and soft. “I think I milked him dry,” Sherona told Cherie. “Have fun what what’s left.”

“Well, there ain’t nothing left of Daddy,” Cherie boasted with an evil grin. “He was sound asleep, and Mama’s door is locked so you can’t get any from Junior. But I’m sure Daddy will take care of you once you wake him up.”

Cherie assaulted Tillman’s cock with her breasts at first, caressing it between them until he was hard as a rock. Then she sucked at him hungrily, a woman making up for lost time, before lifting herself up to ride his cock with swaying, rippling, abandon.

Tillman let her manage the event. He lay and allowed her use him as she would and enjoyed the sight of her soft little body moving atop him and the taste of her hard nipples pressed into his mouth. She took him through to the point where her orgasms were too intense to continue. At that point, she moved over him, her breasts down and swaying upon his cock. She pressed herself together, tit-fucking him to a heady release on his belly, which she then sucked up with a carnal grin.

“You the tasty one, aren’t you?” she said, kissing up over his chest to his neck. “You taste fine.”

Tillman wasn’t sure if they had sex again, but he felt that he had at least tried. The once ornery woman sleeping tangled in his sheets beside him looked satisfied, anyway. He rolled, slipping his hand down over his sister’s buttock, and fell back asleep.

It was going to be a wonderful weekend.


Patty Trent was tidying up her kitchen after feeding the kids that day. It was nearly noon, and she was trying to work up excitement for the party. She wasn’t really looking forward to it, and she wasn’t sure why. Or, she wasn’t willing to admit why.

It was Emily, of course.

Emily hadn’t come around much the past couple weeks, and that bothered Patty. She found that she had looked forward to the other woman’s company even more than their sex together. In fact, the period of her absence had proved to Patty that she could do without a woman’s touch, because when she was horny she found that it was only her husband she wanted. Still, she missed talking to her, and she wondered why Emily didn’t at least call.

She was at her refrigerator wondering if the kids would like some kind of dessert after their supper tonight when there was a knock at the door. Emily was just poking her head in when Patty turned.

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