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If his need had not been so great or desire so greedy he might have showed her some romance. But if he did not posses her now, posses her quickly he was sure he would shatter into jagged shards of desperation.

So his mouth was fevered with impatience , his hands rough with urgency. At first taste of her he knew she was already his. But it was not enough he needed all of her.

She did not tremble or hesitate. As her hands roamed over his back he felt only her hunger urging him on. She nipped at his lips wanting him to take his fill.

He ran his fingers through her rich hair grabbing fistfuls of the silk length. Even as his mouth ruthlessly devoured her. She opened for him, releasing soft and sultry moans of pleasure as his tongued plunged to duel with hers. He wanted so badly and that want vibrating from him aroused her own. She was fighting to meet him thrust for thrust. Her body trembling with passions long suppressed.

She had never been wanted like this. Not like this with the violence of desire pulsing in the air so that sarıyer escort every breath was seduction. She strained against him, battering a tide of sensations wanting more.

His mouth raced over her face, down her throat and licking and nipping an erotic path. And his hand oh lordy his hands were fast and lethal.

Desperately she dug her nails into his back. as she tried to remember but her mind was spinning from the onslaught.

His body was like a furnace, hot damp flesh fusing with hers in a way that made her shudder the sheer wonder of it. His fingers clamped hers still while his free hand roamed her body in a merciless assault. She could feel the anger, taste the frustrated and furious desire. Desperate, she begged him to wait but all she could manage were jagged moans .

When his mouth found her breast he let out a hot groan of pleasure. As she writhed beneath him, he nipped and tugged the taut nipple, losing himself in the taste and texture while her heartbeat hammered against his mouth.

He esenyurt escort could feel urgent excitement raging through, hear it in quick sobbing breaths. .He ranged lower his tongue laying a wet heat over her belly.Delving deep into her recesses his tongued played .His fingers opening her up . The scent the taste. She was so wet for him

She screams out his name . Whole worlds exploded inside. Stunned she laid shuddering beneath him. Her eyes were dark with passion, her face flushed and dewy with the aftershocks. He had not guessed what it would do to him to see that kind of dazed pleasure on her face. But he knew he wanted more.

He was driving her up again. Before she could recover. Pushing her towards an edge. Now she could only embrace the speed and the thrill of danger. Her hands were as ready as his now her mouth merciless. Her fingers equally impatient as they streaked and pressed over heated flesh. She wanted to touch as urgently as she needed to be touched. Taste as she had been tasted. avrupa yakası escort She craved the madness. The hunger she had not known she could feel, and the wild desire that was like a wolf to consume.

His hard velvet length in her hands. He shuddered under her a her tongue swirled over him. The scent of passion of man consumed her breath. Nipping at his belly her hands played him.

Groaning and at the near the edge. Suddenly he could take no more he had to have her now. Pulling her up in his arms her long legs spread invitingly begging for him.

He entered her hard and fast .She screamed in ecstasy.. Sweat of passion rolling off both of them, the edge of sexual tension in the air.

There was no thought or control now not from either of them. With each thrust he sent her racing again and again. She rode each only frantic for more. More was what he wanted to give her and he wanted to take. Her hips arched and plunged against his until he was senseless As blood fired through his veins he drove himself into her, claiming possession in frenzy of need and heat. She matched him beat for wild beat ,her fingers digging into his hips wanting more of him. Straining together to fall over the edge. They were out control the world fell apart and they burn together. Jagged breathes. Pulsing hearts together in need and desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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