Myself Nisha – How I Lost My Virginity


Myself Nisha – How I Lost My VirginityHi guys! Let me introduce myself. I am Nisha, aged 23 years, height 5’5”, vital statistics 34, 26, 34, extremely fair and beautiful, young and energetic; although lean yet sufficient mass has gathered in my breast and bums as such I appear as a teenaged sexy girl.I am staying alone at an independent fully furnished flat at Kolkata leaving my parents at our ancestral home in Malda. I am serving as Biology teacher in a higher secondary school. I am open minded with modern thinking and like to wear ultra modern dresses. I am still unmarried and virgin but I want to enjoy sexual relations with a young man. This incidence occurred 6 months ago.It was a Sunday morning. I had just woke up and having my morning tea, dressed up in a sky blue gown. My door bell rang.I opened the door and found two teenaged tall and handsome guys wanted to meet with me. One of them said, “Good morning Ma-am, I am Vicky and he is my friend Rocky.We are studying in 12th standard in a renowned higher secondary school. We want to talk to you regarding tuition in Biology.” I said, “Come in and be seated. Will you have some tea or coffee?” Vicky said, “No Ma-am, thank you. Actually I and Rocky are weak in Biology.As our final exams are going to be held very soon, we wish to have your guidance. Will you please guide us?” I said, “Ok guys, I agree to guide you. Please come from tomorrow evening and don’t worry for my fees. It will be decided later if you are satisfied with my guidance and mind it, it would not be exorbitant.” They were very happy and agreed to come next day.The next day, they came in time. I took them to my study room and asked, ”Guys, in which lessons, you expect guidance?” They said, “Ma-am, please discuss the respiratory system and urino-genital system of human beings first.” I explained the respiratory system and asked them to come prepared for the second lesson.The next evening, I was dressed in a gown when the guys arrived. I requested them to wait in the drawing room as I was getting ready.I started going through their note books and found they have written short composition on me. They have written, my Ma-am is very beautiful and sexy. I want to kiss her and fondle her 32 size boobs. Her pussy would be very attractive. I want to touch it etc.etc. I started discussing urino-genital system of human being.I observed that the boys were a little bit excited and watching my cleavage. I said smiling, “Guys, what you are watching?”They felt shy and feared of loosing tuition. I said, “Do not feel shy. Now you are sufficiently grown up and it is quite natural that you are attracted towards young girls and watch their vital organs. Feel free to discuss anything with me. I have gone through your note books.I was pleased to find your composition on me. But please note my boobs are larger than your expectations. I wear 34C bra, and my pussy is pink and hairy.” I pulled up my gown and lifted my legs on their lap and requested to touch and fondle.I observed that their dicks were enlarging under their pants. I was also getting excited.Suddenly I hold their dicks in my hands and requested them to unhook my fethiye escort bayan gown. I was wearing a 34C sized black bra and my boobs were piping through the cups. I asked them to unhook my bra and play and press my boobs. Vicky and Rocky were pressing and fondling my boobs and my nipples got swollen like raisins.I requested them to suck my nipples while I unzipped their pant and under pant took out their fully erected dick, removed the foreskin and started sucking. Hairs have just started growing at their pubic area.The guys were feeling shy but I encouraged them saying this is their practical session and they should know everything about sex. I removed my gown and asked them to jointly remove my panty. Both the guys were sweating. All of us were fully naked. I took them to my bed room, lay upon my bed on my back, stretched my legs and requested the boys to sit beside my legs and watch my pussy.My pussy was fully wet and slippery. I said to them, “Guys, this is the part of my body which you wanted to see and I wanted to show you. My pussy is hairy but I shall shave it tomorrow by hair remover. Your pubic hairs will grow dense day by day and reach up to your asshole.” I showed them my pussy lips and clit and which was swollen and stiff. I told them that clit can be considered as female dick and enlarges due to excitement. I requested both of them to rub my clit.I showed my hymen to them and explained, “Guys, see my hymen is intact. It means I am still virgin and not been fucked. Now I observe Vicky’s dick is larger so I wish Vicky to tore my hymen and destroy my virginity by pushing his dick in my pussy.Although it may be painful for me to first time get his dick inside my pussy, yet it is a matter of enjoyment later. So Vicky, please come, insert your dick in my pussy slowly and enjoy fucking.Vicky very slowly crept upon me hold his dick in his hand and penetrated it in my pussy. I started crying in pain. Vicky got afraid and said, “Ma-am, am I hurting you? Should I stop?” I exclaimed, “No Vicky, do not stop. It is natural. Please carry on thrashes. Exert some more pressure. Insert your whole dick in my cunt.” Vicky was kissing my cheeks and lips and fondling my boobs.He said, “Ma-am, your cheeks are very soft and your lips are like rose petals. Your boobs are very spongy, yet stout.” He increased thrashes, and within five minutes ejaculated huge dense cum in my pussy. He was trembling with fear. I consoled him and asked him to go to the wash room and clean his dick.Now I requested Rocky to insert his dick in my pussy. Rocky also crept upon me slowly and feared I may again cry in pain, but his dick entered in my pussy very smoothly without any pain as because Vicky has just fucked me and his dense cum was oozing out.After a few wild thrashes, Rocky also ejaculated huge dense cum in my pussy. I was fucked by my students which was fully arranged and enjoyed by me. My students were very happy and satisfied to get such an unexpected lesson from their teacher. After Rocky cleaned his dick and I washed and rinsed my pussy, I allowed them to dress up. I also dressed up.I asked them, “Guys, now tell me, how escort fethiye much you have enjoyed fucking. Could I satisfy you? I have really enjoyed fucking by both of you very much. It was a lifetime experience for me to be fucked by two handsome sexy teenagers like you. I want to get fucked by you again and again.”Both the guys said, “Ma-am, really we enjoyed fucking you. You are our sex idol. We have never dreamt to get a chance of fucking you. We shall fuck you again and again whenever you wish.” I said, “Guys, thank you for compliments, but do not call me Ma-am. Call me Nisha, rather Nisha Darling.” They were hesitating to address me Nisha as I was senior to them. I said to them,”See, all of us are of same age group. Moreover both of you have fucked me so no question of junior and senior arises.Now all of us are equal. Now please collect Rs 1000 per month from your father as my fees but keep it with you as pocket money as because I consider your fucking as tuition fees.” I enquired if they have computer in their home and can they operate it in isolation. They confirmed and I gave CD of blue film and fucking postures to each of them and asked them to watch in the night and we shall discuss it next day but mind it, from tomorrow, first learning then fucking.After their departure, I shaved my pussy by hair remover and made facial to appear more attractive. Next day the guys reached before time. I first taught them.I observed they were not watching my cleavage as they have already fondled my boobs. They were very serious in studies. I explained them menstrual cycle. Both of them were disappointed and asked, “Nisha, then we will not be able to fuck you five days in every month.” I said, “Yes dear, you have to control yourself on those days but you can fondle and play with my boobs.”They further asked what would happen if I become pregnant. I said not to worry, I am taking contraceptive pills.After one hour they requested to stop learning and wanted to fuck me. They asked me about 69 position and doggy style.I said, “Guys, yesterday you fucked me placing you on me. This was missionary position. Today I am going to show you doggy style. But before that experience 69 position.” I asked Vicky to lie on his back and crept over him inverted so as my pussy and asshole were just in front of his face and I was sucking his enlarged dick after removing the foreskin.I requested Rocky to stand in front of me and I started sucking both the dicks simultaneously. Vicky exclaimed with joy, “Nisha, your pussy and asshole are very close to my face and I am enjoying the fragrance coming out of your asshole. Your pussy is clean shaved. Should we shave our pubic hairs?” I said, “No not at all, girls prefer dick surrounded by dense hair.”After some time I released sex secretion in Vicky’s mouth, which he enjoyed to lick. I requested Vicky to hold his cum and asked Rocky to lie on bed on his back, crept over him and experienced him 69 position.Then I said, “Now Guys, be prepare to enjoy fucking in doggy style. I bent upon my knees and requested Vicky to insert his dick from the back.My bums were continuously knocking his thighs and fethiye escort he was pressing my boobs violently. He released cum very soon. Now Rocky inserted his dick in my pussy from the back, pressed my boobs vigorously and released cum. Both of them enjoyed fucking in doggy style.My teaching class went on and on and I was been fucked by my students regularly. One day, Vicky proposed, “Nisha, I have a farm house at the outskirt of the city. I want to spend a day with you and Rocky there. We can reach there within one hour on our motorcycle. Will you accompany us?”I smiled and said, “O guys, you have planned to fuck me whole day. I am ready.”On the next Sunday morning, Vicky and Rocky came to me to take me to the farm house. I have dressed jeans half pant and semi transparent top with loose hairs. Vicky and Rocky exclaimed, “Hi sexy! You are looking gorgeous today.” Vicky was driving the bike I was in the middle and Rocky was on the back. Rocky was pressing my thighs occasionally.He also pressed my boobs whenever we passed through a lonely place. I was feeling his dick was enlarged and constantly piercing my bums.After half an hour journey they changed the position. Now Rocky was driving the bike while Vicky was on the back fondling my thighs and pressing my boobs.He said,”Nisha, you are wearing pink colored laced bra. What is the color of your panty?” I said,” I am wearing pink colored laced panty. It is lingerie set. You will see it in the farm house. Your enlarged dick is piercing at my bum.””Reaching at the farm house, I observed that Vicky had already arranged everything and sent the care taker on leave, to enjoy with me.He locked the main gate and the main door. Both the guys immediately stripped off my clothes and within a moment I was fully naked in front of them. They also removed their clothes and started m*****ing me with my permission. They pissed in front of me, while I was holding their dicks in my hand.I also pissed in front of them and they enjoyed the charrrrrr .. sound generated due to my pissing. We took bath jointly. They rubbed soap on my boobs and pussy and I rubbed soap on their dicks and balls. We remained fully naked the whole day.Both the guys individually fucked me thrice on that day in different poses, excluding blowjob.I was getting tired for being fucked six times, but I really enjoyed their company.I said, “Guys, you have now fucked me sufficiently. Now concentrate on your studies as your exams are very near. From now, No regular fucking, I shall teach you the whole week except Sundays, when we shall enjoy fucking in this farm house. No learning, only fucking and fucking on Sundays.” Both the guys were very sincere in their studies.Moreover they could concentrate on studies as their curiosity on sex has been reduced. They scored highest marks in the examination, which gave me satisfaction. They came to my home to show their mark sheets, touched my feet and gave me a large Cadbury Chocolate.They said, “Ma-am, today we have come as your student. Please bless us for our bright future.” I blessed them and stripped off my clothes and became fully naked and said, “I think this is the best reward for you. Please accept my body.” They wholeheartedly fucked me on that day.I was transferred to some other district and Vicky and Rocky shifted to other states for higher studies. I still remember the golden days which I passed with them.

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