My wifes first black experience chapter 8


My wifes first black experience chapter 8The next few days were uneventful apart from Simon staying and as usual fucking Julia a lot and i got to suck him a few times when i could too.I was going away with work for a few days and knew Julia woulndt be too bothered but i discussed with her i didnt want the place filled with men when am away ok with Simon as hes staying. She agreed and said any orgy would include me which i was pleased with.i was away and she text me asking if it was ok if Simon had a few of his friends around on the saturday night as its his birthday and would love to use the pool room and hot tub? I said sure how many is it ? She thought it was around 10 of them. I said ok fine.I got home on the friday night beat and all was quiet Simon was out in town and Julia was watching TV relaxing when i got home.I went to kiss her and said so babe tell me how many times has that black stud had your pussy ? she said well hes slept in my bed every night what do you think? I kissed her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and she whipped out my cock and sucked me hard and i fucked her there she felt loose as ever which is no suprise i guess.I came in her and then went for a shower and she got dinner ready.During dinner we chatted and she was keen to talk about Simons friends coming tommorrow night , i asked if it was Oly and Ty and Tam too ? She said i think only Tam as its his friends from university coming. I said ok so a bunch of over sexed 20 year olds are coming here tommorrow night !! She said yes basically but i dont think it will be that kind of party ! I said hmmm i would put money on it !Simon came home around 11 and Julia was in bed and Simon joined me for a drink in the snug and i quizzed him about who was coming tommorrow and what time , he said he had invited around 10 people and from around 3pm. I asked if any girls were coming and he said no just guys. I said have you told all your perabet friends about what happens with Julia here ? He said no but cant speak for Tam he may have told some one . I said ok well with 10 guys here she will be more than likely wanting action ! I said how many guys are black and he said just 2 of them Jon, i said ok cool.I said well am off to bed now and he stopped me and pulled down my pants and gave me a lovely blow job until i came in his mouth, i said whats that for Simon? He said its a thank you and although i fuck your wife all the time your still in charge and i want you to know that. I appreciated that and was a nice thing to say .I went to bed and heard the two of them at it later on but i couldnt be bothered to join in and fell asleeep.Morning arrived and i went downstairs for coffee and then decided to cut the grass and get some air so i jumped on my ride on and had a couple of hours cutting the grass clearing my head. Tam had arrived and had come down perabet giriş to the out houses to see me , i asked if the party had started ? He said no not yet i thought i would come earlier to see if i could be any help. I said thats nice of you.. He was looking in my out houses at all my vehicles and toys i keep and he was sitting in my sports car and i said do you like it Tam ? He said i love it your a lucky man all this and Julia too …. I laughed and said so have you been having any fun with anyone while you not been here ? He said no i been good i not even wanked but am desperate too.. I said u want me to help you out ? Tams eyes lit up.I said come here and he came over to where i was sitting and i pulled down his pants and underpants to reveal his big thick asian cock and i took him in my mouth sucking him deep and making a really good job of it hoping to be rewarded with a nice big load soon and sure enough he spunked gallons so much so i couldnt hold it all in my mouth and some dribbled on the floor.I licked him clean after swallowing his load and he said that was lovely Jon thank you dude.I suggested Tam go to the house and see what help they need as i finish up here and he wandered up to the house while i finished my be cont…

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