My wife’s big new toy; part 2


My wife’s big new toy; part 2If you haven’t read part 1, you should. This picks up where that one stopped. I rub the lips of her pussy with the head of this monster, which is double the size of me. Up and down, up and down. But real slow. Then I start to circle her clit ever so fucking slow. She starts gyrating her hips just a little and let’s out a very quit moan. Then I pushed the head down onto her pussy’s opening and held it there, no more than a quarter inch in. I started to push the head in and I saw her body relax. The head made it in and I just kept it there. I kept it there because she once told me that she loved the feeling of “Brad’s” dick when the head first entered her. This head is twice as big as me and she is digging it big time. I push it in a half inch more than I pull it out and and leave it at the opening again. She had her eyes closed the entire time. But now she opened them. She bit her bottom lip and mouthed the words “more” and bit her bottom lip again. So I gave her more, illegal bahis but maddening slow. In and out. In and out. Pushed 1 inch in a minute, then paused, then another inch over a minute. Then pulled it out again and started over. If her body was relaxed before, now it can only be described as hungry. Hungry to be filled like she hasn’t been in years. And I want to see it so fucking bad. I penetrated her again but a little faster, but only an inch. She’s begging for more and she is dripping wet now. I pulled it out all the way and then grinded the shaft between her pussy lips and and along her clit with just enough pressure. Slide all 9 inches up and down her pussy over and over and now she’s breathing hard. She’s hot. But she has only had barely three of the nine inches thus far. I place the head at the opening of her pussy again. Push the head in and out and just fuck her with the tip for 30 seconds. Then I slide it back in, even slower than before. But instead of stopping at 1 inch like I illegal bahis siteleri always had up till now, I kept going. Two inches, she licks her top lip, three inches, she moans, I get to 4 inches and she smiles with her mouth open. I slide it in 5 inches and she gasps. I hit the 6in mark and she opens her eyes. I’m only 5.5-6 in and she’s feeling the difference between this and me now more than ever. The girth is driving her insane. I slide it a half an inch further. This is the most filled she’s been since the last time she was with “Brad”.But before I can slide it in any further, she thrusted her hips down on it and buried it in her pussy right to it’s fake balls. I almost came. i can only imagine what it’s like to see the real thing. She is taking all of this giant cock like she needs it to live. My wife is moaning with every inhale and exhale and more a****listic. It’s amazing to watch her. I now am sliding it it in and out, in and out, from tip to balls over and over. I can see canlı bahis siteleri her being stretched and her pussy lips molding around her new giant friend. Slow, then fast, every inch, then 4 inches, then burried it to the balls again. And keep it there. My wife is bucking now. This thing is hitting spots that haven’t been touched in over a decade. Her eyes bolt open. “Oh my god, im gonna cum…. ” she’s panted, “I’m cumming”. And then her orgasm erupted. It looked like every inch of her skin was cumming. She’s squeezing her legs together like a vice and bucks and bucks. Moans and grunts. Now she’s shaking. Her whole body is convulsing and she clenches for another 30 seconds until she starts to come down. Oh how I love when she cums like this. I pull it out and replace it with my own cock now as I am about to explode myself. I had never felt her like this. Stretched, but not loose. And oh so damn wet. I thrust all of 5 times and I push my cock in as far as I can and cum. Cum like I do when I think about her taking “Brad’s” Dick years ago. And collapse onto the bed. We both laid there dazed by the awesomeness that just occurred. We were both thinking to ourselves how much fun this toy is going to be. Can’t wait to tell you about it later.

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