My wife Maria


My wife MariaThe incidents I am describing here took place a few years ago, but they were important to both my wife and I. At the time, we had each just turned forty and were living in a townhouse development. At the time we moved in, our neighbor was a single man who kept to himself and barely said a word, even when we would greet him. After two years, the house changed hands and we were anxious to see if our new neighbors were a bit friendlier.I was working the day the moving van pulled up, but Maria didn’t have to go in to her job until the afternoon so she was able to see our new addition long before I did. When we sat down to dinner that night, we could hear the sounds of furniture being moved around next door and the muffled sounds of voices. The walls between our houses were thin enough that you could make out the sound of people talking, though you could not usually understand what was being said.”So, did you see our new neighbors?” I asked.”Yes, but I think it’s only one person,” Maria said. “I saw a guy, but I think he was by himself..””What is it about that house that just pulls in single people?” I asked. “I hope he’s friendlier than Rick was. What’s he like?””Looks like he’s in his late twenties or maybe early thirties. Tall and looks like he might work out. He was wearing a T-shirt and he had pretty big arms.””Are you sure he’s alone? Sounds like a couple of people over there.””Some of his friends came just as the van finished unloading his stuff. I was folding clothes in the bedroom and I heard him talking to them out on the deck before they started moving stuff around.”That was another thing we were going to have to get used to. Since the houses were so close together anytime somebody was on the deck next door, it sounded like they were standing right in the bedroom with you.”I hope he isn’t the party type or we’ll never get any sleep. Did you catch his name or get a chance to talk to him?””His friends all called him A.J. but I didn’t talk to him.”I ran into A.J. the next morning and we introduced ourselves to each other. Maria had described him pretty well, but for some reason had neglected to mention A.J. was black. He was an inch or so taller than me, about six four or so and carried himself like an athlete. I asked him if he’d like to stop over for a drink that night so Maria and I could get to know him better. He smiled and said he’d be there at six thirty.When I got home that night, I told Maria to expect company and soon the bell rang. Maria answered and I could see A.J. giving her a quick once over as she opened the door. He must have liked what he saw because a big smile lit up his face as he introduced himself.Maria is an attractive woman so I could understand his reaction. She was a foot shorter than A.J. and had to tilt her face up to look him in the eye to talk. It was quickly apparent that A.J. was flirting with her, though Maria missed most of the signals. That didn’t surprise me since she is not the flirty type herself. We talked for an hour or so and got to know each other better. A.J. was especially interested in finding out that Maria was a chiropractor. He explained that he had hurt his back in college playing football and had been seeing a chiropractor before moving.”Maybe you could fit me into your schedule,” he suggested.”Sure, just give my office a call,” Maria said.”No house calls? Not even for a neighbor?” A.J. asked with a smile.”Well, I guess I could give you a treatment at home, but I won’t have all the equipment I need to do everything. It will have to be pretty basic.””Basic is fine,” A.J. replied. “My treatment was usually mostly massage and heat anyway. You do massage?””If it’s needed. I use it on my patients to get rid of stiffness sometimes,” Maria said.”Seems to me that would make it worse,” A.J. joked.”No, it makes it loosen up,” Maria answered, completely missing the innuendo.”I’m off work the rest of the week. Are you free tomorrow?””That’s my day off.”A.J. smiled again and I thought I noticed a predatory look on his face but couldn’t be sure. “Great. What about ten o’clock?””That will work. I’ve got a table I can set up.””Good. I’ll leave the door unlocked in case I’m putting stuff away. Just come on in.”That night in bed, I teased Maria that A.J. was just going to hit on her and she laughed as if I were crazy. We had had this conversation many times over the course of our marriage; about Maria being with another man. She had always insisted it was never going to happen, though she would at least let herself go with the fantasy when she was in the right mood. I rolled over and began to lightly rub my fingers up and down her stomach. When she didn’t say anything, I knew she was in the mood to play.She snuggled around so that her back was against my stomach, allowing me to wrap my arms around her and run my fingers over her body. It also allowed me to whisper into her ear. I knew better than to say anything until she had begun to respond to my caresses. When I felt her begin to push back against me, past experience told me she was getting ready. My fingers found her bush and wriggled inside. As I suspected, she was wet and hot and I knew she was ready for more.”What did you think of A.J.?” I asked softly.”Seems like a nice guy to me,” she answered, parting her legs slightly to give me easier access.”I wonder what he’ll want you to do tomorrow?””What do you mean?””He’s coming on to you,” I told her. “Didn’t you get that?””No way,” Maria insisted. “Even if he was, he wouldn’t do that in front of you.”When I was in college, I had played basketball and hung out with a bunch of the players. I was the only white guy on the team and it had been an interesting education for me. One of the first things I noticed was that black guys were much more open about sex and would not hesitate to hit on a woman they found desirable. It didn’t matter if her boyfriend was standing right there or not. When I asked one of my friends on the team about it, he told me that if the woman wasn’t interested, all she had to do was say no. If she didn’t say anything, it meant the boyfriend was history. I thought he was bullshitting me, but I saw it happen dozens of times. Girls would show up at a party with one guy and leave with one of my teammates.”You’re wrong,” I told her. “I’m sure the way A.J. figures it is you didn’t object to his come-ons so he probably figures he’s halfway home already. So…how do you feel about it?”Maria didn’t say anything and I took the opportunity to flick her clit and rub one hand across her nipples. She moaned softly and shifted her legs so they were wide open.”He’s going to be laying on your table and you’re going to be rubbing your hands all over him. He looks pretty strong, doesn’t he?””Yes,” Maria whispered.”What if he comes on to you tomorrow? What will you do?””I don’t know,” Maria sighed. “How do you feel about it? What if he wanted to do something with me? What would you do?”This was pretty standard fantasy stuff for us. Maria would always ask these questions and I’d lay out some sort of fantasy for her so she could imagine herself doing things with other men. But, when we were finished, she would always stress that it was just a fantasy. Usually, it was just some imaginary lover. Whenever I would bring up a real person, Maria would usually turn off the conversation and we would end up making love without the fantasy. I sensed that tonight might be one of those rare nights when she would let me use an actual guy in the fantasy.”It’s up to you, isn’t it?” I teased. “What would you do? What do you think you’ll do if he hits on you tomorrow?” As I asked her this, I felt her stomach flutter convulsively and realized she was pretty close to an orgasm, a quick release for her. Normally, it would take fifteen or twenty minutes before she climaxed.”I don’t know….I guess I could kiss him…””I bet he wants more than a kiss, don’t you?””Maybe…I don’t know…touch him?””What if he wants you to suck him off? Would you do it? Would you get down on your knees and give him a blow job?”She was breathing raggedly and her legs were scissoring around my hand to keep the pressure on her clit. She began humping her firm ass back against me, pushing against my erection and groaning softly.”Would you?” I asked again. “Can you see yourself illegal bahis kneeling on his rug, licking his black cock and then sucking it down your throat?” Maria moaned loudly now and began to frantically hump against my hand.”Would you like that?” I asked.”Yeah, that would be fun,” she gasped.”Say it, say I want to suck your cock, A.J.””Ooohhh, I’m almost there,” she panted.”Say it,” I commanded as I stopped my fingers for a moment.”Okay, okay. A.J. I want to suck your cock,” Maria groaned. “It’s so big, let me suck it!” She cried out and then the pressure on my hand was like putting it in a vise. Maria thrashed about on the bed like a hooked fish, her face a mask of pleasure. She flipped over and quickly put me inside of her, slamming her body down against mine. The intensity of her attack made me come in a couple of minutes and she collapsed in my arms.After we had calmed down, I said, “Wow, looks like A.J. could get lucky tomorrow.””That isn’t going to happen for real,” Maria said. “You’d better just forget that little dream. It is just a fantasy. Nothing’s going to happen.””You never know,” I replied.”I know,” Maria said, in a tone that told me the conversation was over.All the next day I kept having images in my head of Maria and A.J., wondering what was going on. But I knew that nothing would happen, just like Maria said. She had made it clear over the years that she wasn’t interested.At dinner I steered the conversation to other topics first, knowing that if I jumped right to her visit she would clam up or get mad. Finally, I felt the timing was right.”So, how did things go with A.J. today?””Fine. I gave him a treatment and we talked for a little bit. He invited us to a party he’s having this Saturday as a housewarming.””What kind of treatment did you give him?”She shrugged. “Nothing special. Just a little massage and some heat packs. A couple of adjustments.””You treating him again?””Thursday, then we’ll see how many more he might need.”I could see there wasn’t anything more to get out of her so I changed the subject. “Remember, I’m dropping my car off Thursday night at the garage for a tune-up. You’ll pick me up at 5:30?””You taking off Friday?””Might as well. I’ll get some work done around the house.”When Thursday dinner rolled around, Maria didn’t mention anything about her visit to A.J. that day so I didn’t bring it up until we were in bed, thinking it might be a repeat of earlier in the week. Maria shut it down right away. Too bad, I thought. It would have been a nice fantasy to use in bed.Friday morning Maria went off to work and I took a long leisurely shower. As I was toweling off, I heard A.J. talking and peeked out the bathroom window to see him standing on his deck talking into a cell phone.”It’s okay,” I heard him say. “Nice neighborhood so far. You’re coming Saturday, right? Good, might be something special for you.”He laughed.”It’s getting there all right. She’s hot for sure. I think she’ll be ripe pretty soon, maybe even at the party. Nah, the husband won’t be a problem.”I could not believe what I was hearing and I inched closer to the window so I wouldn’t miss anything.”Nah, I can talk. His car’s gone, he ain’t home today. It’s like I’ve told you a thousand times, white woman are pushovers if you use the right method. She came over Tuesday to give me a massage.”He paused, listening, then laughed.”I’m not bullshitting you, that’s what I asked for and she went for it. When she showed up I just had on my bike shorts. You should have seen her face. She couldn’t take her eyes off it and I thought she might just turn around and leave. I told her some story about wanting to stay cool while I moved stuff around. She didn’t even ask me why I wasn’t sweaty, just started setting up her table. Yeah, I know, but she didn’t. When she stayed I knew I was home free.”A.J. was leaning against his railing and I had to quickly duck out of sight just in case he happened to look up at my window. It wasn’t likely he could see me, but I couldn’t chance it, not when I was so anxious to hear exactly what had happened between him and Maria.”So I was laying on my back and she started giving me a massage, but her eyes kept flipping back to the snake,” he said with a chuckle. “After about fifteen minutes, I said to her ‘You’ve been checking me out since you got here, woman. Why don’t you just go ahead and touch it so you can feel a real cock.’ I wanted to see what she would do. No, she didn’t do that. She just stood there for a second or two, then said she better go.”That sounded like Maria. I could just imagine the expression on her face.”I told her she could go if she wanted to, but she was going to be thinking about this until the next treatment. She told me there wasn’t going to be a next treatment. What do you think? I told her the door would be open same time two days later. Damn right she showed up, right on time and ready to go. I was sitting in the living room wearing a tighter pair of shorts and she didn’t bat an eye, just set up her table and said she was ready.”You couldn’t have pulled me away from the window with a crane. I was glued to every word.”She gave me a half-assed massage, but I could see she was really just trying to work up her nerve. She rubbed my legs, then moved around behind me and rubbed my chest. Her fingers sort of stopped when they got near my shorts, then she started running her fingers over my cock. Damn right I got hard. I told her she could just keep on doing what she was doing as long as she wanted. She licked her lips and begged me not to tell her husband, but she didn’t stop touching me for about fifteen minutes. Nah, I didn’t go any further. I’m going to let her come to me. I invited her to the party Saturday and she said she’d be there without hesitating at all. Yeah, we’ll definitely set something up so we can all enjoy her. She’s a nice little piece of ass all right. Nice tits and a nice firm ass to grab on to. And man, is she ever hot for some black cock. This will be a piece of cake. She’s going to be a pushover. I don’t know. Three, four, five…you’re guess is as good as mine but I don’t think she’ll stop once she’s had the first one. That’s the big one-let that first cock inside that sweet pussy and the rest of the evening will be easy. Him? I don’t know, we’ll have to play it by ear. Okay, see you Saturday.”I was stunned. Maria had actually touched another man’s cock and didn’t even let on she had done something like that. And she had to know there was going to be more of the same at the party. Didn’t she worry that A.J. would have told his friends about what she had done and they would all be there? Why didn’t she say something to me, even after all the years of talking about something like this? Would she do anything at the party, or was she going to continue to meet him semi-secretly for what promised to be an ever escalating series of encounters?I found myself picturing what it must have looked like the day before and there was no anger, just arousal. Suddenly, the party on Saturday sounded like it was going to be an excellent affair.It seemed like it took forever for the party. Maria seemed a little nervous, but she didn’t say anything to me and we went next door at the proper time. There were about twenty or thirty people there when we arrived, friends of AJ with their dates. Music played loudly and people were already drinking heavily.AJ saw us and came over with a big smile on his face “Glad you two could make it,” he said, looking Maria over. She was wearing a white blouse and short black mini-skirt. “Nice,” he said softly and I saw her blush. “Tom, the booze is in the kitchen.””Honey, would you get me something with rum in it,” Maria said, looking shyly up at AJ.I made the drinks, keeping an eye on Maria and AJ as I fixed them. He was leaning with one hand against the wall so that Maria had to put her back against it and look up at him. She was smiling at something he said. I saw him lean down to say something softly to her and she shot a quick glance toward me before shaking her head no. AJ kept talking to her and she looked over at me two or three times, licking her lips nervously.I walked over and handed her a drink. “Here you go. So, what were you two talking about?””Nothing,” Maria answered quickly, illegal bahis siteleri taking a big gulp of hers.AJ laughed. “Just bullshitting. Make yourselves at home. This is going to be a fun night.”He walked away into the crowd and I bent down to talk to Maria. The noise made it hard to make myself heard without raising my voice. “It looked like AJ was flirting with you from where I stood.””What? No, it wasn’t like that,” Maria said, drinking another large swallow.”Yeah, then what was he talking about?” I teased, running my hand along her arm.”He was just asking when he could have another appointment, that’s all,” she answered. “It’s hot in here, isn’t it?” She unbuttoned the top button on her blouse.In truth, it was pretty warm in the house. I wondered if AJ’s air conditioning was working. The party was in full swing and about ten or twelve more people arrived, swelling the size to forty or more. I noticed that lots of the men at the party were checking out Maria. At one point, I saw AJ talking to five other men and they were laughing and taking turns looking over at Maria. I wondered if he was bragging about what had happened between them. Maria seemed oblivious of the looks.”Another drink?” I asked, taking her glass.While I was in the kitchen, I saw AJ beckon to her and she smiled and went over to where he was standing. He had his back to me so I could only see Maria’s face as she looked up at him. She smiled nervously a few times and I could see that she was a little ill at ease. I decided to take a little longer this time and see what happened.One by one, the five guys that AJ had been talking to wandered over and Maria was soon surrounded by six guys. I could see a couple of their faces and it was obvious from their expressions that they were hitting on her. Maria was backed up against a wall and I saw her lift one leg and rest the sole of her foot against the wall. She still looked skittish as she looked from one to the other.AJ reached out to rub the collar of her blouse between his thumb and fingers, obviously saying something about what she was wearing. The others nodded in agreement and seemed to be badgering her because Maria was shaking her head, a look on her face like she was feeling a bit unsettled.AJ moved closer and with a slow movement of his hand, dropped it to the next button on her shirt. Maria looked down at his hand, then up at his face, swallowing hard, and biting her lip. AJ kept his hand where it was and after a second, Maria slowly nodded. AJ quickly unbuttoned it, now opening her blouse enough so that it showed a fair amount of cleavage.The men were making comments now, and it was obvious that they liked the new look. Maria still looked a little ill at ease, and I thought I better make another appearance. As I approached, one of the men saw me and said something to AJ, who looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. He turned back to the men and jerked his head and they walked away. He squeezed Maria’s arm, then followed.I handed her the drink and she downed half of it in two long swallows. “What was that all about?” I asked.”AJ was just introducing me to some of his friends,” she said, looking at me as if to see my reaction.”And what’s with the whole unbuttoning of the blouse?” I countered.”AJ was just saying his air conditioning wasn’t working really well and thought I’d be more comfortable like this,” she explained feebly.”And so he thought he would just do it for you, huh? Still think he isn’t flirting with you?””Well, maybe he is a little, but it’s harmless. Are you mad?””I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable, that’s all,” I said. We talked for a while and I noticed that Maria finished her drink quickly.”Could you get me another one?” she asked innocently, but I saw her eyes straying over my shoulder.”Sure,” I said, glancing that way as I left. It was no surprise that AJ and his group were standing together. As if on signal, they took my place immediately and resumed the same bantering they had before. But this time Maria was a full participant, laughing with them and even going as far as laying her hand on AJ’s arm once or twice.AJ leaned over to say something in her ear and Maria looked at the other guys and shook her head no. AJ stayed where he was, talking directly into her ear and I could see Maria’s chest heaving as she began taking deep breaths, as if readying herself to dive into a pool. AJ took her arm and began to lead her away from the wall.Maria resisted a bit, then allowed herself to be taken down the hallway toward the back of the house. AJ said something to one of the men and he nodded and came to me in the kitchen.”Hey man, AJ said to tell you he’s giving your wife a tour of the house. Be back in a few minutes.””Okay, sure,” I told him. “No problem.”That satisfied him and he smiled and left the kitchen. I glanced down the hallway and saw him disappear through a door at the back of the house. I quickly made my way down the hall and went into a room next to it, looking for some way I could at least hear what was going on. I wasn’t sure how many of the group had gone with AJ and Maria.The room had a vent high in the wall and I locked the door and pulled a chair over to it. To my pleasant surprise, it had direct connection to the next room and I was able to not only hear what was going on but to see most of the room.Maria was sitting on the edge of the bed, with AJ on one side of her and another of his friends on the other. One other guy was in my sight leaning against a dresser.”I was telling my friends here how much I enjoyed your massage,” AJ said, chuckling. “And I think you did too.”Maria had her hands in her lap and said softly, “It was fun I guess,” she said softly.”So what we were thinking is that maybe you could do the same for them.”She looked down and shook her head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I could set things up with you because of our schedule but Tom is going to be wondering about a bunch of house calls.””Who said anything about house calls,” AJ laughed. “I’m talking tonight. Now.””Here?” Maria looked shocked. “With all these people in the house?””Sure, why not?” AJ asked. “They’re all out there, not here watching. Unless you’d like that? Is that what you want?””No, that’s not what I want. You said you had something back here to show me that I’d really find interesting. I didn’t know you were planning this.””Now you know,” AJ said, leaning over to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear. Maria closed her eyes but made no move to stop him. She kept her hands in her lap, but they opened and moved up and down a bit on her skirt as if she was trying to dry them.AJ kissed her cheek, and then put one huge hand on her chin to slowly turn her to face him. Moving very slowly, he brought his lips to hers, taking his time and thoroughly kissing her. Maria tried to pull away at first, but he put his free hand on the back of her head and kept her where she was.Surrendering, Maria stopped struggling, returning his kisses. She was almost panting now in excitement and the two men in the room exchanged grins.”Looks like she’s ready to see that thing that’s so interesting,” one said.AJ stopped the kiss and asked Maria, “Do you want to leave?”She hesitated for just a moment before saying, “I’ll let you know if I want to go.””Jonsey, lock the door,” AJ ordered. “That was your chance, woman. Now you stay until we say you go. Understand?”He spoke softly, but there was no mistaking the tone. Maria gulped and nodded.”Good. Now, let’s take a look at what we’ve got here. Take off your blouse.”Maria whimpered, “I thought you just wanted me to touch all of you. You didn’t say anything about taking my clothes off.”The men laughed and AJ said, “You can’t be that stupid, can you? Quit stalling-get that blouse off before I rip it off.”Maria saw she had no choice and lowered her eyes to watch herself unbutton her blouse and then slip it off her shoulders. AJ reached over and unsnapped her bra with one hand. “Won’t need this either. Keep your hands down.”Maria sat half naked, her hands in her lap and her head lowered as the men stared at her. “Nice tits, baby,” one said.”Feel good too,” said Jonesey as he reached out to fondle one, rubbing the nipple between his fingers. Maria shifted in her seat, but did nothing to stop canlı bahis siteleri him.”Feels nice, doesn’t it?” AJ asked her, taking the other in his hand and kneading it slowly back and forth.Maria looked up at him, then swiftly pulled him to her, kissing him with frantic need, her tongue thrusting its way into his mouth. AJ pulled her onto his lap facing him and began to hump against her skirt. Maria responded by spreading her legs and wrapping them around his waist, thrusting back against him.”That’s it baby, fuck him,” urged Jonesey.AJ suddenly stopped kissing her and pulled back, a smile on his face. “We shouldn’t be doing this with your husband right out there in the other room,” he said. “So, what should we do about it?”Maria struggled to get control of herself before answering. “You’re right, you’re right. I shouldn’t be doing this. I just got carried away. I need to stop.””Oh, we ain’t stopping, just taking a little break. I want you to get yourself dressed, then get rid of your husband so we can have some fun.””Get rid of him? What do you mean? How am I supposed to do that?”AJ shrugged. “That’s up to you. Just do it. We’ll give you twenty minutes before we bust you in front of everybody, your husband included. Most of the neighborhood is out there. You can have the reputation of the neighborhood slut.””Okay, I’ll think of something. What if I can just get him to go for a little while? Can we do this fast?””Fast? Sure. Tonight. But we’re going to want a repeat performance when we have more time. Right boys?”A chorus of assent met this statement.”We’ll talk about that later. But this has to be quick.””Fine. Leroy, you just go and make sure her husband takes off, then get back here with her.”I quickly exited the room and got back into the living room before Maria and Leroy came in. She looked quickly around and spotted me. Leroy stayed where he was. She came over, a smile on her face, though it was a bit strained.”So, did you like what you saw?” I asked.”What?” She froze.”That guy over there said AJ was giving you a tour of the house. Did you like it?””Oh, yeah, it’s really nice. Honey, could you do me a favor?””What?””Could you go next door and get that old lamp down in the basement? You know, the one we got at that garage sale and never used. I wanted to show it to AJ. I think it would go good in his bedroom.”I pretended to think about it. “That thing is buried behind a mountain of stuff. It will take me an hour to get it. I’ll do it tomorrow. I don’t want to miss any of the party.””The party will still be going,” Maria assured me. “AJ says this will go on until daylight. You know, you’re always telling me that black parties last until daylight. Now I can find out for myself if what you told me is true. Could you just go get the lamp for me? I promised AJ that I’d give it to him tonight.”I couldn’t see how to refuse unless I wanted to start a big argument with her right then and there. As she talked, she was glancing over her shoulder at Leroy, who smirked and pointed to his watch. “I don’t see why we have to do this right now.””Come on, honey. I want to make a good impression as a helpful neighbor. I promise I’ll make it up to you later tonight.””Fine. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”I headed for the door and Maria didn’t even wait for me to leave, just walked over to Leroy and talked quickly to him. He laughed and indicated she should head down the hallway. I watched her disappear around the corner, then walked outside. I had no intention of going home, but I couldn’t figure what to do.A moment’s reflection brought me to the realization that Leroy wasn’t going to hang around in the living room very long. I sat on the porch steps for about five minutes, then tentatively re-entered the house. Sure enough, Leroy was nowhere to be seen.I quickly made my way back to the room where I had been, locked the door and got back up on the chair. I looked through the grate into the other room.Maria was in her panties, kneeling on the bed and jerking off AJ and Leroy. She kept looking back and forth from one cock to the other, licking her lips and smiling.”Damn, I’ve never seen anything so big,” she whispered with an amazed look on her face.”Plenty more where that came from,” AJ assured her. “Give it a little lick.”Obediently, Maria bent to use her tongue on his shaft, licking his cock form base to tip as if licking an ice cream cone. She kept her other hand on Leroy’s dick.Joensey sat on the bed and moved her panties aside to rub his finger against her slit. “Damn, she’s wet,” he said, holding up a glistening finger.AJ pushed her gently onto her back and Maria arched up so he could pull off her panties. She spread her legs wide and reached up to him. “We don’t have much time,” she urged. “Hurry. I want to feel you inside me.”AJ eased himself into her pussy, taking his time. He was eight or nine inches long and Maria was moaning by the time he was all the way inside her. He wasted no time, hammering her with long powerful strokes. Maria wrapped her legs around him as best she could and grunted with each of his strokes.”Ummm,” she moaned.AJ was grunting like an a****l as he pummeled her, slamming himself down as he got closer to cumming. He arched his back and his teeth gritted as he squeezed his buttocks, obviously emptying himself inside Maria. She clutched at him, and I could see that she was close to her own orgasm.AJ rolled off and said, “Next.”Maria made no move as the Leroy moved to take AJ’s place. Though he was even bigger, Maria was now well lubricated and he slipped right inside. Jonesey knelt at her head and pulled her mouth to his cock.”Hold on,” said Leroy. “On your hands and knees.”Maria obediently got on all fours. Her partner kneeled behind her and began fucking her doggy style, each of his thrusts shoving her forward so she could take more of the other man’s cock into her mouth. At one point, she took her mouth off the dick she was sucking and hung her head down, eyes squeezed shut as an orgasm rolled through her. Jonesey grabbed her chin and forced her back into place, where she resumed what she was doing with enthusiasm.It took about ten minutes for both of them to shoot their loads inside her and they stood smiling as Maria sprawled on the bed. AJ rubbed his cock over her lips and Maria smiled lazily and licked it a few times.”So, you think you want to do this again,” AJ asked.”It was exciting,” Maria said with a sigh. “God, that felt good.””Then Monday morning we’ll have a little repeat performance.””I don’t know,” Maria said. “I’ll have to check my schedule and see if I have anyone Monday morning.””You do. You have us. If you’ve got a patient already, cancel them. You’ll be here at ten. Right?” He reached down to gently flick her clitoris, making Maria squirm on the bed and start moaning.”Oh…oh…oh, okay, oh…I’ll be here,” she gasped.”Maybe I should tell some more of my friends about this,” AJ said, as if just thinking about it. “We can turn this into a regular thing. What do you say? How’d you like to have some black cock a couple of times a week?”He had his finger inside her now and Maria was bucking her hips as another orgasm began to build. “Maybe,” she gasped.”Maybe?””All right, I’ll do it,” she said, arching her back as her climax washed over her.”Good. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure. Now get dressed and get back out there in case your husband gets back and wonders where you’ve been. If you can get rid of him later, we might have another go round. There’s lots of guys out there would love a piece of your pussy, but I thought three to start would be about right.””It feels kind of dirty,” I heard Maria say as she pulled her clothes.AJ shrugged. “That’s just a word. You liked it, we all got off, what’s the big deal.”I got out of there before they did and went outside. I waited about a half hour then went in and told Maria I couldn’t find the lamp.”That’s okay, we can look tomorrow.””So what have you been doing since I was gone?” I asked.”You know, just mingling and getting to know some of AJ’s friends.””Yeah? What are they like?”She shrugged. “Seem like nice guys. I’m sure we’ll get to know them better.”Maria finally told me what was going on with her and AJ, but not until a month or so after the party. She told me she had been going over his house twice a week and fucking not only AJ, but some of his friends. When I asked how many guys she had fucked, she said five different guys, but several times each. This was the start of her new lifestyle and neither one of us ever regretted it.

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