MY WIFE MALINDAMy name is Glenn,(not my real name)this story is about MY WIFE MALINDA.She is Mexican,American so you know she has pretty skin.she is 33 years old.and have long hair, down to the middle of her back,when the sun light hits it looks brown,but really is dark.she weighs about 140 lbs,give or take a pound.she wears a 38c bra,not too big,but more than a handful.overall she is a BBW (BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN)Personally I like to say she is THICK in all the right places,If you know what I mean.anyway i love her ass,GOD I WANT TO FUCK IT SO BAD.we tried one time and she dont like ANALSEX.everytime she is in my presence i grab her ass (i want to worship it,lick it,suck it,and of course FUCK IT)My cellphone rings.Its my Black friend Marcus.Hello,i say.dude its your me,listen i’m giving a Party on my boat,and i want you and Malinda to come over,free booze and food,and a little you hear the music?so come on over and party with me and 100 of my closest friends,most of them women.I said ok,bye.I told MY WIFE MALINDA about the party,when i told her that Marcus was giving it,lets just say that picked up her spirits.she said what kind of party is it?what should i wear ? all in one breath.I said what about that SHORT SLEEVE,TIGHT,BLACK BUTTON UP DRESS,you allways look sexxy in that.Plus i like it so wear it for me,honey.she said ok.we both took showers and got a pair of slacks and a shirt and shoes,when she step out in that dress all could say was WOW,you look great.I pulled to me,and kissed her,and grab her ass.She said I thought kütahya escort we was going to a party,you look like you are trying to start something.I look at her breast which was upward in that dress.I said i dont have a problem,with a QUICKY,she said maybe later on the boat.we arrive and our host Marcus greeted us,hey guys.gave me a quick hug,and MALINDA hug him.let show guys around,and get you some drinks.there is the food over floor over here,people playing cards over here,game room here,people watching the game.i was looking at all the lovely ladie,there was ASIAN,BLACK,LATINO,WHITE women all over the place.Marcus said to pick your poison.what ever you want to do is fine with me.I gave him that man look,(when 2 men look each other in the eye and dont say anything)I wanted to Mingle,he said repectfuly to me can i steal your wife? i said yeah i going over by the card game.Malinda let me give you a tour of the boat,and they walked away arm in arm.i was really enjoying myself,i was drinking,and smoking,and flirting with the women.just having good time,but at last i was getting horny after looking at all this ass just floating around.I also have to go to the bathroom,not to mention i was a little drunk.i found a room,i knocked no answer,i went in the room was lit dimly,just enough to see.I found the bathroom,and pissed like a RACEHORSE,thought i was not ever going to stop.I threw some water on my face,to sober up.I better find my wife,so we can have a i’m coming out of the bathroom,i pass a huge escort kütahya mirror,and the light came on and i could see Marcus and a woman.DAMM how drunk am i.she came from behind Marcus and it was MY WIFE MALINDA.he started unbuttoning her dress.i could believe my eyes this was right in front of me,just like i was not there.he turned her around and pressed her up againt the mirror,in his room,i could see my wife,thru this glass,but she could not see me.DAMM,this is a TWO WAY MIRROR,Marcus you sneaky dog.I know i should have gotten mad and broke down that mirror.but there was something exciting about watching MY WIFE was like watching a porn movie in 3D,or watching a live sex show,better than any Webcam.I backed up and saton the bed,and pulled my cock out and started stroking it.Marcus stepped up behine her and was squeesing her tits,in the mirror,i looked down between her legs and his BIG BLACK DICK was hanging there.she was kissing and licking the mirror.he scooped her up like they was on thier HONEYMOON,and laid her on the bed,and step back and started stroking his cock,DAMM what is that 9 or 10 inches,shit as i was stroking my cock.she opened her arms,he laid on top of her.they kissed passionately,he reached up to turn on the radio which was built into the bed.and all of a sudden i could hear everything,being said and done in that room,he turned on the speaker,(thank you Marcus)he went to lick and suck her titties,i could her her moins.first the left nipple,then the right.he pushed then together and kütahya escort bayan suck them both at the same time.ummmmmmmmm,thats nice she said.he worked his way down her body,navel and found her hairy bush.i could see him parting her pubs.first he licked her,then started licking her clit.then he sucked her clit and she lifted off the bed,he stuck his tongue inside of her,and her went wide open she grab his head and said YEAH RIGHT THERE,dont stop licking.i heard a familiar sound her pussy making a SQISHY sound,i know she came in his mouth.he was sucking and licking that pussy for so long that she was begging for his BIG BLACK DICK.he got between her legs and put head in slow,but she grabbed him am told him,she said FUCK ME HARD,he started pounding her pussy,like pyle driver,or ajack hammer.i could hear her pussy and her making all kinds of sounds.her legs was on his shoulders,i know he was hittingthe bottom with every stroke.she was trying to match his strokes,but then she said YEAH RIGHT THERE ,SHIT DADDY.she relaxed and her legs came down,he said come on a ride me.they switched places.i know her pussy was sopping wet,cause she sat aon that dick with no hestation.they kissed,then she lifted up and he was squeezing her titts.she was loving every bit of it,at this point i could feel my own orgasm building,i closed my eyes and just listen to the sounds from the other room.she said to him i want you to cum inside of me,and really started humping him her ass was moving like at the speed of light,pussy making all kinds of sounds,he grabbed her ass,and was pushing every inch up inside her,he said im going to CUMMMMMMMMMMM.and was shooting his load deep inside her cunt.I stoked my cock so hard to the point cumming to it shot straight up in the air and landed on me.THE END,all comments are welcome.

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