My wife is kinkier than me


My wife is kinkier than meSince I convinced my wife to have sex outside of our marriage she has become very creative in how and where she gets her eggs scrambled. For example, one fall night she and I were in the den doing nothing , she left the the room and returned wearing her long winter coat. I asked her where she wanted to go. She opened the coat to show me she was completely naked under it, she said let’s find me a cock to fuck. I grabbed the keys to my four wheel drive and we headed to the power line trail. There’s always some guys hanging out at the lake so I figured she could get lucky there. As we came off one of the hills we could see a fire at the lakeside, she got excited and said go over there. As we pulled up we saw four guys standing next to a good sized camp fire. When we walked up the only guy I knew was John, he said hey and introduced my wife and me to his buddies. All four of them were facing the fire and my wife was next to the truck, I looked back to her and she opened her coat to show her body. The firelight showed her cute little tits off and I could easily tell she was completely shaved. I asked John if he wanted to go with us and do some trail riding? He agreed and soon my wife was between him and me as we bounced along the power line. Even though it was dark outside my dash lights along with the moon made it easy to see my wife’s uncovered legs. She let the coat illegal bahis fall open all the way to her crotch. I could see John looking out of the corner of my eye. I said I need to run back to our house for a little bit.Once there we all got out and went inside, I went back to our bedroom leaving John in the den with my horny wife. I stayed in there for about twenty five minutes then tip toes down the hall to see what if anything was going on. The den was dark , the only light was the TV and I could see John was setting on the couch and my naked wife was busy riding his hard cock. I watched them for a long time then I went back to our room. I must have fallen asleep because my wife woke me climbing on my face, she sat her nasty cum filled pussy right on my mouth. I gave her a good cleaning then I added my own load to her loose lady hole. The next morning at the breakfast table I asked her what happened to John last night? She said after he fucked her he call his buddies and they came and picked him up. This story is one hundred percent true. I can tell you not all the guys she has had sex with are hung like horses and some are even so freeked out at having sex with a married woman that they never come back for more. That was John’s case. My wife said he had a good sized cock but when she called him to try and hook up again he politely declined because his nerves couldn’t take it. She illegal bahis siteleri took a job hostessing at a nice restaurant once. She was required to wear a nice dress and pantyhose to work. I told a friend of mine named Tim about her job, I knew Tim had the hots for her , I’ve seen him checking her out at our pool. Well it worked, one morning as I was getting ready for work my wife was talking to me about her night at work, she said Tim had come by the restaurant last night and before she had to go in they rode around and burned one. She told me that she told him to come back tonight a little earlier. I asked if she was going to smoke again ? She said yeah but last night we found a cool spot that was private and she wants him to fuck her before she has to work. Well that night I couldn’t wait for her to get home. When she came in she was surprised that I was still awake. She sat on the couch and kicked off her high heels, I took her feet in my hands and began to message them. As I did I moved her legs apart so I could see her sexy legs encased in shinny nylon. I asked if she had a nice time tonight, she said yeah that Tim had met her an hour before she was to clock in. I said well did you do it? She said yes. My heart raced and my became chilled feeling…tell me about it I said with a Shakey voice. She saw how this excited me so she played me. She said they fucked in his canlı bahis siteleri car. How did you fuck I asked. She said I pulled my pantyhose down to my knees and he fucked me then I pulled them up and we went to the restaurant. So you worked all night with his cum in you I asked. She said yes it was blissful, I could feel it between my pussy lips when I walked. I asked her to pull the hose off and let me eat her out. She did and the smell of her pussy was so sexy, it was sweaty and mixed with his scent. Then at my birthday pool party after almost everyone had left my wife ended up having sex with Eric beside our pool. She woke me up when she came in and carried on about the size of his cock. I found out later he was in fact well hung, he and I were talking a piss in the woods while four wheeling one day and I caught a glimpse of it. I told my wife I had seen Eric’s meat and I want to watch it spread her pussy lips apart. To my surprise she asked him if I could watch and he agreed. He came over one Friday night and they fucked in our bed as I watched . He is a skilled lover and he was able to fuck her for a full hour the first time. After a little rest he went longer the next time. He became a regular along with Tim. They have fucked my wife literally hundreds of times. Let’s see her regular guys are Tim and Eric they are every week, then she has a Simi regular named Keith ( he was actually the first side dick for her ) , John was a single night, Ashley ( yes his name is Ashley ) has fucked her about nine times, and there was another guy named Jon. She won’t confess to actually fucking him because he is married but I know she did.

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