My Wednesday Night


My Wednesday NightI’m in the Big Apple for a few days, staying with my friend Christy. Christy and I went to one of her favorite bars for a drink, and after a few minutes, a guy started to hit on Christy. I drank a glass of wine and listened to Christy get hit on, waiting for a guy to approach me. I was dressed in a of tight jeans, pink panties, a tight white long sleeve, LL bean boots and a pair of mismatched KB ankle socks. Thirty minutes passed and I was three wine glasses deep. Christy was sealing the deal with her guy and I still had not been hit on. Thirty more minutes passed and I was drunk now. Six glasses deep and about to start another. I told myself that on the eighth glass, I should give up and stumble back to the apartment and just bang Christy’s date with her. Then, a man, about 6’1, tall, and well dressed sat beside me. “Can I get you another one,” he asked, gesturing to my wine glass. I said sure and we began the usual bar banter. Did you go to college? What do you do? I found out I was talking to Devin from Chicago. He said he was in the marketing department for some kind of pharmaceutical company. He grew up in New York and was back home visiting all of his c***dhood friends and their favorite spots. It was at this point that Christy excused herself and said she and her date were returning to the apartment. I told Christy good bye, and that I would see her in the morning. Devin then invited me to go join his group of friends. I agreed and he brought me over to a group of kıbrıs escort six guys and two girls. I continued to drink and party with them, getting drunker and drunker. My hands were all over Devin, and he was loving it. As it started to get later, the group faced its first casualty when Brenda and Will left. Within thirty minutes, Mary and Leo followed. Devin asked me if I wanted to come back to the place he was staying. I agreed, anxious to finally fuck. Devin was staying at Cam, Trevor and John’s house. Max gave us a ride to the medium sized house on the outskirts of the city. “I’ll give you a ride tomorrow,” Devin told me as we walked inside. He led me to the back to a nice guest room with a giant bed in the middle. I kicked off my boats, revealing that my left sock was red and my right sock was blue and white striped. “Is that all you’re gonna take off?” Devin teased. I smiled, taking off my jacket and then lifting my shirt and letting my boobs fall out. He stepped forward and began rubbing my nipples. I moaned. He lifted me and put me on the bed. He then pulled off his shirt, revealing his tight, six-pack abs. I could see the bulge grow in his jeans. “Lay back,” he said, “relax. I’ll take care of you.” He pulled my jeans and panties off in one and began eating me out at a fast pace. I moaned and pushed his face deeper. “Yes, Devin, yes!” I screamed as his tongue explored every inch of me. He stopped and kissed up to my face, ending the trail with his tongue in my mouth so I escort kıbrıs could taste my own juices. He tied my panties around my eyes and said, “This makes it more fun for both of us.” I allowed him to tie it and I heard his belt come undone. I felt his semi-erect penis slide into my mouth and I deep throated it. He gasped. I grabbed his cock at the base and jerked him off while sucking on the tip of his cock. I alternated and moved down to his balls, playing with them and then sucking gently on each. He grabbed me and began skullfucking me hard. I took it and I knew he was enjoying it as he began to yell, “take this whole dick Em! I know you love my big black cock!” I kept swallowing him and he skull fucked me a few more times before sliding his cock out and slapping my face with it a few times. “Tie me up please?” I asked him, politely. He obliged and kept the blindfold on. “Fuck my socked feet,” I commanded him. I felt him grasp my feet and place his cock in between them. Obediently, he fucked my socks. I began moving my socked feet all over his cock, rubbing his balls with one foot while rubbing his cock with the other, rubbing top to bottom, rubbing any way that I could tell he liked. He pulled out from between my feet and asked, “are you on the pill?” I responded yes, and I felt him slide into my pussy. I shuddered as a wave of pleasure hit me. Then, another cock slid into my mouth. I began to freak out. “Don’t worry, it’s just Cam. Trevor and John are here too,” Devin told kıbrıs escort bayan me. I felt another cock at the base of my ass and my hand had been filled with a fourth dick. In my drunken stupor, I felt ready for what was sure to be an amazing but painful orgy. My hands were untied so I could get onto my hands and knees better. I left the blindfold on. It began with all four going at once. My pussy felt so good but my ass ached. I love sucking dick so I didn’t mind the other two cocks. They switched back and forth a few times, but I could only tell by size. Devin’s was the second biggest. The biggest must have been at least 11 inches long, but I still have not seen it yet. The blindfold was a blessing and a curse. After about an hour, a cock pulled out of my pussy. “Cumming!” He yelled. I rubbed him with my socks and felt him shoot at least four ropes of cum onto my socks. They were soaked, and I loved it. Another cock pressed itself against my mouth. I sucked on it a few times before the owner pulled out and pumped a big load onto my face. I felt Devin slide back into my pussy. Another cock began shooting cum onto my face. I loved it, this cock fired four big ropes onto my face. I heard cameras click and guys giggle. “Hey!” I protested, sitting up. Devin pushed me down and held me, pumping his cock deep into me. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” He yelled, shooting a huge load deep inside of me. I gasped, expecting for him to have pulled out. He pulls his cock out with a plop and begins rubbing it on my cum soaked socks. He then shoves it in my mouth and says, “Don’t act so surprised. You’re on the pill. That’s what it’s for.” Then he walked towards the door. “I’m gonna go get some food. Are you hungry or did all those cocks fill you up?

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