My Waitress, Samantha

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I first saw Samantha as she moved through the restaurant handling table after table with effortless grace. Her blond hair cascaded off her shoulders as she glided through the room. She had a beautiful face that held me entranced. Her dark eyebrows contrasted against the light color of her hair which gave her an intense look as she managed her tables.

Two weeks later she waited on my table. I was able to see her up close and I was even more smitten by her visage. Her looks complemented her body. She had 34B tits that stood high and proud on her chest and a tight little ass that was gently caressed by the jeans she wore. Over several months she waited on me several times. We got to know each other on a first name basis and she often greeted me with a tight visceral hug. During one conversation, I found out that she loves to play golf. I asked her if she would like to play the following Monday and she agreed.

I picked Samantha up at her house. She enveloped me with her arms after she answered the door. She wore a kelly green top that hugged her body and a white skirt that ended four or five inches above her knee. She stepped back from me, spun around and asked, “How do you like my outfit?”

“You look outstanding!! I can’t wait to see the faces of anyone we meet at the course.”

“I picked it out just for you!”

“Well, you read me like an open book. Man, You look great.”

“Thanks. Let’s go”

We got to the course and I paid for our round. We walked to the cart barn to get a cart and the fella there just stared. “Watch this.” she said.

She proceeded to go around to the back of the cart to get tees and balls. She bent over from the waist and her skirt raised just enough to show the cheeks of her ass and the light blue thong she was wearing. Even I was hypnotized. I looked at the guy in the cart barn and he gave me a thumbs up.

We got in the cart and drove to the first tee. On our way there, Sam put her arm through mine and said, “I love giving guys like that a show. Now they have a story to tell the others.”

“Well, I gotta tell ya’. I enjoyed the show also.”

“Yea but you’re going to get to see the whole act. trabzon escort Just you wait..” She giggled at my reaction and sat a little closer to me.

She teased me the entire round. She’d ask me if I wanted her to hold my putter. She’d walk in my line of sight and flip up her skirt as I prepared my shot. She’d laugh and giggle as I hit the ball wide of my mark. She would hold her follow through longer than usual so she could show off her tits. After five holes, I didn’t care what my score was. I wanted her to tease me all day long. At one point she leaned back against me and ground her ass into my crotch to gauge how effective her teasing was. I pushed my growing hard on back into her so that she didn’t misunderstand its effect.

After nine holes, we made the turn. I got beer and sandwiches while she went to the restroom. When she came out, there was a handful of employees circling the tenth tee. The message of her antics at the cart barn had found its way around the “water cooler”. They were not disappointed. Sam came out of the clubhouse stretching her arms over her head. I noticed right away that the bra she had worn for the front nine was missing. Her nipples had reacted to the air conditioning inside and poked conspicuously against the thin fabric of her top. I smiled as she approached me and she asked, “Too much?”

I laughed and said, “Not for me!!”

We hit our tee shots and drove off leaving the guys at the tee stunned. As we drove down the cart path, Samantha slid her hand into my crotch and gave my hardening dick a squeeze. We came up to her ball sitting in the fairway and she said, “My bra is not the only thing missing.” At that point, she flipped up the front of her skirt and flashed me her shaved pussy.

I said that I felt like I should lose some of my clothing. She smiled and replied, “I was hoping you’d be game. Why don’t you get rid of your underwear?”

I looked around and without waiting dropped my shorts and and started to pull off my Brazilian briefs. She told me to stop and came right over to me. She squatted down in front of me and begin to rub her face and mouth all over my spandex encased cock. She trabzon escort bayan got me hard and then removed my drawers. “Okay, now you can put on your shorts. I plan on keeping you on the edge for the next nine holes.”

The light shorts that I wore clearly exposed my swollen glans. We played on and as we traveled in the cart to our shots we teased each other with kisses and caresses. True to her word, Samantha kept my cock at just short of straight out.

On the 15th hole, a par three, Sam bet me oral sex for the low score on that hole. I told her she was on and hit my shot on the green. Not to be outdone, she hit her ball on the green and closer to the hole. I putted my ball to the hole and came up just a little short. Sam had to make her putt to win the hole. She leaned over her ball, stepped back and squatted down to line up her mark. I was holding the flag opposite to her and clearly saw her pussy glistening. She stood back up and putted the ball in the hole. As she retrieved her ball, I put the flag back in the hole and gave her a deep and sensuous kiss. She responded by thrusting her tongue in my mouth. We broke our embrace and she pushed my shoulders down and said, “Eat me.”

I lifted her skirt and I shoved my face into her pussy and licked her lips. She was wet and tasty. Sam placed her hands on the back of my head, thrust her pelvis forward and stood on her toes as my tongue thrashed her clit. Repeatedly, she pushed her crotch into my face and grunted. I licked and sucked her and was rewarded with a quick and deliciously large cum. I steadied her and stood up. She leaned in and kissed me and licked all of her pussy juice from my face.

“Man do you taste good!”, I said

“I know. I lick my fingers after I jill off and it always turns me on.”

I told her I had had enough of golf and was ready to take her home and ravage her. She said, “Let’s go.”

We drove back to her house as fast as I could. She tried to distract me by leaning against her door and placing her feet on the seat. Her skirt was pulled up high and the object of my desire faced me. I told her that wasn’t fair and she agreed. It didn’t escort trabzon stop her from languidly running her fingers across her clit and lips. She purred as the ripples of delight flooded her nether regions. I figured two could play that game and unzipped my shorts and pulled out my raging hard on. I pulled on my cock and a large bead of pre-cum rose from my pee hole. Sam leaned over and licked the pearl of seed from my penis. She told me I tasted as good as she did.

We arrived at her home and I parked in the back. I pulled off my shorts and followed her to the backdoor of the house. As she searched her purse for her keys, I snuggled up behind her and ran my cock between her legs. She paused for a second and resumed her search. I placed my cock between the lips of her pussy and entered her. She found the keys and we pushed through the door. Sam fell forward and leaned over the table in the kitchen. I re-entered her and thrust several times. She grunted and said, “Fuck me!”

My dick ran in and out of her and was coated by her juice. Much to her chagrin, I pulled out of her and knelt behind her. I placed my lips on her pussy and snaked my tongue inside her vagina. She moaned and pushed back against my face. I alternated between tongue fucking her and lashing her clit. She reached back and pulled my head up so that I could eat her ass. I obliged her willingly.

Sam came and pulled me into the living room. She pushed me onto the couch and jumped on top of me. “You’re going to do what I say.” she said. “Fuck me!!”

It wasn’t so much a command as a pleading request. I thrust into her and she grabbed onto my shoulders. With her shins on my thighs and her feet between my legs, she bobbed up and down. I could feel the juices from her pussy leaking down my cock and onto my balls. I tried to keep up with her pace. However, with the constant edging all day, I didn’t last long. I groaned and grunted that I was coming. Sam sat on my cock one more time and I blew my load deep inside her vagina.

We both breathed deeply from the effort and looked at each other. She kissed me and said, “I knew you had passion but I underestimated how much.”

“The day is young. Let me show you how much I really have.”

“You’re going to have to bring it another day. My son comes home from school in an hour. Let’s clean up.”

We showered and dressed. I kissed her, and thanked for a great day. Next time we may skip the golf.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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