My Uncle Mike Part 2


My Uncle Mike Part 2It was the morning after the night before. From their time in the swimming pool, Sarah and Uncle Mike had calmed down a lot and had spent the evening trying to avoid talking about what had happened. It was only after some wine had been drunk and inhibitions vanished that things happened again. Uncle Mike had gone down on Sarah as she sat back, sprawled on the big sofa in her parent’s lounge. His expert tongue and fingers had fluttered round her clit and cunt, and he had kept her edging for a long time before he allowed her to climax, her back arching and her hips bucking to his touch. She had reciprocated, taking his big thick cock into her sweet wet mouth and sucking him deeply, and with great relish, sucking his mighty heavy balls into her mouth before he erupted over her sweet face. They had retired, to separate bedrooms – Uncle Mike’s idea, just in case her parents came back early – and had slept soundly. Bright summer sunshine dappled through the white curtains in Uncle Mike’s bedroom as his eyes first slowly opened. A gentle breeze was wafting through the open window ushering in the smell of lavender and the cooing of a pair of doves on the roof. After visiting the toilet in his en suite room, he put on a robe over his naked body and opened his bedroom door. He could hear Sarah, singing softly and clearly moving slowly and luxuriously in a bath. He called out to her.“Morning!” he called, she cheerily responded. “Do you want coffee?” he asked.“I need something…” she responded. “Why don’t you come in…” she called in a very sultry sounding voice. He paused at the door. Should he go in? Or should he try and stop this now. They had already gone way too far with each other and he knew deep down it was wrong, but he craved her young body and the feeling of cumming inside her the night before had been incredible. His own orgasm had been one of the most intense he had experienced in years. Not since that evening with the buxom Sri Lankan lady, but that was another story. “Are you niğde escort sure?” He called. He could at least say he tried. Sarah replied that she needed him now, so he gripped the door handle and stepped inside. The bathroom was bright and humid with heat from the bath. Sarah was luxuriating back in the water, some foam still around her body, and her hair wet, some of the long tresses sticking to her neck. Her breasts looked so inviting in the water, and her bush of pubic hair was below the surface. Uncle Mike looked long and hard at her, his cock already growing beneath his robe. Sarah deliberately ran her hands over her breasts, gently squeezing her nipples in the process, she shivered almost imperceptibly to her own pleasing touch. “I’ve been such a bad girl today, Uncle…” she breathed. “I’ve been thinking about your cock all morning, and you’ve got me so very wet…” her hand slid down over her wet body, her legs parted, and she rubbed gently over her clit and slid two fingers into her cunt. She bit her bottom lip and drew in a breath. “Is that bad, Uncle?” she asked in a perfect little girl voice. His breath was hoarse and getting short. “Very bad…” he mumbled. “Perhaps you need cleaning.” He suggested. He reached up to the shower head above the bath and placed it in the sink next to the bath. He turned on the water and held his fingers in the flow until it reached a nice warm temperature. Keeping it facing away from the bath, he knelt slowly next to the tub. His hand moved over Sarah’s breasts, squeezing them and kneading them. “Lift your hips up…” he commanded. Sarah nodded silently and gently lifted her hips until her bushy pussy emerged from the warm water. Uncle Mike turned the shower head on her pussy, the power shower jet was warm and hard, and the effect on Sarah was electric. She gasped as the water hit her clit and pushed her cunt up and towards the pleasing jet. She held Uncle Mike’s hand as it gripped the shower head and moved it up and down, increasing her pleasure. Their escort niğde eyes locked together as her pleasure grew and grew, then she threw her head back and cried out as her hips bucked in the water and an orgasm wracked her frame. Uncle Mike leant in and kissed her deeply, their tongues entwining. “I think I need to do some editing here…” he breathed, his fingers stroking her luxuriant thatch. He stood up and opened a couple of the bathroom cabinets, soon found what he was looking for and returned with a can of shaving foam and a small double-bladed razor. “What are you doing, Uncle?” she asked, her breathing returning to normal from her orgasm. He stroked her head and kissed her again, kneeling back down by the bathtub. “This will be incredible….” He breathed. He lifted her hips up, so her bush was just out of the water, and sprayed some of the shaving foam on her pubic mound. His expert fingers massaged it into her, and she could feel her almost insatiable lust rising again. With the foam spread perfectly he took the razor and starting at below her navel, he gently pulled the device down, cutting through her hairy pussy. Sarah gasped and again arched her back as she succumbed to the kiss of the razor. Her Uncle’s skilled hands and deft skills soon had her depilated. Her freshly shaved pubic mound almost throbbed with anticipation. Uncle Mike rinsed over her pussy with the shower head, removing any final bristles and foam, his fingers cheekily seeking out her clit and cunt, enjoying the feeling of her extreme wetness. “Let me help you…” he stood up and offered her a hand. She stepped from the bath, water cascading from her curvaceous body. Uncle Mike wrapped a beach towel round her and began rubbing her down. His strong arms enfolded her and rubbed vigorously. He then reached and picked her up in his arms, cradling her with her arms round his neck. He kissed her again and began walking her to his bedroom. He lay her gently on the bed and peeled the towel from her wet body, his head moving niğde escort bayan down to suck hungrily on her rock-hard nipples. Her pubic mound glowed almost red from the razor’s touch and felt smooth and wonderful to his fingers. His fingertips were teasing her clit again, but she wanted something more.“Finger fuck me, Uncle…” she urged, in an almost guttural tone. Uncle Mike immediately moved his fingers down and two of them slid easily into her wet folds, deeply almost up to his knuckle. Sarah gasped loudly and urged him on. “Faster! Harder!” she growled, her hips bucking and responding to his touch. Uncle’s fingers slammed into her now bald pussy, squelching deep with the vast amount of juice cascading out of her. “YES!” she gasped “MORE! HARDER!” Uncle Mike’s fingers thrashed her cunt, her hips danced, her thighs opened and closed. “Oh my God…” Sarah felt she was almost losing control. She had orgasmed many times in her life, either by her own hand or with a lover, but this was something different. The waves of lust swelled and swelled, building up in a crescendo. Nothing else in the World mattered at this moment, just her orgasm, she had to have it. She put her hand over her own mouth, her eyes rolling back in their sockets. “Oh fuck…. I’m going to….” But she couldn’t speak, the words wouldn’t come, just deep sucked in breathy gasps. Her hips spasmed and, as Uncle Mike’s thick fingers continued to slam into her, she shrieked, and to Mike’s astonishment a jet of hot liquid shot up his arm, soaking him. She had squirted enormously, gushed out in lust at her orgasmic point and drenched his arm. She lay there, gasping for breath, her cheeks flushed with the exertion. Uncle Mike knelt over her, his cock hugely erect, but a look of wonder on his face as her Tsunami-like gush washed down his arm. He slowly and deliberately licked and sucked his fingers. “You taste beautiful, Sarah…” he whispered, and just for a second they both lay there, in that moment, before both of them started giggling uncontrollably. Uncle Mike lay next to her and kissed her, and she stroked his face.“You are so, so wicked…” she breathed. Again, neither of them noticed the tiny CCTV camera staring at them in the corner of the room.TO BE CONTINUED….

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