My True Thing!


My True Thing!My first Blowjob was with 45+ aged man and its was forceful against my wish. That was first time I touched PENIS and after that incident was feeling so sinful, which made me to watch PORN in my free time and been to xHamster.After being here got a desire to catch thick white man’s penis, so was searching for safe man locally and got one Australian in FaceBook, who use to stay in India working as Network engineer. He dint knew that I was 18 and used to send lots of erected penis snaps to me, and its was really thick white one.A day when I met him personally, we both were shocked, as I was 18 and he was 58 married. When I came back home was fully disturbed thinking that a man fooled me showing me fake thick big penis by watch which I was getting horny and for month we dint has any contact. Then once, he pinged me in FaceBook and asked sorry for chatting with me, as not knowing that I was amateur. I scolded him so badly for sending fake PIC, but he used to say it was not fake and I was not ready to hear it. After long argument, he was ready to show me for real and asked come via webcam, but I dint had one that time, so he invited me to his rented house on a condition that after kaçak bahis seeing his penis should leave his house immediately and we will have no contacts.I visited his house and he was so old for me, he made me to sit in hall offering juice and just went to bath and when he came out, he was in mens gown and said “Renu, I really doesn’t want to do it” and just unlaced his gown. WOW!, it was thick fat white penis with few brow white hair around it.I could see that he was tempted by seeing amateur girl watching his penis without blinking the eyes, and I couldn’t sit there so I just stood on my feet, by seeing that he had covered his gown and said ‘Renu, I’m done’, but I was not as it was really big one for me and wanted a view really close and wanted to touch it.Knew that I wont get chance next time, as a man with who I’m dealing was pretty much concerned about me and was avoiding me. So it was very much safe for me, as he was not going to hurt me. At that point I was not ready to step back, and asked “Please, can I see it again”. He said: “Oh no, I cant show it again. Show is over girl”I said: “Please, only once”.But, he was not ready to hear my words and started to say that his güvenilir bahis erection is loosen up and not interest in erecting it again and asked me to leave.His words heard like INSULTING ME, and couldn’t take it, so taken my decision and hooked off the first two buttons of my college uniform shirt and slipped a hook and loosed the belt of my skirt and it just slipped slowly through my legs to floor. I was only in shirt and could see a hump growing on his lower gown. I may not be a sexiest one, but my view has impacted him lot and speechless, I stepped towards him and moved bit backwards. I just stood in front of him and said “Please”, still he was like wax doll seeing me from above, came to know that self service will be better option so put hands to his gown’s lace and by loosening it move apart the cloth with both hands and WOW AGAIN!It just faced out, but this time it was not so erected and was facing down, but still it was big enough for me. I grabbed it with both hands, it was soo piece of meat as no life, sudden it started to grow a bit, I was just slowly pulling it towards me.I knew what should be done next, as I seen many PORN movies.I wanted to kneel to canlı bahis take in my mouth, but he was a large man, so kneeling for me would be like juicing the mango from tree only, so pulled him near sofa and I sat on it, and making him to stand in front of me, and not wast time put my lips to tip part of his penis, sucked it making noise, then I moved it bit inner. sucking and covering most of his penis into my mouth, moved my had to his balls, its was bigger to grab it. I kept on sucking slowly and then increasing speed, I sucked it like candy chocolate stick with cream, I kept on doing it. He started to moan from speechless and was holding my head tenderly. Then, I opened my mouth bit big and took his ball inside sucking, but it just slipped out and was able to pull only his skin…Sucked his penis like porn gal for more than 15 minutes, but dint made him to cum. It was all done to me, just stood and his penis was all red, for fun just slapped his balls slowly and walked towards my cloths and wore it, gave him some seducing smile and thanks for growing that penis for me and just returned back to my home.I had physical contact with him in later days making to cum him on my ASS, but no sex, we used to date like unknown people meeting for some work, then pleasuring each other in his home.I’m still good girl in my society and this is my mistake and feel guilty always, as I already committed mistake, enjoying it for a moment.

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