My Trip to Manila

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*Thanks to my dear friend Sam for sharing your perspective on our recent tryst.


“Hi Sam! It’s good to hear your voice!”

“Nice to hear yours as well, Kate.”

“When did you arrive? Did you have a nice flight?”

“I just walked into my room a few minutes ago. I have not even unpacked yet. I wanted to call you first thing.”

“Aw, that’s sweet of you. How are you feeling after your long flight?”

I had flown business class over the Pacific on Philippine Airlines and it had been a comfortable flight. I had slept about six hours which was about right for me, so I was not completely worn out, although more sleep would have been welcome.

“I’m a little tired but other than that I’m pretty good”.

“Mmm…the same for me.”

Kate worked in a call center in Manila and basically worked the same hours as most Americans. However, for her in Manila, that meant that her work day started at 9pm and went through 6am. That’s when the United States was awake and working and the call traffic was the highest. It was 6:30am in Manila and I had just arrived after a 14 hour flight from the west coast and Kate had worked all night.

I had met Kate online. I had read one of her Literotica stories and enjoyed it enough to send her a note letting her know that she was a great writer. She responded and we began an on-again and off-again friendship. I travel in my work and I told Kate about a project we had bid on in Thailand and that if we were to win it I would love to stop by Manila to meet her. She had responded positively and we continued to trade notes. In one she asked me “tell me…how would our perfect evening go?” That’s when I knew that I really needed to make a big effort to get to Manila.

Kate is 23 now, petite, pretty, likes older guys (like me) and fun-loving. I’ve known her for over 4 years purely online. Now that we were finally going to meet she had been on my mind just about the entire flight over the Pacific.

She had a sweet voice with a lovely accented English, “Have you had breakfast? What are your plans?”

I had been well-fed on the plane and wasn’t hungry but decided to invite her to breakfast if she was. “No, I haven’t eaten breakfast. May I invite you to come over to the hotel and have breakfast with me?”

“Oh, Sam, that’s so kind of you, thanks. However, rather than eating breakfast at your hotel, let me suggest we go out and eat a more traditional Philippine breakfast. You might enjoy it.”

“That sounds great. How about in an hour?”

On the cab ride over to the restaurant she had suggested I was as nervous as a schoolboy. It had been a very, very long time since I had been with a woman in her twenties. I was old enough to be her father. I wondered how it would go between us. I wondered what people would think when they saw us together. Another dirty old man after a beautiful young Filipina.

I paid the driver and walked into the restaurant. A hostess greeted me and asked if I was dining alone. I replied that I was meeting a friend for breakfast, a young lady. The hostess smiled and told me that there was a young lady there who had told her that she was awaiting a friend and asked me to follow her in. We rounded the corner in the restaurant and then I saw Kate sitting there in a booth waiting for me. She had on a black pencil-skirt and a white cotton body hugging top which was in contrast to her black hair that fell down her back. Kate is a fair-skinned woman and she was not much darker than the white dress she was wearing. I remembered back to my days in Indonesia and that people in this part of the world valued light, fair skin, not tanned or sunburned looks.

Kate was as beautiful as I had imagined her to be. I had seen plenty of photos of her over the years but they don’t do her justice. With her pale white skin, black hair, pretty face and petite frame, she was a very attractive young woman. She had pink lips which had no lipstick on them which seemed perfectly in tune with the rest of her appearance. Her elbows rested on the table in front of her and her thin arms seemed delicate in her sleeveless cotton shirt. As the hostess and I approached the table Kate turned her head and saw us coming towards her. Her eyes met mine and I was instantly in a state of high anxiety and delicious anticipation. It was the mélange of emotions that everyone feels when they meet someone for the first time.

The hostess spoke to Kate first and said, “I believe this is the gentleman you are waiting for?”

To which Kate replied, holding my gaze the entire time, “Yes. He’s the one” and her pink lips curled up at the ends into a small smile. My heart was doing flip-flops inside but I tried not to show it.

The hostess put down the menus on the table and told us that our server would be by soon to take our order, but neither Kate nor I paid her much attention. Our entire attention was placed on each other. She filled my senses and I tried to take all of trabzon escort her in. The rich darkness of her eyebrows, the little crinkles in her lips, the brownness of her eyes, the wispy hairs near her ears, her long thin fingers, her manicured nails, the mole on her right shoulder — I tried to drink it all in. I had seen the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris and the longer I looked at it the more I saw. Kate was like that. The more I looked at her the more it seemed was there to observe and appreciate. Her skin looked creamy and cool, her hair was lustrous, dark and thick and I immediately began to imagine what it would look like falling down her naked back. Her eyes were warm and inviting and the longer I looked into them the more I wanted to learn about the woman behind those eyes.

Kate extended her hand to me and said, “Hello Sam. It’s good to finally see you”.

I took her hand in mine. It seemed a perfect fit. “Kate, yes, I’m very happy to finally meet you. You are as lovely as I have imagined you.”

Her cheeks blushed slightly at the compliment. “Thank you.”

I released her hand and sat down across from her in the booth. Kate said, “I’m glad we could get together for breakfast. I was afraid that you might be too tired after your long trip.”

I assured her that I had slept in the plane and was feeling fine. The truth was that I was somewhat in need of some more sleep but given the choice of breakfast with Kate or sleep. Sleep came in a very distant second.

The waitress arrived and took our orders. I made sure to get a cup of hot strong coffee as I wanted to stave off the urge to sleep as long as possible. I was happy that speaking with Kate was like talking to an old dear friend and in a real way she is. There seemed to be an instant comfort between us as we spoke and her eyes seemed to twinkle as they looked into mine. We talked about many things over our breakfast. She told me about her job and her work that evening. I told her about my work and some of the places it had taken me. Kate was clearly interested in hearing more and told me that she had a strong interest to travel and see more places in the world.

We finished our breakfast and I took care of the bill. “So, Sam, how are you feeling? Are you tired yet?”

“No, I’m fine Kate and thanks for asking. What are your plans for today?”

She replied while looking straight into my eyes, “Well, I don’t really have any. After work I usually stay awake a few more hours and then I sleep most of the day. But, I have tonight off so I really don’t have to be anywhere at any time soon.”

“Well, if you wouldn’t mind, perhaps you can show me one of your favorite places in Manila. I would enjoy that.”

“That sounds nice. Yes, let’s do that. What kinds of things do you like to see? You mentioned that you like history. Would you like to go someplace historical?”

“That sounds nice, but I think I’d prefer someplace where we could walk around and maybe enjoy nature. Do you have a favorite park or natural spot that you like to visit?”

Kate smiled and said, “I know a place. Let’s go grab a taxi” and with that she grabbed her handbag and sweater and she slipped her arm around mine as we walked out into the sunshine on the street.

We hopped in a cab and Kate told the driver where we wanted to go. She got in first and I followed and I was pleased once we got going that she was sitting right next to me. She had her right hand on my right arm and she began to slowly rub it feeling the hairs there. Feeling her fingers on the skin of my arm was nice and I could feel my arousal building. And though her gesture was innocent enough I couldn’t help my cock from swelling and thickening in my pants.

Manila is one of the largest cities in the world and its cab drivers are just as aggressive as any cabbies in New York. In my opinion they are more aggressive and the cab would rapidly accelerate and brake as traffic dictated. He also swerved to miss motorcycles and other things in the road and on those occasions Kate and I seemed to rub up against each other and neither one of us moved away from the other. We hit a large pothole in the road which caused the car to bounce violently. Kate put her left hand on my thigh to steady herself as the car lurched around and left it there after a smoother ride resumed. The feel of her hand on my thigh caused my cock to swell more quickly now. At the same time the feeling of her fingertips on my arm just intensified my feeling. I could feel my cock continuing to grow and harden in my trousers. It was sticking up hard and big and Kate’s left hand was only inches away from it on my right thigh. I was almost holding my breath. There was absolutely nothing I could do about my hard cock which was now sticking up proudly between my legs. Kate’s touch seemed electric and it was almost like there was a direct circuit from Kate’s fingertips to my arm to my brain and then down to my cock with a trabzon escort bayan very strong message telling it to grow, grow, grow!

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next and then the taxi swerved violently around a slow motorcycle. That lurch threw us off-balance in the back and Kate’s hand slipped off my thigh between my legs and the underside of her arm was now resting right on top of my swollen dick. I looked over at Kate in surprise and she looked up at me with just a split second of surprise in her eyes. Then she gave me a sweet little smile and looked away. As the taxi continued on his way Kate didn’t say a thing. After what seemed like an eternity she began to move her arm rubbing the underside of it along the entire length of my rigid cock and taking her time moving her arm.

When her hand finally reached my cock her fingers quickly played over the outline of the head of my cock pressed against the fabric of my trousers. Her fingers continued to move slowly up the length of my cock, I was in heaven. She was rubbing against it beneath the fabric and clearly taking her time and enjoying it. Between the messages we’ve been exchanging and what I’ve read from her stories, I knew she had a plan but I wouldn’t dare jinx it . I looked over at her but she continued to look straight ahead out into the streets that were passing by. I thought that she was probably doing that so that the cab driver would not know what she was doing. He could see only our shoulders from his rear view mirror but I noticed that he was often checking to see what we were doing. He probably did not want any monkey business in his taxi, especially from a foreigner with one of his flowers from the Philippines. I looked away from Kate and out into the street as well and pretended like nothing was happening while Kate’s delicate fingers rubbed and traced the outlines of my now very swollen and rigid cock.

The taxi pulled up to the entrance of a large city park. Kate said, “It’s one of my favorite places. I hope you’ll like it.” Kate slid across the seat, opened the door and stepped out onto the sidewalk.

“I’m sure I will” I quickly replied. I paid the cabbie and also got out of the cab. My cock was still at full attention and was still sticking up very noticeably in my pants. Kate slipped her arm around mine and we started up the path into the park.

Kate said, “I hope you don’t mind but I cannot be too openly affectionate to you here in public. Here in the Philippines women are expected to be ladies and not to show public displays of affection.”

“Yes, I understand but I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here. Our taxi ride out here and your delicate fingers have left me with something that is very noticeable and I’m not sure what to do at this time.”

Kate looked up at me with a wry smile. “Oh yes…that. I should have been more careful but when my arm slipped and it brushed against that big cock of yours, I could not resist. I just wanted to feel it. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“No, I was very happy to have your hand there but it has left me with a visible reminder of your touch.”

Kate replied, “Yes, I can see that. You’re right, it is quite noticeable.” She was quiet for a few seconds and then she said, “Here, maybe this will help.” Kate switched her handbag to her other arm. Her handbag was now hanging down around my waist and covered up most of my “tent.” And with that she gave me a big grin and squeezed my arm.

The park was very pleasant. Kate put on a large pair of sunglasses and a scarf to cover herself from the sun. It was a pity because I loved seeing her eyes or taking a whiff of her hair. We strolled around and spent some time sitting beneath the trees near a man-made lake. We didn’t talk anymore about the taxi ride in nor was there much physical contact between us. Thank goodness my erection eventually settled down and there was no need to keep Kate’s handbag in front of my crotch. I was very comfortable with Kate but I was also a little uncertain about her. I knew from our online messages and stories that she could be very hot and sexual. I also knew that most Filipinas are conservative. I knew from the taxi ride that Kate had a very healthy sex drive, but I wasn’t sure how far she might want to go. However, I enjoyed being with her and talking about her life so I decided just to go with the situation and what felt right and let things evolve as they may. She told me about her dreams about the future, and what she hoped to do.

Before we knew it a few hours had passed and the sun was high in the sky. We decided to go for a light lunch and as we were walking along the sidewalk headed back out of the park Kate’s necklace suddenly fell onto the sidewalk and beads were rolling off in many different directions. They were red ceramic looking beads of varying sizes and diameters and I was quickly stooped over and collecting them.

Kate was visibly agitated, “Oh no, this is my mom’s necklace.” escort trabzon It took us a few minutes to locate the beads and we stepped over to a nearby picnic table and laid them all out in a row to see if we had gotten them all. I breathed a sigh of relief when we had them all lined up. Kate, however, looked worried. “What am I going to do? I can’t tell my mom I broke her necklace.”

I thought for a moment and then said, “Kate, it’s going to be OK. Don’t worry. We’ll get your mom’s necklace looking good as new again. I have what may be a solution but I want you to feel free to say no if you don’t want to. I have a small sewing kit that I travel with just in case I pop a button on a shirt while I’m on a trip. I could restring your mom’s necklace so that it would be at least a temporary solution. Later on you can get it repaired by a professional jeweler, and this way we would have all the beads together and you won’t lose any. The thing is…my sewing kit is in my suitcase in my room at my hotel. This is not a come on. I promise. In fact what we could do would be to go to the restaurant at the hotel and have a light lunch. I could get my sewing kit and bring it downstairs to our table and fix it there”.

Kate thought for a moment and replied, “That’s very kind of you and it’s a good idea. Yes, let’s do that. I don’t want anything to happen to my mom’s necklace. You are a sweet man.” And with that she grabbed my right arm with both hands and gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

We grabbed a taxi and this time Kate put her hand in mine as we travelled to my hotel. Her skin felt smooth, soft and nice between my fingers. We talked about the scenes that passed by us outside our windows, the vibrancy and spirit of the Philippine people and how our two nations and two peoples might improve our relations. Kate was very young when Subic Bay closed in 1991. Kate said that even though many people lost their jobs when the US Navy pulled out, she thought it was a good thing and that it put our countries more on equal footing. Kate was clearly quite smart and intellectual. She was as bright as she was beautiful – a rare combination.

We ordered a light lunch in the hotel restaurant and I excused myself to go upstairs to my room to get my sewing kit. I came back down and discovered that I had not woken up from my sweet dream yet. Kate was still there at the table waiting for me and when I approached the table she looked up and gave me a big smile. I opened the sewing kit up and threaded a needle with some white thread that I had with me. Kate took the necklace beads out of her handbag and began to line them up on the table. Lunch arrived soon thereafter and we had to make room on the table for our meal and beverages. Our conversation continued about our respective countries and we had a long discussion about the diversity that is found in both our countries. I learned a lot from Kate about the southern Philippines, Mindanao and Islam in the Philippines. She learned about the South in the US and how we do things there.

I was about halfway through getting the necklace restrung when Kate said, “Sam, you have a wonderful lunch that is getting cold because you are working on my necklace. Please, eat your lunch and we’ll finish the necklace after we eat. Here, let me take it” and with that she reached over the table and took the beads which were already on the threads and tucked those in her handbag. Then she collected the rest of the beads on the table and placed those in her bag. Finally, she took my sewing kit and put that in her bag as well.

“There. Isn’t that better? Now the table is not so crowded, we can enjoy our meal and you can look at me instead of down at the necklace.” Kate said with a mischievous little smile on her lips.

I smiled back. “Yes, that’s much better and I would much rather look at you than your mom’s necklace. I hope that she would not take offense that I would prefer looking at her daughter than her necklace.”

“She would think that you are a perfectly normal man” Kate replied with a smile.

We finished our lunch, which had been delightful. The waiter took away our lunch dishes and brought the check. I signed the bill to my room and said, “Kate, would you like a cup of coffee? We can finish working on your mom’s necklace. It should not take much longer.”

“That’s fine” she replied. Then, she was quiet a second or two and said, “Sam, what’s the view of Manila like from your room? I don’t stay in hotels here and I’m curious what it looks like from a hotel room. I have never been past the first floor in this hotel and they say this hotel has one of the best views”.

My room was located on one of the top floors of the hotel.”To be very frank, Kate, I hadn’t really noticed. I called you as soon as I arrived and then I left soon thereafter. Would you like to see? We can take a coffee there and finish your mom’s necklace after you see Manila from up high.”

“That would be nice” she replied.

As we walked to the elevators in the lobby, my heart was pounding. I was trying to maintain control of myself, but was Kate actually going to come up to my room with me? This was a complete surprise to me. Kate seemed to be full of surprises.

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