My Summer Wife Ch. 03

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“Oh, damn you, damn it…oh, fuck it!” Kelly cussed repeatedly as I plundered her anally, my cock pulsing as I took her ass at last.

“Oh, fuck…,” I groaned myself as I felt her tight, slick, very hot asshole grip my dick, rubbing it just the right way with every stroke.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Kelly grunted as she creamed herself, enjoying my prick back there far more than I could ever have guessed.

I looked down at Kelly’s wonderful buns, her lovely ass as it took me deep inside to the base, as I plunged in and out of her from behind, filling her with my thick cock. I did my best not to cum just yet, to relish the experience of butt-fucking this lovely woman who had haunted my fantasies in the past, but who I had never expected to get to screw. She did everything that she could, especially with her hips and her booty, to get further inside her, stretching her backdoor more than ever. She seemed to take special pride at far up her ass she could get me, in fact, much to my delight.

“Please…please, cum inside me and mark this ass as yours. It’s yours, Robert. It’s yours, sweet summer hubby! It’s yours for life! I really want to be yours, honey! I don’t ever want to stop being yours…Claim me! Make me yours! This wasn’t fair to Jimmy…he deserves a woman who loves him as he wants to be loved, but I know now that I was always in love with you…that he could never have me all to himself as he wanted,” Kelly told me breathlessly, even as I erupted per her plea.

“Damn it, Kelly, do you really mean that? Are you really mine? Do you really love me that much? Is this really true love? Wow…I’m such a lucky bastard…two women love me! Sisters, no less!” I exclaimed as we washed off from the steamy sodomy that we just did.

“Yes, we love you, we’re going to share you, and we’re going to make your life a fucking Paradise! By the time that we’re done with you, hopefully like fifty to eighty years in the future or whatever, you’ll be a shell of a man, but by then, you’ll be in the casket, so you won’t mind as much,” Kelly told me as she washed my body clean, making out with me and paying special attention to my cock and balls.

“God…damn…wow…this is just unbelievable!” I reacted to the way that Kelly pampered me even now.

“Honey, I’m your wife now. I belong to you. Sandra’s your wife as well. She belongs to you. We’re your wives, your women. We’re yours, all the way, no question of that. Sure, if Steve goes for it, he’ll be in the mix, but we’ll be his women in a different way. We’ll be his sisters as well as his canlı bahis şirketleri lovers. It’s a different kind of dynamic, of love. We’ll make love to him often, of course, but we will never forget that you’re our husband and we’ll make sure that we never neglect you at all. Nor will we ever neglect him. This is gonna be one hell of a future for us!” Kelly showed her excitement at the idea of sharing Steve and me with her sister.

“Complete with a bed for four, which means some adjustments, to put it mildly. Steve can save money on a dorm and all that jazz for next year, if he agrees to this,” I chuckled, “he’s gonna be in hog heaven, that boy! Two sweet sisters to share with their husband.”

As if speaking of Steve could summon him in some way, I got a call on my cell phone from a number that I didn’t recognize, and I answered it, only to find Steve’s voice on the other end, “Hey…Robert. Is it really true? Do you really want me to move in with you, Sandra, and Kelly? You want to make a foursome…for how long?”

“Indefinitely, brother-in-law. You’d never have to leave. It’s completely open-ended. This is not something that I’d offer just anyone, but you’re family, and you could definitely use some people in your corner. Think well on this, of course. It would preclude a normal marriage, if you should ever want that, at least as long as you’re doing it. Also, if you should ever tire of this, and opt to leave, go for it. We love you too much to keep you against your will. You can come and go on your own terms. You’re family and we love you without any conditions or limits, bro,” I assured Steve, making him speechless.

“And…I’d be making love to just Sandra…or to Kelly as well?” Steve asked, not quite sure.

“To both of them, as long as you all wished it. You wouldn’t displace me at all, of course, so you’d have to deal with jealousy from knowing that you’d be sharing them with me. Can you handle that?” I warned him now.

“Any chance that we can speed this up…just all live together this summer and afterward? I know that Sandra enjoys having family around, but they always visit her…and she could get a job after all, reduce the workload on us…plus I think that she wants to have some kind of family gathering to discuss the summer spouse tradition, anyway. I think that she might even invite Jimmy to attend it, if he can stomach showing up for it,” Steve suggested.

“Sure, if you guys want to spend your summer with us, I have no trouble with that and neither does Kelly, I think,” I got a real thumbs-up canlı kaçak iddaa from Kelly, “you can transfer as many credits as possible here, too.”

“Oh, damn, thank you, bro! Thank you! You have no idea what this means to me! Will I really get to share the marriage bed with the three of you? Seriously? It might get a bit crowded, but I would love it! To be honest…I kinda have a crush on you, too, and I’ve wondered if perhaps I was gay for a bit. Now I know that I’m possible bi, or at least bi-curious. Who knows…maybe you and I could…you know, try it?” Steve stammered, obviously nervous about propositioning me for gay sex, in case it was a step too far for even liberal-minded me.

“Hey, no harm in giving it a shot, right? What’s the worst that could happen, right? No hard feelings if we turn out to be both straight, or even one of us does, though, savvy?” I encouraged Steve, much to his shock, even as I now heard a gasp that could only have come from Sandra.

“Sorry, babe…but that was just the sexiest thing ever, to hear that you’re even open to possibly doing it with my brother! What do you think, Kels?” Sandra asked her sister.

“Mmmmmm…yummy. Even the prospect of it, however slim…delicious! For one thing, it’s one more lover for them and adds to the intimacy if they go through with it. If it doesn’t work out, well, then, you know…have a good laugh about it someday,” Kelly expressed her own thoughts, licking her lips at even the hint of man-to-man sexual contact.

“Anyway, I’m gonna board a red-eye with Steve here, and we’re going to take this to bed, letting you have access to both of your wives now…and and I have access to both of our men. How about it? As for the family, well, we need to have a real talk, don’t we, preferably sooner rather than later, about all of this. The secrecy and lies have gone on long enough, haven’t they?” Sandra asserted, getting general agreement, including from Steve.

“Yeah, I never felt right about that part at all,” Steve coughed as he admitted that much.

“Well, that settles it, of course,” I told them, “I’m glad that Steve’s on the same page as the rest of us. The family can resolve this at last, and then they can have their annual reunion here, with us as hosts for a change. Shouldn’t that be a real shake-up for us all?”

“Definitely. It’s time that Mom and Dad understand that, while it worked for them, this could really hurt people. It hurt Jimmy. I hurt Jimmy. I never meant to hurt Jimmy. I still think that he could have tried to talk me out of it first, canlı kaçak bahis but he was rather hurt by the whole thing. Maybe he didn’t think that I could be persuaded, that my heart and mind were so set on it that I couldn’t change them…or he couldn’t.

“It’s a damn shame that he and I couldn’t make it work, because I love him, though I also love you. In the end, though, it comes down to the fact that he couldn’t trust me…and couldn’t share me. It’s for the best, as I fit in better with you, Robert, but I didn’t want Jimmy hurt in the process,” Kelly choked back tears now.

“We can maybe find another way to make it up to Jimmy, I think. Perhaps find another wife for him for the future, one that he doesn’t have to share,” Sandra thought aloud.

“Sure, it’s possible, but tread lightly. He already feels manipulated and deceived. We don’t want him seeing this as another trick or trap,” I warned my lovely first wife.

“I’d have to concur. As a guy, I mean,” Steve added his two cents.

“Ugghhh! Men! Do you always have to be right?” Kelly reacted, but with just a hint of playfulness to her exasperation.

“And on that note, I need to hang up, so Steve and I can prepare to take that red-eye. We also have to explain everything to Mom, Dad, and the others. Love you guys! Don’t do anything that Steve and I wouldn’t do,” Sandra teased us as she hung up for Steve and herself.

“Well, well, how about some lunch, then? Sounds like we’re about to have some company. Or family, to be precise. A little early by the schedule, but that just means that I get to have you as my permanent second wife a little sooner, too, doesn’t it?” I pointed out to my summer wife.

“That you do, lover. That you do. Care to go out for a bit, honey? I’m in the mood for a big, juicy burger, fries, and a milkshake,” Kelly announced, “something about fucking so much has my appetite worked up, and I swear to God, once we’re done with that, we can head back here and fuck like bunnies again.”

“Well, when you put it that way, dear, that sounds like a plan to me,” I grinned as I gave Kelly a very steamy kiss with more than a little tongue.

“Oh, honey, the best part is yet to cum. Remember? I make more than you. So, guess what…lunch is on me! You’re a kept man, at least for today. Think that you can handle that?” Kelly winked at me, both of us laughing as we thought up the images associated with that concept.

“Normally, my pride might struggle with that, but you’re my summer wife, so it falls under marital property, doesn’t it?” I teased back.

“That it does, husband. That it does,” Kelly wiggled her bottom at me, inviting a swat, which I was only too happy to give her.

Something told me that I was in for a very wild week, all told, whatever happened with my in-laws.

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