My Summer Dream

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Summer time meant several things for 21 year-olds. Plenty of time to learn what alcohol mixes together well and what doesn’t. Find out how boring a part-time job can be. And of course, the quest for booty.

Of course, from my side of things, finding a female who was of legal age, attractive to me, and willing was a quest that was never a success. Staying in a college town during summer was also a bad way to meet a girl. But I figured if I was going to pay an insane amount for one-fourth of an apartment, I should stay in the apartment and live out the money well for every month I paid for.

I needed a vacation, I guess, but not from the town. From its everyday basic life. And my friend Rachel was just the right person to help me through this time. She needed time away from home; I needed time away from my life. We met somewhere in the middle for a weekend at my apartment.

She arrived Friday afternoon with way too many changes of clothes, but she’s a girl after all. I hadn’t actually seen Rachel in several months. The last time I saw her, she was telling me about how first (and she reminds me every time I bring it up on AIM that it’s her only and last) experience in girl-on-girl action. As she told me that story, her hand had disappeared under the table, and with her subtle movements, it was pretty clear where her hand was and when she left for the restroom and I could hear her moans, it was even more evident that she needed to relieve some tension, which, of course, made me have to relieve some tension.

Oh, memories.

Rachel gets more and more beautiful with each time we don’t see each other for awhile. And having her around had already brightened my spirits.

“So, this is the famous 1270J,” she observed. “I expected more.”

I chuckled. “I know, I know. It’s over hyped.”

“Tell me. This couch,” she laid down stomach-first. As she did, her shirt rode up a little, giving him a great view of her tattoo on her lower back, not to mention the hint of a white pair of panties. “Ever fucked on it?”

She said it with such an ordinary voice that you would have thought she asked if I had ever sat on the couch.

“Actually, no.”

“Really?” She rolled over. “Disappointing.”

I shrugged. “I haven’t been able to fuck on all the furniture just yet, but I’m getting around to it.”

“Sure, sure.” She smiled.

“Question is…where would we fuck?” I asked, eyebrows rising suggestively.

She grinned. “Well, you know me. Never one to be boring. How about your roommates’ beds? All of them. Hell, how about on your dinner table. My khakis slide down far enough for you to be able to move my panties out of the way and get inside of me. I think that would make a great visual every time you sit down to eat there. Hell, I might even let you have some desert.”

I nodded at her and looked over the table. “You do realize I can be a messy eater when I’m hungry, right? I get stuff all over my face.”

“That’s just fine in my book.”

The way she was looking at me made me flashback to my kitchen months ago, the look of lust in her eyes as she told me about her roommate. But she was joking about us this time.

“Ya know, Tommy, I do love the banter, but I really need a shower.”

“Yeah, you do.”

She threw a pillow at me, which I caught. “Careful. I know several ways to kick your ass.”

I threw the pillow back at her. “Oh, do you?” I leaped at her almost, sliding over her body. My hands went to her sides and started to tickle her. I felt her bridge up, squirming to get away from my active hands, her breasts meshing against my chest and her body sliding against mine. Yeah, it had been awhile since I felt a woman brush against me, even so innocently.

“Okay, I give,” she said through laughter. I stopped, though my hands stayed at her sides. I looked down at her and for a moment, it also seemed like we were going to kiss.

“Don’t look at me like I’m Julia Roberts and this is a bad movie,” she commented, grinning.

I tickled her a little more before rising from her body. She looked up at me with a little confusion before reaching out her hand. I took it and pulled her to her feet. She thanked me and grabbed her suitcase. She opened it and I was privy to a wide selection of a Victoria’s Secret store on the go.


“What, Tommy? Never seen a thong before?” She grabbed it and stretched it out by the sides.

“No, just,” I began, trying to center my thoughts. “Well, one would think, Rachel, that you’re more than prepared to look your lingerie best if someone was going to see.”

She smirked a response at me.

“Just saying, ya know, that you have more than enough of a selection here. Like maybe you want to be prepared for any mood that strikes you.”

“Well,” she said. “We were going to order pizza and I have a thing for fat middle-age guys in uniform.”

“I’ll see sure to keep that in mind,” I replied, my eyes dropping to her collection again.

She grabbed a matching black set of bra and panties and some clothes (I really did not focus marmaris escort too much on that) and went to the bathroom. She started the faucet and came back to the table to grab her assorted shampoos and such.

“I’ll be ready for my pizza delivery man in a few minutes.”

As she started to go back to the bathroom, I told her, “well, they also have a delivery woman. Maybe that’s more your taste anyway.”

She stopped and turned. “Well, only if she brings a vibrator.”

She giggled and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Well, I thought she did and maybe she thought she did, but it was still open a crack, the light from the room creating a strip of light from floor to nearly all the way up the wall on the opposite side of the hallway from the bathroom. I could hear get into the shower.

“This is so cruel,” I said out loud to no one other than myself. I was already excited from our flirting and tickling adventures. To know that I could see glimpses of her body and the outline through the shower curtain and maybe do so under almost complete secrecy brought a jolt to my cock, my entire groin area tingling at the thought of her wet body.

I could hear her humming to herself, some Evanescence song. I tried not to think about looking as I passed the bathroom on my way to my room, where I put her suitcase. I sat down at my computer and tried so hard not to pay attention to the strip of light I could see on the wall. I tried even harder not to think of her shaking voice when she spoke of her friend going down on her. Or the fact I listened to her masturbate. Or the fact that she’s always been hot and quite a few times, a star in one of my fantasies as I lay in bed, mind wandering, hand sliding up and down my shaft.

I wanted her. Dammit, I wanted her so bad. I didn’t even notice that I was back on my feet, slowly making my way to my door. The bathroom was right next to my room and as I came to the door frame to my room, I could turn right and see into the bathroom. I could only from that position see the wall leading to the shower. I moved a little bit closer, almost not believing what I was doing, telling myself to go outside for some cool air, but instead, I was moving my head to the right, trying to see more and more. My head came to the slightly ajar door. I told myself not to move anymore or the door would open some more.

But I really had no control of myself. I needed to see more, which at the time was her arm when she would turn to the side while washing her hair.

I moved enough where I could see her body behind the shower curtain. It was all blurry and then, there was steam to deal with, but where I couldn’t get exact details, I made up in my head. Where I could only see hints of dark red, full-blown areoles and the nipples, taunt and excited and ready to be sucked were in my mind.

I moved farther. The door was more than half-open now and I was more in the bathroom than the hallway. And even though I thought she could see me, it didn’t keep me from looking, her every moment making me harder and harder. I was in pain, my cock slipped through the little slit in my boxers and now rubbed against my jeans. But, it was so intense in pleasure to get the slightest release that I wasn’t even that worried about it.

She coughed, but I paid no attention. She had stopped moving and was looking directly in my direction and while I was staring intently at her breasts and the hints of an area I so wanted to feel around my cock, it hadn’t really clicked in my brain that to get such an extended view at her body in that position, it meant she would have to stop moving and turn directly at me.

“Did you need the shower?” she said calmly, breaking me from my concentration and the subsequent visions that dominated my brain.


She chuckled and she moved the shower curtain enough so that I could see her face. “Ya know, Tommy, it’s not nice to gawk at a girl’s body unless you’re going to compliment it.”

I tried to say something, but as she talked, the outmost left of her left breast was slightly in view. It’s not that I haven’t seen breasts before, or touched them, or sucked them…but this was Rachel’s breast and even though it was only a tiny bit shown, it was enough to send my brain into sexual overdrive.

She noticed my eyes and laughed. “Well, are you going to join me?”

The thought made pre-cum slowly leak out, soaking itself into the grainy confines of my jeans. “That’s probably…not a good idea,” I croaked.

“Oh, why not, dear friend?” she said, a smirk never leaving her face. “You seem to want to.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about looking, Rachel,” I replied.

“Oh, I doubt it.” She left my view to put warm water through her hair again before returning, even more of her breast in view. “You’re not sorry at all.”

“No, pretty sure I’m sorry. I’ll go.” Even though I said it, I didn’t move.

She rolled her eyes. “Tommy, stop being so uptight. Didn’t you work earlier? I don’t know about you, but when I work a shift, I sometimes feel yucky and need to shower off marmaris escort bayan the work funk. You ever feel like that?”

I had finally controlled my eyes enough to move them to a spot on the wall. “Yeah, know the feeling.”

“Then join me,” she replied matter-of-factly.

“That’s not a good idea,” I said in a Rainman fashion.

“Maybe. Or maybe,” she said, clicking her tongue. “Maybe I need someone to wash my back.”

She produced some body wash and winked at me before continuing. “Come on, I won’t stare at you as you get out of your clothes. Come on, we’re friends.”

“Exactly why this is a bad idea,” I said to myself, but all the while, taking off my shirt. Her eyebrows rose up-and-down suggestively before she left the view to get under the showerhead. I slid my jeans off, my cock standing proudly out of my boxers. Next, my boxers hit the floor and I stepped out of them, just in time to slightly blush as she giggled to herself, probably noticing the lack of blue on my legs and maybe, the darkness above my cock.

I walked to the back of the shower and pushed the curtain to the left enough to step in. I did it so quickly that it almost hit me like a load of bricks when I looked down at Rachel’s nude body, water gliding down her back, over her wing-disc tattoo, running over her beautiful ass, and disappearing down her legs. It was enough to make me want to be 100% water.

I focused on her tattoo for a second. When she showed me it first, I looked for just a brief few seconds, and while I’m usually not a huge fan of tattoos, I liked hers. Or maybe I liked her body and staring at her. Either way, I now got an even better view of the Egyptian-influence image.

“Well?” she said, breaking the silence. She turned slightly and we both looked at our bodies for a second. She smiled when she saw how hard I was; accurately assuming that she was having an incredible effect on me. I was looking down at her body, her nipples erect, watching water coast over her shaved vagina.

She lightly elbowed me. “We have a goal here, ya know?”

“Oh?” was all I could say. I was specifically keeping my cock from touching her.

“Yeah. Remember? My back?” She grabbed the body wash and handed it to me.

“Oh, I was distracted,” I replied, grabbing a washcloth. “You forgive me?”

She turned and raised her eyebrows. “You can certainly make me forgive you.”

I poured some of the body wash on the cloth and set the body wash down. Lathering up the cloth, I watched a bit of the body wash fall to her lower back, down the middle of her ass, and disappear. I wanted to let my cock follow it, but I held back. I began to wash her back, starting near her shoulders. She moaned. One of my hands held the cloth, one hand massaged her. She moved forward, bracing her herself with her elbows and forearms against the shower wall in front of her. The actions jutted her ass out and since I reached forward more to get the top of her back, the tip of my dick brushed against the warm skin of her ass. Every time I did, I gasped and tried to move backwards. And every time she felt it, she moaned slightly.

Finally, I finished her upper back and started going lower, now focusing on her mid-back.

“Don’t forget my sides,” she whispered.

The cloth went to her sides, as she asked. For a second, I was confused because I thought I had washed her side, but there seemed to be more flesh in front of the side. Then it clicked in my brain that I was washing the side of her tit. I slid back slowly.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Don’t be,” she commented. “I wanna be clean, ya know. Unless you’d rather have me dirty.”

I chuckled and went to her other side, again sliding over the side of her breast. She breathed in deep when I did and the breath was exerted slowly, in spurts.


I was but her humble servant and I began to clean her tattooed area. She was slightly moving back and forth, not enough to think she was ready to hump anything, but enough to think she was really turned on. I washed the very top of her ass, the soap sliding over her ass. I was mesmerized by the view. I don’t know when it was that Rachel went from best friend to fuckable Goddess, but I was very happy with the change, and yet worried.

Convinced I had done a good job on her back, I brought the cloth away. As soon as I did, though, she stood up, and grasped my hand holding the cloth, sliding it over her ass. She leaned forward again, while I stared at my hand, holding a cloth, that was covered an area I wanted to squeeze.

But I didn’t squeeze. I didn’t do anything. I held it there, my eyes glued to the scene. She reached back again and shocked me, the cloth falling to the shower floor. She held my hand and began to massage her own wet body with it. I took over, my desire finally too much to let this opportunity go.

My other hand mimicked the hand she had grabbed. Her ass felt so right in my hands. And as she moved it around to the left and to the right, moaning in a low throaty voice I had never heard from her before, but now wanted escort marmaris to hear from her all the time.

She opened her legs as much as she could, picking up a leg and placing it on the shower lower wall, giving me more access to where she wanted me to explore. One of my hands slid down her ass, under her vagina, and began to finger her clit. My name left her lips and it seemed to make me even hornier.

I slid two wet fingers into her warmness, finding a way to get her to leave the throatiness of her voice for a return to a more regular tone, maybe even louder. Like an instant message, it suddenly occurred to me that I was going to fuck Rachel. I was going to feel the lips of her shaved slit around my cock, sliding in-and-out of her. It was like a dream come true.

“Fuck me,” she told me. And there was no way I was going to not pay attention to her now. But it seemed too easy. I wanted some control in this, too.

“You want me to really do that?”

I teased her slit by rubbing the tip of my cock against it. I slid the tip into her, feeling how tight she was.

“Do it,” she whispered. “Please! Now!”

I began to plunge into her slowly. Her breathing became so erratic that I wondered if she was about to pass out. One cheek rested against the shower wall, which allowed me to only see half of her face. However, her eyes were closed in deep concentration, feeling the veins of my cock slide against the walls of her fuckhole, feeling more and more complete the closer my balls came to her body.

Not even watching me penetrating her, I was pleasantly surprised when my thighs touched hers. Looking down, my cock completely disappeared into her tight wetness; I took a mental picture that I felt I would never be able to forget.

She looked back, obviously in no mood for me to be clicking images into sexual nostalgia’s scrapbook. “Tommy, please…fuck me.”

I began to move my hips back-and-forth slowly, feeling her adjusting perfectly to my cock. I gripped her hips, almost holding on for dear life, as I began to fuck her. Listening to our wet bodies slapping against each other, I stared intently at her tattoo. It was a beautiful sight.

She leaned back, her face in the direct spray of the water, feeling her pleasure overcome her. I grabbed one of her breasts, lightly pinching at her nipple, and felt her spasm around my cock, plunging deep in-and-out of her warm slit. When she came, her whole body seemed to spasm violently with the reaction, our bodies sliding against each other.

I stopped moving after she came, letting her now doing the work. She moved faster than me, showing how wanton she was, how much she wanted to feel me deep inside of her. Watching her move her body and the feeling of her warmness around me was enough to make me want to fuck her for the rest of my life. Rachel, my best friend, now my shower lover. What more could a guy ask for?

I slid my hand under her body, finding her clit and begin to play with that sensitive bud of pleasure. She sighed when she felt my fingers and moved even faster, my hand struggling to get a good feeling on her clit as it swung back-and-forth. Finally, I got the motion down and as she moved, I played with her clit with extreme focus. It made her slow down as the pleasure forced her sensations overboard yet again.

“Cum for me, Tommy,” she whispered as she came down from her orgasm. I slit my wet hand from her slit and brought it up to her shoulder while my other hand occupied her other shoulder and began to work into and out of her with as much force as I was allowed. She moaned every time I went deep into her. I had given up the quickness for vigor but she was not one to complain about it. In fact, she seemed to love it.

I could feel myself tingling, the feeling of our furious fucking and the knowledge of who I was fucking finally becoming too much. My hands slid down her wet body, finding her hips again. My speed picked up and as if I needed any help, Rachel slid her hand down between her legs, and caressed my testicles.

“God damn,” I said in a low voice as I began to orgasm, feeling myself spill out into her welcoming hole. My breathing became erratic as my eyes focused on where my cock met her insides. I slowly slid in-and-out as I continued to spew my juice into her, realizing that she had wanted this so badly.

I softened a little and finally, I slid out for the last night, my wet cock cleaned off by the water. She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek. For the first time, I realized we hadn’t even kissed. I had fucked a girl, someone who meant a great deal to me, and we never kissed. Seemed weird to me.

“Well, I’ll let you clean off,” she whispered with a grin, before leaving me in the shower alone.

Thoughts are a bad thing when a situation can cause great havoc on a friendship. Sure, we both wanted to have sex. That was pretty obvious. But we were friends. Best friends, but still, we weren’t exactly fuck buddies or something. We had a long-standing friendship that suddenly had spilled over into a new angle in my shower. I felt confused, horny, excited, upset, and curious. I wanted to keep fucking her. She was beautiful and sexy and knew how to make me cum hard. But I was afraid to touch her again. Just cause she was my best friend.

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