My Stepsister Hailey P8


My Stepsister Hailey P8
I was enjoying a lazy Monday morning in bed, it was the middle of the summer, collage didn’t start for another few weeks, and I didn’t have a care in the world!
Until I realised this happy warm feeling I was experiencing wasn’t just my good summer feeling, but something else, something physical in a area lower down on my body, and as I opened my eyes to see what was causing it, I saw to my surprise my slim brunette stepsister lying between my open legs, gripping my morning boner in her soft warm hand, while she eagerly licked it with her tongue, like it was a lollipop.
“Morning!” she grinned up at me, before she ran her tongue up my entire length, from my hairy balls to the very top tip of hard throbbing cock.
“Oh Christ!” I groaned half enjoying the moment and half worried about what she was actually doing.
“What if our parents walk in?” I then asked.
“Relax!” she grinned back “Dad’s gone to work already, and mum sent me up to wake you, so she’s currently waiting downstairs for us!”
Then she ran her tongue up my cock again, and I groaned happily.
“So, just enjoy your morning wake up call!” she then added before she lowered her sweet little mouth, clamped it around my hard cock and began sucking on my bulbous cockhead.
Well, I really couldn’t argue with my stepsister when she was in this kind of mood, and so I sat back against my pillows and enjoyed the sensation of my one year older stepsister eagerly sucking on my teen cock.
Her wet lips bobbed up and down, sliding along my thick pink veiny pole over and over as she eagerly took more and more of my length into her mouth, and the way she seemed to be happily sucking away on my cock, it was fairly clear she wasn’t going to stop until I had given her, her morning special yogurt!
After just a few minutes my breath was heavy, and my moaning fairly constant as my hot teen stepsister rapidly sucked on my hard cock and any second now I was probably going to blow my load right down her throat, and then a voice cried out “OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”
And looking around, we both saw my stepmother stood in the doorway staring at us in horror, before she cried “Hailey! Sammy! What the hell do you think you are doing?”
“Relax mom!” replied Hailey lifting her mouth off my cock for a moment “It’s bahis firmaları not i****t! He’s only my stepbrother, we’re not actually related, only by your marriage to his father, so, we are nothing more than two hot horny teens doing what we do best!”
Then Hailey sunk her mouth over my hard cock again and gave it a big hard suck, before lifting her mouth off again, as she stared up at her mother and then said “Besides, how could you not want to touch this big- hard- thing?” before she waggled my hard glistening dick at her mother “Look at it mom! Isn’t it fantastic?”
I then glanced nervously at my stepmother who stood transfixed on my hard cock in her daughters hand, and for a moment she said nothing before replying “But that’s Sammy’s cock! My step son’s!”
“Only by marriage!” replied Hailey, before she stuck out her tongue and gave it a long slow lick again as she stared up at her mother and then said “And I bet you would love to taste this big- bad- boy? I know I do!”
Hailey then sunk her sweet little mouth over my cock again, and then bobbed her head a few times giving it another good sucking, and I groaned softly enjoying the feeling again, while my stepmother continued to stare at us in total shock.
Then Hailey lifted her head again, looked up at her mother and said “Why don’t you come and sit down here, beside me?” as she patted the spare bed area next to her “And then you can get a real close up look at this big teen cock!”
I glanced nervously at my stepmother again, unsure what she would do or say right then, and then incredibly, my stepmother moved slowly into my room, and then sat down on the bed beside her daughter, and just stared at my up right hard cock, before with a slight grin, Hailey lowered her mouth again and continued to suck on my cock.
I really couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, as Hailey eagerly sucked on my hard cock right in front of her mother, who sat right beside her watching, and for a few minutes there was nothing but the sound of Hailey’s lips rapidly slipping back and forth along my hard length.
Then Hailey lifted her head again, and holding my glistening cock up, she glanced at her mother and said “So, do you want a taste?”
Her mother stared at my cock still like it was the first one she had ever seen, clearly perabet unsure what to do or say, and then glanced at her daughter who grinned back before saying “Go on mom! You know you want to! It’s okay, we won’t tell!”
Then my hot brunette slim stepmother, a slightly older version of her daughter, slowly reached out with her hand, and I watched in amazement as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft, just above her daughters, before she glanced at me nervously, and then began to lower her head.
I really couldn’t believe this was happening as I watched her lips get closer and closer to my cock, and then they touched down, and I groaned happily as they stretched over my cockhead and slipped down my shaft, and in seconds my stepmother was sucking my cock.
“Yeah mum!” grinned Hailey excitedly “Suck that teen cock! suck it!”
My stepmother began bobbing her head up and down just like her daughter had, and I groaned excitedly again loving the sensation of my stepmother’s lips running back and forth along my shaft, and happily Hailey continued to encourage her.
“Go on mum! Suck it! suck it hard! He loves it! Taste that big thick teen cock! Doesn’t it taste great!” she kept saying excitedly.
But I don’t think her mother was really listening, as her mouth eagerly sucked on my hard pole and her clenched fist began to jerk my lower cock, and pretty quickly I was moaning and breathing heavily again.
Hailey then moved her hand down and began massaging my balls with them, before she leant in and began licking at them and my lower shaft, and now I had both mother and daughter, my stepmother and my stepsister licking and sucking my manhood.
“Oh fuck!” I groaned loving this morning even more now “Oh fuck! oh fuck!” I kept muttering.
Both them happily continued to suck and lick on my hard pole, and with my stepmother jerking my cock as well, and the realisation I had every teen boys wet dream going on right there in front of me, it wasn’t long before I began to feel the excitement.
“Oh god!” I groaned as they kept sucking and licking me “Oh god, i’m going to cum!”
“Do it Sammy!” Hailey replied back lustfully glancing up at me “Do it! and fill my mothers mouth with your sticky load! She wants it! give it to her!”
“Oh fuck! oh fuck!” I groaned as my stepmother perabet giriş continued to desperately suck on my hard cock, while my stepsister went back to licking and sucking on my balls.
“Oh god! It’s cumming! it’s cumming!” I groaned after another minute of this wonderful experience “It’s cumming!”
“Yes, Sammy! Do it! Do it! Cum in my mothers mouth! She’s waiting for it!” cried Hailey excitedly as she gave my balls a good fondling to help.
Then with my stepmothers lips still wrapped around my hard cock and sliding up and down rapidly, and my stepsister squeezing and fondling my balls I couldn’t hold on any more, and I felt my excitement build very quickly until I finally cried out “OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!”
And I felt my balls tighten, my cum begin to rise up my shaft, and with a mighty groan I began pumping my wet sticky goo straight down my stepmothers throat.
“OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” I cried again and again as I pumped wad after wad into my stepmothers hungry mouth.
Eagerly and to my amazement my stepmother didn’t lift off once, and instead kept her mouth clamped around my cock happily swallowing every sticky blast I pumped into her, and happily Hailey cheered her on as she sat beside her mother watching.
After several amazing hot seconds I had pumped what felt like a ton of cum into my stepmothers mouth, until finally she lifted her wet mouth up off my cock, tilted her head back and appeared to be swallowing my whole wet load.
Then after a moment she looked back down at me, and then licked her lips, as she caught her breath.
While I stared at my stepmother in amazement, my stepsister eagerly leaned over, took hold of my softening cock, and began sucking on it eager to taste my last dribbles of cum, and as I continued to stare at my stepmother in disbelief, with Hailey’s help, I quickly began to grow hard, and after a minute or so, she had sucked me fully back to life.
Then with my hard cock glistening with her drool, Hailey stood up and took hold of her long baggy t-shirt and with a big pull, lifted it clean off over her head, before she stood at the end of my bed now completely naked.
“What are you doing?” asked her mother after a moment of staring at her in stunned silence.
“This!” grinned Hailey, before she climbed up onto my bed, crawled over my naked body, and straddled my waist, before her bald wet smooth teen pussy hung just inches over my hard teen cock.
“Ready for a the best good morning fuck you’ll ever get!” grinned my stepsister staring right at me.

To be continued…

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