My Son’s Sex Education Lesson Ch. 2

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I lay there for a while looking at my darling son sleeping deeply lying next to me, he looked so peaceful, so happy and contented, he must be tired I thought, he had a busy night last night, I quietly slid out of bed, showered, slipped on a thin robe, and sat in the kitchen, drinking my coffee, thinking. It was then that I started to feel guilty, had I used James to satisfy myself? Before last night I hadn’t had sex for 6 years, sure, I had dated a few times and I knew plenty of guys who, if given the chance, would have fucked me, but I chose to concentrate on my career and raising my son.

Yes, last night was good, very good, but it was something that could never be repeated, I had to try to get things back to normal, the last thing I wanted to do was to screw up my relationship with James, he was my son, I was his mother, I had to get things back as they used to be, before I let James fuck me. I knew it would be difficult; I could handle it – but what about James

I was preparing breakfast when James walked in, “Morning James, did you sleep well?” I asked, James sat at the table, he was wearing a robe, his hair wet from the shower.

He was quiet for a while, then he said “Thanks mom”

I turned to him, “What for James?” I asked.

“For what happened last night mom, it was great, when I woke up this morning I thought I had dreamed it all, it was only when I realized I was in your bed that knew that it really happened”

I sat at the table opposite him, “James, about last night, you must understand that everything that happened was for your benefit, I wanted you to understand about sex, I wanted to show you, to teach you, and I’m sorry James, but we did things last night that we shouldn’t have done, it was my fault, I let things go too far, we must try to forget it happened!”

James sat not looking at me, not speaking, I returned to fixing the breakfast, thinking how badly I had handled things. I am not a very good mother, I thought, James will probably hate me now and it is all my fault, oh I wish it had never happened, if only I could turn the clock back, get things back as they used to be. I could feel James’s eyes staring at me as I was making coffee, I regretted wearing such a thin robe.

We ate breakfast in silence, neither of us knowing what to say, I tried to talk to him, “So, what are your plans for today?” I asked.

“Nothing much” he replied.

“It’s such a beautiful day, what do you say we go to the beach?” I suggested.

“Ok, if you like” he answered, I got the beach things ready and later we set off.

In the car I tried again to speak to him, “Please James, can we try to get things back to the way they used to be, I don’t want us to fall out with each other, I don’t like it when you are sad and miserable, I love you so much James, you are all I have”

“I love you too mom” he said, “I’ll try mom, I’ll try to forget, I promise I will”

He was very quiet at the beach, he did try but I could see he was having a hard time trying to get the images of what we did out of his mind.

Things didn’t improve much over the next few days. I did my best, I tried to make conversation with him, I bought him presents, computer games, new clothes, but he seemed so sad, so withdrawn. Every night I lay in bed regretting what had happened, what could I do to make him love me again? Next day James came to me, he told me that when he returned to school next week he had to sit a test, if he failed he would be put back a grade, he said he was worried he wouldn’t pass as he couldn’t concentrate on his revision. I knew the reason why. It was because of me.

Christ, I thought, I’ve screwed up badly. “Please James, you must try, you always used to get good grades, why can’t you concentrate?” I asked already knowing what his answer would be.

“Mom, I just can’t get what we did out of my mind, I can’t stop thinking about it, I’ve tried to mom, I’ve tried but it won’t go away, why can’t I forget it mom? Why?”

I pulled him to me, hugged him tight, he started to cry, my darling little boy was crying because of me, I had to make things better, “There James, please don’t cry, mommy will make things better, I promise you James, I promise!”

As I hugged him I realized my son was not as grown up as I thought he was, sure, he was developing a man’s body but he was still, after all, a young boy.

“What can mommy do to make things better James?” I asked him.

Still sobbing a little he looked up at me and said, “Mom, can we do what we did before? Will you teach me more about sex? Maybe if we did it again I wouldn’t think about it so much, it might make things better, please mom, please”

“I’m sorry James but mommy has already told you that we shouldn’t repeat what we did, it would be wrong James, very wrong” I told him.

“But who would know mom, no one would find out, you told me it had to be our secret” he turned away sarıyer escort and quietly said, “It’s because you don’t really love me mom, that’s the real reason isn’t it”

“James, I love you more than anybody in the world” I told him.

“Yes, but you said you loved Dad and you let him do things to you, if you loved me as much as you loved dad you would let me do the same things that he did”

“James, the love I had for your dad was different to the love I have for you, you are my son James, mothers should not do the same things with their sons as they do with their husbands, I’ve told you before, it’s not right, it’s just not right”

He pulled away from me and ran up to his bedroom, I sat down, my head was spinning, what could I do? I thought about it for ages, if I did give in to him and allow him to have sex with me again how would it end? But I didn’t want to make him unhappy, I didn’t want my little boy feeling sad, what could I do? I pictured him up in his bedroom, lying on his bed, looking at his magazines, then I thought about the picture he had cut out and replaced the woman’s face with mine, the story he had wrote about him having sex with me, surely that couldn’t be right.

There seemed to be only one answer, I would have to give in, I would have to let him have me, I had no choice! I went up to his room and knocked at the door, he opened it, his eyes red from his crying, I said “James, come downstairs with me, I want to tell you something. He followed me down and we sat on the couch, I faced him and took hold of his hand, “James, I want you to be happy, you must believe me, I really do love you, you know that James, don’t you?”

He nodded, “Yes mom, I know”

“Well James, if you do well in your test and you get a good grade mommy will give you another sex lesson, just like she did the other night”

He looked at me, his face seemed to brighten “Do you mean that mom? Do you promise?”

“Yes James, I promise, is that ok with you?”

He hugged me tight; “Thanks mom, I’m going up to revise my test” he said and ran upstairs to his room. Over the next few days before he went back to school I didn’t see that much of him, except for meal times and a couple of hours in the evenings he spent his time studying, now he had something to aim for, his reward – ME.

Monday, James went to school, I went to work, throughout the day my mind was not on my job, how could it be? I knew James very well, now that he set his mind on achieving a good grade he would probably get an ‘A’. I left work a little early and visited a nearby Lingerie store; I picked out some very sexy underwear and a black chiffon robe.

When I got home James was waiting, a slip of paper in his hand, “What’s that?” I said, taking it from him, trying to make out I didn’t know. I read it, he got an ‘A’, “That’s great James” I told him, giving him a big hug, “Now, let me see, I wonder what reward I can give you, How about a new computer game” I joked with him.

“You know the only thing I want mom” he laughed.

“And what’s that?” I asked, teasing him.

He started to blush, “You know mom, what you promised me!” now he started to look a little worried, he probably thought I was going to go back on my word.

I stopped teasing him, “It’s ok James, I was only joking, your next lesson will be tonight!”

After dinner I told James I was going to take a shower, while showering I decided to shave the hair from my pussy, my husband used to like it when I did that, he would tell me how he enjoyed licking and playing with my smooth pussy, I wondered if James would as well. I got out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror, I looked at my body, ‘not bad for a 36 year old’ I thought, my tits were still fairly firm, my body was slim – ‘Yes, not bad, not bad at all’ I got dressed in my new underwear, I had bought a black quarter cup bra, tiny black thong panties, new black stockings and a suspender belt, I put on the robe, there didn’t seem any point in wearing a dress, I didn’t think I would have it on for long, I stood back and viewed myself in the full length mirror, I don’t think I have ever looked as sexy as I did now, even when my husband was alive I had never dressed like this and here I was, doing it for my young son, the bra lifted my tits high, exposing them fully, my nipples easily seen, through the robe my stockings and panties visible, I looked like a high class call girl, I felt like a whore!

When I went down James was speechless, he just stood looking, staring, at me, another feeling struck me, I felt proud, proud that I had the body to turn on my son, my darling son, I stood and posed for him, “Well, what do you think? I bought this today specially for you”

“Mom, you look so sexy, is this part of my reward?” he asked.

“I am dressed like this to show you how much I love you James and yes, this is for doing so well silivri escort in your test.” Before I sat down I put on a record and I made myself a drink, even though I was prepared for what was to happen I was still very nervous, I sat on the couch, at that time James was sitting opposite me, he continued to stare, taking in everything he saw. “Come and sit next to me darling” I told him, he did as I asked, “If you are ready then, kiss me James, kiss your mommy” he moved close to me. Our lips touched, then with more confidence than he had before his tongue entered my mouth, he kissed me deeply, with passion it seemed, then without me saying anything he cupped my tit with his hand, very gently he squeezed.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, it felt so good, he played with my tits and nipples, feeling them through the sheer material of my robe, we were in no rush, I liked him kissing me, feeling my tits. We stopped kissing, “Why don’t you take your clothes off James?” I suggested, he did as I said and in no time my boy was naked, he stood in front of me, his dick hard, I stood and slipped the robe off,

“Would you like me to take the bra off or leave it on?” I asked him.

“Leave it on for now mom, you look sexy wearing it” he said.

“Ok, what about my panties, would you like to take them off for me?”

He knelt in front of me, took hold of the waist band and started to slide them down, as he lowered them he noticed I had shaved my pussy, “mom, it’s smooth, you’ve shaved it! it looks so nice, so sexy, did you do it for me?” he asked. I told him I used to shave it off for his dad, and seeing that his dad liked it that way I thought he would too, after I stepped out of my panties I took his hand and pulled him up so he was standing with me, we were just about the same height.

“Now, what do you want to do next?” I asked.

“Can I play with your smooth pussy Mom”? He pleaded, “Soon James, be patient, there’s plenty of time, we have all night, How about dancing with your mom? I would like that”

He held me tight and we moved to the music, it felt strange dancing with a naked man, his hard dick pressed into me, we kissed as we danced, again he played with my tits, tweaking and gently pinching my nipples, when the music stopped he looked at me, “Mom, can I do it now, can I play with your pussy now?”

“Yes James, now you can play with mommy’s pussy but not down here, tonight we are going to continue our lesson in my bed, would you like that James?” I asked, and holding his hand we went upstairs to my bedroom. I lay on my bed, bending my knees and opening my legs wide, James went between my legs and started to lick and kiss around my pussy, he slid a finger into my cunt, it slipped in easily, I was very wet, “More fingers James, I need more fingers!” I told him, I felt my cunt being filled with his fingers, soon he was sliding his whole hand in and out.

James was fisting his mom, he slid his hand out and went back to licking it, his tongue went in deeply, at the same time he sucked my pussy lips into his mouth, the hand that had been deep inside me had found something new to explore, until now he had ignored my ass hole, to be truthful no one has ever touched me there, not even my late husband, it was something that had never appealed to me but my son had found it, he was using the juices that were coming from my cunt as a lubricant, he was only rubbing around it with one of his fingers, I didn’t want to stop him, after all tonight was his reward, whatever he wanted to do to me he could!

I felt his finger probe my ass hole, just a little, ‘He must have read about this’ I thought, he was taking his time, making sure it didn’t hurt me, making sure it was well lubricated, I felt it go in a little more, then deeper, deeper still until I guess he had it all in, he then started to finger fuck my ass hole while continuing to lick out my cunt, it felt good, very good.

“Mmmm, I groaned out loud, that feels nice James, finger my cunt at the same time, finger mommy’s ass and my cunt” he did as I asked, “Harder, finger my cunt harder, yes, that’s it, yes! Now deeper, Deeper, Ohhhhh James, Don’t stop, Mommy’s coming……! James! You’re making me cum….. Yes! YES!!!” my body shook in convulsions, shivers ran straight down my body, James had did it again; he’d made me cum.

“Come up here James” I told him, he lay next to me, facing me, we held each other, I kissed him, “Thank you James, that was wonderful” I told him, “You certainly know how to make me feel good!”

“Thanks mom, did I do it as good as dad used to?” he asked.

I told him the truth, “Yes James, you did! Right, now it’s my turn to make you feel good, lie back and let mommy take care of that hard dick of yours” I told him. I kissed him from his lips all the way down his body till I got to his dick, then began to lick and kiss it from it’s base to the tip.

I made it nice and şirinevler escort wet and slippery then started to wank on it, “That feels nice mom” James moaned, then taking the tip in my mouth I sucked on it as hard as I could which made him moan louder, “Is mommy doing a good job sucking her baby’s dick?” I asked, “Very nice” he moaned, I began to take more and more till it was completely in my mouth, then sucking and bobbing I gave him his blow job, I played with his balls with my hand at the same time, then a thought came to me, I had enjoyed James fingering my ass hole, I wondered if he would get the same enjoyment? Using saliva, I began to rub around his ass hole while I sucked his dick, then I gently started to slide a finger into him

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“Sshh, lie back and enjoy it darling” I told him, before long he was groaning with pleasure, I had taken my time and had made sure it was well lubricated so it was now sliding in easily.

“I’m coming mommy” he told me, I continued to finger his ass hole but this time instead of taking my mouth off his dick I buried it deep into my mouth, then as he shot out his hot spunk I took it all, I didn’t stop sucking till the last of his spunk was drained from his dick, I had swallowed it all!

Sliding my mouth off his dick I made my way back up to James, “Did mommy do ok for her little boy?” “That was great mom, I never realized that it would feel like that when you poked my ass!” We kissed again and fooled around for some time, James spent ages working on my tits, stroking my body, feeling and playing with my pussy and cunt.

“Can I fuck you now mom?” he asked.

“Ok darling, is there any particular position you want to fuck me in?” I asked, “Every way there is mom, every way you can show me!” he replied.

For the next thirty minutes he fucked me good, I directed him, showing him all the positions I knew, and even some that before tonight I didn’t! He was fucking me doggie style when he stopped, “Mommy, can I fuck your asshole?” he asked. tonight he was the first to finger my ass hole and now he wanted to fuck it!

“I don’t know James, I have never been fucked in my ass before” I told him,

“Didn’t dad ever want to do it?” he asked.

“Yes, he wanted to but I didn’t let him” I said, “Please mom, it was good when I fingered it, can I try, please mommy, will you let me try?”

I wanted to please James, I wanted to be his whore mommy. “Ok darling, mommy will let you try but make it nice and wet first or it will hurt mommy” I instructed, “Do what you did before first, finger it a bit, then slide it in slowly” He knelt behind me and started to prepare my ass hole, getting it ready to take his dick, I felt his dick start to slide in, “Slowly James!” I cried out, “Be gentle!” he took his time and very gently started to fuck my ass.

It wasn’t long before he was banging away, my ass hole, now loosened easily took his hard dick, as he fucked me his hands reached under my chest and he played with my swinging tits, he fucked me deep, deep and hard, I felt his dick begin to swell and start to get harder, I knew he was about to cum, “I’m ready mom! Can I come in your ass mom?” he asked.

“Yes James, Do it, cum inside me!” I yelled, he lunged into me and I felt his spunk flood my ass hole, his dick twitched several times as he shot out his spunk, then exhausted he collapsed on top of me and lay there breathing heavily. He rolled off me and again we embraced each other, kissed each other. It had been an exhausting evening for both of us.

“James, I think we should get some sleep” I told him.

“Ok mom, thanks mom, thanks for being the best mom in the world, the best and the most sexiest!” He kissed me and started to get out of my bed.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I said. “To my bedroom mom, you said we should get some sleep” he replied, “No James, from now on this where you will be sleeping – with me, that is, if you want to! Would you like that James?”

I asked, “Do you mean it mom? I can sleep with you!”

“Well, I don’t think that after tonight we will ever be able to get things back like they used to be, so how about you being my sort of ‘Boyfriend’ as well as being my son, do you think you could handle that, do you think you could keep your ‘Girlfriend mommy’ happy, I’d better warn you, I will be needing a lot of sex in the future, do you think you could cope with that?” I asked.

James has been sleeping in my bed for the last year, he has taken on the role as being my lover very well, we agreed at the beginning that if either of us met anyone we wanted to date we would, if we wanted to have sex with anyone else it would be ok, there would be no jealousy from either of us, we both understood that the love we had for each other would never end and as long as James found me attractive enough for him to want to have sex with me I would be there for him, no matter who I met.

About three months ago he met a girl at a friends party, they ended up having sex, when he got home he told me in detail what they did, what they got up to, he then thanked me for being such a good teacher, I gave him an ‘A’ and a blow job for being such a talented student!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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