My Sister’s Spanking

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This is a true story which happened 30+ years ago, towards the end of a communist regime. The spanking I am about to describe, was instrumental in formation of my spanking fetish. Back then, I already had an interest in spankings and I was indulging in various fantasies, mainly in my bed, while drifting asleep. Mind you those fantasies were different from spankings I and my sister were receiving.

Only after years the described spanking entered my fantasies, and later reality. I trace my interest in clenching and unclenching bottoms, legs and feet positions and taking shoes off before spanking to this very event. Equally, my fascination about taking spanking stoically springs from the same source.

I am trying to be as much accurate as I can, but the passage of time could have caused deviations in some details.

Also the event I am about to describe had to be slightly changed due to the Literotica objections.


When this spanking happen I was mid 20 and my sister freshly 18. At that time I was already living in a different town, but still went back home regularly, sometimes staying over the weekend, sometimes for a full week. On this occasion it was just a weekend sleepover.

We still had the same sleeping arrangements, sharing the same room, with a difference that I was not there most of the time.

On that particular night, it was around 10PM, and I was already in my bed. I had a plan to get a good night sleep, due to some expected drinking session next day with my friends in the town. My sister was also already in her pyjamas, together with the mother in the kitchen.

Lights were off in our ‘children’ room, but door to the kitchen was opened ajar, and some light light was getting in. Mother and sister were finishing some preparatory work for the next day baking, radio was on with broadcasting the news, albeit quietly, and they talked to each other about things related to that baking. I was not paying attention to at all to that, it was just a background to my thoughts, which started to get blurry already.

Suddenly, I was drawn to the conversation they were having. It must have been because of the mother’s tone changed somewhat. It became kind of playfully stern. I am not sure how to describe that. Within seconds I established, that my sister Monika did something differently than mother told her to do.

Due to the radio news and their quiet voices it was not easy to fully understand, but then I clearly heard mother saying: “I’ll give you one slap on your pyjama’s bottom with my hand, OK? Could you just arch your back and stick your bottom out for me?”

There were no reply, but shortly after that I heard a firm slap and a quiet “ouch”.

“No, this was not good, we need to repeat it. I want you to relax your bottom, it was clenched.”

Again, no response, only another sound of a quite hard slap. There was no ‘ouch’ this time.

“Ok, that was better. We finish this now quickly, and we’ll go to bed, but tomorrow evening, I think you should get some more proper spanking. It has been quite a while since the last one, hasn’t it? I think it’ll do you good, huh?” – I could hear my mother speaking through the newsreader’s voice.

“Alright, maybe… if you think… but Peter is at home now…” there were parts which I could not hear clearly.

Mother only said:”We’ll do it in our bedroom, I’ll tell him that there are some dresses you need to try and I have to check the fit, so he won’t disturb us there. I don’t think he will be much interested in that.”

Well, after this a good night sleep was out of the question. By then, my spanking fetish was well established. My fantasy started to race, together with my heart rhythm.

Eventually I managed to fall asleep, but I knew that a planned pub crawling was out of the question, I was not going to miss what was to happen. I knew there was no way I could actually see this spanking, but surely I would be able at least to listen to it.

Saturday came, and it was dragging for me terribly. I didn’t want to leave the house, as not to miss this rare chance. I did help with some housework, but then mother asked me to go to the shops to get some grocery and fruits. Of course I did not want to go, as I thought that would give them the chance to do spanking without me being in the house.

Reluctantly, I submitted to the request, because I could not come up with any good excuse.

That shopping trip was the speediest I had ever done in my entire life. When I returned home I was looking for the telltale signs, such as istanbul escort Monika’s face or her behaviour, anything… They appeared to be quite busy with cooking and baking. Maybe I was still in my luck, I thought to myself.

After lunch I stayed in our common bedroom, Monika went out for few hours. Time stood still. I was trying to read, but it was really difficult to focus on anything.

Finally, she returned back home, after good three hours. It was past 5PM. I pretended that I was reading my astronomy encyclopedia and was listening to my Walkman. The tape was playing, but the volume was very low. I needed to hear what was happening.

The two had some conversation in the kitchen, but the radio was on and a door shut, so I could not understand a single uttered word. I was full of expectations and rather inpatient. After many long minutes, I could not bear it any longer, I needed to see what was happening.

Monika was sat behind the kitchen table and eating. I joined her, saying I was hungry too, but in fact I just wanted to get some clues…. Will it happen? If so, when?

I finished my meal, Monika too, and no clues were given to me at all. I told them that I was going back to study my encyclopedia and listen to some music and I was not feeling like going out that night.

Nearly another hour passed, my sister was in and out of the room several times, but nothing. After a good hour, finally the things started to move.

Mother came into the room with Monika, opened her wardrobe and removing some dresses from there. Mother told me that they were going to check the fit, since some of them could be already too small for her. “We are going into my bedroom, there is a large mirror there. Could you leave us alone while we’ll do that?”

I looked at my mother and rolled my eyes – “Why would I bother you, I am quite alright here, reading and listening to my music”.

After that they left and closed the door. The kitchen radio was on again, playing some pop music, but not too loudly. I could hear through the door the unmistakeable sound of opening the kitchen cupboard drawer. This was, where the spatula was being kept.

And then, silence.

All I could hear now was my heart. It was pumping so loudly, that I thought they must have heard it through the walls.

Immediately I wanted to jump out of my chair and run down the corridor to listen to whatever was going to happen. At the same time, I feared that I will be discovered. I waited a few long seconds. Took my headphones off and listened through the door.

Only a silly song from the radio could be heard. Another wait. Slowly and quietly I opened the door. The kitchen was empty. Suddenly there was a sound of mother’s bedroom door opening. All the doors in our apartment had a distinctive sound and I could easily tell which one was which. I froze.

Within seconds another door opened — the toilet. Either mother or sister went to use the bathroom. Quietly I shut my door and waited. There was the flashing sound and then the sound of running water. Another door opening, closing, and finally the closing of the mother’s bedroom doors. I noticed that the song in the radio has changed to something sweet, and more silly.

I wasn’t sure who went to the bathroom, but I think it was my sister. That would make a sense. Now I was frozen behind my doors, wanting to go, but also full of worries that I either will be exposed, or at least I could cause the disruption to their plan.

I opened the door again, and causally, but quietly went to the kitchen. I had millions of unsuspicious reasons to be there. Since the mother’s bedroom was at the end of a rather long corridor, I heard nothing from the kitchen. I decided to proceed further, after all, it was the way towards our bathroom. It was just important for me not to jump, if they suddenly opened the door. I was going to use the toilet, nothing unusual with that.

Now I was about three meters from their door. The door had a large, glass panel in it. Unfortunately, it was a textured glass, giving no clear view, but I could see if somebody was stood close by the door or not. It was clear. I made few steps closer.

Now, the silly radio could be just heard, but also I was hearing them. Not clearly though. But from the noises it was apparent that they were actually trying some clothes on, I could even hear an odd laughter. I did not dare to went any closer, and decided to wait. From where I was, it was still possible to pretend that I was going to the toilet.

Some kabataş escort long minutes passed and I managed to calm down somewhat. I could see figures moving around the room, since the light was on, but I could not tell which shadow was mother’s and which Monika’s.

I heard, how they sat down on bed. Some inaudible talk. My curiosity overpowered my fear, and I went down on my fours. As I could see them through the glass, they as well could potentially see me. I slowly crawled very close to their door. My ear was nearly touching it. I could hear and understand now! Also I was in the position, which could offer no explanation had any of them suddenly stood up and opened the door. My nerves were close to snapping!

“Right Monika, now, I will spank you if you agree, but only if you want. It is not time for arguing, fighting, loud ouching and things like that. There isn’t any particular issue to resolve, apart from that you benefit from occasional motherly spankings. What do you think?”

“Yeah, I do. From time to time. It is a bit embarrassing though.”

“You don’t need to be embarrassed. It’s private, no one knows about it, and we all need various things from time to time, which make us relax, or shall I say which will cleanse us. Catharsis I call it. And it seems to bond us together too.”

“I guess” – my sister replied.

“Now, I want you to try on those black thin trousers, lets see if they still fits you. In fact, and you are going to hate me for this, put on a black pantyhose and those Oxford flat shoes as well”.

Those words had a terrible effect on me, because I knew that I had to fly back to my room at a speed of light. I don’t know how I managed it, owing my success only to a rather slow reaction of my sister.

In no time, I was sat behind my desk, with the headphones on, trying not to breathe like a marathon runner.

Monika came in, went to her wardrobe, took what she needed and left. We did not exchange a word or look.

By this point I was determined to go back, my arousal was far outweighing the dangers. I did not even wait a full minute, and I was back in my spying post.

“You know that a ritual is important. There is no need to rush. And it will give you time to focus and process what is happening in your mind and body. Now put those shoes on and tie your laces.”

There was some inaudible talk from Monika and sounds of moving around, sitting down etc. I have never listened to spanking before, and it was a very strange experience having to only use my hearing and trying to reconstruct the reality behind that closed door.

“Alright, stand up and turn around…. I see that those trousers are a bit small for you, your bottom is very tightly squeezed in them. How do they feel?”

“They are quite hugging, yes. I hope they won’t burst open.”

“Alright, now, get close to the wall and turn around. Put your hands on top of your head and move your elbows forward, so they will touch the wall.”

“No, not like that.”

I could hear mother standing and walking.

“Like that. You can lean slightly against that wall. And now, put your heels together and straighten your legs. Your toes slightly apart. Yes, like that. And now, raise on your tiptoes.”

“Higher, Monika. All the way up. And stay like that. Do not move, OK?”

After a minute or so, I could hear Monika asking: “How long for?”

“Well, since you lowered your heels a little bit, it’ll take longer.”

“OK, I am as high as I can get on my tiptoes.”

“Good, but now be quiet, stay completely still and focus on your feelings for a while.”

Now there was a complete silence. I wished I could see something. Again, I realised how silly my crawling position is, but I was determined to listen through the whole thing.

“OK Monika, that was enough. Now come here in front of me. Here, stand right here. Good. Now, take your shoes off and place them there.”

“No, take them off properly, untie your laces…. OK, put them here. And now come over to my right side and lay across my knees here… OK, like that. You can leave both your hands on the floor if you want, or you can give me your right hand, if that helps you not to reach back.”

“I think I’ll manage at least for the beginning not to do that”, said Monika.

“OK, if it gets too much, you can grab my ankle or my knee if you want. We start over your trousers at first, but make no mistake, you are going to feel it right from the start. It is a proper spanking from your mother, no some kadıköy escort silly games. I want you to be still and quiet, OK?”

“Yes, I know. I certainly don’t want too much noise, because of Peter, anyway” I could hear Monika replying.

“And now, here is the new thing I want you to do, we talked about it already, you remember? Put your legs straight, heels together and tuck your toes down. I want you to rest them on their tops. Put them nicely flat down… yes, just like that. Now, you will stay like this, do your best, OK?”

“I don’t know if I’ll manage that, I’ll do my best.”

“Right, are you ready now?”

“Yes, I am mum.”

“I don’t think you are Monika, I can see your cheeks are bulging up. They are clenched like there is no tomorrow… That’s better.”

Now I heard that the wooden spoon started its dance on Monika’s bottom. Quite audible, sharp sounds, spaced maybe 3 seconds apart.

“Ahaaa, here we go already. Put your foot down and in the position.”

More slapping sounds, they started to sound harder with slightly longer pauses in between.

“Monika, your toes! You know the position!”

More slapping, now faster.

“Unclench your bottom! … Legs straight… Hold it tightly for me.”

Now I could hear Monika’s breathing and occasional quiet ouching.

“Your toes! I am watching you!”

“Sorry mum, it is not easy, I am really trying.”

“Keep trying, I’ll give you a plenty of time for that then.”

There was a sudden silence. For a second I though that my spying was exposed. But luckily, it was only a pause:

“Right, take few more nice and deep breaths, I’ll give you 16 rapid ones, focus on that position. Try to hold it right through, OK?”

“Yes mum, I will. I’m ready.”

Now the cannonade started. Half way through Monika’s long ‘oooouch’ sounded followed by mothers: “unclench”. 16 lashes were over very quickly.

Monika was now breathing heavily.

“Not bad, your legs were perfect, but that bottom of yours could do better! Now stand up and take your trousers down. Keep your pantyhose on though. I think we need to warm up your thighs, and you know that those nylons will keep them nicely hot for you.”

“Could we not do that tonight mum, I would rather…”

“Common Monika, there has to be something memorable what will carry you through the next week…” said mother with detectable laughing in her voice.

“Your trousers right down and step out of them. And back into the position. Hands, legs, toes… good… and the bottom of course. Of course, it wouldn’t be you, if it was soft and relaxed. Would it?”

“I can’t help it, it’s my instinct. I do it even without realizing. Ok, it is unclenched now”, said Monika.

“Very good, and keep it that way. I’ll just use my hand on your thighs. Actually, since it is your thighs, you do with your bottom what you want. Ready?”

There was no audible answer, probably Monika just nodded, I don’t know. But smacking started shortly afterwards. There was definitely ‘aaaaaaaaaaa’ I could hear, Monika tried to be quiet and it was rather toned down cry, but it was obvious, that the pain was there.

“Ouch, this really stings, I won’t manage for long.”

“Ok, give me your right hand. Toes back into position. I’ll give you few more”.

Maybe ten hard smacks sounded with no vocal response from Monika.

“Legs straight, toes back, no wiggling now please!”

Perhaps another twenty hard and fast smacks. And it all went quiet.

“Now, you see, you can do it, you can hold still and quiet like a real lady! That is, if you want!”

Only after this there was some quiet ouching and sound of Monika’s feet drumming on the carpeted floor.

“Stand up now Monika, and sit my my knees. Common, you need a hug. Sit here. You’ve done well.”

Monika started to say something, but it was too quiet for me to understand and also it was interrupted by her heavy breathing. At this point, I realised that I was like in a dream, in hypnosis and suddenly I woke up.

Very quietly and slowly I retracted from mother’s bedroom and went backwards nearly all the way back.

I closed the door, sat down, put headphones back, and gave my encyclopedia an empty staring look. This was the experience which took me weeks, if not month do digest properly and formed some bases for my further fantasies and later on the real life spankings I gave out.

It took ages for my sister to return. Eventually I decided to lay on my bed and pretending to read another book, keeping my headphones on. She went to the bathroom and then spent some time in the kitchen with the mother. They appeared to be somewhat cheerful. When Monika eventually entered our room, I avoided even looking directly at her, and I pretending that I was in my own world. Which, in a way, I indeed was.

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