My Sex Getaway With Michelle Ch. 02

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Michelle and Jay were both quite nervous for their five hour flight to the island. Neither had flown more than once, and so when Michelle held hands with him, he took both his paws and enclosed her petite hand within, deeply gazing into her eyes to let her know that should something happen, they would be with one another.

Michelle relaxed back into her seat, Jays favorite sundress covered her, leaving just enough skin to drive him bat shit crazy. As the flight began, the other passengers on the jet settled in for their journey.

“Are you gonna be alright?” Jay inquired.

“Once we get to the beach side villa I will be because we are going to fuck ourselves useless” Michelle wryly replied.

Jay’s cock began to warm and slightly rise at just the thought of hunting down that sweet pussy and delivering a hefty load. The plane rocked back and forth just a bit as it encountered mild turbulence. Michelle went to grab his hand, but purposely missed landing on the inside of his right thigh. She slyly rubbed her left wrist across his shrouded cock teasing him and giving him trabzon escort an idea of her mood.

“You’re gonna have to stop that or I will take you right here, right now, and fuck you in the aisle”, he whispered. Not only did Michelle’s ears perk up at the thought, but the seventy year old to Jay’s left was interested in Jays bold remark as well. Michelle removed her hand and placed it along side her other hand, folded in her lap.

Michelle glanced into Jays magnetic blue eyes and smiled as she motioned her eyes towards her pussy. The sundress drawing further and further up mesmorizing Jay. “Can I get you a drink?” the attendant interrupted.

“Nooo” they quipped in unison.

Michelle waited for the attendant to walk away, then announced she needed to stretch and leaned over to Jay and softly whispered into his ear. “You look like you need to stretch too”. She proceeded to rise up. As she did, her purple panties gave Jay a quick ‘hello’. Michelle then made her way down the aisle towards the restrooms.

Just as she arrived at the door, she looked back trabzon escort bayan at Jay and without speaking a word she sent off the vibe that it was time to join the Mile High Club. Jay’s cock was at full salute to his sex goddess and a few minutes later, he followed the sexual scent of her pussy that only his cock could detect. Quietly he entered the bathroom, preparing to enter her.

Michelle had positioned herself upon the sink, legs spread wide to receive Jay’s manhood. “Turn off the lights, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride” she giggled. In the darkness their senses were heightened. However instead of his rock hard cock, she felt the stubble from his five oclock shadow tickling her inner thigh. Suddenly she felt a jolt of sexual electricity pulsing through her body. His longer than average tongue had teased her clit on its way to inside her. Jay kissed her pussy and his abnormally long tongue slapped her g-spot.

“oh God, eat it, lick it, bite it” she moaned.

Jay did just that, enjoying her pussy juices as they spilled into his mouth. He returned escort trabzon to her clit, sliding three fingers inside of her love nest. Working the g-spot with his alternating fingers brought Michelle to a speedy but powerful orgasm. She then demanded his cock inside of her. It was her turn to give Jay his chance to let go of his load.

“Your pussy feels like silk” Jay moaned as his cock pounded away. Michelle took her legs and wrapped them around his waste, her hands on his toned biceps. Jay thrust upwards using the bathroom floor to push off. The powerful and rhythmic thrusting attacked her g-spot in a sexual blitzkrieg.

A knock came at the door. Michelle leaned into Jay softly telling him “Cum in me, I want your juice to drip down my legs”. The combination of her tight pussy and her soft words sent him over the top as he filled her insides up. “Fuuuuuucccccccckk” he screamed at the top of his lungs.

They quickly freshened themselves up and laughed as they exited he bathroom. “Welcome to the mile high club” said the attendant with a smirk. As they returned to their seats, Jay basked in his post orgasmic glow staring at her shapely ass that was wrapped only in her sundress and her see through purple panties.

“I’m definitely wearing this sundress on the flight home” she said laughing. “But I’m leaving my panties in my suitcase.”

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