My secret


My secretI had just graduated from highschool and couldn’t wait to move out on my own. I thought I knew it all back when I was 18. I was working a 3rd shift at a local foundry making pretty good money. I found a cheap basement apartment in an old house that was converted into 4 units. The basement apartment was great because I slept during the day anyway. So my story begins when I was dropping off my rent check at my landlord’s house. They lived on the other side of town near the golf course. I was just dropping my check off in the mailbox when the landlord’s wife, Victoria aka Vicki, was pulling into her driveway. She had just gotten back from the grocery store. She rolled down her window and said hello. Vicki asked how I liked the apartment. She then asked if I could help her carrying in the groceries. I agreed and started taking them into the kitchen. Vicki was very chatty. She talked about this huge dinner party she was throwing for some friends. I admit that I wasn’t listening as well as I should have. For a woman in her mid 40’s she had a nice full figure. I would peak at her when she bent over to put the dry goods in the underneath cabinets. She had a nice round ass. I dropped the last of the bags and Vicki offered me a glass of water. I sat on a tall chair next to the island in the kitchen drinking my water. Vicki continued chatting while she put away the rest of the groceries. It was difficult not to stare at her ampule chest as she put the fruit into the over hanging basket over the island. I took a long slow drink to cover my intense stare. I finished my glass of water and thanked her. Vicki smiled and surprised me with a hug before I left. She smelled good. I drove home after that. pendik escort I barely remember driving back to my apartment. I still smelled Vicki’s scent on me. As soon as I got back, I stripped and took my shirt into my bedroom. I put my shirt over my face and sniffed while I masturbated to visions of being with her. I held off cumming as long as I could because I didn’t want the feeling to end. I exploded shooting cum up over my head hitting the backboard and some splattered on my face and eyes. Cum does feel good in the eyes. I continued to masturbate thinking about Vicki on several occasions back in my apartment. A couple of months had gone by and I was bummed not running into Vicki when dropping of my rent. I got a second job on the weekends because my friends were always busy and I was bored hanging out in my apartment by myself. I worked as a cook at a popular pizza place.One Saturday night, I noticed Vicki’s address on a delivery order. I bribed the delivery driver to let me take it. I rang the doorbell and was thrilled Vicki answered the door. She was surprised to see me and invited me in. Vicki had a few girlfriends over for a girl’s night. She asked if could carry the pizzas into the kitchen for her because she wanted to get cash for a bigger tip for me. I followed her into the kitchen. I stared at the way her ass moved in her free flowing sundress. Her friends were gathered around the island in the kitchen laughing and drinking wine. They all said hello after Vicki introduced me. It felt weird to have the staring at me. Vicki broke up the uneasy feeling by handing the money for the pizza with a huge $20 tip. I thanked her and said it was nice to meet everyone. Vicki walked me out escort pendik and gave me another hug before saying goodnight. It was Monday afternoon when I got a knock on my apartment door. I was loungingin just a towel and quickly threw on some clothes. It was Vicki! She smiled and asked to come in. She looked around briefly and then presented my last rent check back to me. I asked if had bounced. She said no no, then she paused looking directly at me. Vicki asked if I had a thing for her. I hesitated, my mind raced for the perfect response. Before I could get an answer out, she started talking. Vicki explained to me that she sensed me looking at her the day I helped with the groceries. She thought it was very flattering but it was just that. Then she said her friends pointed out that Vicki, herself, seemed to light up when I showed up to deliver pizzas the other night. Vicki told me she was unsure what she felt but she did feel a strong connection to me. I told I felt the same. Vicki came over next to me and hugged me.I felt electric, excited, and nervous at the same time. We hugged for at least a minute. Then she asked that I not tell a soul about this. We went to my bedroom. We undressed ourselves in silence. Vicki slipped under the covers and I joined her. She trembled when I touched her. I was shaking nervously too…I didn’t want to screw this up. We started kissing. I was too charged and Vicki suggested we just kiss with no tongue. I backed off a little and felt less stressful kissing her neck. I moved to her chest. Her breasts were large and hung off the sides of her body. I squeezed them together and sucked them. She ran her fingers through my hair and it felt great. I took my time pendik escort bayan moving down to her round belly. I had to kick the covers loose at the end of my bed to position myself between her legs better. Vicki was bushy down there. I buried my face into it. Vicki giggled and twitched when hit her sweet spot. She was breathing heavier and her hands went to her breasts. Watching her play with herself got me more charged. I worked my tongue as deep and hard as I could. Vicki moistened. Then she lurched as Vicki’s cum gushed out. It was hugely messy and I loved it. I tried to slurp it all up. It tasted bitter but I was in the moment and didn’t care. Vicki’s body was radiating so my heat. I worked my way up her body. She kissed me and pushed me off her. She went straight down on me. Without hesitation, Vicki’s engulfed every inch of me. Saliva dripped from her mouth as she swallowed me all up. It was so stimulating, I wanted to burst. I held off and pulled her up. She asked if it was OK, I told her I was close to cumming but wanted to be inside her. Vicki rolled onto her back and I got on top of her. She spread her legs open. I put my hands under her ass cheeks and squeezed. Vicki guided me into her. I pressed deep into her. Vicki exhaled deeply. I only got a few strokes in before draining my cock juice into her. My body shook with every load. Vicki’s eyes sparkled as I jerked into her. She squeezed me and we kissed. Then I rolled off her and she snuggled into me. Unfortunately time was not on my side. I wanted to go again but Vicki needed to get home and cleaned up before husband came home. As she dressed, Vicki told me that we could meet at my place from time to time. She informed me she had no intention of leaving her husband for me but we could enjoy each other’s company. She gave me one more hug and kiss before saying that I didn’t need to pay rent anymore because she was the one who owned the building.

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