My New Life of Slavery. ( The Bookstore Part II )


My New Life of Slavery. ( The Bookstore Part II )

After a few hours in T.J’s trunk i found myself standing naked I thought T.J then was unbinding me telling me I was outside of the city and had seen my C.L ads and was part of an internation sex slave ring and as he was pulling me around slapping me and yanking me he started to dress me. He made me aware he was going to take pictures of me and then try to sell me. I found myself wearing strange feeling womens clothes when I was sleeping on the floor of the bathroom. I fell sleep for around 6 or 7 hours and when i was awkened it was T.J. picking me up to my feet by choking my throat. I found myself handcuffed tightly infront wearing nothing in the shower. T.J was on the other side of the shower door and said Hey bitch my friends are going to be over in an hour to check you out and might buy me. I said nothing. I found myself dried blindfolded in heels when T.J smacked me hard on my face and then forced me on my knee’s. Just when He started to enter my mouth there was a knock at the door.

I heard three new voices talking to T.J as they approched me on my knees still trying to catch my breath I felt many sets of hands grabbing me all over. Someone grabbed me dick and balls hard squeezing until türkçe bahis i cried out. Hands pinched my nipples and another hand had me by the dick and was stretching my balls I cried out again and heard them laugh. I heard one of the men say they would buy me. I was then duct taped over my mouth on my knee’s and and while I could hear T.J and the others someone was smacking my ass and face and pinching me all over. I felt breath to my ear during the torture some one spoke telling me I was to be shipped over seas and would be forced to do unspeakable things.

I found myself again naked wearing heals handcuffs, duct tape around my eyes and mouth and shackles around my feet. I was free of the trunk of my new owners suv and for a moment i was smacked in the face and ass by all three men and instantly started screaming. I was on my knee’s untouched for about 15 minutes when I heard another car pull up. I was then in the back of a van and could feel and hear others around me. Every now and then I dozed off or heard the driver and some one speak. At one point the van stopped moving for a few hours and we where on a boat or ferry. It felt like days that I was traveling. When finally We stopped some where and I found myself standing inside güvenilir bahis siteleri somewhere alone for maybe a half an hour.

Some one that spoke broken english then started talking to me as he took me by the arm. He told me to use the things in the bathroom and to take a shower and then I was to be tested and then I could eat. I spent well over 4 hours showering shaving my body and legs and found myself wearing only a wig and make up. I came out of the huge bathroom and was in I think a basement room with a bare floor and no windows. The person that spoke broken english was then standing in the basement and asked if I was okay and if my shower went well. I said yes. He walked over to where I stood and took me by the arm and said come.

We went through the door into another room with carpet and a bed studio lights and cameras. He told me to sit on the bed wich i did. The man made me aware I did not need to know where I was. he told me he was going to take pictures of me for my sale and a short video. I said nothing. He asked If I had any questions and I asked the man as he snapped away with his camera if anyone had bid on me. The man told me yes about 6 people and one gentle men was bidding 10 dollars. The man with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri broken english handed me a phone and read the bid. I laid back on the bed whilehe took pictures.

Whomever bid on me wanted around my age and height and I was to be given breast implants and a forced sex change. The ad also said my life as this persons slave would be short and very painful.

I was shocked at the ad when I noticed picture taker removing the camera and he started to video tape me. Broken english then asked if I was alright and I said yes I was fine. As broken english was opening another door he smiled at me and said okay he would see me later and as he looked back at me as he walked through the doorway he said he was Sorry I was about to ask why when 8 to 10 men stormed the room and I was helpless.

I was pinned on my back being smacked, choked my balls where being tortured I had so many dicks on my dface and mouth I didn’t know who was who. I was on my chest pinned down when i was getting smacked on the ass way to much and to hard. everything these men did hurt. I screamed many times but cock or hands stopped the sound. Just when I passed out I found myself with a rag in my face and was passing out.

I don’t know how long I was out but when I awoke I felt light headed and was naked. My feet wore soft leather shackles when my eyes got big focus on the new little tits I had on my chest. I could feel them. They where dumb and my hands where shackled before I drifted back off thinking well I was sold…….

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