My neighbor – part 1 – eng ver. (same as Naboen 1)


My neighbor – part 1 – eng ver. (same as Naboen 1)I have to tell you about an cool adventure from last summer. I live in a building with 4 floors. I live on top, in the 4’th floor.In one of the apartments on the 1 floor, it lives an lady, about 45 years old. She is slim, petite, long red hair, and she is single. I meet here sometimes in the main-floor, beside the mail-boxes, or in the stairs.When I met her this time, I had my horny cock vakuum pumped, and only wear my thin shorts and a tshirt. And you know how that looks… She was staring and looking directly at my cock with big eyes. I love that feeling.Then she asked if I wanna come in to her apartment, and drink a beer. And I said yes of course.We was both sitting in her sofa, drinking a couple of bottles with beers. My cock was half-erected, and hanging curvy out and down. Sometimes I used the cock-muscles and made moves on the cock. Easy to see under that thin shorts. And yes, she looked at my cock many times, discrete, but I felt it. We sat beside each other in the 2 seat sofa. When I stood up, for going to the toilet, I allways moved with my front against her face. So my cock moved in my shorts, directly in front of her face, so close to her face. I also walked one time to the windows, looking out, or something else, just so I am sure see sees my cock-silhouette, and my horny cock that moves slowly and horny under my shorts.She never touched it in this stadium, just watched me discrete. Then I made a couple of big joints, and we smoked them. After an while, she felt in sleep on the sofa, beside me.I so was horny, my fat cock illegal bahis was leaking precum.Then i pulled my cock out, through the shorts-leg closest to her. And then I start to masturbate, directly beside and close to the lady. It was so intense and exciting.And I remembered the look she had directly to my cock, an horny look.After an while, I grabbed her underarm and hand, and arrange it so she holds around my cock. I put my hand outside her hand, and start to pull it up and down on my very horny cock. It seems like she sleep very deep, and I continue to work her hand up and down, constant, with an good grip.Sooo fucking good !.After an while, I could feel that she is holding around my cock by her self, and I only need to take her underarm up and down. I dont know if she is awake, or if she is holding my cock in some kind of reflex.But anyway it is very good and exciting for me and my cum-full cock & balls.We kept on working my cock in maybe 10 min, then suddenly I could not hold the orgasm back any more.And my cock powerful start to shoot out huge loads of cum, I think it was 7-8 huge cascades – you have seen how they can be in some of my movies here :). So powerful and so much ! Almost everything landed everywere on her body. Many big loads on her jeans, on her “handjob-arm”, and on the black top she wears.And white semen-stripes are easy to see on an black top, hehe.It was an so powerful, big and lovely cum-orgasm, it was semen everywere :)And so exciting, ohlala.But, my cock was still hard, and horny…And she still had her hand around it, sauced with semen.She started to illegal bahis siteleri masturbate my cock, on her own now, and then she said ; mmmm, I love an horny big cock.Then she leans over my cock and lick of the semen from it and her hand, and then start to suck the head.She sucked it deeply as she could, masturbated the cock and massage my balls.She was really good, and I love a cock-hungry lady/or man – and she was really hungry and dirty.She worked intense on my cock & balls for maybe 15-20 min – then I exploded again, directly in her mouth and throat.She swallowed all of it, and enjoyed every drop of semen. She tasted it and loved it, and licked my cock clean and empty.Then I pulled my cock & balls inside my shorts again, and said ; thank you for the company, I belive we will be seen eachother again another time.Then I went out the door, up to 4 floor and my apartment.It was magicial good, dirty, and so good to have an cumhungry neighbour-lady :)You know, for me, some of the exciting part was the flirt and “fore play” that was in the beginning.Like when we met each other by the mail-boxes.A little neighbor- talking, checking the mail, and she looked so many times directly at my shorts and my bulge over an fresh pumped cock under it. And she asked me in to her place, with that look in her eyes – i could feel it was something in the air.We went in, and she was so close to me in the sofa, and searching for some body-contact. You know, accidental touches on my left leg or arm.I got so horny, I moved my cock a several times with my hand so she could see I do it, or moved canlı bahis siteleri it with the cock-muscles – and she observed and saw it.I stood up, and walked by her a couple of times, with my front and half erected cock to her – max 20-30 cm from her face, and she see my cock moving under the shorts.But I think the most exciting part, was the moment after she fall in sleep. I massage my full erected and hard cock outside my shorts – that moment when I decided to take my cock out of the shorts, and uncover it, and sit beside her with my horny, pumped, erected and cumshoot-ready cock and masturbate. When I also took her hand around my cock, and start to masturbate my cock, with her hand – that was a couple of very sexy and heart-beating moments. I got soooo horny, when I felt her hand on me, and even more when I felt she hold my cock by her self.The second most exciting part, was the big mess after my big cum-explosion. I was very excited about her reaction, will she get completely crazy and angry, when she see all the cum all over her clothes, and she did not give me permission and so on.But luckily, she enjoyed it and totaly liked it – since she started to lick her right hand clean, and then start to lick and then suck my cock clean for cum.And I felt so good and released in that moment, because I now know that she enjoyed it, and that she loved to play with my cock and cum, and did not care about the mess on her clothes – just kept it there.Of course it was fantastic when she kept on sucking and masturbating on my almost hard cock, after cleaning it – because she wanted more cock and cum. But that was more like routine and nothing new for me, if you understand me.It is strange, because for me the most exciting part, was the “foreplay”, showing my sausage under my shorts and masturbate beside her without knowing if she know

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