My Mother and Me

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My latest homecoming was as needed as ever. I just spent another 6 mths in the sand box sweating my ass off and getting sunburned. Coming home was a welcomed break. I arrived at my mother’s house on an exceptionally warm summer day and rang the doorbell. I didn’t tell Mom that I was coming back and planned to surprise her. She opened the door and let out a joyful scream that could wake the dead. She looked as beautiful as ever wearing a skimpy blue t-shirt and panties.

“OH MY GOD!! YOUR HOME!” She screamed into my ear as she squeezed the daylights out of me. She seemed to forget what she was wearing was not exactly appropriate for public wear.

I squeezed her back, feeling self conscious, happy and excited myself.

“Hi sexy stranger” I teased, “Do you always make it a habit to show the neighborhood children your panty collection?”

“Oh my god!” she gasped, realizing that she was making a scene that everyone would be talking about. “Hurry up and come in the house you little sneak!”

Mom and I have always been close. I supposed that her being sexy and outgoing helped our relationship. She was always the envy of my childhood friends who used to always try to get a peek at her breasts as well as her full, firm ass.

I was amazed how no matter how hot, miserable and tired I was, just the smell of my mother always reintegrates me.

“I’m so glad you came to see your old mom” she said with a gleam in her eyes.

“You’re my favorite woman in the world, how could any man resist your beauty, whit, and sense of fashion?” I teased as I gave her a thorough looking over. She was as gorgeous as ever! Though almost 45 years old, she still looked hot.

“If your referring to my skimpy attire, it’s hot Hades in here and the A/C is on the fritz again.” She replied. “Go put your stuff in your room, change and come join me for a cold drink.” She said as she shoed me up stairs. I watched her walk away and admired her ass. She’s gained weight with age, giving her what catalogs would call a full figured look. Damn she looked good!

My room still looked the same as the day I left home 2 years before, only I could tell that Mom had given it a thorough cleaning. After doing the worlds quickest strip job, I pulled on some clean boxers and a t-shirt from the dresser and headed downstairs.

“Don’t we look like an underwear add for Fruit of the Loom” mom said as she handed me a tall, cold gin and tonic. “You look so tired baby, do you want to go to bed or do you mind keeping me company for a while?” she asked with a look that hoped I’d stay up with her.

“Of course I’ll stay up with you. I want to catch up on everything, besides, who can resist making time with a beautiful blue eyed blonde in her panties?” I said as I headed off to the living room.

Mom turned red with embarrassment, but said nothing.

We settled in the living room, mom on the love seat and I in the overstuffed chair.

“You look so skinny and suntanned!” she commented, “You must be glad to be out of that hell hole!”

“I don’t know who is more happy to be out of there, you or me.” I replied

“I was so worried that you’d be hurt or worse…” as her voice cracked

“Mom, I’m back now and all in one piece.” I said, trying to keep her from crying.

We chatted for a while and Mom filled me in on all of the neighborhood gossip. Before long we were on our third gin and tonic. Mother was noticeably relaxed and had one foot up on the coffee table, giving me a straight look at the crotch of her white panties. It was getting very difficult for me to keep my eyes on her’s and keep from getting an erection.

“Honey, you look distracted” she said with an innocent look of concern, “are you sure you’re OK?”

“Of course I’m OK mom” I answered “but I could use another drink.”

“You betcha handsome!”

I watched very intently as she got up and took my glass and walked over to the liquor cabinet. I felt very guilty that my own mother’s body would turn me on like this, but it did. I tried to think of anything else as I adjusted my cock to hide it from view.

“Here you go sport” handing me the glass and bending down to kiss me on the forehead. This certainly made my cock twitch as for a second, her breasts hung just inches from my face. If she noticed, she didn’t let on as she walked over and slid onto the loveseat.

“So, did you meet kağıthane escort any young ladies over there?” she asked

I laughed out loud, “Mom, we were being shot at, rocketed, bombed, and under constant threat of attack! There wasn’t much time for dating.”

“You poor thing” shaking her head. “You mean you’ve gone for over six months without the company of a woman?” she asked with an actual look of concern on her face.

“Mom! Since when are you concerned with my love life? I answered in mock shock.

“Since my young man went off to war!” she shot back earnestly. “No man should go without sex for so long. You must have masturbated a lot!” she said with a serious look.

“MOM! I can’t believe you just said that!” I exclaimed, genially embarrassed. It’s not everyday one’s mother accuses you of jerking off a lot.

“Oh don’t give me that ‘Oh shucks Mom, I never abused myself before’ attitude” she responded. “Before you left home for the military, you must have been masturbating at least 3 or 4 times a day judging by the stiff towels I found in your bedroom.”

Now I was officially embarrassed! I deeply hoped she didn’t find my other treasures while cleaning my room!

“Wow, this is embarrassing Mom” I meekly answered.

“So,” she persisted as she sat back put her foot up on the coffee table again giving me a full on view of her panty covered crotch, “did you masturbate a lot while you were there?” she asked looking me in the eye.

“No. Tent life with 20 other guys in the tent with you is not contusive to jerking off.” I answered as I squirmed in the chair, trying to conceal my growing erection from my mother.

“What about in the shower?” she asked, sounding genuinely interested

“Not even in the shower” I answered. “No guy wants to see another guy jerking it off in the shower Mom.”

Maybe it was the drinks or the heat or maybe it was all that blood rushing to my cock, because I was feeling light headed and very horny.

“You poor thing!” mom declared. “I should have let you have a few minutes alone when you got home, I’m so sorry!” she said, gazing at the bulge in my shorts.

My god she was beautiful. Her full breasts had fallen a little over the years, but they were still wonderful to see through that skimpy t-shirt. Her nipples were huge and were clearly visible through the light material. My cock was painfully hard and increasingly difficult to hide.

I decided to just let it go. “Your right Mom, I am horny as hell and you sitting there in your panties and skimpy t-shirt sure isn’t helping matters!”

Turning red, Mom stammers a bit, “Dan, I was only being concerned, I didn’t mean to make things worse for you. Besides, who could get turned on with this old body?” she asked motioning with her hands.

“Are you kidding me Mother? You look hotter than ever!” I immediately shot back

“Come on Dan, my breasts are hanging like pendulums and my ass is as big as a hot air balloon, but I’m flattered. Besides, it’s not right for a son to talk that way about his mother.” She rebuked.

“Mother or not, you look hot!” looking her in the eyes earnestly, “You have great breasts and the best nipples I’ve ever seen….” I slipped by accident.

“What do you know about my nipples young man?” as she grabs both breasts.

“Sorry, mom, but I’ve spied on you quit a few times in the shower; you know you never shut the door. How can I live with a beautiful woman and never notice how she looks?” was my lame argument. In reality, I tried to spy on my mother when ever the opportunity presented itself. Her beautiful body made for hundreds of great masturbation sessions since I was a teenager.

“You dirty little pervert! You’ve been sneaking peeks at your own Mother’s breasts?” she asked as she leaned forward and squeezed her breast together while attempting to act innocent. With that, she dropped the strap off of her left shoulder and exposed her full breast. “Is this what you were trying to look at?”

I nearly came right there. Her nipple was hard and huge. God it was beautiful.

“Go ahead Dan” she said looking me in the eye, “I know you really need to jerk yourself off. Pull it out and show Mommy how you play with it.”

Damn she sounded hot. To hear her talk like this was mind blowing! This was my own Mother showing me her breast, talking slutty, kartal escort and encouraging her own son to stroke his cock in front of her!

Reaching down, I pulled my raging hard cock out of the fly of my shorts. Grasping it with my right hand, I slowly began to stroke it. Mom’s eyes were riveted to the motion of my hand stroking up and down my shaft. Her mood took on a sense of urgency as she leaned back and put both feet on the coffee table in front of her. She looked wonderful sitting there with her tit hanging out and her legs spread for me to see.

“Take your time honey,” she said softly. “Make it last.” She almost moaned.

“May I see your other breast Mother?” I pleaded. With that, she pulled her shirt down giving me and exquisite view of both breasts.

I moaned with pleasure as precum oozed down onto my hand.

“Is this what you thought about when you pumped loads of sperm into my dirty panties?” she asked.

My hand momentarily slowed as I tried digest what she said. She had obviously found my stash of her cum dried panties in my closet. I felt alternately mortified and incredibly turned on. This whole conversation was a set up from the beginning!

“You know that it takes a real pervert to stroke his cock with his own mother’s panties.” She said matter-of-factly. “And it takes a bigger pervert to stroke it in front of his Mommy!” she added, mockingly while she circled her left nipple with the tip of her left index finger and lightly stroked her crotch with her right hand.

My eyes were glazed with lust and my nuts were drawn up tight as I drew closer to exploding. Mom looked better than any fantasy that I’d ever had of her. The fact that she had figured out my lust for her and was not freaked out was an even bigger turn-on. I slow down my strokes to keep from cuming too soon, though it is nearly impossible.

“Is this what you thought about when you creamed in my dirty panties Dan?” rubbing her pussy through the cotton crotch of her panties had caused a spreading wetness to seep from her pussy.

“Yes Mom.” I replied huskily. “I’m sorry for stealing your panties, but I couldn’t help it. You walking around in your bra and panties all of the time damn near drove me insane. Your so god damned hot!” I wheezed urgently.

Rubbing her cotton clad pussy with a little more urgency than before, she said with mock scorn, “Just because I chose to wear my bra and panties around the house, didn’t give you the right to steal them and fill them with your sperm!”

Hearing my Mom talk this way was intense. I never would have guessed her capable of such vernacular.

“Did you sniff the crotch of Mommy’s panties?” She asked, rubbing harder

“Yyyyes Mommy, they smelled beautiful!” I gasped

“Was it Mommy’s pussy that you thought of you nasty boy?” she asked as she pulled her panties to one side giving me full view of the most beautiful pussy I’d ever seen!

“Yes Mommy, it was your pussy that I fantasized about! I couldn’t help myself Mom, they smelled so wonderful!” I could barely move my hand as any second, my cum would launch in torrents. My hand was glossy with precum.

“Tell Mommy what you thought about my pussy.” She grunted as her fingers played with her soggy clit.

“I thought about licking your pussy and sticking my fingers in there while you laid there and enjoyed it.”

” At least your not a completely selfish dirty panty thief!” she said as she buried 2 fingers deep into her dripping pussy. “Now take your hand off of your cock and tell me what you thought about doing to your mother’s pussy.” She said as she started to pump her fingers in and out of her wet box.

Holding my precum slimed hand up to my lips, I started to lick the precum off while looking Mother in her beautiful blue eyes.

“Well mom, I’d lick my hand off like this and pretend that it was your pussy that I was sucking on while you moaned and screamed to orgasm”

“And in your sicko fantasies, did I come in your mouth?” she asked with lust filled glazed eyes.

“Oh yes Mother, you would grab my head and hump my mouth as I sucked that beautiful pussy for hours.” I said confidently, my cock oozing precum at an astounding rate. ” I would stick my finger deep into your wet snatch pump it back and forth as I licked you.” My hand again found itself wrapped around my cock again and küçükçekmece escort slowly stroking it gently. My own mother was sitting in front of me with her legs spread and her fingers buried in the most beautiful wet pussy I’d ever seen or fantasized about. “I suppose that your final fantasy was to bury that cock in your own Mother’s pussy, is that right?” she asked breathing heavy, her pussy drooling juices as her fingers slipped noisily in and out, in and out as she watched me stroke my fat, slick cock.

“Yes, Mother. I have pumped gallons of cum into your panties thinking about your beautiful pussy!” I grunted.

“Come over here and show Mommy what a cock stroking pervert you are!”

I jumped up and stood between my mother’s legs which she splayed wide.

“Stroke that cock you little pervert!” she yelled! “Show Mommy how you cum on her big titties! She shouted.

That was it. Ropes of sperm launched from my cock and hit Mom in the face, neck, breasts, stomach and hairy pussy. She screamed simultaneously with her own orgasm that shook her whole body.

“That’s it Dan, shower Mommy with your cum! Give it to me!” She yelled

Shots of sperm trickled to from my cock until just a drip stayed on the head of my prick.

She sat there bathed in sweat and sperm, heaving, trying to catch her breath.

I stood there, milking the last bit of cum out of my semi hard cock, gazing at this amazing woman.

“Get down on your knees you little pervert.” Mom ordered. I immediately dropped to my knees.

“Now, lick your sperm off of my body!” she demanded as she smeared it around with her fingers.

I gulped, leaned over and started licking. I started with a pool between her breasts.

“That’s right you little panty stroke, lick your cum off Mommy’s titties!” she hissed.

I absolutely could not believe that this was my beautiful mother demanding that her own son lick up the sperm he moments earlier shot all over her body. Could this be the same woman I met at the door only 3 hours before? Who was this slut?

I lingered on her fat nipples, sucking my salty cum. She let out a moan and pulled my head down hard on her tit. “Suck Mommy’s titty, you fucking pervert!” And I did with a vengeance.

She grabbed my hair and pushed my head down to her pussy.

“Eat your cum off of my wet pussy!” She demanded.

I immediately dove in and slurped copious amounts of sperm off of her soaking pussy as she moaned and humped her pussy into my mouth.

“That’s it! Eat it! Eat Mommy’s fat pussy! Come on!” She screamed and exploded a new orgasm into my waiting mouth. She babbled incoherently after that. I continued to lick her pussy of all her orgasmic juices and my own sperm. I was in heaven and rock hard again. I moved up to Mom’s breasts again and went to work licking every inch of her nipples.

She moaned lightly and stroked my head. “I’m sorry I turned all Cujo on you sweetheart. I tend to get that way when I’m super horny. I was cleaning your room when I found a bunch of my dirty panties stuck together with your dried sperm. At first I was really pissed at you. But after thinking about it for several months, I just kept getting hornier and hornier! The thought of my own son in the next room stroking his cock with my panties got to be a real turn on for me. I was hoping that you thinking of me and jerking off while you were deployed.” “Well Mom, the thought crossed my mind several times, but the opportunity never presented itself.” I caressed her heavy breasts, “I’ve fantasized about you every since my very first hard-on. You where the object of my first wet dream and I just could never think of anyone else when I stroked myself.”

“Baby, I’m all yours” was her reply as she reached down and took my hard cock into her hand and started stroking it. “This is Mommy’s cock from now on” she whispered into my ear as she stroked it. “Now give Mommy a big kiss!”

She kept stroking my painful erection as she searched my mouth with her tongue. She seemed to enjoy the intermingled taste of sperm, pussy juice and spit. She guided the head of my cock to her drooling pussy.

“Fuck Mommy’s pussy Daniel! Fuck it hard!” and with that, I buried my cock to the hilt in Mom’s wonderful pussy. She grunted as I impaled her harder and harder.

“Fuck that pussy! Fuck Mommy! This is your pussy baby! Fuck it like you mean it!” she screamed. And with that I launched another round of cum into her convulsing snatch.

“Honey, that was wonderful” she huffed in between breaths. “Now, get down there and clean it up!” and with that I was back down on me knees, once again sucking my sperm out of my own Mother’s pussy!

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