My Mom , Me Had Fun

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Hi since this is my first submission so I’m pretty much excited & I tell you all that it is not a fake story. This is my personal experience & I want to share it with you.

Before proceeding I tell you that I’m really a great sex lover & I can have sex with anyone.

This happen with me two months later & it changed my life completely.

So it was a nice day in morning but till noon it started raining my mother was out for shopping I was worried abut her that she may get soaked. Two hours have she had not come home yet but after one more hour she at last came back. I opened the door & my god she was looking extremely beautiful.

I let her in her t-shirt was sticking to her breast and her curves were clear suddenly my dick was erect I was too much excited I had a feeling that I should lick her mountains and sweetest grape tit. I was so lost in her that I couldn’t hear that she was calling me.

She finally shakes me up and asked me to bring her towel and her gown to bathroom. And she took off her t-shirt in front of me her blue bra was amazing I was once more light struck. Her lemons were making me crazy.

(I tell you all that my mom is very bold she never hesitated in roaming in bra in front of our family & sometimes in her favorite bikini. I also remind you that she got the gorgeous figure. She has maintained etiler otele gelen escort her at the age of 35 that’s great she is also very much fashionable always love wearing jeans t-shirt.)

I took towel and her gown to bathroom. I give them to her and went to back of our bathroom where a small window was and I peeped in and saw her taking shower completely bare I was tickled. I saw every part of her body I was shocked to see her bare pussy I was most excited to see her big breasts I surely wanted to touch them with my lips.

She was looking sex goddess. She then suddenly saw me called my name but I didn’t replied and ran straight to my room where I locked my door and was in a fear that what will happen. Since my dad was not at home so I was little relief but was afraid of my moms yelling.

After some hour I come out of my room and took my dinner & without looking at her I went back to my room. After few minutes my mom came to my room and I was afraid but instead she smiled and asked me what I was doing at back of bathroom I hesitated but collecting my strength I slowly speak out.

I told her that I was there to see her bathing, I was sexually exited so could not resist me and that is why I was there. She sat there quiet for few minutes then asked me to bring a etiler rus escort glass of water for her. I went noiselessly to the kitchen.

When I come back I was shocked. She was lying on my bed in bikini blue one, with her one hand inside her panty and one in her mouth. I closed the door with a noise she sat up & gave me a sexy smile. Then she stood up and asked me,” you want to play with my body. If yes then have it.”

I ran towards her and pushed her to my bed. I stared kissing all over her face and gave her a long mouth kiss. I then slid to her breasts and thrown off her bra in a moment. I started licking her black raised spot of her breast; she was curving her body and enjoying every lick of mine. I licked her breast for at least 15 min. then I slid to her stomach and then to her pussy I took off her panty and started licking her thighs lips.

Her pussies taste was awesome she was enjoying it very much. Her cry of sex was loud with every lick of mine her cry was becoming louder. She kept on saying to me,” fuck me baby; fuck me as hard as you can”. I licked her pussy, her ass & ass hole. They were looking like a treat to me.

Then after half hour she raised me & asked me to take off my pant as well as underwear. My dick was very hard and thick she wowed and started to play with it etiler türbanlı escort with her tongue and hands. I was jumped with tickle in it. Since it was my first time so it was a pleasurable event for me. She licked it very hard and I was very much enjoying this fucking. She started to and fro motion with her mouth and kept on doing this I was coming with a great force my dick was now even harder it got increased by 1 more inch making it 9 inch. I exploded into her mouth after long motion of her.

It was for the first time that I gave this much amount of lava. I was too much agitated then and I forced her to my bed and inserted my penis into her butt it was great I pushed and pushed. We both were in sweat even AC was unable to cool us. I exploded once more into her ass hole. Then I moved to her pussy I was delighted to see her vagina. I tried to insert but it was harder then ass hole I asked her the reason panting. She told that she had operated her pussy to make it brand new. I then pushed very hard my dick into her pussy she also helped me to do it. Then after a struggle I was successful.

I thrusted very hard her cry of pleasure and pain grew louder and louder. She was happy in every thrust of mine. After a long hard work I exploded into her pussy. The quantity of sperm was even more than my first explosion I could feel it.

After this great sex work we kept laying on my bed for an hour. After collecting our breath we moved together to bathroom for shower there we bath together and kept playing with each other organs.

From that day when we both are alone at home we do all our work naked. That was the beautiful experience I had that changed my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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