My love for the older woman


My love for the older womanI’ve been a fan of older women since I was 16. It was summer 1979 and in my local parkland area was a summer fete. Unusually for Scotland it was a fantastic hot day. I’d managed to get some beers some cigs and a porn mag and I was in hiding in some thick bushes drinking, smoking, reading the porno an watching the goings on at the fete. There was a path close by and every now and then I would here voices as people passed by. But they didn’t bother me as I knew I was well hidden. Until I heard the words I’m “absolutely bursting”, “I wont be able to make it home, I’m going to have to find somewhere to pee”. Then the voice said “you all go on ahead, I’ll catch you up”. Hearing these words from a female voice got my attention and my thoughts running wild. Then I heard the bushes rustling and from behind my tree I could see this figure pushing through into the secluded area.My heart begun to race as fast as a bullet. This was about to be my lucky day. I was behind a tree, casually jerking off to some porn and now I was about to witness a female taking a piss. My cock got even harder and my breathing became faster and heavier. And then she was about 10 feet in front of me. A small slim shapely woman of about I guessed mid 50’s and she was wearing a kind of all in one cat woman suit. (I remember them being all the rage that year, all the girls were wearing them), and that’s when it struck me. To take a piss she was going to have to take it all off. I almost came at at the thought of it. She was standing facing the tree I was behind, my view was fantastic and then she yanked down the zip with some urgency and started to shrug herself out of the all in one, it fell down past her knees and I could see her fairly malatya escort good sized tits being held up by a white bra and her nice white panties covering her pussy. She hooked her thumbs into the panties and slid them down and revealed the hairiest bush I had (and still to this day) ever seen. I was wanking with as much control as I could muster. I didn’t want to come too soon. I wanted to see her pissing and then she squatted down and let it flood out. What a noise it made she must have been really bursting. I couldn’t control myself any longer and let out a groan as my cum started shooting from my cock.My groan startled her and she shouted “who’s there, what do you want?” But she had so much piss to get rid of she was helpless. If she moved she knew she would piss all over he clothes. I now emerged from behind the tree and apologised but stood watching her finish pissing. I still had my semi erect dick in my hand and she looked up at me and said, “you’ve been a very naughty boy. Watching me piss and wanking at the same time”I expected her to get really angry at me but I didn’t care if she did. We didn’t know each other and I could easily disappear and never be seen again. But she didn’t. She stood up and reached into her bag took out some tissues and started to wipe her fantastic big bush. Did you enjoy watching me she said? I just nodded unable to take my eyes off her bush. I can see you’ve been wanking. did you cum lots? I bet a young man like you has got lots of cum. How old are you? Sixt… s*******n I said. She looked at me. Have you left school? I nodded and said I just started working last month. Oh that’s very good. I can see you like my hairy bush, come and have a closer look. She took my hand and guided escort malatya it to her wonderful bush and let me run my hands through it. My cock started to harden again and she grabbed it and stroked it to help it on it’s way. Then she said I want you to fuck me with that nice young hard cock. Have you ever fucked before or are you still a virgin? Twice I groaned. Well let’s make it three times. Shall we?She took off my t-shirt and spread it down behind her and then sat down and completely removed her suit and panties. She unhooked her bra and let her decent tits fall free. Then she lay down and spread her legs and held her arms out and invited me between her legs. My cock was rampant. I was like a raging bull trying to get into her pussy. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her fabulous hairy hole and then whispered in my ear push it in, go on. I did as I was told and started to fuck her with some urgency. Like young guys do. But she pushed her hands into my chest and said slow down. There’s no rush. I want to enjoy feeling this young cock in me and I want you to learn how to fuck without thinking you’re on your way to a fire. So I did as I was told and let her control the situation until I felt myself ready to cum I told her I was ready and she said fuck me hard. Go on do it. Harder harder, faster, oh yes fuck me that’s it go on. My seed started shooting from my dick into her pussy and I felt the warm juice flood her hole. I lay on top of her for a while feeling totally spent but enjoying the sensation, not wanting it to end.When I finally got off her she looked at me and said not bad for a third time, but I think we can improve on it. What do you think? Would you like the chance to do it again? I was stunned and malatya escort bayan just nodded and said ok. I watched her get dressed and marvelled at her bush once again. She gave me her phone number and address and told me to call her. Then she kissed me a long lingering kiss and said goodbye. My mind was in turmoil for days afterwards. I could hardly believe it had actually happened. Part of me was desperate to call her straight away. The thought of more sex. I could hardly wait. But part of me also realised that she was an old woman, and at 16 I should be out shagging girls my own age. I agonised over making the call to her for nearly 2 weeks until finally my carnal urges got the better of me. After all I wasn’t getting any from my own age group. So I thought fuck it. Life’s too short and I can always call time on it whenever I like. I would be in control.I started seeing Liz once a month and then it progressed to once a week. It was all very uncomplicated. I would appear at her house at a prearranged time and we would fuck like there was no tomorrow. She let me try out everything I’d read about in magazines and was totally uninhibited. We did oral, anal spanking, water sports, dressing up. She was a very willing sex partner and never asked anything from me in return except pleasure and satisfaction. I continued seeing her on and off for nearly 20 years. I never knew her real age until after she died and I read the death notice in the local paper. She was 76. The last time I fucked her she was 73. Still as willing and still as hairy. I have a single photo of that great hairy pussy which I treasure.Because of the teaching Liz gave me I’ve had relationships with 6 older women in past 30 years and every one of them has been fantastic sex partners. I’m married now to a lady my own age but I look forward to being with her when she’s an older lady. But I still love seeing the old ladies getting fucked on xhamster and all my memories come flooding back. Great for wanking off to.

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