My Iraq Deploment


My Iraq DeplomentI have always enjoyed looking at pornographic photos, and watching pornographic videos. The reason I have always enjoyed this is because every women is different and you can never find any that looks the same. I am married to a beautiful woman with a great body and who has the perfect natural and perky 36 C tits. It always turned me on when she would lay with me at night and rub my cock while looking at porn on the internet. During these great times we would always talk about our fantasies and sexy they would be to fulfill with each other and one of my biggest fantasies I have always had was to watch my wife getting fucked by another man, which always without a doubt would turn me on. Then in 2007 I was deployed to Iraq with the army and after landing in country my wife and I began to communicate more by the internet than by phone. Then like always our conversation would go from normal to talking dirty to each other over the net. These chats were so hot and without a doubt always help me work up a huge load in her honor. Shortly after a few of these talks we moved up from just chatting to using webcams along with your chats so we could watch each other masturbate. As we would watch each other masturbate, I was always ask her about how she would feel about allowing me to watch her get fucked on webcam, and she would in return describe to me how hot it would be and then begin to tell me what she would do to a man while I watched. Along with these hot and sexy talks my wife would also send me sexy pictures of her posing naked, and in Lingerie. These pictures were so hot and began to increase my thirst for more pictures and even hotter and sexier poses. Therefore, after having a few of these different pictures sent to me along with these conversations and webcam scenes, I finally ask my wife if she would take some pictures for me of her getting fucked if I could find someone who would. She quickly said she would do it, because she thought that I would not find anyone that would participate in the picture taking for her to send edirne escort to me. However, what she didn’t know is that I had also been talking to our 23 year neighbor’s son Brandon, and he had already said he would take the pictures.So the next night I got online a little earlier than usual and began talking to the Brandon. While talking to him I explained that I wanted him to take pictures of my wife with his cock in our mouth, and pussy, so she could send them to me to jack off to overseas. He then asked me when we were planning on doing this because he was more than willing to participate. Once he told me this I was ready to see what would happen next, so I told him that she was getting online in a few and we would see if she was ready to take some pictures. The neighbor’s son told me he was going to take a shower just in case and he would be back in a few. Then as he left to take a shower my wife popped online and I immediately asked her if she was ready take them pictures for me. My wife then said with whom, and I told her that the Brandon would be over in a few minutes, and I sent him a message telling him she was ready.It did not take long for him to come over, because just a few minutes after I told her that he was coming over Brandon knocked on the door. I could tell she was nervous, so I told her to relax that it was just pictures. I then decided that this was also the perfect chance for me to get a real show that I could jack off too. So in order to get the show started I told her to let me and Brandon both see that sexy body. As the wife began to strip off her clothes my cock began to get so hard, and as Brandon began rubbing my wife’s sexy 36c tits my cock began throbbing. It was so sexy watching another man rubbing, licking, and sucking on my wife’s tits, and I could tell from the look on her face that she was beginning to enjoy the touch of another man. I then told my wife and Brandon to have fun, take me some pictures, and that I would be sitting back jacking my cock while I watched.It had been almost six months escort edirne since I had been deployed overseas and I know that after they both was told enjoy each other that it wouldn’t take them long to get into the full swing of things. As Brandon continued to suck her nipples and rub her body I could tell she was getting horny. Then Brandon turned my wife toward the webcam, bent her over and began fingering her pussy. I then began to hear her moan, and she started to rub her breast while enjoying his touch. After a few minutes of him fingering her pussy, my wife turned stood him up and then got down on her knees. She began rubbing his cock through his jeans, and I could see his cock getting hard from her touch. She then un-buttoned his paints and reached into his boxers and pulled his cock out of his paints. I could tell that his cock about the same or a little bit bigger than mind so I knew she would for sure enjoy this fuck session, and so far everything was great and I was really enjoying the live porn, which was great for assisting me with jacking my cock off.My wife than began to suck Brandon’s 8 inch cock, as he began to moan as well from the enjoyment of my wife’s mouth on his cock and her hands stroking his hard throbbing cock and rubbing his balls. She would then take her tongue down the steam of his cock to his balls, licking and sucking his balls before she would lick back up the steam of his cock and then take it deep down her throat again. Dam this was so hot watching her suck his cock and it was hard for me to control my need to cum. After she done this for a few minutes it was all he could take and he grabbed her by her arms and stood her up and then laid her on the bed. Brandon then got on his knees and began licking on her pussy, while rubbing her nice firm tits, and he began to finger her pussy. I could hear her moans getting louder and louder over the computer microphone, and I could see that his fingers looked very wet from hurt horny pussy leaking on his fingers.After doing this for a little bit he got edirne escortbayan up and put his condom on and slide his hard throbbing cock slowly into her nice wet pussy. He began to slowly pump his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy, and I was enjoying every second of it. Then he raised her legs up in the air and began pounding her pussy very hard. I could hear my wife saying “fuck my pussy, slam that cock deep inside of me.” As he was asking her if she “liked that cock going in our little wet pussy,” and I heard her reply “Oh yeah, fuck that pussy Brandon.” I could tell by the moans and the look on my wife’s face that she was really enjoying his cock being in her wet horny pussy. As he continued to pound her pussy I could see her muscles beginning to tighten up as she was getting closer to Cumming all over his cock.My wife then told him to lie down on the bed and she got up over him on her feet and then squatted down and slides her wet pussy slowly over his cock until her pussy completely swallowed his cock inside of her. She then began sliding her pussy up and down his cock and I could hear his moans, and see his toes beginning to curl from the sensation of my wife’s pussy on his cock. She then leaned back and started wiggling her pussy on his cock while he was rubbing her breast enjoying every touch. It was so hot watching her work her sexy body on him, and it was making me wish I was there to join in on the fun. I then heard her tell him to fuck her doggie and make her cum. So she got on the edge of the bed on her knees and he came up behind her and slide his still hard throbbing cock deep inside of her pussy again. He was pumping as fast as he could and I could hear her moaning so hard and telling him that she was fixing to cum all over his cock. I could see her muscles tightening up as she began to cum. I then heard him ask her where she would like for him to cum, and she told him to squirt his hot cum all over her breast. So he smacked her on the ass and she got down on her knees and he began to cum all over her tits. It was so hot watching another man cum on my wife, and I began to cum all over myself as I watched. What a great night this was. We got some great sexy pictures from this and it left my wife and me both wanting more. To be Continued::::::::::::::::::

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