My hot wife


My hot wifeAndrea is now the hot wife I’ve always wanted her to be. I’ve been successful in turning my once flirt of a wife into a true hot wife that has even began cuckolding me. At first she treated me to sloppy seconds and later had me clean her with my mouth . After she had read about chastity devices she bought the shortest smallest stainless steel cage she could find. At first I thought there was no way I could fit in that tiny device but Andrea had read all the tricks, and after she cooled my dick and balls with ice she had that thing on me in a flash. As soon as I saw her step away from me I looked down at my little buddy to see I was securely locked away. I asked her how long she planned to keep me locked up. She said she didn’t know. She stripped all her cloths off and started looking for cuckold stories on the web. When she found one she really liked she would read it out loud.After seeing my gorgeous wife naked and hearing those hot stories my cock was trying it’s best to get hard. The cage was standing out from my body and my balls were being pulled tight. Andrea looked up from the computer screen to see me standing there looking pitiful, clear fluid had just started to leak from the head of my abused little man. She smiled real big then leaned back on the couch and put her feet on the coffee table. She let her legs fall open to expose her smooth hairless slit to me. She ran a finger up between her pussy lips then looked at it, ooo look I’m bahis şirketleri wet too she said.I said please unlock me so I can make you cum. She said you can make me cum without being unlocked, she then pushed the coffee table away from the couch with her feet. Get on your knees and eat my pussy she said . I did as I was ordered, I ran my nose between her hot pussy lips taking in her wonderful female scent before pushing my tongue up inside her. She grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled my face in tightly to her. I found her clit and started sucking it like a tiny cock, she always loves that. Her thighs closed holding my head, then she started telling me how she loves having her pussy fucked by guys with thick cocks. She said your little thin pee pee doesn’t do the job, she said you are so small you are actually erect inside the smallest chastity cage available. She pulled my head back causing me to look up from her pussy, my face covered in her juices. She said I’m going to leave you locked up for two weeks. Just as I began to protest she forced my face back into her crotch. I felt her feet now on my back as she held me tightly , making me eat her. I heard her moan then every muscle in her body tightened and she almost smothered me in her pussy as she had a giant orgasm. She released my hair and shoved me away. Her legs laid wide open as she caught her breath, God that was awesome she yelled. I got to my feet and started to complain about canlı bahis being locked up for two weeks. I’ve never gone longer than three days in a row without cumming. I told her I’ll have a bad case of blue balls if she leaves me locked up that long. She stood on wobbly legs and sat yeah I know. She said you have begged me for a long time to fuck other guys, she said at first I did it for you then after experiencing thick cocks that can fuck literally for hours I knew I had found something I love. She headed toward the bathroom with me right behind her still whining. What are you doing I asked? She said I’m going to shower and go get some thick cock. But what about me I asked. She said stay here and jerk off like you always do. I said I can’t you have me locked up. She laughed and said oh yeah, sux to be you. I pulled on a pair of shorts and grabbed a cold beer while she was getting ready to go out. I was setting on the couch finishing my second beer when she came down the hall. She walked in the den wearing her short pleated tennis skirt and a white tank top. She was braless and her dark tanned nipples could easily be seen through the thin white cotton. She turned her back to me and when she bent over to fasten her sandals I could see her pussy was covered with a white thong. She turned and said I’ll be late you don’t have to wait up after all there’s nothing you can do when I get home. I said do you want me güvenilir bahis to clean you? She said no, you’ve had all my pussy you are getting for two weeks. For the next two weeks I couldn’t sleep my balls constantly ached and my underwear always had a damp spot in front from my leaking dick. Andrea did everything she could to make sure she remained naked or wearing sexy things the full two weeks. My dick was ready to explode when the two weeks were over. Andrea had me stand naked with my hands behind my back. She cuffed my wrist then she unlocked me. She laughed at the marks the cage caused on my poor cock. It was semi hard and had a long thin stream of clear fluid hanging from the head. She pulled her shorts off and ran her fingers between her pussy lips then held then under my nose. Can you smell John’s cum she asked? I told her yes. Do you want to fuck my sloppy used cunt she said. Please, I answered. She turned her back to me and bent over placing her hands on her knees. She said go ahead and disappoint me with that pathetic little pee pee of yours. I stepped up behind her and easily pushed my hard four inches all the way in to my balls. I remained still enjoying the feel of my wife’s loose wet cunt. She wiggled her ass side to side and asked if I was going to fuck her. I started cumming right away. She said are you already cumming? I shamefully said yes. She pulled away and said you have no self control. She turned and looked at my dick as it started going down. She unlocked my wrist and told me to shower in the main bathroom, she went to to the guest bathroom to soak in a hot tub. Afterwards she put the cage back on me. I’m have the time of my life, eating freshly fucked pussy and getting to come twice a month.

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