my hot wife was the boss


my hot wife was the bossTHIS STORY IS FICTION ONLY AND IS NOT INTENDED TO AFFEND ANY PERSON SO PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASY AFFENDED THANKS.Hi my name is Tim Carter and my wife is Cathy Part of my job entails entertaining clients and potential new clients and sometimes their wives, husbands or girlfriends come along too. On such occasions Cathy my wife of five years will often come with me. She is excellent company and very good with the clients and their partners and just happens to look great too. Cathy loves socializing and thoroughly enjoys these nights out, especially if it entails eating out in one of the top restaurants in town and then going on to a club where she can dance the night away, Despite being thirty nine Cathy looks much younger and was still an incredible beautiful woman with a body to match. On such nights when dressed up she could hold her own against any woman in terms of looking sophisticated and sexy. Standing around five foot three in her bare feet and with shoulder length blond hair and beautiful blue eyes on a delectable size 10-12 frame with magnificent 36D breasts topped off with large prominent and sensitive nipples she always drew attention. For me though her best assets are her toned shapely legs and magnificent sexy bum, which always draws attention. About three months ago Cathy accompanied me on one such occasion when I took five of my top clients and their wives to an evening meal in town and then onto a club. Cathy knows I like her to dress classy yet ooze sex appeal on such occasions to impress my male clients. For years I have tried to get her to wear a pair of stocking and six-inch heels, which are the ultimate in femininity and sex appeal. I knew just how sexy Karen would look wearing them. She would never wear them for me maybe she will tonight for first time, I had asked her to wear them to show off her long legs she was also aware that I had asked a very special client to attend the evening she certainly had done me proud and looked absolutely stunning but no stocking “she said I like my legs as they are toned”. She was wearing a very classy and elegant designer red wrap around dress, which was held at the waist by a matching tie. The strappy four-inch heels she wore which helped define and show off her strong shapely legs and great bum complimented the dress. The dress was not tight but just molded itself to her body extenuating all her wonderful curves. The wrap style also showcased her cleavage with the material slipping between the swell of her breasts like a river flowing over rocks in a gorge. It also afforded tantalizing glimpses of thighs when the material naturally parted as she walked. The hem too was unusually short for Cathy, sitting about 4 inches above her knees. Due to the shortness of the dress and its wrap over style it would inevitable mean Cathy would have to be careful how she sat or moved especially when on the dance floor as she was likely to expose her legs and thighs. Beneath the dress she was wearing white panties that hardly covered her sex she also had on a matching half bra, which lifted and showcased her breasts perfectly. I did not notice it at first but when standing with the light behind her or if Karen was bending over stretching the dress taut over her gorgeous bum you could see the outline of the “V” of her panties and very sexy it looked too. I have to say I thought she looked fabulous and very sexy. Cathy can be a little reserved in her dress and somewhat prudish and straight laced at times but not tonight. I loved the thought of her struggling to maintain her modesty all night when dancing or getting in or out of the cab. Any failures would undoubtedly lead to our guests being treated to a spectacular sexy flash of her white panties. I was certain even if she avoided the embarrassment of exposing herself to our guests they would certainly sooner or later discover she was wearing a very small panties when she was caught in the right light or bent over too far causing her dress to be crushed against her beautiful bum. If she knew she had a very visible panty line I am sure she would have gone and changed but I was not about to tell her. As she walked about the bedroom in just her white panties and matching half cup bra and heels I have to say for a mature woman she was hot and looked like sex on legs. The heels, and tiny panties showcased her toned legs and pert bum to perfection, and the half-cup lace bra gave a tantalizing glimpse of nipple. She certainly turned me on and had me instantly hard and I was certain the male clients in our party would soon be very appreciative and impressed by what they saw. Jack Griffin was the special client I had invited and I had asked Cathy to make sure Jack was looked after throughout the evening, and as she was dressed to kill, I’m sure Jack would really appreciate her attention he was known as a bit of a ladies and leg man, Jack was around sixty years of age Cathy certainly fitted his type hence the reason for the heels and legs, jack was now a single guy again having been married three times and separated from his third wife, Jack had never been on these social occasions before so this was going to be his first time ,would Cathy be able to handle Jack because of his wondering hands I hoped Jack would pay attention to my wife and not try it on with my other clients wife’s, The evening got started when we all meet up for a meal at a top restaurant and Cathy took her place at the table next to Jack she certainly played her part by mixing and socializing with all my clients and their wives. During the evening as was often the case she got on especially well with the guys. And did a great job looking after Jack keeping him under control including his wondering hands, We were All having a great time and getting on really well, with as much drink as they wanted and a fantastic meal and more champagne and drinks awaited us later at the club. I sat the other side of Cathy, throughout the meal Cathy kept putting her hand under the table I was about to find out why later, I did at one point lean over to ask her if she was ok and noticed her dress had fallen open showing her lovely legs no wonder Jack was enjoying himself they looked great Cathy said she was fine and looking forward to going on to the club later, Jack on the other hand was more interested in looking and touching Cathy’s legs he wasn’t interested going on to the club I’m sure he’ll change his mind later when he knows Cathy will be dancing and showing more than just her legs, while they were talking Jack asked Cathy how long have been married “5 years but we have known each other for 10 years”, do you love him “of course I do” have you ever cheated on your husband “never” has he ever cheated on you “No” how do you know “I just Know” if you were my wife I wouldn’t cheat on you “but you’ve been married three times” fair point how often do you have sex once twice a week or every night ” that’s none of your business “he’s a very lucky man to have a wife like you if you were my wife I’d want sex every night ” I’m not your wife am I” you have the most amazing legs its a shame not to allow men to put there hand between them “you have all ready tried to put your hand up my dress most of the night“ Well you can’t blame me with that dress it just keeps falling open to reveal those delicious legs please don’t cover them up as it would be a sin “well as long as you try and keep your hands to yourself” have you ever teased a man and gone too far “what do you mean” well when you tease men by showing yourself off to them like your doing to me “its only my legs” yes I know but it could lead to more later “I don’t think so” Ok when you have sex do you think of someone different to your husband when your making love ”No” in my experience All married would love to see there wives with another man it’s the ultimate fantasy, So why do you think Tim wouldn’t like to see you with another man “I don’t” you should ask him you might be surprised he allows you dress sexy and look great and treat his client’s me included to a sexy show of legs and your body, he told me that if I was to come tonight I wouldn’t be disappointed as his wife would look after me you have done that well up to now, is there going to be more “like what” may having you to myself for one night, “I don’t think so” Cathy went quiet for a moment thinking about what Jack had just said, she had never had a conversation like this before with any man what ever there age , Tim and I had introduce some fantasy into the bedroom after a nights out together if there was one particular person I shown an interest in I would tell Tim bahis şirketleri lets use this guy, when we got home I would undress in a real sexy way and say I have brought this man home, I want you to watch me suck his cock and let him lick me out before he gives me a real good fucking ,it was good for our relationship and as it was only fantasy were was the harm, I was certainly not going to tell Jack any of that what we do in the privacy of our own home is our business , Cathy then snapped back to reality as Jack again had put his hand onto her leg this time it was different as Jack started to move his hand up under her dress a strange feeling came over her it was like an electric shock passing through her whole body it was like Jacks hand was full of electricity she felt the pulses working it way up towards her pussy she had never felt anything like this before she was worried in case Tim had seen jacks hand up her dress no man had gone there before why was she letting this man do this to her she seemed powerless to stop him Then “Tim said are you ok” Jack removed his hand from under my dress I was getting really turned on with Jack trying to get between my legs, all her thoughts were on what was making her feel wet, All was going well the drink was flowing and everyone was having a great time, and we would soon be going onto a club were Cathy could dance the night away and enjoy watching the eye candy dancing imaging which one of the wives would be the best fuck. Again the drinks flowed all night and everybody had their fair share. Cathy loves nothing better than to dance, after an evening of drinking she was nicely buzzed and her awareness of her modesty and respectability was slightly impaired. She looked a million dollars so it was hardly surprising the male attention she was getting including Jack I could only assume the alcohol had reduced her inhibitions as she was dancing to the beat of the music. Her admirers including myself as well as my male clients were treated to the sight of her magnificent breasts and hard nipples jiggling and bouncing beneath her dress as it barely contained her breasts within her half cup bra They also enjoyed lots of flashes of Legs as the dress inevitable parted and rode up her thighs as she twirled, twisted, while she danced, I am certain I even caught a glimpse of her panties as she danced. Other people on the dance floor where also treated to this sexy spectacle as she danced in a very provocative and sexual manor. Although I had to circulate and entertain people so was unable to watch her most of the time when I did it was difficult to see clearly as she danced and moved in the midst of a sea of writhing and swaying bodies and it was quite dark because of the low lighting. I was certain I saw Jacks hand straying up the side of Cathy’s thigh and holding her taut bum as she danced in front of him with her back to him. I was even sure I noticed Jacks hand caressing the side of her rib cage up close to the curve of her breasts. It would not be the first time Cathy had attracted such attention whether unwanted or not after all, she was a very attractive and sexy looking woman. She was the master by trying to keep Jack in check whilst letting him have just enough rope to satisfy his ego and not upset the balance of the evening or future business. She was truly a real asset on such nights. I am fairly sure she enjoyed Jacks attention tonight. Perhaps Jack would be the one coming home tonight to fuck my wife we will have see she has many to chose from I love our fantasy men when we fuck, Every one headed back to the table to take a break from dancing Cathy was now sitting close to Jack and they were talking very quite he had also put his hand onto her leg as her dress opened when she sat down she made no attempt to move it away which I found strange by this time I noticed jack was now getting a bit more daring and started to move his hand up her dress, it was all I could do to stop him, I thought any minute now Cathy will realize and remove his hand, but she didn’t, what was she doing I was now feeling horny myself I found myself wishing him to go further a strange feeling I know, I wanted my lovely wife to let him carry on and see how far he could go, it has always been a fantasy to watch her with another men I get such a buzz seeing her tease her male admirers with her body and those legs thinking do you want to come home with me tonight and fuck her so I can watch you, I don’t think she would do it for real so its fantasy only but you never know I might get her to change her mind one day, I would love to see my Cathy fuck another man in her stocking and suspenders and six inch heels . Just then she grabbed his hand and removed it and said something to him, Jack then got up and said he was heading to the men’s room so this was my chance to find out what was said and why she let his hand go so far “Hi love are you ok and is Jack ok,” Yes he’s fine just too much to drink “what was you talking about just now “he was telling me how much he liked me and my legs he told me I was a very hot wife and how jealous he was of you, He does says the most outrageous things when he he’s had a drink it was all I could do to keep his hands from under my dress” Yes I did notice you left his hand on your leg sometime “you said to make sure he was ok and look after him because he could be good for business or did you want me to make a scene by slapping his face. “Of course not “then leave him to me” Jack had been gone some time, Tim said I should go and check on him drinking too much he may have fallen over, “No its ok love I’m going to the ladies room so I will check and call you if I need any help”, Cathy got up went to find Jack, as she got to the narrow corridor she saw Jack standing at the far end and wondered what he was doing,” I was hoping you would come, as Cathy walked towards Jack her dress started to open at the front and she was aware of revealing her beautiful legs she knew Jack was looking so she made her stride longer to ensure he got the full view ,Jacks face was in shock all he could say was “ Oh my god Wow” you are so Hot your making me feel horny just looking at you ,Cathy was now herself feeling very naughty showing herself to Jack and thinking about what he had said to her and trying to put his hand up her dress ear most of the night it was making her very wet she needed some relief between her legs, as she got to Jack she stood in front of him and said “are you ok at that Jack dropped to his knees and she allowed him to opened the front of her dress revealing her beautiful legs and her wetness he started to rub his hands up the back of her legs just like when he put his hand up her dress at dinner it was like electricity pulsating between her legs and then he grabbed her butt he started to kiss her thighs working his way up to the ultimate goal he push his face right into her now soaking panties it was all she could do to stop herself from coming there and then it felt so good “Jack Stop get off me this its not the time or place she tried in vain to push his head away but struggled he was so determine to carry on but she protested again “Jack please stop” At that Jack let go and said you have been teasing me all night I have admired those beautiful legs I just want to taste you and bury my tongue inside that wet pussy , all I’m asking for is what Tim promised me tonight in return You Cathy was shocked at first but also turned on by Jacks had said, “Jack I have to go to the ladies room, at that I managed to get into the cubical and couldn’t believe what had just happened if he had not stopped when I had forced him too I would have given myself to him there and then, I was so wet What am I saying , this man He’s is attractive in some way so why wouldn’t I be attracted to him even if he is in his sixty’s he is so different from Tim and other men I have danced with and talked too, he knows what buttons to press I feel such a slut for letting a man I hardly know try to get me to fuck him why did Tim tell him I would be his for the night this is not right Tim would never allow this to happen to me , we agreed fantasy only ,Oh god I’m so wet and confused it must be the drink as I looked down at my panties they were so uncomfortable and wet this was the first time I had ever gone this far with anyone “OH my god what have I started” why would I want to go with someone like him I have a great marriage and husband who love me and would do anything for me yes it must be the drink, I then did something I would never have done before I pushed my wet panties up between my pussy lips to soak up my juices and then youwin I removed them I then had to composed myself as I walked back to the corridor Jack was waiting for me “are you ok“ “Jack we must never mention this to Tim do I have your word” “Well ok it will cost you” “open you hand “as he did I pushed my wet panties into his hand he put them straight to his face took a deep breath and said these should keep me going for a bit .Then I herd Tim call out are you two ok the taxis are waiting for us at that Jack put my panties into his pocket quickly ,Tim said the others had already left we both must of had a guilty look on our faces, Tim looked shocked , as we got outside I felt the fresh air between my legs it felt so good so cool, as we made our way to the taxis rank ,Tim said looks like we have to share a taxi between us we will drop Jack home on our way is that ok Jack “Sure” I got in first remembering I had no panties on so had to be careful then Jack and then Tim, as the taxi drove away I felt Jacks fingers on the side of my thigh trying to pull at my dress I crossed my legs so that Tim couldn’t see what Jack was doing as he move his finger pulling at my dress it started to fall down to the side of my thigh he was trying to work his fingers upwards and trying to get them between my legs I couldn’t stop him as every time taxi went over a speed bump he moved them a bit more Jack knew I wasn’t wearing any panties as they were in his pocket it felt so good it was really sexy because Tim didn’t have any idea what Jack was doing to me at that the taxi stopped Jack removed his hand and I manage to put my dress right just before Jack got out the taxi he squeezed my thigh and said thanks for great night will be in touch on the way home Tim asked what was you and Jack looking guilty about “Nothing”“It was all I could do to stop myself from telling Tim what I had just done with Jack and the present I had given him earlier, when we arrived home I went straight upstairs and shouted to Tim “are you coming” be up in a bit “I quickly removed my dress and bra I didn’t want Tim to notice I wasn’t wearing my panties, I stood looking in the mirror I was completely naked except for my heels I imagined That Jack was about to fuck me from behind when Tim arrive and said Wow you look so hot “Tim do you love me “ of course I do “do you think I look sex in just my heels ”Oh Yes “then get over hear and put that hard cock of yours in me now I need a good fucking Now” as I stood in front of the mirror I parted my legs placed my hands ether side of the mirror “ Well what are you waiting for” I felt Tim cock push up between my legs and probe my wet pussy lips “Wow you must want this bad your so wet “yes I do” as he entered me I moaned “Oh fuck harder don’t stop come in me I want to feel your hot cum burst inside me “Oh fuck that feels good“ Oh fuck that feel so good, Tim was close to Cuming I could tell buy his thrusting into me I couldn’t help thinking that Jack was the one fucking me “Oh I’m Cuming Oh’ Jack I shouted as my juices exploded “Oh god I Moaned ”Oh fuck I’m Cuming don’t stop harder Jack harder “shit did I just say Jack who cares my cunt just burst with the second orgasms that was the orgasms’ of all orgasms’ ever had it was all I could do from calling out Jacks name again , Tim said you just call me Jack “Yes I did” what was all that about “well you see tonight Jack said that ever man fantasizes about his wife having sex with another man so I thought you might enjoy me fantasying about Jack as your about to fill me with your cum, that’s why I called out Jack name “Tim did you tell Jack tonight that I would do more than just talk to him “No” Jack the lying bastard I thought he used me to satisfy his own ego I never saw that coming thank god I never fucked him tonight “Tim it is only a fantasy of yours to see me with another man isn’t it” of course it really turns me on I love it when you tease men with your body what husband wouldn’t be turned on by having a hot wife like you, I love it when we get home and you fuck me like you did tonight ” and use another mans name when I’m about to in you ”So you would you like go with another woman like wife swapping” “No I only have eyes for you” that good because I would only ever want sex with you Tim you do know that don’t you” yes of course I do, shit I was really hoping she would say I will fuck another man for you if that’s what you want, I really want her to do it for real and not just a fantasy anymore , I really want to watch her with another man I will have to keep working on her some more,As they went to sleep Cathy couldn’t get jack out of her mind the nights events had made her think more than usual was Tim being truthful about not promising jack she would be his for the night, and all his questions on there relationship what was Tim up to at that she thought of how jack had tried to force his face between her legs and it was again making her very wet she moved her hand and felt Tim’s cock and it started to become hard again she turned her back to him and started to rub it up and down her pussy , at that Tim pushed down allowing his cock to enter her pussy from behind she was so wet he continued to fuck her she screamed Oh god Fuck me fuck “Oh fuck me don’t stop until you cum in me “Oh Tim I Cuming don’t stop and at that both Tim and Cathy came together the sex tonight was amazing both were now exhausted,The next morning they were woken by Tim’s phone ringing “Hello “ Good morning Tim its Jack can you meet me at my office say 1pm today Cathy said what time is it “its 11am” “yes of course I can” good I want you too meet some clients of mine so see you at 1pm ‘Ok” who was that “it was jack he want me to meet him at his office at 1pm today I better get up and get ready what are you going to do today “stay in bed and chill out, Fine will see you later. When Tim got home he told me all about his day, they want to meet you at some time Jack had told how good you were to him so now you have another two who would like your company what do you say ”I think about it” well think hard love as this could be the icing on the cake they are both worth millions so were not talking small change hear, “Oh by the way Jack asked me for your e-mail address so he can send you a present for being so good to him last night, so you might want to check your mail and see what he has sent you could be a shopping voucher I’m told he can be very generous, “I will later thanks” that night we didn’t speak about again and as we were late getting home last night we thought maybe an early night and more sex Tim said he was knackered so went straight to sleep so I thought I’ll check my e-mail and see if indeed I did have a mail from Jack, sat down turned my laptop on and checked my mail “ping you have mail in your in tray” so I clicked on the mail and it said Hi Cathy just wanted to thank you for last night and for the present you gave me I have uploaded a picture for you so that you can see what I did with them, so I clicked on the file and what appeared on my screen was Jack with my panties stretched out in front of him holding them with both hands with an arrow pointing towards his crutch with the message this is what I would like to put into these panty’s the picture showed a rather large bulge in his boxer shorts ,I was memorized at the picture how big was he, then it read would you dress in stocking and suspender’s for me with high heels and send me a picture of you in them I would make sure Tim never finds out it will be our secret come on you know you want to do it you love showing off, I sent a message back to say that I would never wear them for Tim so why should I wear them for you and send a picture of myself you might try and blackmail me into doing something else, what’s in it for me if I do decide to carry out your request,I waited for his reply it seem like ages before the reply arrived,“So your thinking about what I have requested you do for me wellName your price, I would never blackmail you into anything you have my word I just want to see you in stocking and suspenders and high heels so that I could masturbate while looking at you would you do that for me”I replied with “yes I would do what he asked but only if he meet me at a place of my choice and that Tim should never find out about it and my price was that Tim should never have to worry about us not having any money worries again agree”His reply came right away agree 100%, “will be in touch soon with the location Cathy”What the hell have I let myself in for its now to late to turn back so lets enjoy the moment I like being in control,I need to go shopping youwin giriş to buy something very special for this occasion I’m quite excited about what’s to come,Tim I’m going shopping do you need anything ”No thanks don’t spend too much” I try not too,I drove to the shops to look for something very sexy for the night to come, while looking I did find a very small thong in black it didn’t cover much it was perfect, I also found a suspender belt to match I decided to wear black stocking I can’t wait to try them on, as for the shoes I already have some 6” heels with open front that show off my painted nails, now for the dress I think one with buttons all the way up front so I can tease him with undoing one button at a time job done,When I got home Tim had gone out so I thought lets try on the items I brought it was so exciting knowing I was about to show myself to another man without Tim even knowing that’s what made it more exciting my heart was now pounding in my chest why an earth was I doing this I had a great marriage and didn’t need to do anything like this but there was something about Jack that was driving me to do this,Wow I look so fucking hot in stocking and suspenders with my heels as I looked in the mirror Jacks going to be coming as soon as he see’s me that I’m sure, poor Tim would love to see me in them shame he’s not going to get the chance these are reserved for Jack only,Now for the location to meet, I looked for a hotel on the net that was not well know somewhere that was out of town, I found the perfect place this hotel was about 50 miles from where we lived, I booked a single room for the night, I then emailed Jack with the location told him I would text him with the room number when I got there so he could come to room without anyone knowing we arranged it for Friday as Tim was away and not going be home until Sunday that gave me Friday night sat morning with Jack I can’t wait for Friday,The week did go very slow but then Friday arrived this was it I was about to be unfaithful to Tim for the first time I had butterflies in my stomach but I just wanted to get to the hotel,On my arrival I booked in then went to my room it was nice just what I needed top floor I then sat on the bed thinking soon jack would be hear I need to get ready, I text Jack with the room number and his reply was on my way be with you in one hour looking forward to seeing you Jack,I got myself dressed wearing the items I brought Boy did I look good if I say so myself, I poured myself a drink to calm my self down I was now getting worried was I doing the right thing, just then a knock on the door as I opened the door there was Jack he looked different so smart all my thoughts were now on Jack “well are you going to let me in” yes sorry “you look fantastic so sexy I love what your wearing tonight is going to be the best night of my life” don’t worry Jack you will not be disappointed,Would you like a drink I brought a bottle with me “sure that would be nice to settle the nerves” you and me both,So how do you want to do this Jack “well how about you undoing a few of the buttons on that dress of yours to show me some leg”At that I stood up in front of Jack my hands shaking and I started to undo three of the buttons and moved my leg so that Jack could start to see the inside of my thigh appear ‘Wow he said more please some more so I undid another two which was now showing even more of my thigh just below my stocking tops, I then said to Jack I want you to strip down to your pant before I go any further remember I’m in charge, jack started to remove his cloths until he was down to only his pants not a bad body for a man of sixty and by the look of the bulge in his pants he was well hung too well Jack are you ready for the show sit in the chair and be amazed,At that I started undo the rest of the buttons on the dress I could see Jack was now getting harder and as I opened the dress to reveal myself to him he could not resist any longer and pulled his cock out of his pants it was so big and thick I had never seen a cock as big as that before the veins on his cock looked like they were about to burst “Oh god he said you are so fucking hot you look amazing in stocking and suspenders and those heels make your legs look great please show me your tits” as I leaned forward to show him I unclipped my bra and let it fall to the floor I felt in total control,He was now rubbing his cock and it was getting even bigger I was memorized by its sheer size I wanted to touch it to see what it felt like and I was now getting very wet it was such a turn on watching a man masturbate while looking at you, I stepped forward and took hold of his cock it was all I could do to get my fingers around it let me do that for you I said “are you sure’ it wasn’t part of the deal” I make the rules not you lick my pussy I said at that he pushed his face between my thighs like he did the at the party he pulled my thong to one side and pushed his tongue into my pussy by now I was so wet so I needed to slow things down so I pushed his head away and knelt down to put his cock into my mouth he was so big it was all I could do to get the head in my mouth he leaned back in the chair and moaned “Oh fuck you know how to suck cock my god you are so good I’m going to cum not yet I said and stopped sucking I stood up and removed my stocking and suspenders leaving only my heels on he was about to start rubbing his cock again do not rub that cock I said “I need to cum before I burst ‘ not yet I want that cock to come inside of me , I walk back over to the chair and pushed my pussy into his face eat me out now I said to him he didn’t waste any time he was pushing his tongue inside of me I didn’t care anymore I lost all my inhabitations I was going to fuck his brains out all night I was going to make sure he filled me up with his cum I need his cock inside of me I was ready to give myself to him and fill me with his baby batter I didn’t care I needed a real good fucking from this man I felt like his slut and I was loving every minute of it I would do anything for him as long as he fucked me again and again with that I pushed his head away and grabbed his cock and led him to the bed told him to lie on his back as I was about to mount his fucking hard cock, as I eased the head inside my pussy I could feel it stretching my pussy lips open and as I pushed myself down it felt so fucking good I was now moving up and down as I got more excited I was able to accommodate his size better I didn’t care I was now fucking a 60 year old man and it was so good the best fuck I have ever had Jack was now thrusting himself into me and was ready to cum and so was I come on Jack fuck me harder and cum inside of me ‘are you sure’’ just cum will you at that I couldn’t help myself I screamed I fuck Jack I’m coming fuck Jack fill me with you cum Oh fuck Jack as he exploded it was red hot it felt like someone had pushed a hot water tap inside of me it just kept coming I could feel it running down my thigh he was still pumping his cum inside of me “Oh Cathy that was so fucking good I have never come so much in my life” that’s good Jack because your going to fuck me again when I get you hard “again Cathy I’m knackered” you are going fuck me again and again Jack until I decide when you can stop ”Ok you’re the Boss” it was about an hour when I started to rub Jacks cock again it responded to my touch and was soon hard I decided to suck it to make it bigger because this time he was going to fuck me doggy stile I made him sit in the chair and pushed my butt into his face and told him to lick me out he also licked my bum hole I had never had this done to me before it was really sexy his tongue was right in my bum hole and his fingers were working inside my pussy I was getting so wet when he put his finger inside my bum it was amazing Tim would never have done that to me, I was now ready for his cock fuck me now Jack I need that cock inside of me now, Jack stood up I placed my hands on the wall and felt Jacks cock push into my pussy fuck me hard jack fill me again with you cum poor Jack he was pounding me As hard as he could I needed more harder jack harder jack then he pulled out and then pushed his cock back into my bum hole Oh fuck jack what are you doing before I could stop him he was fucking my bum hole and squeezing my breasts it was so fucking hot I came right away I must have cum twice having been fucked up the bum that night Jack knew what he was doing I loved every minute I was with him and we fucked another three times before going our separate ways,I did meet Jack again but we didn’t fuck that time, we stay in touch by mail Tim doesn’t know it will always be mine and jacks secret that knows there may be another time Jack and I will fuck,As for my husband Tim we have a good life together but I do dream Of Jack and that night we fucked each other’s brains out

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