My Hollywood Crush


My Hollywood CrushEveryone had their celebrity crush. Everyone. You know that there is a million to one chance of ever meeting them, and if you were to do so, it would be a fleeting encounter, at best. My celebrity crush happens to be Kat Dennings. Yeah, she’s not the greatest actress in the world, but who gives a fuck. She has these pillowy lips, gorgeous eyes, and oh my fucking god,she has such a full, bountiful rack! I’m no perv, but I’ve definitely spilled a few loads over pic of her, especially the “leaked” nudes of her that surfaced some years ago. I could never have expected that I would actually get to meet her. I’ve been a professional chef with my own catering business based largely in L.A. for about 10 years now. I usually do small, private events, for no more that 50-60 people. Business has been good, and I occasionally get to meet stars here and there. Never any A-listers, but it’s fun to get to hob-nob with the likes of people who most ordinary folks only see in the movies. Like I said, business has been good, and that’s just the way I like it. But a chef friend of mine, James, who handles larger parties, called me one day with a rather unusual request.”Dude, I know you don’t cater parties like mine, but I absolutely HAVE to be out of town on the day of a party I have booked for about 150 people. Can you take over duties for me? I’ll have all the food prepped, all you have to do is show up at my kitchen, speak with my sous chef and he’ll tell you what to do from there. The event is costing $25,000. I’ll give you 3/4 of what I would make which adds up to around $7500. Will you do it??””Sure”, I said. I don’t usually make that much from any of the parties I do, so I couldn’t turn it down. The morning of the party, I arrived at James’ catering kitchen and I meet the sous chef, who tell me what I need to do, and after a few hours we left to the venue, which ended up being someone’s gigantic house in the Hollywood hills. We unload the truck, set up the buffet, and then the guests start arriving. There are quite a few well known actors and actresses. The usual suspects. As people start eating and drinking, I make my rounds and introduce myself. Some of the guests seem nice; they’ll shake my hand and say hello. Blowing smoke up my ass. “Oh my god, the food is wonderful!”, they tell me. I know I didn’t do any of the cooking, but I take credit, nonetheless. I know half of the guests to be full of shit anyways, lol.As I’m checking on the party, making sure everyone has enough food, someone comes and taps me on the shoulder. Some douchebag wearing a $10k suit, and sniffing blatantly like he’s already done an 8-ball of coke, introduces himself. “Hey dude! I’m Charlie. Are you the chef?”In my head I’m thinking, “Uh, yeah. Do you think I just show up at parties like this wearing a chef’s coat for no reason?”He continues, “So I’m here with a few of my clients and one of them wants to meet you. She really likes your food and wants to know if you’re available for future gigs!””Sure, no problem!””Alright, follow me.”He leads me through a pretty dense crowd, and then downstairs to a room where a bunch of people appear to be doing a bunch of coke and smoking a lot of weed, it fucking reeks in here. Charlie sees who he’s looking for, snaps his fingers and yells, “Kat!! Over here!”I choked up a little, and became nervous malatya escort as I saw who actually was walking over to me. It was Kat fucking Dennings! She was wearing blue jeans that hugged every gorgeous curve, and a Ramones t-shirt that was cut off at the waist, exposing her mid-riff. She wore a fire engine red color on her pouty lips, and had her hair done in bouncy tendrils. I sat there in shock, wodering what stupid words might escape my mouth, adding to the already stupic look on my face. Embarrassment was sure to come, I knew it.Charlie said, “Kat, this is Andrew the chef responsible for the party. You said you wanted to meet him?”She spoke in that voice that can drive me crazy, in a good way.”Hey, I’m Kat. Nice to meet you! The food was really tasty!””Thanks. I actually took over for a friend of mine. He was supposed to be here, but asked me to come instead. I figured I shouldn’t pass on the opportunity.” I’m glad you came. I wanted to ask you if you would be interested in doing anything in the future. I occasionally throw parties at a hotel downtown, and wodered if, well, your friend would be interested in catering, but I guess you will benefit from his absence tonight.”I sat there, stunned like an idiot. I then blurted out, “Um, yeah sure! It’d be my pleasure!”The douchebag Charlie hurried off, probably to do some more coke, leaving me awkwardly there with a girl who I have actually jerked off to the thought of fucking, perhaps at one point tributing one of the nudes you can readily find on the internet.She the says, “So it’s kind of loud in here. Do you want to go talk somewhere else?””Absolutely!”Amazingly, she grabs my hand and leads me down a long hallway, passed many guests who are all, probably at this point, completely fucking shitfaced, and we end up in a more private room, that has an absolutely stunning view of downtown L.A.She starts asking me about food, something I’m good at, and she tells me how much she loves food and dining out, so I’m thinking, “She’s gorgeous and loves food. How could this get any better!?” The conversation continues, I’ve had a couple drinks at this point. I know she’s probably inebriated by now. Then we hit this awkward pause. She looks at me and smiles. I know she has this space in her front teeth, which may turn some people of, but I happen to think it’s pretty cute.Then she asks, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”I pause, and tell her about this one time that I skydived with some friends.She then says, “No, I mean, is there something that presented itself in the moment, and after the opportunity passed you thought, ‘shit, I should have acted.’ Have you ever been in that situation?”It was now around 4 in the morning, and the catering crew was probably wondering where the hell I was. I couldn’t give two shits less at this point.She looks at me pretty intensely. “We’ve been talking for almost 2 hours now. I think you’re pretty cute. Are you at all attracted to me?”I said rather drunkenly, “Are you nuts? I think you’re one of the most attractive women in Hollywood, and I’m sitting here talking to you. This doesn’t happen to anyone like me! I couldn’t have ever expected that this evening I’d cater a party and end up meeting you, let alone having a conversation with you.””I feel like doing something crazy right now”, she says. I break into what escort malatya feels like a cold sweat and ask, “Like what?”she looks away to see if anyone is looking, and she suggests that we find a more secluded spot. “It’s ‘been a while.’ You know what I mean? I spotted a bathroom down the hall. we could probably make our way there and no one would see us.”Before I could say anything, she smiles and winks at me, grabs me by the hand and leads me to the bathroom, quickly locks the door behind her and as she turns to me she lifts her Ramones shirt over her head, exposing her beautiful chest, tucked neatly into a black lace bra that appears to be struggling to hold up her lovely tits.She pushes up against me and tells me, “We may not have much time. Would you like to eat me out??”Am I fucking dreaming here or what??? “OF FUCKING COURSE I WOULD!”She pushes me against the bathroom sink and leans in to give me a little kiss. My cock got hard almost instantly.She spins me around and props herself up in the sink cabinet. And with a little shimmy, her jeans are off in a split second. She’s wearing matching panties. I’m about to lose my mind here. Other than the waist band of her underwear, the crotch all but disappears within her ample thighs. Her skin is beautiful and pale, milky white. The faint wiff of pussy fills my nose, and I slowly kneel in front of her crotch. She obviously doesn’t shave, and I am in heaven right now. I love when women keep it “natural”.”I haven’t had my pussy eaten out in a long time. Could you do that for me??””With absolute pleasure”, I said. And with no delay I slowly buried my face in her crotch. She was already wet. I wiggled my face around to separate her puffy, soft labia, to expose her beautiful pink pussy lips. I wrapped my arms around her thighs to help spread her pussy so I could easily lick her swollen clitoris. And I went on the attack. I completely lost track of where I was. I darted my tongue over her clit, then gently slipped the odd finger or two over her love button so I could inch my tongue into her pussy.Kat fucking Dennings! I was eating out my fucking celebrity crush!!! How the fuck does this happen!?She pulled my hair, pushing my face deeper between her legs. Her skin was so smooth and soft, I only wanted to bury my face between her legs and make her cum as many times as possible. I could feel her juices pouring out on my mouth, which only made me lick harder on her pussy. She moaned out load and pull harder on my hair. “Press your tongue on my clit, you’ll make me cum harder like that!!” I scooted her butt forward, spread her legs even more, and use my hands to spread her labia apart so I could freely tongue-fuck her glistening pussy. She tasted so sweet and salty at the same time (I am a chef, you know). I was using every opportunity to smell her sweet juices, which had me intoxicated at this point. It only urged me more to lick her wet slit harder and harder. I wanted nothing more than to make her come. Sh began to buckle on my face, I knew she was about to come. Her ampIe hips moved back and forth on the bathroom sink. I darted my tongue over her clit, alternating between sucking and licking her clit and pussy lips, spitting all over her swollen love-hole, and then it happened. She let out a muffled squeal, “I’m gonna fucking come!!!”I could feel her pussy malatya escort bayan swell a little more, I only took a moment to rub her clit with my fingers. Her pussy puffed out like it was prolapsing. And with that, she fucking squirted on my face! She totally showered my face! I’ll be honest, it tasted like piss, but I couldn’t care less. I made my celebrity crush, Kat Dinnings, bust a nut on my face! After moment or two, she calmed down, looked me right in the face and said, “No one has ever made me squirt before. That was amazing!” “It was my pleasure!” Before I could say anything, she hopped down off the counter, spun me around and began to undo my jeans. She dropped to her knees and pulled my cock out. To my surprise, she took out my swollen prick in one hand and greedily took me in her mouth. She ran her dick-sucking-lips up and down my shaft slowly at first, but she quickened the pace after only a few seconds. She gobbed back and forth, showing that she definitely had some blowjob skills. She let things get a little slobbery, I could feel her spit dripping down my balls. Now she was using her hand. I stood there, stunned, watching Kat Dennings slobber and suck on my throbbing dick, taking all 6 inches to the back of her throat. She gagged a little. She grabbed her bra in the front and pulled it down, exposing her beautiful breasts and strawberry-pink areola, which looked beautiful against her pale skin. They swung back and forth as she sucked greedily on my prick.It was getting intense now, she stroked the shaft and licked the head. She really knew what she was doing. She started sucking again, moving her hand in sync with her mouth. I said softly, “You’re gonna make me fucking cum.” She paused for a moment to say,”Just cum in my mouth, I can’t make a mess here!”She continued with her hand and mouth, making a fucking mess, slobbering and gagging on my dick. My balls were swollen now. In a matter of moments, I was about to blow my load. I grunted, “I’m about to come, keep going!” She quickened the pace, and only a few seconds later, I was spurting my hot spunk down her eager throat. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!”, I screamed. She stopped her stroking, and I could feel my cum spray the back of her mouth. And with that, she drew back and gulped it down. “Mmmm, your cum tastes sweet! Yummy.” I looked down to see her face was covered with spit and slobber, her lipstick was all fucked up, and she was also rubbing her pussy while I came in her mouth! She looked up at me and said, “Was that crazy enough for you!?””I can’t believe that this happened!””No worries, I had fun tonight”, she grinned.I felt like I had been used, but considering the circumstances, I was perfectly ok with that. After we both put our clothes back on and cleaned up a little, we emerged from the bathroom, looking to see if anyone was around like a couple of high school k**s who had been smoking in the bathroom. The coast was clear. The party had long ended, and after I met with the crew I came with who were already on the way out, she found me again and asked for my card. “Are you still ok with doing some catering for me considering what just happened?””Absolutely, I can be discreet. Feel free to reach out to me whenever you need something.”I just made a world-famous celebrity squirt on my face after giving her pussy a serious tongue-lashing, and she returned the favor by giving me a world-class blowjob and swallowing my cum. I wonder if my friend would have experienced the same thing if he were in my position? This was without a doubt the craziest thing that would ever happen to me. I love L.A.

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