My highschool girlfriend


My highschool girlfriendI am a good k**, senor in highschool, dark brown hair, long for a guy, and in shape but not super athletic. It was about mid-way throgh our year when I finally started talking to this girl I had been eyeing all year. She was perfect, pretty, funny, always interesting, easy to talk to, laughed at all my jokes, and we had a lot of fun. She had long dark brown hair, eyes I could stare into forever, beautiful body, nice ass and medium sized boobs. I finally asked her out, and she said yes, and for about a month we hung out a ton, making out on the third date about 2 weeks in. A little after our one month, I decided to start trying some stuff.We were back at my house, on my bed making out, and I put my hand on her ass, when she accepted and I started squeezing and she giggle. I slowly moved my hand up to her tits, kayseri escort and felt them, she enjoyed, then under her shirt, again, she just giggled and kept kissing, letting me go as far as I wanted it seemed. Soon her shirt was off and I was licking her nipples, as she was running her hands along my body, taking my shirt off, then beding back in pelasure. I unbottoned her pants and slide my hand down her pants. It was not what I was expecting, I felt a dick. It was very large at the base where I was feeling, I didnt go further at first, I just paused, and she froze too, thinking I would reject her. Mouth still on her nipple, I just laughed a little, and rubbed my hand down the length of her cock as I pulled it out, and she went back into the moment.I pulled her jeans and panties off, letting her cock free. I looked escort kayseri with amazment, it was larger than mine, about 7 or 8 inches, and thick. I had looked at gay and transexual porn before but never imagined doing it, I thought I was still strait, but I was so into her, I could not help myself. I grabbed her cock by the base, and stuck it in my mouth, and started to give my first blowjob, licking on her big warm nob, while her shaft went up and down through my lips. She moaned and said “WOW! I was not expecting this! I thought you were going to reject me, but this, oh my god this is awsome!” I stopped sucking for a second to say “anything for you baby, this is actually pretty hot, and I thought I only liked pussy.” I knew I liked to get deep throated, so I tried to deep throat her, and failed, gagging when it first kayseri escort bayan started to go down, and she just giggled and told me it took some practice. I started to feel up her ass, and she sat up to take off my pants, then rolled over asking for my cock in her ass and said “I wont make you do this just yet baby, just stick it in, I love it, ram it in like I know you want to” so I did, I went all the way down in with one thrust, my cock throbbed at the intense feeling. Her ass was very tight around my cock, warm, and as I pulled out for the next thrust in, I could feel it closing back, just as I rammed it in again. I grabbed her tits for something to hold on to as I started to go faster, she sat up to get against me and pulled my face to hers so that our toungs could ones again lock in one intense kiss. I fucked in and out for a while, she megan moaning and drooling in my mouth, but it was only my second time ever with anybody, so I came soon, she appeared to really like me cumming in her ass. Without her she put her cloths on, as did I, and we went back to watching television.

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