My Girlfriend’s Open Family Ch. 02

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Though Kathy and I were over to her parent’s house for supper as recently as last Wednesday, it had been two months since we attended one of their ‘gatherings’. We were to be there at ten to meet her Aunt Mary and Cousin Lisa, but Kathy wouldn’t tell me anything about her cousin. When I asked, she just said, ‘you’ll see’, quite straight-faced. When we arrived we just walked on in, hollered ‘we’re here’, and stepped into the living room. Her father Bill looked up from his book, gave us a nod, and returned to his reading. He looked quite comfortable in his easy chair, naked as usual. Her mother Lois, also naked, came from the kitchen and gave us both a hug.

“You two go up to your old room Kathy and get comfortable. Mary is in the shower and should be out shortly, Lisa and Cindy are in her room. I’m just fixing some drinks for later.”

We went upstairs into Kathy’s old room, stripped off our cloths, and headed for Cindy’s room to say hello. Reaching her door we could barely hear music coming from inside. Kathy opened the door just enough to stick her head in and say hello.

“Hi.’ I heard Cindy reply cheerfully. ‘Come on in.”

As we entered she strolled over in all her natural beauty, gave her sister a quick hug, then moved to give me a tight hug pressing her sweet little pussy right into my crotch. I was half-hard already, and that added fuel to the fire. Looking over her shoulder, I saw Cousin Lisa sitting on the far edge of the bed dressed in a blue see-through teddy. She was turned half sideways holding a magazine in her lap, and looked sixteen, though I knew better. She possessed average looks, but a cheerleader’s body.

“Lisa,’ Cindy said waving her over, ‘this is Dave. I told you about him. Come say hi.”

She walked over grinning shyly, extended her hand with a meek hello, all the time glancing down at my rising cock. I greeted her with a broad smile taking her hand gently in mine.

“Yesterday was Lisa’s eighteenth birthday.” Cindy said looking straight at me.

“Well, happy birthday Lisa.” I replied.

“Thanks, Dave.”

“It’s good to see you again.” Cindy said pressing up against me squeezing my cock in her hand, a look of surprise on her cousin’s face.

“That’s enough of that.’ Kathy said pulling her hand away. ‘You’ll have your chance. We’ll see you downstairs later.”

Grabbing my hand, Kathy hurried me out of the room and down the stairs. When we entered the living room, Lois waved us over to the couch.

“Have a seat on the couch. Dave, this is my sister Mary. Damn Dave, you ready so soon?”

“That was Cindy’s doing.” Kathy replied as we crossed in front of Mary.

“Hi Dave.’ Mary said staring at my hardening dick offering me her had as I sat next to her. ‘You’re almost ready. Ready enough.”

Mary was a few years younger than Lois, and cute as hell with auburn hair cut really short, B cup tits with large nipples, wide hips and a shaven pussy. Without hesitation she leaned over and took my dick straight into her mouth sucking hard on the tip. My lungs sucked in a sudden deep breath, and my dick jumped to full attention. Lois and Bill just laughed and teased her about being a cock hungry harlot. I didn’t mind, and the feelings shooting through me were just, fine. She bobbed up and down a few times with a lot of suction on the up stroke, then released me with a pop.

“You’re right Lois, he is tasty.’ She said with a grin looking me straight in the eyes, then added, ‘But we’ll have to save you for later.”

As Cindy and Lisa started down the stairs, Cindy’s boyfriend mark came in from the back hall. Lisa was still wearing her blue lace see-through teddy and sat next to her mother. Damn she looked tasty. Cindy and Mark sat on the other sofa beside Lois. We chatted for a while getting acquainted, then Mary and Lois went into the kitchen. A few moments later they returned with eight glasses of bubbly, passed them out, and Mary moved Lisa over beside me as she sat down.

“Here’s to my little lady, eighteen today.” She said raising her glass.

We all toasted her ‘happy birthday’, then Mary leaned over and whispered something in her daughter’s ear. Lisa’s eyes widened, and she looked me dead in the eye.

“You are?”

“I are, what?” I replied.

“I thought I would,’ Kathy began, ‘you know, surprise him.”

“Mom says you’re my first birthday present.”

I nearly choked. “Oh really.’ I said smiling at her. ‘I’d have wrapped myself if I’d known.” I jested.

“Your wrapping is fine.’ She replied. ‘I’m the one who needs unwrapping.” She grinned.

We chatted for a few minutes sipping the strong fruit drinks Lois made, and in no time I became quite at ease with Mary and Lisa. yabancı escort Nearing the end of my drink, I leaned over to Lisa taking her chin in my hand and kissed her softly on the lips. She readily responded and we shared a hot tongue twisting kiss. Breaking contact I saw Cindy and Mark were making out rising him to half mast, while Kathy had her hand in my crotch tickling my balls having the same effect.

“I think it’s time we went to the play room.” Lois announced.

We followed Lois and Bill to the large downstairs guestroom were two twin beds and several pillows scattered about the floor nearly filled the room. The lights were dim, and a medley of love songs played softly in the background.

“Dave’, Lois said with a smile, ‘pick your spot to give Lisa her present, and we’ll play quietly.”

With my arm wrapped around her shoulders, I took Lisa over to one of the beds, sat her on the edge, and told her I would take very gentle care of her. Sitting next to her I lifted her chin and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She soon opened her mouth letting my tongue slip inside. A few smooches later she was kissing me back with passion and her hand was at my crotch. Grasping the hem of her teddy I lifted it slowly over her head pulling it from her and lay it aside. With one hand on her waist, the other resting below her left ear, I trailed tiny kisses from her cheek down her neck to the swell of her right breast.

She began to moan as I continued to caress the tops of her breasts with my lips and reached behind her unfastening the clasp of her bra. Without taking my lips from her tender skin I slid the bra down her arms and lay it aside with the teddy. Cradling her tits in my hands I massaging them kissing and licking her pink nipples. Sucking first one nipple then the other into my mouth they soon grew large and tender. Lisa was now sighing rubbing her hands all over my body. I was hard as a rock and ready to jump right into it, but that was not the way I wanted her.

Laying her softly down on the mattress with her legs over the edge, I trailed more kisses slowly down her middle and across her belly. I massaged her tits with one hand while sliding the other over her hip and legs, placing little kisses on her mound through the lacy material. She was beginning to buck and squirm running her hands through my hair and over my back. I could smell her sex rising from the wet spot beginning to grow between her legs. Moving down her right side I kissed the top and inside of her thigh spreading he legs slightly, then up her left to her crotch. The damp spot was larger, and as I set my tongue to the damp material tasting her sweetness, she jerked with a squeal.

I put my hands flat against the outside of her hips rolling my fingers round to the tender flesh of her butt and began slowly rolling the waistband of her panties down her hips. She lifted her ass off the mattress and I slid the thin material down her legs following its path with kisses. When they fell at her feet, I shifted position to kneel in front of her and trailed more kisses up her thighs slowly spreading her legs apart. Zeroing in on her center, I blew hot breath over her moist lips and fine curls. Lifting her legs by the knee and setting them far apart I gave her virgin pussy a little kiss, then brushed my fingers to either side spreading her labia exposing the bright pink flesh beneath.

Setting my tongue flat against her quim made her jerk and squeal loudly as more juices began to gather at her door. Sucking her clit between my lips I was surprised to find it so tender and large. Almost an inch after I suckled it to full ripeness. Then I probed her opening with my tongue and received the first of many sweet rewards. Rubbing her pussy with my index finger making it slick with her moisture I slipped it gently into her virginal cunt. Moving it around slowly as her hips bucked and jerked, I could feel the lacy fringe of her maidenhood. I began working my finger in and out hoping to soften it up so that when I penetrated her it wouldn’t hurt as much.

When she began coming on my hand I felt she was as ready as she was going to be. I gave her pussy one last suckle then moved over her young body bracing myself on my left hand. With my right hand I placed the head of my cock at the very edge of her entrance, kissed her cheek, and whispered in her ear.

“This may hurt for a moment, then it will be pure pleasure. I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

“Don’t worry about it, I want you in me please.”

I rubbed my cock head between her lips zeroing in on her opening, and once the tip was set at her door, I applied slow steady pressure while wiggling it in circles with my hand. yeni escort I could feel my crown begin too part the lacy flesh hoping I wasn’t hurting her.

“Push it in.’ She panted. ‘Go on push. Get in me now.”

I obliged with a quick short thrust and the head popped past the obstruction. She winced in pain, then pleasure as I continued to slide very slowly into the hottest, tightest cunt I had ever fucked. I couldn’t believe how tight, slick, and hot she was. I was about half way in when I pulled back slowly to the head, and started moving forward. Her heals suddenly slammed into my ass and I thrust all the way in feeling the end of her tunnel press against my cock-head.

“Oh my fucking god!’ she squealed. ‘That feels so good. Fuck me faster. Fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck me!!”

I set a rhythm of long full strokes slowly picking up speed, and could feel her cunt squeezing me even tighter in convulsions as she came again and again. I was moving faster now giving her a real fuck trying to hold out as long as I could. That cunt felt so good around my cock I didn’t want to ever stop fucking her. And I don’t think she wanted it to ever stop either the way she was coming and screaming in my ear. But all things must come to an end. I couldn’t hold out any longer and started pumping stream after stream of cum into her tight slick hole. That sent her over the edge, our orgasms coming in unison, her squealing and me grunting like a couple of wild animals. Even after my flow had stopped I kept pumping her cunt, her cunt kept coming, and we kept grunting.

I finally fell nearly flat on top of her crushing her body beneath my weight sweating and gasping for air. Her arms were wrapped around my neck holding me close, and her legs lay spread to either side.

“Oh what a lovely feeling that was. God I loved it. I loved it, sooo much. You have to promise to fuck me again, soon as you get hard. Please promise me you will fuck me again before anybody else.”

“You’re the birthday girl. When I fuck you again, what or who else would you like?”

She looked me straight in the eye, then whispered I my ear; “I want all three of you to fuck me. You, then Mark, then Uncle Bill. One, after, the other.”

“I’m here to make your wish come true.” I whispered back.

I helped her stand and noticed she had shed very little blood. We told the family, who did more watching than fucking, Lisa and I were going to get cleaned up and be back for round two. We stepped into the shower just letting the water drift down our bodies for a moment, then I removed the shower wand setting it to a mild pulse running it over her body. Wrapping my arm around her waist and her arm over my shoulders for support, I set the pulsing jet at her cunt moving it across slowly making her quiver. Reaching down with her hands, she spread her lips open letting the warm water pulse over her inner flesh and clit. When her knees began to buckle I stopped and set it back on its hook.

Stepping back into the room, we saw Mark on one bed fucking Cindy with Kathy sitting on her face. Mary was on her knees lying over a stack of pillows sucking Lois with Bill fucking her from behind. Lisa and I sat on the other bed and watched the action growing more aroused by the second. I started rubbing her pussy, and her hand wrapped around my stiff cock sliding up and down in slow strokes drawing semen from the tip. She was a natural at this brushing her thumb lightly over the head spreading my juices over my shaft.

She suddenly turned to me kissing me hard thrusting her tongue in my mouth fighting with mine. I drew her tight against me wrapping my arms around her slim frame pressing her tits against my chest. Our hands roamed over each other’s body fanning the flames building within until she broke the kiss holding me tight, and whispered in my ear.

“I want you in me. I want you to fuck me like Uncle Bill is mom, then I want them to fuck me. Fuck me now lover.”

I got her into position on the bed with her ass hanging over the edge, her head on the mattress, knees set slightly apart. She had the cutest little ass, and her gleaming pussy was driving me wild. Kneeling down I thrust my tongue straight into her cunt sucking her lips into my mouth and reveling in the salty-sweet taste of her honey as it began to seep from within. She started coming, and when her orgasm struck, her juices literally squirted from her gash into my mouth and on my chin.

Jumping to my feet I placed my left hand on her hip and guided my raging cock straight into her hot pussy sliding in to my balls in one move. Grasping her hips, I went right into a steady rhythm pumping her with long deliberate strokes. Her fingers yenibosna escort were at her clit rubbing it furiously as I thrust into her. Our breathing began to come more rapidly, and the sensation her pussy ws sending through me made me want to fuck her wildly, but I resisted wanting the feeling to continue as long as possible. The velvety slick walls of her cunt caressed my dick with such intense flexing of her vaginal mussels when she came again, I couldn’t hold back and exploded in one of the most profound orgasms I ever felt. Streams of hot spunk shot from my balls almost painfully filling her to the brim mixing with her own juices overflowing her cunt and running down the inside of her thighs. As my orgasm began to subside, I took a quick look over my shoulder to see which one of the guys were ready to take over.

Everyone was petting watching us, and both Mark and Bill were hard. Nodding to mark he stood behind me, and with a few last pumps letting Lisa’s cunt squeeze the last bit of cum from my cock, I withdrew. Our thighs rubbed together as Mark took my place plunging in to the hilt. I sat on the bed between Kathy and Cindy watching Lisa writhe as Mark fucked her hard and fast. When I told Bill she wanted him next, he stood and moved in close stroking his cock, which was larger than either Mark’s or mine. Lisa was squealing and thrashing in another orgasm as Mark shot his load into her groaning loudly.

He pulled free and Bill’s cock was pumping inside her before her climax ended sending her directly into another orgasm. A mixture of sperm and pussy juice ran from her cunt in thick streaks down her thighs, and she was coming in rapid succession. Lisa was crying and shaking, drenched in sweat, and if it weren’t for Uncle Bill holding her hips, I think she would have collapsed. She screamed loudly when he finally blasted his jizz into her thoroughly fucked cunt flushing all other fluids from her. Bill slowed giving her a few more thrusts till he was fully spent, then eased her down on the bed laying her on her back with her cum drenched legs dangling over the edge.

She was exhausted and lay limp gasping for air. I moved over siting close to her asking if she were O K. She stared blankly at me for a second, then smiled reaching up pulling my lips to hers giving me a tender kiss panting in a breathless whisper.

“I, am so, O K, I can’t, fucking, believe it!”

As I stood, Kathy and Cindy knelt between her legs and tenderly licked the globs of cum from her skin. Mark and Bill were laying on the floor to either side of Lois, and I lay back on the other bed next to Mary. The moment my head hit the mattress Mary was at my crotch sucking my limp dick into her mouth bringing it quickly back to life. I looked over to the floor and saw Mark eating Lois, while she sucked hungrily at her husband’s limp cock. I turned back to Mary as she raised from my lap, our open mouths clasped together with tongues twisting in unison.

“Get up on the bed.” Mary said with a smile.

I half crawled to lie fully on the bed as Mary lay over me straddling my hips pressing my boner flat against her pussy rubbing her clit along the tender underside. Leaning forward she pressed her tits into my chest, kissed me long and hard, then raising her hips reached between us and set me to her cunt. Rocking back slowly she impaled herself on my cock and continued rocking rubbing her clit against my pubes. As she rose up on her hands rocking my dick in and out of her cunt I pushed up with my hips matching her thrusts till she was bouncing wildly on my cock. I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples as best I could manage with her bouncing like she was. When she came, it was hard and fast, and her cunt gripped me almost as tight as her daughter’s or Kathy’s could. On her second orgasm I erupted pumping what I had left into her quivering cunt. As her climax ebbed, she lay over me holding me tight planting little kisses all over my face, still rocking her clit against the base of my cock.

“I want to thank you for showing my daughter what a good fuck is like, and making her a woman.”

“You are entirely welcome. Don’t tell Kathy, but Lisa was the best fuck I ever had. Probably because she was my first virgin. And by the way, you’re quite a fuck yourself. Thank you very much.”

“You’re most welcome. And I want you to come over to our house sometime soon. When my husband and younger daughter and son are away, and it can be just the three of us. I’ll talk to Kathy about it, but I’m sure she won’t mind. What do you say?”

“Sure. Love to. Call me.”

Mark and Lois had one more fuck while Kathy and Cindy helped Lisa into the tub and got her cleaned up. Mary and I lay on the bed wrapped in each other’s arms for a while talking while Bill washed up downstairs, then we showered together. We sat in the living room for a while before Mark and Lois came in. Judging from the sounds we heard coming from the downstairs bath, they had more fun in the shower.

To be continued…

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