My girlfriend is great.


My girlfriend is great.deleted This is little bit of mixed things. Some probably remember my ex Becky being on here. We both ran this profile, but we’re no longer together. Still friends which is rare for most, but this isn’t about that. This is about my girlfriend. Her name is Erin and I recently uploaded a video of me cumming on her boots. Even used a photo of her lol, but she knows my secrets. She’s not only stunningly beautiful, she’s my oldest friend and we go way back so having her as my girlfriend is pretty fucking awesome. Like I said she knows my secrets. She knows I’ve got a thing for heels and boots (cause she caught me with pair of her boots when we were 17) and she doesn’t have a problem with it. I’ll be honest I’ve felt like a freak or something was wrong me there for awhile but she told me that everyone’s got a fetish for something and she didn’t find it weird at all……she finds it pretty hot actually which is always good to know. Well this story is bahis siteleri canlı about what took place one day. I had worked for 7 days cause I’m self employed so I took a day off. Erin had stayed overnight at my house, but she had to work. She had extra clothes she brought with her. Well, I started playing on my Xbox cause she was getting ready to go to work and using my bathroom. When she was about to leave she asked me what I was going to do that day. Told her I’d probably go outside and work in the yard for a bit, but was gonna play the Xbox for hour or 2. She tells me I should, but when I looked back at the TV I heard her unzipping the bag she had and I felt something hit next to me. I looked down next to me on the couch and it was these tan leather Arizona boots, harness look, no lace up or zipper meaning she pulled them on. She wore them when she came over. I look at them and then look back at her and she had this smile that was so cute and tells casino şirketleri me, “Out of the things you can do you can fuck those for me.” and then walks over, grabs one of the boots, rubs it across my dick and tells me “But seriously though you should.” Then gives me a kiss and goes to work. So I did end up fucking those boots and I’ll post the video up when I can. When she got off work, she came back to my house and asked how my day was and I tell her about it then she goes, “So….did you fuck my boots today?” when I told her I did she then replies, “Did you fuck them long and hard?” I tell her I did and tell her I took a video and she then goes, “Oh my god you’ve got to let me watch it.” So I get my phone out and let her watch the video and she tells me, “That is so hot baby. You should cum inside one so I can wear that boot. Just a thought.” and nothing bad about my ex, but with Erin it feels real. Like she’s 100% turned on with what I do. Being with canlı casino siteleri her just feels real anyways. Later that day though we had gone back to her house and she lets me look into her closet. Which, I’ll keep what her closet looks like to myself lol. She then asks me if there were any shoes I like and when I told her about these 2 pair of boots that were in her closet and one of the pair she wore on our date, and a pair of leather Puma’s she gets them and hands them to me and tells me to enjoy them and if she needs them she’ll let me know. She gives me a wink, a kiss and tells me also me having them gives her an excuse to wear them when we have sex. She’s into wearing boots and I don’t mind it cause the heel part are like handles lol. Other thing that day is I told her about this site. How I’m on it and how I’ve uploaded a video of her boots and she asks me if she can see, so I show her and tells me that it was hot and it’s like I’ve got my own thing going. Also how she thought others who have the same interest and passion I do were like another family to me. Not only that she tells me I need to upload more and keep up my so called fan base LOL! Erin’s amazing and she’s just really great to be around and just know.

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