My GF the Best Part 2 Pegged Cuckold Gay


My GF the Best Part 2 Pegged Cuckold Gay”Your turn.”He rough shoved my mouth off of him, moved behind me, splashed lube up my ass, yanked the strap from my hole and began pushing into me. The tip of his dick slipped easily into my used hole and I moaned as the size of it spread me pleasantly open. I reached back again, grabbed my ass and spread myself open to him. “Ya, that’s nice. Spread that ass open for me and let me wreck it real good,” he told me as he began to push the rest of his massive dick into my ass. “Mmmm…ahhh…ugggghh…. Ya fuck my hole open!”Pain flared up my anal cavity as his thick slathered cock spread and smashed my swollen hungry hole open, pushing my lubed and dripping rectum open wide as he continued his plunge into man hole. I started panting and groaning as his hog was forced deeper and deeper in forcing my rectum walls further apart. “Uhhh…uhhh…yaaaa….god ddddamn fuck that….big dick…into me,” I grunted.I still held my ass open for him but began to whimper as he sunk further in and my asshole struggled to take it. Sweat beaded on my forehead as my ass was worked over by this slab of raw cock. I heard him give a final grunt then felt his pubic hair press up against my ass.”AHHHHHHHH!!!! FUUUUUCK!!! Hoooo….ahhhhhh….. fuckkkkk!!” I screamed out as he pushed all the way in. He rested there for a moment and I adjusted to the extreme sense of fullness in my bowels. Then he pulled out, suddenly my ass was a void as he left it then just as quickly he shoved back in and I rocked against the couch and squirmed as he imbedded his cock in me.”Shit…ya…shitttt…fuck me….fuck me,” I cried out as he started pulling and pushing into me.Several of the guys were standing around us watching this monster punish my asshole and cheering him on.”Take that dick!””Ah ya look at that thing split that ass open! Fuck ya!””Ahhh…fuuuck…ah it’s so..biggggg…jesus,” I swore.”That’s hot. Take it like a man!!””Shit, look at his hole swallow that dick up!””Ya…ya…you guys….like that….like watching meeee…get…shit, shit…get fucked hard?” I moaned at them as my ass was ridden and busted further open.I then suddenly found a cock thrust into my mouth and I began sucking, my eager lips wrapping around the veiny shaft. The bombardment of my anus continued as the guy behind me started a rhythm of pressing my insides open then pulling out and the pain I was feeling started to mix with pleasure. I slurped and suck on the stiff cock in my mouth eagerly sucking it down and wanting more. My ass began to tingle and pulse as flares of pleasure and stimulation shot out from it and into the rest of my body.”Who’s next to ride this slut?” I heard asked from behind me as the massive mound of flesh pulled out of my stretched hole.The dick in my mouth slide out, my hole gapped open after being smashed but that huge cock and was quickly replaced with the slick cock that had been in my mouth. The guy began to feverishly pump my ass, thrust his hips hard into me as I let my ass go and braced myself on the couch. “Ya, ya, ya! Take it, take it, take it,” the guy fucking me said in time to his thrusts.The thick cock from my ass moved into my mouth, the greasy head covered in lube, ass and white lather let me savour the flavor of my brutalized hole. I moaned loudly around the cock as my rectum was pumped and thrust into. Then just as quickly as he started the guy behind me pulled out. The big dick in my mouth also pulled out but both cocks were quickly replaced as another black dick started banging my ass and the one that had just been in it slipped into my mouth. I again sucked my own ass off the man in my mouth and stroked and rubbed his balls as I eat dick. My hole eagerly opened to the ramming it was taking and I felt my insides easily spreading apart to take all the cock it could. I thrust my ass back at the dick and was rewarded with a hard pounding as he grabbed my harness for leverage and began to really work my ass over. The guy on the couch slipped out of my mouth and I moaned with desire.”Goddd…I want to be fucked….more….I’ll do anything….anything for more cock,” I lustily breathed. A line quickly formed behind me as the guys took turns fucking me and making me suck my own ass off their cocks. It was a succession of glistening raw cocks pushing my sphincter open to probe my most intimate areas. Their throbbing heat spreading through my anal cavity as it was continually and repeatedly filled with the genitals of strangers, while I sucked and licked the frothed and sticky remnants of anal sex off their stiff pricks.After what seemed an eternity of pleasure the train of cock in my ass ended and I was left laying over the edge of the couch, my stretched and used hole gapping and struggling to close after it had be pulverized by so many cocks. “You’ve been warmed up well enough. Time to ride this b**st,” the python said as hauled me up by the harness and pulled me onto him as he sat on the couch. I climbed onto his lap, placing my knees on each side of his hips as he yanked the strap away from my ass, rubbed lube up my hole.”Now sit on my dick,” he demanded as his massively thick hunk of meat rested below me.”I’m going to take every inch of it! I’m going to make it disappear up my ass,” I purred at him.I was determined to take every inch of this b**st in my hole. I’d watched Jen fuck him and she had been unable to take him all but I was going to. I reached behind me and placed his big pink head at my doorway and began to wriggle my ass over its lubed surface. He grabbed the strap and tried to pull me down but I resisted, I toyed with his mushroomed head more taking it just barely in me before pulling it back out. “You afraid you can’t take it?” he asked. “It’s ok I didn’t believe Jen when she said you’d be able to take anything we pulled out of our pants.”I was teasing him and I know what he was doing, trying to goad me into obliterating my man hole on him. I accepted his challenge and I swirled my sphincter around his slick tip once more then slammed my asshole down over his huge cock. My bowels bulged and my insides engulfed his python of a cock as I buried myself to the hilt on his giant penis.”Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Huuuuuuuhhhhuuuuu!!! Awwwww…hmppppphhhhhhh!!” I cried out in both pleasure and pain as my insides were wrenched open and his shaft plunged into me. I began to rock and grind my ass into his lap, working his tip deep into my bowels, feeling it press far up inside me.”Ah fuck ya! Fucking take that cock. Ya ram it up that ass! Ram it!!” he moaned and swore over and over I slammed my ass on his cock and began to madly fuck myself on him. “Huuuhhhuuuuhh…..hhuuuhhhh..aggggggghhhhh….” I groaned as I engulfed his cock with my hole, my hard cock bouncing and flopping against my body as I thrashed away.I pulled up half way along his thick hog then pushed it all the way back in again, clenching my ass as hard as I could as I took him. He began bucking his hips into me and grabbed my shoulders forcing me hard onto him. I began to bite his neck and ears and it drove him on as he began pumping my ass hard as I rode even harder against him. “Owwwww yaaa, yaaaa, ohhhh yaaaa ride that dick bitch!” he breathed as he pounded at me.My ass was awash of pleasure and ache as I wrapped my anal canal around his manhood and tried to milk his cock.”Fuckkkkk me….fuck me….fuuuuuccckkkk!!! Fuck the….shitttt out of me….pound my ass! Fuck it! Fuck it!!” I screamed as I arched my back, threw my head back and thrashed on the slab of man dick.The others were watching this wild display of ass ramming and heartily enjoying it, calling on encouragement. I furiously ground my ass and hips into him trying to take every extra little piece of his cock up inside me, he left go of my shoulders and began pinching my nipples and slapping my ass. “Ohhhh…pinch them…spank me….spank me harder!” I wildly yelled at him. “Fuck my little ass…..hhhhhuuughhh….. fuck my little çanakkale escort ass! Punish it….fucking punish it….fill it with cum…dump your load in me,” I screamed at him between clenched teeth, sweat running across my lithe smooth body. We thrashed our bodies together for several minutes before he looked at me, “You filthy slut. I’m going to blast my load up your ass. Shit it’s close.””Ya, ya! I want it….fucking fill me up…breed my ass. Be the first one to empty into it!!” I begged.He groaned and strained against me and as he buried himself deep into me I felt him clench up and then explode. His cock quivered and pulsed and I felt his hot cum splash into my ass, it filled me up and he kept shooting blast after blast into me. I moaned in pleasure as I held his shaft tightly with my worn muscles until he flopped back and was spent. I pumped him into my ass a few more times.”Damn….that was the best fucking I’ve ever had!! Wow!” I grinned at him.Then I pulled my worn hole off his shaft, knelt beside him and sucked my ass and his cum off his cock. My stretched hole was up in the air open, and his white seed began to ooze out of my hole which quickly had several fingers placed in it. I continued to moan as I cleaned him off and was fingered but I wasn’t done I’d gotten my first taste of cum in my ass and I wanted more. I sat up, leaned into the back of the couch and presented my used hole to the guys.With my legs pulled back and wide open and my ass dripping cum I begged, “Who’s going to fuck me next?” Hands grabbed my hips and I felt more cock fill my hole. I was so open and used from the thick black cock and the python that I easily took the next cock into me and let it start pounding away. The hot sticky cum acting as lube, greasing up the wad of flesh exploring my rectum. It took only a moment until I could feel his balls slapping against me and his hips pressing into my ass.”Ohhh…yes…yes….fuck me like a little slutttttt!!” I moaned as I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck.He continued working my ass over then stopped, pulled me off the couch and onto my feet and bent me over. He reached forward grabbed my wrists, yanked them back and then proceeded to fuck me again. He used my own body as leverage and thrust deeply into me, it was overload, my cock oozed cum as strands of it were dripping and hanging from my cock as it bounced against me. “Oh yeah fuck that’s some hot ass,” the stuf behind me said as he began to fuck the shit out of my ass, pounding me hard as the sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room as did my groans.”Whap, whap, whap!!” was the sound of his sweat covered body thrusting into mine as he hammered me again and again.”Graaahhh, I’m going to fucking cum,” I heard him breathe out as he released my wrists, shoved me face first into the couch and impaled my ass with his hog. His cock shot a heavy load into my bowels as he kept hecticly hammering his cock home. I reached between my legs and grasped his thick shaft, that was buried in me, and felt the slick wetness of cum on it. He slowly pulled out and I could feel his warm seed in me. I breathed in slowly in pleasure as my ass tried to close itself but couldn’t and I was suddenly pulled down onto the couch. I was pushed up into a squatting position over a nice white cock which rose up to meet my hungry hole. I pushed out and cum dripped on to the head and then it entered me. I gasped yet again as the sheer pleasure of being penetrated flooded over my body and I slowly lowered myself down onto the piece of flesh. I began to pull up and push back down and build a steady pace as I rode this muscular stud behind me.”Ohhhh fuck….mmmmm….fuck…… yes fuck meeeee…..” I grasped as I threw my head back and road in a wash of pleasure and ecstasy.I felt his hands under my ass as he helped push me up and pull me back down onto his shaft. I took him all the way in and then almost completely out before thrusting my body back onto him. I was sweating and breathing heavily from the absolutely unreal fucking I was taking, my throbbing engorged cock bouncing off my stomach as I rode cock. As I was taking that hard dong up my shithole one of the other guys stood in front of me, squeezed his veined cock.”Are you ready for it?” he asked me.”Yes…” I nodded as I knew what was coming and I wanted it. The guy I was riding on the couch stopped and slid his ass a ways off and I slid down with him, as the second one moved over his legs and between mine. The new comer grabbed my legs, pulled them off the couch and into the air, pushing me back onto the chest of the dick buried in my ass and called for lube. Someone handed him a bottle and he poured a bunch on my hole, his cock and the cock inside me. “This is going to hurt bitch,” he said with an evil leer and moved closer to me.He pushed his cock down to my already filled hole and began to shove at me. He grabbed my legs and pushed them back towards my shoulders and I quickly reached down to ensure he didn’t slip away from my ass. He repositioned himself a little then began to prod against my rectum again, slowly bouncing his bulbous head against my occupied hole. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” I moaned as my eyes rolled back in my head and the tip of his black cock slid past my sphincter. He didn’t stop but kept pushing, opening and spreading me wide, but my ass was incredibly warmed up and open and in short order the head of his cock popped into my rectum and his shaft was pressed against the other one already inside. “Hooooooooo fuccccckkk!!! Too much, too much!!! Hwahhhhh hwahhhh!!” I moaned in mix of sheer pleasure and pain as the sensation of being filled spread through me. I kept feeling his cock push deeper and deeper inside of me and I squirmed against him. Then I felt it retreating, letting my ass collapse back against the cock in me already, but then it was pushing back in. It spread me open and I breathed my pleasure at him, “Yes, yes….give me…. more…put it in… deeper.” “Fuck you’re a horny slut,” he told me and began to double stuff my ass.I slowly rocked against him, feeling him enter me and then the other cock push in as well.”Ughhh…fuck mmmmeee….more…mmmmore! Split meeeee open….with cockkkk!” I cried.Soon the two of them were pumping into my ass, spreading me open and riding me ever faster. I felt hands on my face and my head was turned and once more I had cock in my mouth as I began sucking off the beer can cock. My lips could hardly get around it but it slurped and sucked at it as I was DP’ed by two rock hard men. The cocks in my ass picked up pace and I struggled against them as they smashed my anus open and punished my hole more and more and I pushed myself against them more and more. I grunted as I was double fucked and sucked cock. Every hole I had was full of man, and it made me wild and heady with desire. Then I felt the familiar tensing in the second cock in me as he began to quicken his pace and fuck me harder. I whimpered around the hog in my throat and thrust wildly against the thrusting cocks until I felt a hot liquid pour into my rectum. Jets of hot man seed filled my insides.I pulled my mouth free and moaned, “Godddddddd I love cum in…me!! I need…more… fill me please….” The spent cock pulled out of my ass with a wet slurping sound and a new one quickly took its place as it shoved at my stretched hole. I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure of my hole being pushed open and apart. My legs were quickly pushed back again, the front of my harness was grabbed and my body was rocked as a black cock began inching its bulbous head into my cavity. Sweat poured off the toned body of the guy entering me as he began to push in then pull the flared head of his cock back out, rippling it past my sphincter sending gust of pleasure through my hole. “Ohhhhh….fuck me deeppp….fuck me hard!! Stretch my ass….stretch it open!! Fuck…I love having two cocks in me at once!””Fucking escort çanakkale slut! Here comes a second load for you you little cum dumpster. Going to breed this ass up right,” the straining top said.”Do it…..oh do it!!! Fill me… with more hot cum, use my ass, punish…it!!” I pleased with him.He continued to talk dirty to me as he pumped into my body, I reached up and started pinching and playing with his nipples.”Ughhh…..I want you in me!! Uggghhh ya…. Like that. Put it in me!!!” I urged him.He started to grunted and strain as he rutted in my ass, cried out he was cumming and then emptied himself in my anal canal. He pulled out before he finished and shot a thick wad of jizz all over my stretched and filled hole. I felt it run down my ass and I waited for the next dick to enter me, when it did I knew who it was right away as I opened my eyes and looked down.It felt the strapon push me open and the ribs on the shaft rub against my ass she threaded it into the mess of cum, lube and ass juice between my legs.”That good?” she asked and I simply closed my eyes and leaned back savouring the intense pleasure of being double fucked by a man and a woman. It was one of my biggest fantasies and it drove me insane to get it. I held my legs far back, inviting her into me and simply groaned as she slipped her dildo and the cum in. She began to pump my hole, the ribs sending tingles all over my body and the cock beneath me also began working my hole again and I was in heaven getting fucked. I lay with my eyes closed just enjoying the sensation of being spread open, used and destroyed all at the same time. I felt her hands at my nipples and sighed in pleasure as she worked on them.”You like your nipples getting worked?” she asked.”Ahhh….yesssss,” I throatly moaned.Then I felt something cold and smooth on my chest and opened my eyes to see her place a nipple clamp on my right nipple. It pinched me hard and firm and I moaned my approval as she fixed the next clamp on my other nipple. It sent spirals of enjoyment throughout my body as my ass was spread wide and pumped and my nipples were used. I felt more cold smoothness on my chest and again opened my eyes and she attached what I thought were two pieces of small chain to the clamps. It turned out to be two pieces of chain, one running from each clamp that then attached to attached to a thin, black leather collar. She slid the collar around my neck and clasped it shut. God, I was in heaven. Her task done she returned to fucking my ass with her dildo. She quickened her pace and began thrusting deep into me, making me arch my back and rocking against the cocks in me. I could feel my ass splitting open from the sheer girth being forced into it. It was a mixture of pleasure and stinging pain, but a pain I relished.She keep burying herself in me as I groaned and wriggled in pleasure, then she grabbed the chains on the clamps and began to pull them. It yanked and tugged on my clamped nipples and I gasped in erotic pleasure. “More!!!! More!! Ahhhh…fuck me harder….use me!!!” I slurred at the two fucking me.She responded by thrusting her hips deeply into me, her tits bounced as she fucked me over and over again, the whole time yanking on the nipple chains. She then suddenly pulled out of me, the speed and force of it made me cry out as I collapsed in a mess of sweat and lust. I was pulled up to my feet and off the second cock in my ass, by the thick cock black guy who reached down and stroked my dick. It was covered in precum and my juices and the veins on it pulsed and throbbed as it sought to explode and empty its load. The guy I’d been riding got on the floor and I was pushed down on top of him. “Get on top of him and spread your ass open for some more cock,” the hot stud below me said.I lay facing his chest and he easily slid his stiff prick into my open ass, I moaned happily to have cock in me again. “Ohhh yeah….that’s soooo good!” I moaned as I looked back, “I want the big thick cock in my ass at the same time.”The thick trunk like cock lumbered up behind me, fell to his knees, lubed my ass once more then began pushing his engorged tip into me. I yelped and began to shuffle forward, as his dick was so thick and was going into me with one cock already in. It was like having an arm shoved up my hole. He grabbed the back of my harness, pulled me back and I felt arms also wrap around me from below. “You aren’t going anywhere baby, that ass is going to be broken next,” he laughed as he held me firm.”Mmmmm yes….break me open…it hurts but I want it!” I slutily begged.I felt the warm pressure of cock against my ass once more and concentrated on relaxing and letting it enter me. I reached back and tried to spread myself further open to let him in easier. He grunted as he strained, his ass clenching as he struggled to push his heavy meat into me, I whimper and panted as slowly, ever so slowly my ass began to spread apart. “Hooo fuck! Fuuuuuuuck!! Auggghhhhhhhh…..aughhhhhh!” I groaned between clenched teeth as hot, shooting pain lanced through my ass as inch by creeping inch he forced his cock’s oily, pulsating shaft across the one already inside me.I felt a sudden pop and his tip pushed passed my resisting hole and into my anus. He kept pushing and I groaned even louder as I struggled to take all this cock in me. “Huuuuughh…huggggghhh…come on…..gettttt….. it…….AHHHHHHHH… me, work…my asssss.”My rectum stretched and pulled apart as it engulfed the manhood being shoved into me. I let my ass go and reached back to feel that his massive unit was only half way in me. He slowly started to pull out of me, my hole welcoming the relief until he began pushing back in. He continued like this, slowly, for several minutes as my canal stretched and opened to let them both in. As my anal cavity slowly lost its battle against cock, he pushed more and more of his thick veiny penis into me. Every inch made me groan and shake as I was opened like I’d never been opened before. I’d been double fucked multiple times in the past but this was intense, neither cock in me was small and one was immense. “Ahhhhh god! Aughhh…… aughhh… huuuuhhhhuuuhhh…. So…fucking…..big.”The log of a cock forcing its way into my hole finally began a slow and steady pace of pumping. Its lubed and slick shaft began sliding past my battered walls and into my bowels as my ass was stuffed full of man. I continued to struggle to take it all but the pain again became intermingled with pleasure as my body adjusted to the stretch and strain. Soon enough my entire body was being rocked back and forth by the strong pumping of my ass. “There you go boy. There you go, work those dicks in you,” the massive stud mounting my ass from behind told me.Both cocks were being fed to me, as one pulled out the other barged its way in. My hole was a mess of lube and sticky, white cum goo that coated the two pricks working my insides. I lay on top of the one guy on the floor as a crowd stroked and jerked to me having my manhole violated and pulled asunder. My head rolled and swayed in a stupor of pleasure as my body was pushed and pulled by the two men using my hole for their carnal pleasure.It was heaven to be the center of attention and I basked in this and the sheer pleasure of being dominated, used and destroyed. The breathing of the guy fucking me from below began to get ragged as he’d been pumping me a while.”You ready for another dose of cum?” the guy on the bottom asked me.”Yes… ass. Fillllll it up, lube….it up so that….big cock…slides easier….” I moaned in a haze of lust.In a few short thrusts I felt his muscles bunch and more hot cum splash into my asshole. His pulsating cock jettisoned its load into my hungry rectum. He pushed me up, flopped out of my hole and got out from under me. Then, on all fours, I cleaned his cock off, it was immensely hot and stunk of cum and ass. The big hog ramming from behind was now free çanakkale escort bayan to insert its entire length into my body. I gasped and arched up as it pounded in and began mixing the loads of cum in my ass. I bounced and swayed and rocked as the big man behind me hammered the shit out of little body. “Everyone get ready, it’s time to finish this little slut off!” Jen told the assembled men who began to crowd around my slick exhausted body.The cock in my ass slowed and I was slow rolled onto my back. The fat cock was withdrawn and I moaned as my hole adjusted to the void. However, the middle-eastern guy was quickly on his knees and shoved his thick self into me. It easily slid in with all the jizz and lube that coated my hole. I felt only pleasure as his massive rod began pushing into me, cum and lube oozing out from around it with each thrust. The seven others came and stood over me, stroking and pulling on their cocks. “Mmmm shower him in cum,” Jen told them.I didn’t need to wait long for the first drops of semen to begin falling on me. Standing over my head one of the black guys stroked himself, closed his eyes and sent jets of white, hot jizz down onto my chest and stomach. The thick liquid, globbed onto my skin and warmed it. Another was soon kneeling just above my head, jerking hard on his thick cock and it soon too ushered forth its steaming fountain of salt. Ropes of sticky, thick cum flew from his cock and landed on me chest, mixing with the seed already there. “Ahhh, fuccccck ya. Take the load,” the stud with the erupting cock grunted as he coaxed the last drops of cum from his cock. Each shot was a shorter and creeped up my chest until he deposited three thick globs of cum on my face. I rolled my tongue around, tasting and sucking in the warm jizz. Another guy knelt over me and buried his ass on my face. I eat his ass as I felt him clench and more heavy hot splashes of cum showered onto my chest and crotch. The python stepped up next, and he simply stood over me facing me and blasted a heavy load of cum all over my chest and face. I closed my eyes and felt it hit me like sticky drops of rain, which then ran down my chest, arms, neck and face. “Oh ya bitch, I’m going to seed this ass,” the guy fucking me groaned.Then I felt the thick cock in my ass tense, strain and quiver and felt a large wave of cum spew into my bowels. He kept pumping shot after shot into me as I could feel it splattering the walls of my rectum. He pulled out and another dick was shoved in and furiously started plowing me, my cum covered body bounced on the floor as the shaft riding my ass shot forth another load of cum. The sticky mess flooded into me and coated my insides, hole, thighs and ass. “YAAAA!!! Shit….fill my ass up….yes yes breed me!” I cried out.My hole was vacated again as the spent cock pulled out but another was roughly shoved into me and I began riding it. The big black cock was standing next to me and its owner was stroking it fast and hard as another guy worked his nipples. He strained against his thick hog, using the cum from my ass as lube as he brought himself closer and closer. “Got a big treat here for you bitch,” he said.Then he quickly knelt across my chest, stroked his cock twice more, pushed it down at my face and unloaded a massive blast of cum onto my face. The force of his shot surprised me and I opened my mouth to gasp just as he unleashed a second thick, huge load of cum from the head of his cock. It rocketed across my face, splashing into my mouth and he continued to shower my face with ropes of thick sticky jizz. He emptied at least six large gouts of cum into my mouth and onto my face and just as he finished I felt the last cock strain and blast its load of man seed into my stretched cum filled asshole. I laid on the floor, exhausted, used, cover and filled with cum. It dripped from my open hole, my face and mouth, chest, stomach and arms. The smell of sweat, salt and man filled the room as everyone stood and admire their handy work. I was finished and couldn’t take anymore and I just lay panting on the floor.”Wow, look at the mess you made of him,” Jen said as she admired my cum covered body. “You guys definitely earned an invite back. I don’t think this bitches hole with ever be the same.”I then heard Jen thank everyone and ushered them out, it took her but a few moments to empty the apartment of all the cock that’d just punished and used me. She was soon back in the living room kneeling beside.”How was it? Did you enjoy getting used by some many guys?” she asked me.”Ahhh…that was the best thing I’ve ever had. Being used and fucked by so many strangers while others watched was unreal.” I gasped in exhaustion and pleasure.The other woman she invited was also still there and she knelt on the other side of me and began to stroke my cock.”We aren’t done just yet. You have a little more to give,” Jen told me.I had no idea what more could be done as I was of no use to anyone. They pushed me back to the couch and then Jen grabbed my hips and told me to push my ass up at the couch. My shoulders and head were on the ground but now my ass was in the air against the edge of the couch, I was bent like the letter C. Jen stood by my hips, holding them as she slowly stroked my cock, it sent shivers through my body and I wanted release, I wanted to cum. “Oh, I need to cum. I need to explode!” I moaned and begged.As Jen slowly stroked me the other woman began to lick and suck the cum from my body, first my face and neck, her free hand pulling more down from my stomach, crotch and chest. Her mouth full, she got up leaned over my exposed ass, spread it open with two fingers, began tonguing it and spitting her mouth full of cum into my hole.It felt amazing to be stroked, fingered, tongued all while feeling warm cum sliding into me. She was quickly back at my face lapping up all the cum she could get from me before again depositing it in my hole. She did this several times before she sat back here task done. Jen began to stroke me harder and I easily felt my balls tighten and I knew my orgasm was seconds away. Still flopped over myself, Jen jerked me until I cried out I was going to cum then sent fountains of hot, liquid cum all over my own face and into my own mouth. Jen continued pumping my cock, sending waves of pleasure across my body as cum dripped and splashed on my face. “Swallow it! Swallow it all up!” Jen commanded me which I did.My hungry tongue lapped at the spurts of cum as more splashed into my open mouth. I kept lapping at the liquidy spunk that was shooting from my body until the last drops were milked from my cock.”Come on you little cock fiend. Get on your feet,” Jen said as she yanked at my harness and nipple clamps. I shakingly got up, supporting myself on the couch as my legs were jelly and my entire body ached and throbbed. Jen and the other woman then got on the floor, placed their heads beside each other.”Now squat over us and give us all the delicious cum in your ass,” Jen begged.I squatted over Jen’s face and relaxed my hole and globs and drippings of cum began tumbling from my ass. It was a waterfall of male seed, as my hole had been loaded up and now emptied itself over both their faces and mouths. I spread my ass open further so every drop would fall from my puckered red swollen hole and into their mouths. It only took a few moments to release the last drops of cum onto them. I fell back onto the couch and lay there in an exhausted heep until I felt Jen grab my face and kiss me, spitting hot used cum into my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and lapped the cum out hungrily, and as soon as she was finished the other girl kissed me and spit her load of cum, ass juice and lube into my mouth. I swallowed it all and was incredibly turned on by taking load after load of cum, and ending up with it all in my mouth and stomach. Cum continued to ooze out of my red, stretched worn out asshole, and the smell of it coated my body and the room. I sat on the couch as I watched Jen and the other girl fuck each other with such ferocity that I was hard again but had no ability to join in. This had been unreal and thankfully it had pleased Jen enough that it was not the last time I was gangbanged.

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