My Friends Girlfriend.


My Friends Girlfriend.It was a quiet Friday night and me and my friends had been drinking together. We had been at my mates house which was particularly big and large. We were all hanging out in his large living room when a few of the guys decided to leave. They got up and put on their jackets before stumbling out of the room. I was to drunk to move and stayed laying on his massive brown couch with my eyes semi shut. My friend stood up and signalled to eryaman escort his girlfriend that he was heading to bed, he slowly walked out and stumbled up the stairs. This just left me and her…there had always been some sexual tension between us in the past and with us both drunk I knew something was going to happen.She was blond with very small tits, she was very shy but had a very nice big ass. She loved to wear tight mini skirts. I had always eryaman escort bayan found her hot…always wanted my long thick shaft inside of her….Anyway I stood up and moved towards the door. She was wearing a leopard print mini skirt and stopped me with her foot. She looked up and smiled at me, I glanced down at her and smiled back. I knew it was wrong but had wanted to for years..I leaned down and slowly kissed her beautiful soft lips escort eryaman passionately. I thought she would reject me but she didn’t she kissed me back. She even started to stand up and caress my hard cock threw my pants as she did. She pushed me back down on to the large sofa and slowly slid down her dress revealing a black bra and pink thong. She took them off ever so teasingly and unzipped my pants slowly letting my long cock pop out of them.She slowly slid her wet cunt down on to my cock and let it enter her. She felt tight like she hadn’t been fucked to much before by my friend. I took a firm hold off her tight little ass and start thrusting my hard cock up in to her…Part 2 to come.

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