My friends and I fuck my hammered wife!


My friends and I fuck my hammered wife!Before I start, I think I should give a brief description of my wife, Kacie. She’s 26, stands a slim 5’3″ 105lbs with flaming long red hair (a true redhead I might add!), blue eyes, and a set of pouting red lips made for cock sucking. She also has a nice firm pair of 38B’s that are just asking to be sucked and squeezed. Her bottom half is even better, measuring at a lovely 36 inches with a pussy that is meticulously trimmed to expose her soft and tender cunt lips.Kacie also enjoys giving head and getting fucked doggy style. My wife can be quite submissive at times too. One of my fantasies is to watch my wife serve more than one man at once. The following is what happened a couple of weeks ago.That Friday, my friends, Bobby and Danny invite us out for dinner. On a dare, I had my wife wear a black mini skirt with a dark red top and sexy three-inch black pumps. She also wore a matching set of black satin thong panties and bra with sheer black stockings underneath. With her expertly applied makeup and beautifully done hair she looked like a wet dream.Bobby and Danny met us at the restaurant, and were pleasantly surprised at Kacie’s attire. All through dinner, my wife flirted openly with them. I guess she felt pretty secure, since I’ve known the guys for years, and it was all in fun. After we ate, we decided to all go back to our house to do a little partying. When we got back to our house I rounded up a few drinks and took out some pot that I’d saved for a special occasion while my wife and the guys chatted. I joined them in the living room with the drinks and smoke and we were soon feeling no pain. I was seated on the couch next to my wife, and Danny was sitting on her right. Bobby was in the love seat with his feet kicked up on our coffee table and smoking on the second joint. My wife snuggled up to me as the effects of the pot had started on her because weed had always made her sleepy and horny, and not always in that order. After a few more passes of the joint, Kacie closed her eyes and by the smile on her face she was enjoying the effects of the weed.I guess the combination of drinks and pot had the same effect on the guys, because Danny began to stare intently at my wife’s curled up stocking clad legs and round ass. I looked at him and gave him a wink and softly stroked Kacie’s ass through the material of her mini. Then gently hiked up her skirt to give him a better view of my wife’s satin thong panties. All this time my wife had her head on my lap with her eyes closed. I guess she had passed out from the booze and smoke, since we rarely smoked up. I whispered to the guys that I had a plan if they were game. Danny gave me a nod and Bobby just gave me a devilish smile. I told the guys to wait in the living room while I prepare’ the wife for bed.After I carried my manisa escort sleeping Kacie to bed, I quietly undressed her, since I did not want to wake her. Although I doubted an earthquake would have waken her in her state. I purposely left her stockings, jewelry, and her panties on, because it made her look so much sexier. My cock was already rock solid as I thought of the perverted things the guys and I were going to do to her. A thought crossed my mind… something about memorable moments…ahh, videotape. Almost tripping over myself I ran into my office, grabbed the video equipment, and quickly setup the camera and tripod about 5 feet away from the foot of the bed. Another idea crept into my perverted mind. Kacie and I always had wanted to act out a fantasy where she was ‘forced’ to perform. I thought this was a perfect opportunity. I went to our dresser and got out several of Kacie’s silk scarves, blindfolded my sleeping wife and bound her hands together above her head. Then I went and got her Ipod, and set it to one of her U2 playlists, I set the volume at a level where it wouldn’t wake her but would drown out the background noise, and put her headphones on… There she was, all bounded, blindfolded, and fairly unaware of here environment.So off I went into the living room to get the boys.When I brought Bobby and Danny back into the bedroom, their mouths fell on the floor. After reassuring them that I was totally for real, and had them agree not to mention the night to anyone or try anything with Kacie when I wasn’t around, I gave them the go ahead to explore every inch of my sex slave. The three of us quickly undressed and were in our queen size bed in less than 10 seconds. Suddenly there were three pairs of hands fondling my wife’s sleeping body and exploring her every crevice. After a couple of minutes, Bobby went directly for Kacie’s creamy white breasts, and was soon gently suckling on them with abandon. Danny, being the ass man, was between the wife’s spread-eagled legs, pulled her thong panties aside and was gently licking and slurping away at her trimmed pussy. We were still pretty quiet, since we didn’t want to wake the wife, however, even in her sleeping state her body was responding. Kacie’s cunt was glistening both from Danny’s saliva and from her own pussy juice. Her nipples were now as hard as eraser heads. It was then that I noticed the size of Bobby’s cock. Gawd, it was big…must of been a good nine inches long and two and a half inches in diameter. My cock is a fairly average six inches and so was Danny’s.Danny took the initiative by positioning himself between my wife’s spread-eagled legs and slowly plowed his cock past her black satin thong and into her hot wet cunt. Kacie began to stir. Initially she thought that it was me pumping her steaming cunt, but when she escort manisa felt Bobby nursing on her breasts, she gasped and tried to push him away, however, her bound hands could not comply.Since I was already rock hard, I climbed to the top of the bed and guided my meat into my wife’s open mouth. Her attempts at screaming were now muffled by my prick in between her lips. Danny continued his assault on her pussy, and soon Kacie’s muffled cries were replaced by soft moans. Her hips started to push and gyrate against Danny’s thrusts. As he pumped into Kacie’s cunt, I would pull out, and soon we were fucking my wife in unison. She then had her first orgasm. Her body tensed, and she wrapped her legs tightly around Danny and began to really suck and deep throat my cock. I guess I was pretty excited by all this, because I felt my balls tightened and my knees giving away.Now I was the one moaning and grunting. I pulled my meat out of the wife’s mouth and let loose a fountain of hot white cum on her face and lips and of course into her precious little mouth. She shocked me by swallowing every bit that went into her mouth and she even licked her cum covered lips for more! Bobby by this time had enough of Kacie’s tits and motioned for me to move over so that he could sample some of my wife’s charms. Reluctantly, I climbed off the bed to watch as Bobby crawled over the wife’s face and fed her his 9-incher. At the same time, Danny was still pumping away, he too, was moaning and groaning.He stiffened and proceeded to dump, from what I could tell, a HUGE load into my wife, because some of the cum splashed back around his cock and soaking her panties. His orgasm brought my wife over the edge again, and she started to cum. Bobby’s cock fell out of her mouth, and she was screaming and thrashing about on the bed. Her grunts and moans were absolutely a****listic. Kacie’s legs were still wrapped around Danny and she was milking his prick with her cum-filled pussy. After her orgasm subsided, Danny quickly pulled out leaving her cum drenched cunt wide open. Not giving my wife a rest, Bobby quickly climbed between her legs and began to tease her pussy with his huge rod.This brought about little whimpers from Kacie, and she pleaded for the meat that was teasing her. Slowly Bobby descended into her pussy. Kacie threw her head back and gave off a silent scream with her mouth in an ‘Oooooh’. After her cunt had fully accommodated Bobby’s manhood, she began to rhythmically move her pelvis against Bobby’s thrusts. I guess we were all pretty excited that night, because it only took about 1 minute of sliding in and out of her slippery cunt before Bobby tensed and shot load after load into my wife’s well lubed pussy. Seeing all of this gave me my second wind. I helped Bobby off Kacie, pulled her panties to the side and positioned manisa escort bayan myself for action. Soon I was pumping away at my wife’s sloppy cunt. Let me tell you, there is nothing more of a turn-on than fucking away at a cum-filled pussy, especially when it belongs to your own wife who just fucked two of your best friends. Her pussy was so slippery, and with every thrust it made squishing noises. No sound effects from any porno movie could beat the real thing. I pumped away like a man possessed.Kacie was panting and moaning with her legs wrapped around me. I lowered myself and we locked in a hot kiss. I thought she was going to suck my tongue out! I moved back and took one of her breasts between my lips, and sucked and twirled my tongue around her nipple. This brought the wife over, and again she was squealing like a crazed woman. Not being able to take it any longer, I started to cum in buckets into her drenched pussy, adding my load to the other two. It was probably one of the best orgasms I had in my life. I literally saw stars.I slowly withdrew and rested next to my wife’s glistening body and remembered that the video camera was still on. I got off the bed and took the camera off the tripod so that I could get a better view of my wife’s cum filled cunt. What a sight she was! My wife’s legs were still spread-eagled, panties were saturated, and her pulsating pussy was all pink, wide open, and slightly puffy with three loads of white cum running down the slit and onto her ass. To get the full effect, I zoomed in on her dripping cunt and pulled back to get a shot of my wife’s heaving sweat covered post-orgasm body.The guys and I decided that we should clean Kacie up and let her rest, so we untied her and removed the blindfold and walkman. She didn’t say one word as we helped her off the bed and to the bathroom.Her eyes were cast downward, and she behaved very submissively. While my wife was in the bathroom cleaning up, the guys and I got semi-dressed and took the tape to the living room for viewing. I was on pins and needles as we re-wound the tape. When it finally came on, we were transfixed to the screen. It was strange yet also an extreme turn-on for me to see my wife lying on our bed being ravaged by three horny men, one of which was me! I had noticed Danny had pulled his cock out and was rubbing it with my wife’s black satin thong panties, which she wore just a few minutes ago. I decided to join him and started to rub my dick as well, even though I had already cum twice during the evening. Good old Bobby brought out my stash of smoke and was rolling a bomber, when Kacie stepped into the living room dressed only in a powder blue bikini sting panty. “May I be of any additional service?” she said in her sexiest voice. All of a sudden everything was dead silent except for the moans coming from our earlier tape. Bobby stood up, walked over to my wife and said “Take off your panties, get on your knees, wrap those panties around my dick, and jerk me off into them”! Danny and I looked at each other and smiled from ear to ear and said were next!

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