My “friend” and my wife


My “friend” and my wifeJohn and i work together and have become friends lately,he is in to body massage and is very successful with women, his dark, black skin looks good on his muscular physique. Last nite my wife Andrea drived me to watch a football game at the local pub , meet John and left.Andrea is the secretary of George and Naomi, a very successful couple in the financial business.My wife told me how George and Naomi have made sexual advances on her several times but My wife strongly refuse them.Andrea told me that they perv on her at all the times and she think that her bosses must have a dark side.After a few glasses we started to share personal matters,he told me about his hidden problems and i told him about my short lasting erection,the fact that at 24 i can’t fuck more than 5 minutes,that i can make my lovely wife orgasm only by finger her pussy while i lick her clit.John ask me if that is a problem and i tell him that my wife love me and she know that the vast majority of women can not reach an orgasm just with a dick in the vagina but need clit solicitation.He ask me if i have sex often and i say that i would like that but Andrea is a sleep most of the time i get back at home.Finally he ask me i enjoy sex thoroughly or if i miss something,i told him that i am very happy even my wife does not suck my cock often and she never let me cum in her mouth.Also i never fucked her ass,she seem to like straight sex and i am not that good at that but is all good anyway,John said that he was glad to hear that and never talked about sex again.The company has organized a beach party to celebrate the 20th year of activity,full entertainment and catering is provided for the over 300 staff and relatives.Only reason i want to go is to show off my wife beautiful body in bikini.Time ago,for her birthday , i bought a very sexy bikini,the top cups are just covering the nipples and the lower part is just a bit bigger than a thong but she never wear it,always use the other one,a very covering one.Secretly i purposely damage the shoulder strap of it.The party day arrive and Andrea obviously put on the boring bikini,two minutes later the strap gives in and she must wear the sexy one but she also wear a beach lite dress,i can not win.At the party we talk to several people and i can not wait for Andrea to take off the beach dress but she keep it on at all the time nevertheless i notes a few guys perving at my wife perky tits through the loose beach dress .We find John,he introduce us to his black friend Dirk ,suddenly the party organiser announce that is opening the enrolment to the water games competition,teams of two people,1000$ to the winners.I smirk and say”i hate water and i would not do it for 2000 $”Dirk agree with me and shake my hand in approval,then i add”Let’s watch this show of pigs in mud”Dirk and i lough out loud,then John say”well,could have been fun”Andrea add”Maybe”So John say”Do you want to go for it?”My wife acconsent ,John look at me and say”Is it ok with you ?”I answer”I wish you good luck”I do not like it but i could not refuse,so i take a sip of french sparkling but i almost spit it out when i see John take off his t shirt and shorts,and only keep on the small swimming gear.My wife also take off her beach dress and run in the water One of the challenges is the rider on horse battle,Andrea get on John shoulders and try to push down the other riders,i am not impress to see my wife in such a close contact with a man that is not me but i can not say anything and i bitter smile, i can not see them in a 50 couples battle but they do very well ,in 20 minutes they win the stage,[[[[IN the water :Andrea sits on John shoulders.With the excuse to keep her stable John put his big hands at the top of Andrea thighs,his thumbs on the outside and the four fingers engulf completely the inner thighs.He move the hands up and down the white wife creamy legs,he lower his head forward and pull Andrea legs forward at the same time to rub Andrea pussy on the back of his neck.After a while John fondle Andrea thighs all the way up,the swimming gear is too small to cover the pussy so John can rub his fingers on Andrea labia.At times he turn his mouth toward the thigh and literally kiss it and lick it,Andrea say”Stop it John,i am a married woman,you should not do this”But she remain on his shoulders.All this goes on for 20 minutes,Andrea nipples are hard and get”accidentally”touched at all the times,the tiny cup is more often off the nipple then on,the perky breast is also get a lot of contact,long pressure and lite squishing,her pussy is been rubbed plenty times and is sitting on a very muscular guy who now is holding her leg and is brazenly licking her inner thigh from knee to top, obviously she is turned on and start to push her semi naked pussy güvenilir bahis şirketleri on John neck.The games change and this give John the opportunity to touch Andrea continuouslyand in different ways,now he suck the delicate skin right in the middle of the inner thigh.Andrea giggle and say”HOY,stop it or you will give me a hickey”John say “Well,you can try to hide it or you can tell your husband that it was an algae” Then he start to suck again in the same spot,making it very very red and dark.At times he manage to stick his face between Andrea tits and suck her hard,uncovered nipple.John got an erection as soon as he got in contact with Andrea body and he made sure that he was rubbing his huge,hard dick on Andrea skin at all the times.As soon as Andrea feel the hard dick touching her she try to push it away and say”What the hell are you doing?’John answer”I do not mean it,is just the natural reaction to your beauty”Andrea say”Well ,i am a married beauty so try to keep it away from me”John promise he will but 10 seconds later the cock is rubbing Andrea skin again,she try to move it away several time but in doing so she also touch and feel the hardness on her hand,she resist the temptation to grab it but let the cock rub her freely and continuously.After an hour she say”The cold water keep your dick hard”John say”Your sexy body keep my dick hard”Andrea say”You can not stay hard for this long outside cold water”John say I could stay hard forever inside you” Andrea say”You liar” John say”Try me” ]]]]. Outside the water:.This water games competition seem to be never ending,the ocean water is not like pool water where you can see everything,here you see nothing.The competitors are next to each other at all the times,just centimeters separate the bodys and often they rub for minutes at the time.I am getting frustrated as i see John and Andrea stay very close while they wait the turn for the next stage,John stand just a couple of centimeters behind Andrea with the water up to my wife shoulders.He could easily been caressing her waist,my suspicion intensify when i see my wife lifting her arms and put her hands on her head while the two bodys seem to get in contact but they are too far away so i can not see more than much.Finally the games are over with John/Andrea team winning,to celebrate they hug each other way too much.I already had plenty glasses while watching the”show’,i tell my wife that i want to go home,she is a bit surprised but she agrees as long that we continue the celebration at home,i say sure but then i realize that John and his mate are joining us.On the way John by a couple of french sparkling,at home we get on it,especially me and Andrea as the two black guys are not interested,my head start to spin a bit so i sit down and i hear my wife saying”Howw ,my all body is aching”John say”Naturally ,you are not use to intense and prolonged physical activity”John look at me with a smirk,then add”Your husband should give you a nice massage”Immediately i get up and tottering a bit i go behind Andrea and start to massage her shoulders very hard and fast.,after a minute i am already getting tired so John say”Please ….let me show you how to do it”And smirk again,then he get behind my wife and start to massage the spot at the top of her neck,right at the base of her head,his long ,thick fingers are all around my wife throat.I don’t understand why Dirk is placing a camera on the corner furniture,nevermind…After a minute his huge palms drop on Andrea shoulders,his fingers caress the collar bone then slowly claim back to the top of the neck.He certainly know how to massage.After a while he push the bra straps down on my wife upper arm and powerfully but smoothly glides from ears to elbow ,undoing my wife dress almost half way,lowering further the bra strap.He look at me as his huge black,strong hands drop from the collar bone to my white wife upper chest,Andrea take a sip of sparkling and close the eyes.I get up tottering heavily and i start to complain about the massage but Dirk,,gives me a full glass of sparkling and compliment me about how cool my home is and how well i run it,i feel better and i take a long sip as i watch John hands sliding inside my wife dress.She put her hand on John wrist as to stop him going deeper but her action is strengthless,John strong hand is caressing the white cleavage,now Dirk refill my empty glass and undo all the buttons of my pretty wife dress.John slide his hungry hands under Andrea small bikini cups and freely fondle the warm breast,then slide his hard dick inside the small bra and my wife wanks it,rubbing the oozing cock on her engorged nipple-.His fingers roll and pull my white wife sensitive nipple,he gently rubs it as Dirk lowers my beloved wife bra.John grab the firm,perky süperbahis tits and thoroughly enjoy them without any resistance from my wife.I can not believe what i am seeing,she is letting John enjoying her breast in total freedom .Dirk slide his hands up Andrea skirt,fondling the slender,creamy upper thigh going up and down and all around , then looks at me and say”Wow,your wife got the best legs,long,firm and creamy,i can not wait to lick her inner thighs and taste her white warm pussy”I just can not belive what is happening but i take another long sip as my sight get more blury.Now i can hear moaning but it can not be Andrea because she does not moan,nevertheless that voice is very familiar,so i manage to open my eyes and i see John making my pretty wife moan with long ,strong nipple sucks,he alternate his tongue whipping the sensitive nipple to gentle bites.He sucks my wife white tits very hard and the breast are covered with big,dark hickeys.Dirk slide his fingers under Andrea panties,pull the big labias to the side to let the panties cover the very wet slit.Then close the big labias with the panties buried in and ask me if i know where My wife panties are gone.He take one nipple in his mouth and start to suck it very hard,he suks it so hard that my wife moan in pain,he bite it while he fondle roughly the open thighs.John start to do exactly the same.Now Andrea tits are getting abused very hard,they are covered with bruises and dozens of bite marks.John behavior is now very different from the gentle guy who started to massage my wife shoulders.Dirk and John stik two fingers each in Andrea vagina,luckily she very wet because the four fingers are huge and are exploring and dilating my wife tight pussy without care.Andrea is overwhelmed by the pain of the rough intrusion and try to get up but john grab her and put her on the table and push her legs toward her shoulders.Though her pussy is already gaping for the rough fingering he find very difficult to introduce his enormous cock in my pretty wife vagina.Dirk grab my wife big labias, pull them to the side to help John to penetrate my white wife tight entrance.Andrea is sobbing for the pain as the huge black cock finally make his way in the sore,teared vagina.the monster dick is as thick as a can and does not seem to end,must be at least ten inches and is bent upwards,the veins are very visible and make it look like a trunk,it is hard as wood too.four inches are gone in my delicate white wife vagina and is taking her breath away,her eyes almost popping out as the black trunk makes his way inside the soft and wet ,white pussy.I am regaining composure,Dirk notes it and say”Come to join the fun,abuse your pretty wife delicate nipples,do to them whatever you want,she will not stop you this time”I start to kneed my wife tender tits,i abuse her sensitive nipples like i never even dreamed of doing untill now My wife is literally getting split by the hard,black snake.John is now all the way in,he goes in and out at will,every time the cok enter the vagina,it take the breath away from my beautiful wife,now the pain start to subside,Andrea is able to breaze almost normally, the huge black cock is penetrating her like a truck engine piston,hard as steel,over and over.John is extremely rough ,he really try to slam his monster in the vulnerable,delicate vagina,touching and filling vergin areas.The slamming goes on and on,until,to my big surprise ,my wife start to moan,first little but then very loud,like a porn whore.I can not believe what i see,My nice,white wife is having an orgasm without having clit solicitation. Andrea say”Yess,yeeeeesss,don’t stop”and with that she contract,convulse and have her first real orgasm ever.Problem is that the black cock is still hard as rock,the slamming continues,my wife beg John to stop fucking her but John push me away from her tits and start to slap relentlessly my wife warm knockers. Dirk fuck her mouth from behind her head,i see the huge cock dilating my wife virgin throat ,my wife is approaching another orgasm .She say”Yees ,yeees fuck me,hard”John lean over her face and brutalize her tits,he say to her”Tell me that you are my slut,!!”Andrea say”YES! I am your SLUT!!!”John slow down and delay my wife orgasm,then he stop completely and say”I will fuck you again only if i will pimp you out, your husband will have to pay me for your pussy,UNDERSTAND?!”Andrea is in heat and say”Sure,anything you want,pimp me out ,i am your fuck slut”John say”Now kiss me while i make you pregnant”Andrea get instantly on the verge of the orgasm at the idea of John cumming deep in her pussy,flooding with black spunk her fertile,warm white womb,My pretty white ,wife is now John slut,she love feeling his hard cock slamming knocking at her cervix ,she süperbahis güvenilir mi french kiss him while the vagina lustily engulf the long hard dick and get ready to milk every drop of black cum out of the huge dominating member.John increase the pace and my wife approach orgasm too”YEES,cum,cuuum in me,make me pregnant”John enjoy to see my prettywhite wife begging for his spunk so he stop once again,driving my wife insane with desire,he pulls out his dick,my wife wagina is now a gaping cave,i could not even touch the sides of her ruined pussy,she would not even realize that i am penetrating her.John tell his friend to fuck my wife.He start to thrust,hard as well ,in and out very fast,John say”Now be a good girl,be a good slut,i don’t want to hear a customer complaining about you,a good whore ask to be abused while is getting fucked,you must ask to everyone who fuck you to abuse your tits, always tell him that he can do whatever he want with your little ,sensitive nipples”Andrea is getting her pussy slammed by Dirk big cock and say”Pleeease Dirk,abuse me,slap my little tiiits”HOOO,i am about to ccuuuum””Please Diiiirk cuuuuuum in me”John squeeze my wife bruised nipple very hard.My slut wife say”Pleease,DIRK,Pleeease,slap my sore tities hard but PLEEEASE let me cum!!!!”Dirk finally vomit his spunk deep in my wife pussy,he flood her warm fertile womb,my wife feel the warm cum deep inside inside her pussy and start to orgasm while John relentlessy squeeze her nipples very hard.,John tell her to spread her legs for his dick, he penetrate her cum filled vagina in one single move.Andrea is totally spend and john fuck her like a rag doll,John say”Move you fucking slut,play with your tits.My wife gets going again, John say”Talk to me slut,i want to hear my slut begging to get knocked up with a black one” she say”Fuck me John,fuck your young white slut with your hard cock,slap my sore tits,cuuum in me cuum deep inside me,make me pregnant i love youuuuu!!!'”Finally John explode deep inside my pretty wife pussy,he stay inside my wife vagina to get completely milked then he get he pull out the dick,is totally covered with two guys cum and my wife own juices.My wife rubs it all over her face then lick and suck it clean.John, eventually ,roughly push my wife away and tell her to go shower ,refresh and get ready for her first customer.Then he start to talk to Dirk,he makes a couple of phone calls and ask me if Andrea have stockings,i say”I bought many pairs of stockings but she never wear them,i don’t know if she still got them”John say”Go to tell her to put them on or go to buy new ones, hurry up” Half hour later 3 thugs enter my home,John and Dirk sit at the table with them and start to play cards,then John tell me to bring out my wife and to make sure she is properly dressed.Andrea walk out in red high heels and white stockings with matching white lacy panties n bra.All gears that i bought and she never ,never put on for me.John look at her and say”Not good,too boring,already naked,you must learn to entice the customer,do you still have the wedding dress?”My wife say”Yes, i do”John say”Go to put it on slut,I will be back in 20 minutes”Sometime later my wife ,in her bridal attire is attending the 5 black guys table,one thug has cut her long,cumbersome skirt to a miniskirt and also cut the corsage top front to expose my wife firm and perky tits.The 5 fondle her at will for a while then John tell her to sit on a chear in the middle of the room.Everybody sit in a circle around her,John give her an enormous dildo and tell her”First caress your thighs,play with your nipple and finger your self to orgasm while we watch”My wife is really shy naturally,now she is not turned on as she was two hours ago.She is blushing red,she is extremely embarrassed and she find the strength to refuse.I can not believe she did that,now we are going to get destroyed.Instead John get up,go close to her and calmly say”I am not making you do something unless you want,you are free to get up and we will not touch you and that nothing of your husband”Andrea get up and head for her bedroom,then John add”i will also be free to put on the internet the video of the last 2 hours,you choose”My wife stop for a few seconds,turn around and come to sit down again,she lost her battle.She start to caress her thighs but John say”Stop,considering that you are such a proud person i will not make you do that”Wow,at the end of the day John is not a bad guy,i think.Andrea smile and look beautiful in her bridal dress,then John add”I think is better if they do it to you’The door open and her bosses,George and Naomi walk in.Andrea is petrified,not just embarrassed,now also very scared at the idea of been at the mercy of a perverted male and a deviated ,sadistic lesbian.Suddenly the home phone ring.Everybody stop,John signal me to answer and put the speaker on.i say”Hello'”On the other side is Chelsea,Andrea young teenage, sister”Hi,is it ok if i come to spend the weekend with you and Andrea?”John smile as if he had just won the lottery and signal me to say yes.

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