My first XHamster encounter.


My first XHamster encounter.All stories and blog entries are based on true events. Names, dates and locations have been changed for privacy. This could potentially answer a couple of questions. How did I hear about and why have I taken so long to join XHamster?Until recently I was in a long term relationship, sadly my past caught up with me and it ended. I have been a fan of XHamster for a while. I have tried other sites but they tend to be a multitude of sites where men outnumber women 1,000 to one and profiles are links to prostitutes and pay per view webcam scammers. Meh.XHamster was different. I found it by accident. Seriously who puts Hamster Porn in a search engine. I was at a public library and the computer next to me was left on a local-ish profile. The guy had parental controls on his mobile, forgot the exact location and was looking up his messages to get to a hook up. When I got home I found this site and had an entertaining evening looking through profiles, videos, photo’s and so on. That was about two years ago and I have visited now and then since. Last week I was in Lincoln on my way home from a charity event. I stopped for petrol and a coffee. There was a girl at the machine already. She was in her mid-20’s, long blonde hair, lovely white and floral summer dress hiding her bra-less 34 B or C breasts, her white briefs were visible though the material and as far as I could tell she was wearing nothing else but leather sandals. I didn’t get to look long because she had noticed me. “Take a picture. It’ll last longer”. She said cheekily. “A photo would never do you justice”. Then I noticed something familiar. “Sorry. That was cheesy”. She smiled.”The tattoo on your hand looks very familiar”. She looked down, raised her hand and looked at it like a newly engaged woman looking at her ring. “You were looking at my tattoo?””Mostly not. I have seen it before but can’t think where”. “Well I’m the only one who has it. I designed it myself”. Then I realised. “Ahhhh! Urrrrmmm…””What?” She asked. “Do you mind if I lean over and whisper this?” She nodded as I’m sure the Penny had dropped. “Are you SexyM from XHamster?” She looked back aghast. “Hmmmmmmm”. She looked at me dead in my eyes and I was about to apologise. “So. You like my profile?” I was starting to feel a twinge. I needed to think fast before illegal bahis the blood was sent away from my brain.”I like the combination of innocent girl next door and badass ink work. You are a character”. She blushed a little. Noting w had both stopped for coffee. “Are you on the road on your own? We could find somewhere and finish this conversation over our coffees”. She looked up and down my body, raised her left eyebrow and said. “Conversation? Sure”. We went to the check out I paid for both coffees and my petrol and as we walked out to our cars I asked. “I’m not local. Do you know somewhere quiet we can go?” Knowing outdoor sex and dogging were listed as favorites in her profile it was almost rhetorical. “Follow me”. She shouted across the forecourt, wiggling her bum and giving me a flash of her panties as she got in her Audi. We pulled on to the main road and I followed for about three miles and was starting to think I was being lead on a merry dance. I had a strange feeling; a combination of anticipation, lust and nervous because I could be headed into a trap. A couple of miles later and I think SexyM must have known I was having second thoughts as I caught a white blur as her panties were ejected from her sunroof. I leaned over to my glove box and grabbed my box of condoms. Does anyone ever keep gloves in those things?SexyM finally indicated left and we drove down a lane into a wooded area. It got thicker and the tack more rutted before we got to a clearing about half a mile from the road. I got out of my car, tucking a couple of rubber in my back pocket and made my way to her car. I opened her door and she put her finger to her mouth and whispered…”Give me a sec’. I’m on the phone to my boyfriend”. While she made excuses and lied I leaned over and started to stroke between her silky smooth thighs. She shook and pushed my hands away to start. I kissed her the top of her knee and she slapped the back of my head playfully, held her hand over the phone mic’ and said. “Stop it you pillock!” I could tell she didn’t mean it. So I stroked the inside of her thighs again, licking and kissing her lap until I could reach her slightly stubbly vagina. She stopped resisting and lifted her right leg over my shoulder and leaned back so I could reach her with my lips and tongue. “You are so bad”. She said illegal bahis siteleri under her breath and tried to continue her phone conversation. Having to put her hand over the mic’ so she could squeak and pant. Finally her phone beeped and she reached down, pulled me up and kissed me. It was the kind of kiss I would expect from someone I hadn’t seen in ages. Her legs wrapped around me and still passionately embraced I lifted her out of the car and sat her on the side of her boot. I lifted her bottom of her dress and started tried to go down on her again.”No, no. We haven’t got long”. She reached down to my trousers and in a desperate rush popped the button fly open and pulled them and my shorts over my bum and half way down my legs. Grabbing my cock and guiding it straight inside her. Fuck! I didn’t get chance to put a condom on. She was so warm, damp and just the right amount of tight. She groaned as I started to gently slide in and out of her. “Faster! Fuck me faster”. I was more than happy to oblige. Despite being outside she didn’t give a moment’s thought about noise and as I picked up pace and pushed, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. It wasn’t long before my balls were hitting the side of her car. I lifted her feet to my shoulders so I fully penetrate her. “Ow! Ohhhh! Ow! Ow! Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” SexyM was close to cumming so I reached down to play with her clitoris. “Ooooooooooommmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhhh!” She didn’t squirt but I could feel her spasms and she fell back on to her boot lid. I slowly pumped a few more times before taking my cock out. Anal was high on the list in her profile so I rolled her over, took out her butt plug to a short gasp and without teasing first slowly placed the head of my penis in her arse hole. She gasped dramatically. “Okay?” I asked. “Hmmmmmm. Please. I love bare back”. My dick was covered in her pussy juices so it was easier than I expected to get deeper. “Hmmmmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. Ohhh. Ohhh. Hmmm. Ohhh”. I pulled her back over the edge of the boot so her feet were back on the ground. Grabbing her hips I pulled her torso as I pushed. We both took a step back so she wasn’t bruising her ribs on her car and she stood with her legs apart, hands on the side of the car and bum angled slightly up. I explored my way up her dress so I could canlı bahis siteleri finally give her breasts the attention they deserved. She took my hands and placed them back on her hips. I started sodomising her harder. So hard her feet were leaving the ground.”Oh……my……God……Fuck……My……Arse……you……fuck……my…Aaaaaaarrrrrrrsssseee!!”This time she squirted as she cum. Made a mess of my trousers but I didn’t care. I reached around her waist and lifted her dress off. She was reluctant at first but mover over to her tinted rear window so if anyone came down the track she would have enough time to cover up. “Stop now. I can’t take any more”. She lifted herself off my cock and turned around. I kissed her again and finally got to see, caress, fondle, suck and kiss her beautiful breasts. Kissing her neck I could feel her hands around my cock and she started to wank me. “Sorry. I’m not going arse to pussy. It could make you ill”. She smiled, let go of me and went to the side pod of her door. A few wet wipes later she asked.”Is ass to mouth okay? I want you to cum as hard as I just did”. I moved her back into the drivers seat of her car and starting wanking myself off with my left hand while playing with her breast and mouth with my right. “Let me know when”. She leaned back on the seat looking up with her open mouth level with the head of my dick. I could feel my prostate…”Any second”. I announced she rocked back and lifted her breasts. I was about to cum and she knew it. I looked down at her. Reached over to the back of her head and pulled her mouth to receive my ejaculation. She caught most of it but it also went in her hair and over her chest. “Fuck! I’ll need more wipes!” I couldn’t help but smile. She grabbed my cock and took it in her mouth while it was still sensitive and she sucked me so hard it felt like I could have cum again. I jiggled and she spat it out. “Don’t piss on me. I’ll have a hard enough time explaining this now”. It was starting to get dark. She reached up for her dress, wiped her face and chest. I leaned over to kiss her but she pulled back. “Oh, no. We’ve had our fun”. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I could have fucked her all night; but I got a lot more than I expected and needed to get home as I had to be up for work in the morning. The drive home was a fuzzy blur. As soon as I was out of the shower I had my laptop on and opened this account so I could send a message to her. Sadly her account hasn’t been accessed for over six months. Thank you SexyM (you know who you really are).

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