My First Virgin


My First VirginMy son’s friend, Josh, was going to be spending a week with us while his parents were out of town. The Saturday Josh was to come over my husband had to run up to his parents house out of town to tend to some emergency they were having with their plumbing, and he took my daughter and son with him. They would return on Monday. Josh showed up and after some chatting he went out to mow the lawn for me. Josh is a good k** and I have known him since he was little. He was excited about getting his drivers license ina couple of months. There has always been sexual tension between Josh and I. We flirt with each other big time. I love to tease him. Some times when he comes over I wear just a t-shirt with no bra, he cannot keep his eyes off my boobs. Today I had on some wide legged shorts without panties, I figured he could use a beaver shot. Please do not get the wrong idea, this is just harmless flirting, I never intended for this to go any farther. I just liked the idea that his k** might be jacking off to me. So as Josh mowed the yard I did some picking up and pulled some weeds in the flower beds. I was pretty sure Josh got a beaver shot or two. I went in the house and after several minutes Josh finished the yard and came in also. Josh said he was going to get a shower, I smiled and said I was about to that too. Josh said that I could join him, it would save water. I just laughed and said maybe. I told Josh to use my bathroom as it kaçak casino had just been remodeled and the shower was a multi head steam unit that was to die for. After several minutes I needed to get something from my bathroom and went there to get it. The shower was the type without doors, you just walk in around a little corner, it has heads in the ceiling and several in the walls. I was looking at myself in the mirror when Josh must have noticed I was in there and asked me I was going to join him. He smiled real big and ducked back behind the wall. I knew Josh was a virgin and I knew he was joking but I also wanted to shock him a little. So yelled back to Josh that he should not joke about things like that. Josh came back with a dare for me to join him, then he called me a chicken. I thought for a minute, then said what the hell and dropped my shorts and took off my shirt and sprung around the corner suprising Josh. The water felt great and I went about washing my hair. josh was trying to act like no big deal but his cock was rock hard and he could not stop staring at me. I am not a bad looking woman for just turning fifty, my tits are still perky, I keep my beaver trim and I work out. Over the years I have had a few affairs and my husband and I have done some swinging and swaping. I have never had a virgin as I always prefered my men to be well trained and I never been atracted to younger men. So what was happening was way out of casino oyna left field for me. As I washed I acted all sexy and it was having a big effect on Josh. I looked over at him and told him he could never tell any one we showered together, he promised he would never say a word. Then I told Josh he should do something with his cock before it explodes, it looks like it might hurt. He said it did hurt. I took my hand and soaped it up and started to slowly stroke his pecker. I was getting a big kick out of this. His cock was so hard, I am not sure I have ever had one so hard before. Josh asked me if he could soap my body and I said yes. He slowly rubbed his soapy hands all over me, paying special atttention to my breast and pussy. I felt like he needed release so I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It was hard and I could taste the precum leaking out the end. I am not much into BJs so after a minute I stood back up and leaned against the wall and spread my legs giving Josh a full frontal view and invitation to come over and get me. Which he did. As the warm shower sprayed over our bodys Josh pushed me against the wall and pushed his hard cock up into me. I had to help guide him but he figured it out pretty quick. His little hard cock felt great inside me. I could not believe what I was doing with this k**. Josh made a few short strokes and then he pushed as deep into as he could, I could feel his cock pulse and throb as he canlı casino siteleri came and pumped his young seed deep inside me. The feeling of his orgasim caused me to orgasim also. When he was finished draining his balls I pushed him back, we rinsed off and turned off the shower and grabbed him and took him to my bed. I pushed Josh onto his back, his cock still hard as steel. I stradled his cock and slowly lowered myself down on him. I thought this k** was going to flip. I started to work my pussy around his cock. Josh was freaking out. He told me he had never felt anything as great as this. Within a few more minutes he again flooded my womb with his hot cum. After I was sure his balls were drained I lifted myself off his gooey cock. It was still hard!! I laid on my back and had Josh get on top. I told him to fuck the hell out of me and fill my cunt with more of his spunk. Josh went for broke banging me good and hard. His young body felt amazing. This time Josh was able to last much longer before he exploded and filled me with even more of his young hot sperm. This time his cock went limp, but only for about fifteen minutes. Josh wanted to fuck some more but I told him he was going to get sore so we better take a break. I went and made lunch and then we fucked some more after that. Josh and I fucked all weekend right up till an hour before my husband got home. I had so much spunk in me I was afraid I might slosh when I walked. This k** always shot huge loads. Once my husband and family got back Josh had to cool it. But when ever we were alone Josh was all over me. By the end of the week Josh could go the distance before blowing his wad. I felt pretty good having trained him.

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