My first time part 2


My first time part 2Its been a while since my last story so I thought it was time for an update. My transition is almost complete, my breasts are round and firm and my body is taking on a more female shape. I was at the shops the other day and was chatted up by a good looking guy, so must be doing something right lol. I have sorted my business to having a few well paying clients, so I have a bit of me time. I was out with a friend having drinks the other day, of course this involves shopping for new clothes and heels, when she happened to mention that she had been to a sauna. I asked her what happened there and she just gave me a look suggesting that I would have to find out for myself.”Would you like to go?” she asked.As I had had a few drinks by this time I said yes and we headed out of the bar.I tried to find out from her what actually happened at these places as I had only heard rumours about wild sex orgies. I always took these stories with a pinch of salt. She only asked about my underwear, what colour, stockings or tights?”Well,” I said, “I am wearing black stockings, sussies and a thong, with a nice lacy bra.””perfect.” she said smiling.We arrived at the sauna and I must say it looked seedy, dark and not very inviting, but we went in anyway. My friend was bouncing with excitement, her breasts quivering. The guy behind the counter looked ok, reasonably handsome and his face lit up when he saw us. “Ladies, how are we this evening?” He crooned.”Fine edirne escort thanks,” I said.”Ladies go free tonight,” he said with a wink.He showed us through to a changing room and my friend was barely in the door when she started stripping off, throwing her clothes in a locker. I took my time and took my clothes off and put them in a locker also. I was standing in my underwear and heels when she grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the changing room and into a dark corridor with rooms off to both sides. At the end of the corridor there was a shower room and the sauna area. There was a few naked men about but mostly they were not my type. I prefer tall, young muscular guys not short, old, flabby granddads. However I was more than a bit drunk and I was willing to try anything at that point. I was getting a bit excited as it felt illicit and wrong. “This place has a dungeon room as well.” She said over her shoulder, dragging me towards the sauna room.We went through the glass doors and were hit by a blast of steam and heat. When the steam cleared I could see there was about 30 guys sitting in there. Some were getting oral, some were just watching. I also noticed a couple of trannies in there too, so felt a little better that there were others here and not just my friend and me. There was a space next to the door and I sat down as my friend got down on her knees and started sucking this guy at random. To be honest it was far too hot in there escort edirne and I decided to explore on my own. As I walked down the corridor I noticed there was a gloryhole room and thought it would be a giggle to sit in there and see what, if anything happened. I sat down and got comfortable, crossing my long stockinged legs, and I had no sooner got myself into position when a beautiful, thick cock came through the hole. Well I was there for this and took him deep in my mouth with no hesitation. I stroked him, licked him, using my tongue, up and down his long shaft. All of a sudden he stopped and pulled his cock away. WHAT!!! I was devastated. I was enjoying sucking him so much I didn’t want it to end. There was a knock on my door and I unbolted it. It opened and standing there was this young, gorgeous and muscular guy. He pulled me up with his hand and I followed him blindly to whatever he had in store for me. We entered a room through flaps and I found myself in total darkness. I was about to say something when I felt several pairs of hands touching me and pushing me down on my knees towards the floor. There was cock everywhere, I counted six as they were slapping me gently all over my body and face. I took one in my mouth and deep throated it gagging as it went down my throat. Yum. I was face fucked by all of them. One after the other and I had saliva and precum all over my body as it dripped from my eager mouth.I was then lifted up edirne escort bayan and I felt a hard cock against my ass, pushing itself inside me, the feeling was incredible as it hit my prostrate. I nearly came there and then, but I managed to hold on as he started thrusting, god it felt so good. He was fucking me standing up, something I love doing and he was very good at it. Another guy was sucking my hard clit and making me moan and groan with sheer pleasure. I was pushed over and forced to climb on this guys cock who was lying flat on his back, I kind of knew what was coming but was powerless to do anything about it as another cock entered me also. I gasped with pleasure and pain as the two cocks thrust into me. I had wanted a double penetration for a while now but was always too scared to ask anyone and here I was doing it now. As I was getting fucked three cocks were thrust in my direction and I took turns at sucking them. They all had there wicked way with me and my ass was gaping more than it ever had before. Think I almost prolapsed lol. I kneeled down and took them all in my mouth, thirsty for their delicious cum. The first load hit me in the eye and dripped down to my chin. The others just came one after the other and I took it like a pro covering my face with hot sticky man juice. My face was completely covered in cum and I had to wipe my eyes clear to see. I tasted it and played with it. Gorgeous. The guys were nice and considerate and they made me cum before they disappeared. As the last one left my friend popped her head through the flaps and seen me there on my back covered in cum. She laughed so hard she almost wet herself, but that’s another story for another time lol.

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