my First Night with Sir (pt 2)


my First Night with Sir (pt 2)mei come out of the shower feeling nice and clean, and of course still basking in the afterglow of my utterly amazing orgasm. The shower has removed the rope marks from my arms and breasts. After drying off and fixing myself up, i wander back into the bedroom but find it empty. Without any directions, i do what is beginning to come naturally: i drop to the floor and assume my presentation position – sitting back on my heels, straight posture, knees on the ground and legs wide open, arms behind my head, chest outthrust, eyes to the ground. i don’t make a sound. It’s only after i’ve maintained this position with perfect stillness for a couple of minutes that i realize You are in fact in the room. “Good slave” you say, and i think i can hear a little pride in Your voice as our training is obviously making a difference. “Now stand and come here.”i comply at once, my hands never leaving the back of my neck as i try to rise up with some grace. my eyes are still locked on the floor; in this room, eye contact with You is a privilege not a right. When i reach You, You touch my chin and raise my head up. Taking just a moment for a sweet kiss, You grab my hair and push me onto the bed. You waste no time affixing my arms and legs to the corners of the huge bed, stretching my limbs to what feels like their maximum (although i have long since discarded any belief that i know my own limits). i have no idea what’s coming…You take a moment to roughly run your hands all over my fresh, clean body. You don’t leave any area untouched: from the tips of my toes to the ends of my fingers You assault me. Sometimes You tickle, sometimes You caress, sometimes You pinch or slap. Whatever You do, i am completely at Your mercy. The only areas You seem to avoid are my cunt and asshole. As turned on as this process has made me, i risk a slap by asking You why and begging You to play with my holes. THWACK – there’s the slap across the tits – as You tell me to mind my own business; those areas will soon be “dealt with”. With that, You force my mouth open and push in a gag. And You start pumping…my face feels like it is about to explode! i can only imagine what i look like to You, completely helpless, writhing in front of You as much as the strict ties allow, mouth distended around a giant inflatable gag. You cap off the look with bahis firmaları a heavy blindfold.i saw You had a table full of “things” beside the bed, but of course had no chance of knowing which implements we would be playing with this evening. i only feel overwhelming gratitude as You push something – an egg? – far up my snatch and turn it on. Just a low tickle, but enough to make me gush all the more. i hear what sounds like the flick of a lighter, and feel a little heat at chest level. i’m not ready for the first drops of burning hot wax that hit my nipples and i scream into the gag. You note that i don’t stop writhing, however, and continue to assail my torso with drops of wax. “you should see this artwork, slave, it’s a thing of beauty!” i’ve just registered that You haven’t moved this attack below my abdomen when i feel you shift position on the bed. ‘Here it comes’, i think, but am surprised when instead You seem to be rubbing something very warm into my trimmed public hair. i register a moment too late that You are still playing with wax, but now of a different kind…i feel You spread it over a patch of hair and without warning RIP it off! Again my only reaction is to shriek into the gag. i can hardly move and have no protection from this torment. My twat is burning and it feels like there is molten lava running over it.“slave, you are going to look so beautiful bald! But we’ll need to do a bit of repositioning.” With that, You untie my feet and drag them up over my head, attaching each foot to the corresponding wrist. What a target i must make.i not only yell but cry a little when the next wax hits the hyper-sensitive area between my two tunnels, and even more so when You rip it back off. You must have some pity for me because You turn up the vibrations on the egg, helping to take my mind off the incredible intensity of what is happening. You help even further by pushing a finger up my ass while plucking out a few stray hairs, and rotating it to fully engage all the nerve endings. Despite this trauma i can feel myself getting close to popping – but NOT yet it would seem, as You pull out both Your finger and the egg. my disappointment soon turns to relief as You rub a salve all over the newly-waxed skin. All i can think about is feeling you inside me, and i do my best to rise up and meet Your hand as You rub in the tipobet güvenilir mi salve. This earns me a smack on the tender skin “Dirty slut!”“Oh slave you do look lovely.” You undo the bindings, pull me off the bed and walk me across the room. You finally unfasten the blindfold and we are in front of the full-length mirror. i am stunned, and not just because of how huge my face looks with the gag still inflated: the wax You have dripped over my chest, arms and abdomen is truly a thing of beauty, yellow and orange lines that almost look like they are exploding from my crotch, which along with my ass is a brighter red than i have ever seen. It is overwhelming and i am burning hot inside and out. I see the experience has affected You as well; Your beautiful cock is standing at full attention and i am sure i can actually see it throbbing. i can’t help myself as i throw caution to the wind and reach for your swollen rod and try to manoeuver close enough to bring our sexes together. “Nice try” You chuckle and hold me at bay. Instead You release the valve on the gag and pull it from my mouth, pushing me to my knees in the same moment. i barely have time for a breath before You grab my head and impale it on your cock. i feel you pushing past my uvula and entering my throat, the muscles convulsing and contracting as i try to find air. Just as i begin to feel faint, You pull out, but only for long enough that i can grab a breath or two, and then You are back in my mouth and down my throat, never letting go of my head, until You swell and shoot a stream of Your beautiful cum down my throat. While i know better than to ask, You can see my pleading look, which just makes you smile. “Not yet, slave. Before I take that bald pussy we are going to get rid of the wax.” You tie my hands together in front and attach them to a pulley that you crank up…up…up, so i’m stretched impossibly again, this time balancing on my tiptoes. In a lightning flash You grab the cat, and as the suede tails hit my breasts I can see Your plan…with every swing of the whip more of the wax is flicked off. i can see the fire in your eyes – and the obvious effect on Your cock – as i scream and cry, but it seems like forever before You are satisfied that all the wax is gone. My top half is almost as red as my twat now, and again You show some bahis siteleri kindness by using some salve.You lower the winch and release my hands, and i collapse against you. This time You don’t hold me away but instead push Your cock between my lips and against my throbbing clit. i cum on the spot, convulsing in your arms, so happy for relief that i don’t even consider that i’ve done it without permission. “We’ll definitely deal with that later, slave, but for now i want your holes. Get on your knees.” It seems to take forever before i feel Your rock hard cock pushing at the opening to my cunt, but as soon as I feel You, You’ve grabbed my hips and plunged all the way in. i scream in ecstasy as You reach forward to grab my sore tits and pinch the nipples to use as hand grips as You pound in and out of my snatch. i am beside myself, just hoping i can hold on long enough…i feel Your cock getting even bigger and know You are close. You growl the single best word in the world, “NOW” as You slam into my snatch, Your balls slapping my slit, and we cum in concert.SirFuck that felt good. You smelled so good after the shower and were so sexy with your wet hair. Now you’ve got cum dripping out of your cunt and drying on the sides of your mouth. You’re just lying there wallowing in ecstasy. It’s time.”Position.” You snap back to reality and assume your now natural position on the ground in front of me. “Well? What did you do?” Easy: “I came without your permission Sir.” “And you’re a cock craving cum slut who wants my cock in her holes more than to obey, is that right?” “Yes Sir.” “Well, you may be looking forward to this then. We’ll see if it lives up to your whorish expectations.”The butt plug slides in easily and you let out a soft moan. This lasts about 5 seconds until you feel the burning in your ass start. I attach a spreader bar to your ankles and tie your ankles and wrists to the bed. Next, your big beautiful tits are bound with rope wrapped until they feel like a pin would pop them. Next is the pump gag in your mouth and pumped until your eyes start to widen. Finally, I attach a rotating dildo/clit vibrator to the spreader and insert it into your sopping snatch. I then turn on the dildo and the vibrator on low. Your yes roll back and you softly moan. You suddenly feel me spreading a cream on your tits. “Oh shit!” you think to yourself as you realize it’s Icy Hot! I put the dildo and vibrator on medium and say, “the good news is that the batteries are new and you can cum as many times as you want. I think you’re smart enough to figure out the bad news.” I turn off the light, and leave…

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