My first man on man experience with the new neighb


My first man on man experience with the new neighbIt was a Saturday morning when Gloria the new neighbor lady came over and asked if my wife was home, I told her that She ran over to Walmart and would be back shortly, she said why don’t I just wait around them in which I said okay and let her in. As we walked up the steps she began grabbing my ass and said thanks for the three way with you and your wife the other day. I told her it was really hot and I was looking forward to doing it again in which she said I was hoping you’d say that as she began grabbing my cock and unzipping my pants. She said while I wait maybe I can just suck your cock. She got down on her knees and began sucking my cock while I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth she reached her hands around and began grabbing my ass and then begins sliding her tongue up and down my shaft and sucking my balls and while she stroked my cock and suck my balls she began sliding her fingers in my ass and said you like that don’t you and I told her yes she then bent me over and buried her face in my ass and began licking my ass sticking her tongue is deep as she could get it right up inside my ass while stroking my cock. I was getting close to shooting a load and told her I’m getting close in which she spun me around and put my cock in her mouth and I fucked her mouth until I shot a huge load down her throat. She got up and I played with hatay escort bayan her tits for a little bit as my wife pulled in the driveway. So I sat on the couch while she said on the loveseat. My wife walked in and I told her Gloria has been waiting for you and wants to know if you want to go shopping and she said sure.A little while later I had walked outside and was planning on washing the car and vacuuming it out and her husband Jim had just walked out of his garage and said hi and we got into a conversation about some things I wanted to do in my house with hardwood floors so I told him come on and I’ll show you what I’ve got, so I showed him the hallway with the carpet that led into the bedroom and he had noticed the DVD case for a porn me and the wife was watching and commented on that and then asked me if the lube on the nightstand was for me or her. Jokingly I said both but he took it as if I were serious and said “really”? You’ve got a really nice ass and it looks very fuckable. He then asked me if I like a dude sucking my dick well I was thinking here we go again I just got my dick sucked an hour ago by his wife but I said sure it’s a big turn-on watching a guy suck my cock. So Jim who is about 5’10” 180 unzipped my pants and begin sucking my cock and I was totally turned on, I’ve been with men most of my life but I didn’t let him know that but I grabbed his head escort hatay and like his wife I fucked his mouth as well. He was good at sucking cock and he would suck on the head of my dick while swirling his tongue around the head of my cock and he had his finger up my ass as well, I was almost ready to shoot a load down his throat but was holding back because I really wanted to suck his cock too. He then looked up at me and asked me if I liked sucking cock and I said yes, he stood up and now I got on my knees and I unzipped his pants and reached my hand in and pulled his cock out and to my surprise it was big, this thing had to be at least 8 inches and it was thick and I just barely got it in my mouth but it was nice and he fucked my mouth as well and pulled it out and rubbed it in my face and tapped it on my tongue and put it back in my mouth again and I also suck his balls while stroking his cock and sliding my tongue up and down his shaft . I’ve been laid him on the bed and with my back towards him I spent about a good 45 minutes doing nothing but sucking on his big hard cock and listening to him going crazy. He just kept saying OH GOD ,FUCK YEA, OMG YES, SUCK THAT COCK BABY FUCK YEA. Then I crawled up on top of him and I reached over and grabbed the lube and lubed his cock up and slid that big hard dick in my ass, his big cock stretched my ass right out and I leaned back and hatay escort I fucked myself good and hard with his big hard dick and he then put me on my back and pushed my knees up into my chest lifting my ass up off the bed and he fucked me good and hard and I moaned good and loud. His cock Felt So Good sliding in and out of my ass and I could feel his balls slapping up against the back of my ass he told me he was ready to shoot a load and where do I want it and I told him on my face so he shot his big warm load all over my face and I had not yet shot my load yet so he suck my cock some more and I wasn’t ready so he said do you want me to Fuck you again and which I said yes and he let me have it a second time this time while I was stroking my cock and when I was ready to shoot my load I told him and he said I want to watch you shoot that load on your face and he lifted my ass straight up in the air while I continue stroking my dick and when I was ready I watched my hard cock shoot one of the biggest loads I’ve ever shot all over my own face. My face was completely covered with both his load and mine then he put me on my knees and grab the back of my head and rubbed his cock in my face covering his big dick with all that come and then shoved it in my mouth and made me suck his cock some more until he finally shot another big load only this time he held my head and shut his big load down my throat. I never even tasted it it just went right down my throat it was the hottest thing ever and when we were done I asked him if we could be a regular and he said absolutely. This was becoming a great relationship with our new neighbors.

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