My first male encounter EVER? “only short but


My first male encounter EVER? “only short butthe first time i ever met & sucked & then was fukd by a stranger was about 6weeks ago? i always fancyed trying it but was a little scared? but that all changed i was chatting online & becomeing really horny & decided to dress up in my sexyest mini dress & high heels & go for a quick walk around in the early hours! “i wasnt really sure why or how i was going to get me my first cock?” anyway i saw this blonde haird lad waiting 4 a bus i had seen him b4 & hed checkd me out with a smile? so i walked over to him & did the old “do you have a cigerrette i could pinch balıkesir escort please?” as we talked i could see him checking me out & noticed he was growing in the pants department! after about 25mins i decided to do the sluttyest thing i could think of & asked him outright if he was into guys & if so would he like me to give him a blow job? luckley he was very open minded & agreed so we walked away from the bus stop about 20yrds to a small group of bushes? when we got there i couldnt help myself i droped to my kness & undid his jeans to revile a nice taned hairless cock? “i was shitting balıkesir escort bayan myself cos never done this b4 but my inner slut just took over?” i wrapped my lips around his cock there & then & it felt copletley wrong but felt such a slut i was solid as a rock myself in seconds! after few mins he was hard & eager to fuk my now slobbering mouth i felt so dirty but at same time totaly turnd on aswell? i told him i wanted him inside me NOW! & WITHOUT SAYING A WORD HE turnd me around lifted up my little mini dress & there & then he took my cherry & wow i had never felt such a dirty escort balıkesir little whore but there he took me slowerley at first but after a few long & deep strokes he was fully inside my ass!& what a feeling as he grabbed me by my hair & began to fuk me hard & fast “in the excact way i had imagind earlyer? like the whore i really am inside?” so he drilled my ass deep long & very hard until he started to shudder & told me he was going to cum? & without even thinking i spun around & took him in my mouth again & secds later i felt his balls tighten as he exploded jets of warm salty cum in my mouth i never tasted cum until then but i just swallowed & swallowed as much as i could? & then as quick as we met i wiped my chin & we went our seperate ways but boy did my asshole felt well & trully fukd and that was that my first time? but what a first time! “thanks aron!!”

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