My first lesbian encounter


My first lesbian encounterIt was the end of June and college was starting to piss me off, doing the same old things everyday was just mind numbing to me. I knew that we only had another few weeks until exam period was over and i could leave college for 10 weeks *YAY!*. As i walked into the exam hall to start 2 hours of biology papers, i retraced everything i’d learned over the past year. A little into the exam my pen decided to run dry, it was when i put my hand up to ask an invidulator for another one when i saw this woman. She was an invidulator but i just couldn’t get my words out, i couldn’t pin down what these feelings were. She looked amazing, brunette with stunning green eyes, she was wearing a pencil skirt with a low cut purple top. I knew she was beautiful but there was something else about her that left me speechless. I eventually got my words out and finished the exam.When i was walking out of the exam i was stopped at the door by the invidulator who’d stunned me earlier, her eyes scanning my body. ‘I couldn’t help noticing you looking at me earlier’ she was actually spealing to me but i didn’t know why that excited me. ‘What do you mean looking at you? I’m sorry if i did and it upset you at all.’ I choked out not knowing if what i’d just said actually made sense. ‘Something in your eyes is telling me that you wanna come out with me some time, but don’t worry that’s why i stopped you here.’ ‘what?’ maraş escort i had no idea if what i was hearing was the truth but i relished at the thought that maybe it was all true and actually happening. ‘Wait by my car, if you wanna hang out with me, its the sexy black honda civic’ i was still a little speechless as i defined the extra emphasis she put on sexy. ‘okay’ i stammered as she walked with fluidity out of the door.I had been waiting for all of 10 minutes before she came out and unlocked the car, i just stood there still shocked as to what was happening. ‘Are you gunna stand there all day or do you wanna come over to my place?’ I took no hesitation in getting in and placing my laptop and bag on the back seats. ‘so what’s your name then?’ ‘Laura’ i tried to say, acting as confident as i could. ‘sweet name Laura, i’m Chelsea, i’m bisexual what about you?’ ‘erm, i’ve only ever been out with guys but i’m not homophobic or anything like that.’ ‘it’s fine honey, maybe you’ll soon try out some lesbian stuff.’ ‘who knows?’ i replied. I couldn’t believe where this was going, i was going to some woman’s house who i’d only just met and she was hinting that she was wanting to have sex with me or whatever lesbians do. Pulling into the drive i asked whether i should leave my stuff in the car, to which she said yeah, ‘i’ll drop you off home if you want later, but it is the weekend so you could stay escort maraş over if things go well.’ I wasn’t sure whether or not to be freaked out by this or happy because let’s be honest she is really hot. We walked through the doors of her house which was pretty big and laiden with old family photos in black and white. I was beginning to get quite horny and i thought i’d make myself seem more confident to see if i could play her along a little. ‘So what’s the plan today? Are we gunna do something in particular, maybe there was something you had in mind?’ i was cringing on the inside, but kept a straight face. She walked over to me and gently moved her lips ‘well there was something, i like it dirty, do you think you’re ready?’ ‘sure i am, i want you to do whatever you wanna do to me, i’m not fussed.’ she then planted a kiss on my lips and started to raise her hand up to my face.I slipped my tongue in there after a little while just to get things going, i needed to experiment, that was what being a teenager was about right? i started to get faster thrusting my tongue around hers and gently biting her bottom lip. This was turning me on so much, maybe i was a lesbian. She stopped ‘Wanna go upstairs, or are you feeling adventurous?’ ‘I think we can start in the bedroom but i may need a shower soon.’ We raced up the stairs holding hands and began to kiss again as she pushed me up against the door. She maraş escort bayan started to raise another hand up and then stated to take my top off, she then continued and took my bra off while i struggled with her top. She pushed me forward and shoved me onto the bed, starting to remove my jeans as she continued to kiss me, moving her hands towards my tits, she then started to fondle my nipples as my jeans fell on the floor. Not before long she started to lick and suck my nipples biting them a little, i felt the pleasure mounting in my body and without thinking i slipped my hand up her skirt. Her moist wet panties between my fingers i gently stroked her pussy. She smacked my hand away though and said ‘ WAIT YOU STUPID BITCH!! This is my turn, i’m gunna make you so wet!’She whipped off my panties and started to finger me gently, i started to feel the groans building up inside me and so i started to wiggle and moan. She then took the plunge and began to lick my pussy, while fingering my clit. I was getting so horny, i’d never felt like this before with any guy i’d been with, this was just pure pleasure and i just felt so helpless. Soon her tongue was thrusting in and out of my dripping pussy with both her tongue and her fingers. Then came a shock to both me and her, i was in pleasure heaven as i screamed out in pleasure and without pause or warning, my pussy ejaculated covering her face in warm sticky juices. I started to to groan more as she continued nethertheless. Within five minutes i cum again all over her face. I sat up leaned forward and started to lick some of my pussy juices off of her face. TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW 10/09/10

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