My first “Hook Up.”


My first “Hook Up.”
-Sergio’s amazing, beautiful cock.

As soon as I got my drivers license I knew what I wanted to do. Across town was an Adult Bookstore, and I could not wait to see what was in there. So young and so horny! My head was spinning when I walked in, I was way too young to be in there, but no one seemed to care. So many sex toys, of all shapes and sizes, so many newspapers, magazines and dvds. So many sexy, nude images! I saw some papers advertising gay personal ads and quickly bought them. I had always been so curious.

I couldn’t even wait until I got home to look at them, my cock was already hard just at the thought! I pulled my car over and flipped through the pages.

I knew as soon as I saw the ad, I had to call. It’s title was, “Full nude, man on man massage.” I could think of no better first experience. So nervous but so ready, so curious about another man’s body. I went to see him at his place. He called himself Mike. He was nice looking, and fit. Much older than me, probably about 30 or so, but seemed nice and spoke with a sexy middle eastern, accent.

Mike had me strip and then lay down, face first, on his massage table. I could not wait to feel his hands on me. I was so turned on already. I could hear him taking off his clothes near me, then I felt him touch and rub my feet. Moving his hands up my legs, I felt him press his hanging cock against the sole of my left foot. My first touch of a man’s cock, it felt warm and smooth against my skin, soft but still somehow firm. I only wanted more.

Mike massaged my back, then had me roll over. My cock was rock hard and already leaking clear sticky pre cum all over his table. I heard Mike moan. I layed there as he touched and massaged me, getting ever closer to my cock, slowly, edging ever close each time. Then he touched me and my cock jerked and twitched under his finger tips.

I didn’t dare look, but I knew his cock was close. I moved my hand to the side and felt bahis şirketleri his leg. I lightly rubbed it and Mike moved over, letting me touch his swollen cock. It felt incredible! Had he moved it to my mouth, I would have sucked it, if he came on my face, I would have swallowed it!

Feeling his cock in my hand and feeling his hand on my cock, I came quickly and explosively. Mike moaned out in delight as several thick streams of cum covered my stomach and chest. It was the best orgasm of my young life.

Mike wiped my cum off me then began to get dressed, I sensed our encounter was over, but my lust had just been jump started. I knew then, even as I left, even after such a quick but wonderful encounter, it was an awakening. Cock had a power over me. I loved to be with men and only wanted more.

I could think of nothing else but cock. Warm, wonderful, beauful cock. The next chance I had, I called another ad. Sergio’s personal sounded amazing, “a passionate man looking for younger”. He asked me to pick him up and I drove straight to him. I thought I would be more nervous, but I wanted this so much.

Sergio got in, dark skinned and handsome. Seeing me, seeing my young age, seeing how nervous I was, asked, “Is this your first Hook Up?” I almost immediately put my hand on his leg, leaving little doubt as to what it was I wanted. I think it was a pleasant surprise for him to have some one so young, but so ready. He leaned over slightly, looked at me, then leaned over more and kissed me right there in my car. I felt like I melted and began to kiss them back, I didn’t care who saw us. Even in the light of day! I felt his manly, big tongue against my lips and I opened my mouth for it. He quickly darted his tongue inside, and filled my eager mouth. I moaned softly as his hand found my hard dick and rubbed it through my jeans. I reached for him also, my eyes widen when I felt the size of him. Even through his pants, I could tell his freebet veren siteler cock was huge!

”Let’s take a drive” he said and I fumbled with my car keys, I could not start it quick enough! Sergio had me drive to a spot he knew. It was outside, in a small canyon, green and rocky, almost romantic. I let myself fall into his arms, wanting him to kiss me again and he did… and I kissed him back. I felt his manly hands explore my body as we kissed, rubbing my chest, caressing my ass.

He pulled my shirt off, and kissed down my neck, making my cock throb! He traced circles around my nipples with his tongue, I had no idea it could feel so good! He moved to his knees and quickly unbuttoned my pants, then pulled them down to my ankles. I felt the warm sun on me as he kissed around my hard cock and moaned softly. I exhaled as he started to lap at my tight balls, it felt incredible and made a thick, clear drop of sticky pre cum form at my tip. Sergio moaned again as he licked it off.

His hands now explored my ass, squeezing and rubbing it, running his fingers down my crack, searching for my hole. He rubbed my opening as his mouth engulfed me. I was lost in pleasure, just putty in his hands. He made me cum quickly, making my body shake and tremble. He moaned as he swallowed me.

Pulling himself up to his feet, he surprised me and kissed me hard and passionately, making me taste my own cum, my first taste of cum, although I really didn’t have a choice. His tongue danced in my mouth and mine in his.

I felt his hands guide me down, but I’m sure I wanted this just as much as he did and melted to my knees before him. I helped him undo his pants and pulled them down like he had done to me. I couldn’t believe the size of him, so beautiful and so manly. His dark colored, vein covered shaft was so close to my face I could smell his musky, manly scent. I felt my own cock begin to swell again.

I reached up and held deneme bonusu veren siteler it in my hand, like I had Mike’s cock, and stroked it softly and slowly. He grew even harder and as I held his firm dick, I licked the underside of his head. I felt dizzy, light headed even, his taste was wonderful. I knew I loved being on my knees for him. I loved holding and licking cock. The words, “Oh, I am sooo Gay!” raced through my mind.

I moaned out loud without even thinking as I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his cock’s head, making it wet and slick, before trying to take more of it inside. I felt Sergio’s hands on the sides of my face as he began to move his hips back and forth. It only made me want to please him more!

I sucked Sergio’s wonderful cock, lost in the pleasure of it, lost in the incredible, full feeling of it as he fucked my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum” he said softly, but there was no way I was stopping now! I continued to suck him and let him fuck my mouth until his cum began to flow and flood out. Spilling out the sides and down my throat, I swallowed Sergio’s cum. It made me feel warm and sent tingles through my whole, trembling body.

I was hooked.

I met Sergio several more times at our spot, each time just as wonderful and amazing as the first. “I know this is incredibly Gay, but can I take a picture of your cock?” I asked him on one of our encounters. He laughed and said, “You love it that much?” I absolutely did.

“Come here” he said. Sergio layed me down on a blanket he brought and then hovered over me, straddling me. Moving down, he began to fed me his wonderful, big cock. I sucked him eagerly and reached up and held his ass in my hands. Then, pulling his cock from my mouth I pulled his ass forward and sucked on his musky balls, licking and sucking them gently but passionately.

Sergio moaned and started to stroke himself. I eagerly lapped at his tight balls, moaning in pleasure also. I held his ass, squeezing and kneading it.

Without a word, Sergio pulled back and shot a stream of thick, warm, white cum across my face, then leaked several more smaller, wonderful streams into my open mouth… This would become one of my most favorite things in the world. My first “Facial.”

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