My first glory hole experience


My first glory hole experienceIn 1989, my National Guard unit was activated to support Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama. Since we were a helicopter maintenance company we knew that we would be busy, but not have to see any action. Due to all the shots and paperwork that was needed, we got to Howard Air Force Base on the west coast of Panama after the fighting was over. My unit then set about helping the local maintenance staff repair all the birds that had been used hard during the invasion.We were there a few months and got sent home having helped the regular Army out with quite a bit a maintenance. The whole time I was there I was too busy to even jack-off so when we arrived stateside, that was one of the priorities that was on my mind. After checking in all of our equipment and tools and filling out paperwork, I decided that I was going to do a special session with my special friend. The summer before, while driving around Aberdeen, Maryland, I had spotted a number of adult book stores. I didn’t have the time to stop then, but I made a mental note about them. I was not one to visit them often. illegal bahis I had been to some, but never went behind the black curtains. I wasn’t certain what went on back there, but it seemed seedy to me and I wasn’t to that. This time was going to be different and I was going to see what was down those dark corridors. I drove up to Aberdeen and there were a few places to choose from. It’s been so long I don’t remember the name of the place, but it was brick building and I walked in, showed my ID and looked around for a bit. I looked at the magazines and VHS tapes for a bit while I worked up enough courage to go up the counter and get some tokens. I eventually pulled out my wallet and got five dollars’ worth and slowly made my way into the back of the shop. I wasn’t as dark as I had seen in other bookstore in Baltimore and I quickly found my way into a booth. The booth was dark and I had to feel around to find out where to put my tokens. As I dropped the first one in, the screen burst to life with some 1970’s gay porn. That was not what I came there to see as I was there to see some dude bang a chick, but illegal bahis siteleri somehow I was mesmerized what I was seeing. The cocks on these two guys were huge compared to mine and I found myself getting hard. I turned the channel and worked my way around the other videos and was back to where I started. The guys were taking turns sucking on each other’s cock and I was getting turned on by what I was seeing on screen. It was then that I saw movement in my booth. I looked down and saw a hand coming into my booth. Not knowing what all of this was about I told the hand “No thank-you” and was thinking about leaving the booth. The hand went back into the hole and I was wondering what was going on. I bent over to look into the hole and that is when I saw my first male cock up close. It was smallish even hard and surrounded by a thick bush of red hair. The owner of this cock must have seen me looking and proceeded to push his cock through the hole. It was if though I was in a trance. I found my hand reaching up and playing with this mysterious cock. I started stroking it, playing with the balls and canlı bahis siteleri for reasons I am not totally sure of I bent forward and licked the tip. I took a few more licks and then inserted it into my mouth. I proceeded to suck on it for a while, stopping to rest my jaw and play with his balls. The cock would then thrust into my space as if telling me to suck it some more. I really went to town this time and sucked it for all I was worth and soon I was shocked again to find that he was cumming in my mouth, something that I was not counting on at all. I pulled back and the last spurt fell on to the dirty floor. The cock that seconds before was in my mouth, went back into its booth, never to been seen again. I was left wondering what to do. I was confused, I had a mouth full of some guys cum and I had just sucked a dick. Becoming scared and my heart racing, I spit the cum onto the floor and quickly left. I drove for half an hour before I was calm enough to pull over and think about what I had just done. I had gone there to jerk off and in the process had seen gay porn for the first time, discovered glory holes, sucked my first cock and had someone cum in my mouth. It would be a while before I returned there and the next time would be different, but it was also a life changing trip and something that I fondly look back on all these years later.

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