My first experiences, page 7


My first experiences, page 7I ran my hands up Patrick’s thick strong, muscular thighs and leaned forward. I put my mouth on his tight, hairless ball sack. I licked and lightly sucked on them. I wanted to please him but mostly this was for me. I had found that I was attracted to this. I love the way a big set of tight balls look as they are pulled up tight to a fat cock. I wanted nothing more that to have them in my mouth.I then moved up and ran my lips and slightly open mouth slowly up and down his cock. Like I was catching the drips of an ice cream cone as they ran down the sides. His cock was cut and had to be 9 inches long and chocolate brown in color. Beautiful with a nice defined head. The kind of head I would see girls popping in and out of their mouths in all the porn videos I had watched.I wanted to take my time. I wanted to explore and savor this experience. I wanted Patricks cock in my mouth. Finally getting to do what I had been dreaming of. Patrick, however, had other ideas.Patrick reached forward and pulled me up to him. Patrick brought his mouth to mine. This was fine, I had kissed Mike before, I liked kissing illegal bahis but those were pecks. Patrick pushed his huge tongue deep into my mouth. I was shocked at first. I had tongue kissed lots of girls but that was nothing like this. Patrick held me as he kissed me hard. His tongue filled my mouth as if he was fucking me with it, and I gave into it. I kissed him back, open mouthed and wet. Our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths. We laid there kissing for several minutes, passionate and hot. I still think about it. Patrick most have felt an orgasm building inside him because he then broke form our kissing and lended back. He took his massive hard on and began stroking it. Hard and fast, he furiously jerked on his cock. I took the cue and began to masturbate my own cock as I laid there next to him watching. He came quickly, as did I. His cum didn’t shot out like mine however. I watched as Patrick’s cum just kind of oozed out the tip. He had a tight grip on the base of his cock and it stood straight up. It was a beautiful sight, bright white cum running down the black skin of his cock.Patrick quickly reached illegal bahis siteleri over, grabbed a towel and whipped himself, then me off. Then we went right back to kissing each other, open mouthed, tongues in and out. Patrick had a large mouth, huge tongue and thick lips, I loved kissing him. It one of the few times I felt a little submissive and dominated, and to my surprise, I loved it.Neither one of us lost our erections after coming, we were both still hard and ready for more. Patrick made the next move by turning onto his stomach. He ran my hands up and down his back and buttocks. He had a firm, tight, muscular ass. I ran my hands up and down it, squeezing it each time. I wanted to grab it and dive in face first. I wanted to lick and taste his hole. I wanted to bury my face between his ass cheeks. But I chickened out, I lost my nerve. I didn’t do it and I still regret not seizing that opportunity to this day.Instead I rolled him back over and straddled his chest. I stuck my hard cock in front of his face and he eagerly began sucking it. What a feeling, being on top and fucking his mouth with my dick, canlı bahis siteleri it was wonderful. Again, I felt my orgasm building. I pulled out of his wet mouth, slide back a little on his chest and shot cum all over his chest and neck. I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to this but he seemed to of loved it and ran his fingers through it. Oh, I wanted to cum in his mouth, believe me, but I pulled out at the last second because I thought it might be rude not to. I know, silly again, right?I rolled off of his chest and Patrick asked if he could lay next to me. I said “of course” and he then guided me unto my side so he could spoon me. I’ve spooned, but I’ve never been spooned. It wasn’t what I would have wanted but he cleared did, so I embraced it. I reached back and stroked his cock as he moved it back and forth on my ass and back. With my free hand I began to stroke my own cock and I was hard again in an instant. We laid like this for awhile and I came again in my hand. It was my third orgasm. Patrick said, “wow, three times” then kissed my shoulder and neck. Shortly after, I got dressed and left. I said I had to be at work or something. It was then that I noticed at least two hours had past. I reached out out to Patrick a few times after but never got the nerve to go see him again. Maybe I was nervous because of where the next visit might go. Next, page 8.

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