My first experience with Mistress Alice.


My first experience with Mistress Alice.
I had just turned 18 in June, I was going to South East Community Collage. I frequented a strip club called the Lookout Lounge the Back Room, they knew I was u******e to be there but I tipped the girls well and always bought drinks so no one said anything. I had gotten to know the girls that regularly danced there and we would go out and party from time to time or just go out for dinner and spend time together, The motel where they stayed was only a few blocks from my apartment so it was convenient for me to take the home after work or for them to come see me on their days off. Anyway it was the Friday before the 4 of July weekend and I had gone to the club early in the afternoon for a few beers and to just hang out with the girls. I was setting at the bar with a couple of girls that I knew well and they where buying the drinks. A older woman that I had seen at the bar on several occasions was there, she was a very beautiful woman dressed in leathers. She approached us and told me that I needed to follow her out to the parking lot and then walked out of the club. The two girls I was with both said that I had better go out and see what she wanted. I went to the parking lot and approached her, she was standing by her car. She told me that she wanted to spend some time with me and to follow her to the Pioneer Motel, which was only a few blocks from where I lived, so I agreed and followed her there, we parked in back güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri by one of the rooms and I followed her inside She . She asked if I wanted a beer and told me to set down and we could talk. She told me that her name was Alice and I told her my name but she said she already knew it, that she had been watching me for some time. She asked if I went to school at the collage and I replied yes. She went over and set on the side of the bed, she then motioned for me to come to her, I walked over and she told me to stand in front of her, she told me to take my shirt off and then unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down, I kicked my boots off and there I was naked in front of her. She inspected every inch of my body and said I like young men they always have strong muscles. She stood and set me on the side of the bed and stood before me and undressed, she asked if I like what I see, I replied very much. She had me lay back on the bed and positioned her self on top of me feeling my hard cock, She then slowly lowered her self down on to me and we began making love, we made love this way for about a hour, then she decided we needed a break, she went to the fridge and got a couple of beers and we sat at the table, she told me to tell her about myself. She asked if my family was from here and I told her that my family lived 350 miles away, she asked about my friend and I told about the girls at the bar and that I had tipobet giriş just moved there a few months before and hadn’t really made friends yet, she smoked a couple of cigarettes and finished her beer. She stood up and took my hand and led me back to the bed and told me lets try a couple of different positions, I must of had a confused look on my face because she asked if I knew any different positions. I looked down kind of ashamed, She put her hand under my chin and raised my head and asked how many times I had had sex. I was a bit scared but I told her to actually go all the way that this was my first time, she said I must have some experience because I know what I was doing. She then asked me how old I was and I told her I just turned 18, she asked how I get into the strip club, I explained that I had just went there and no one ever asked to see my ID. She pulled me on to the bed and told me to lay on my side and positioned herself between my legs and slid herself up on to me.
We spent the next 3 days and nights talking and fucking in many different positions, on Sunday afternoon she decided it was time we sat down and discussed what we should do next, she asked if I knew anything about S&M, I replied not really. She explained that she had been a Mistress for many years, that she had a House there but lived in a city a couple hours north. She asked if I would be interested in learning the lifestyle, she explained that it would tipobet güvenilir mi teach me a lot about women and what they like and how to please them. She told me that she had been watching me for several weeks and felt that I would make a good Dominant, she liked the way I protected the girls at the club and never pressured them and treated the with respect. She explained that we would have sex when she was in town, but not to get emotionally attached, that she was married and her husband know and understood her lifestyle. She also explained that I would have to study and learn just like in school, that she would train me but she would never bottom for me. She told me that she never practiced S&M on men that she only played with and owned women. She gave me a bit of time to digest everything she had told me. While she waited for a answer she made a phone call, in just a few minuets and younger girl, just a few years older then me showed up at the room. Alice introduced me to her, she explained that this is Kelli, that she owned her and that Kelli was her submissive. I recognized her from school, I had seen her in the halls and in commons before. I told Alice that would like to learn from her. Alice explained that Kelli would be in charge of me especially when Alice was out of town, that Kelli would watch over me and help me study. Alice then explained that part of the deal was that I couldn’t tell anyone about her or Kelli and that I couldn’t have any sex with anyone else while I was under her Training Collar.

Well this is how I met Mistress Alice and Kelli. It does get more interesting as I delve into my training and into the many experiences that I had while under Mistress Alice’s guidance. I will write more about it soon.

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